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The Best NYC French Classes - CourseHorse

By Rebekah Yahoves | Published 7/24/2012

Bonjour! Learn to dialogue, conjugate, and deliberate at some of the best French classes NYC has to offer.

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If you want to acquire new language skills that will make you more of an asset in the international job market, or simply planning a vacation, it may be time to learn French. New York is one of the finest cities in the US to learn a second language. With its world-class instructors, sumptuous wine shops, and authentic restaurants, there is no better place to learn French. NYC is second only to the City of Light itself!


ABC Languages

Chelsea, Manhattan

ABC languages was founded by Rachel Meyer and Elizabeth Zacheim, who merged their language schools together after discovering how similar their learning philosophies were. They both had a vision to create a language school where teachers could bring out the best in their students, no matter what their background or capabilities were. Both believed in encouraging each student’s progress. Rachel and Elizabeth do not favor a single teaching method for all students. They recognize that individuals are inspired to learn in different ways. Some students who attend ABC are taking a trip and looking for some beginner skills. They may have no French knowledge or they may have taken some French in high school. Others may have spoken the language at some point in the past, but need a refresher course. Most teachers at ABC have been working there for at least five years. They are able to creatively design a classroom where students of every ability acquire the language through dialogue and experience. The school offers group instruction classes in many different languages, including Arabic, French, German, Japanese, and Polish. You can choose to enroll for 6, 8, or 12 weeks and decide how long you wish to study. Classrooms here are clean and bright, and instructors are professional and flexible. If you have no experience with French language, your choice is the Total Beginner course. You will cover introducing yourself and ordering in a restaurant. Those traveling abroad may be interested in a Crash Course for Travelers. The hour-and-a-half workshop will give you some basic conversational language for situations you will likely encounter during your adventure. Intermediate learners may wish to take the French Conversation Practice group. Here, they can develop their language skills in an informal setting. More advanced speakers may explore a French Pronunciation Bootcamp. ABC languages also offers private instruction with flexible scheduling. If you are busy with work or family, you can even schedule your time with your instructor online and learn when it is convenient. ABC languages also has quality instruction available for children ages 4-16, including experienced instructors and flexible scheduling.

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City Speakeasy

Midtown, Manhattan

City Speakeasy is committed to teaching French through a combination of in-class instruction and cultural immersion experiences. Your culminating event may include cooking, wine-tasting, or ordering Pommes Frites in a French restaurant. You will gain more than just language skills from French lessons. NYC French classes will introduce you to a language that is taught in every country in the world. It will make you more globally marketable. It will open up the doors to new study opportunities. And it will introduce you to a culture of cooking, fashion, and architecture that will help you to see the world through new eyes. If you have never spoken French before, the French 1: Beginner class is for you. You will learn how to introduce yourself and your close family and friends. You will be able to confidently order from a menu in a French restaurant. And, if you ever lose your bearings in a French-speaking country, you will be able to ask for directions. Intermediate and Advanced study will teach you about tenses, conjugations, and deeper discourse. The price of your course at City Speakeasy includes all materials and the culminating immersion experience. You will also be invited to a post-class happy hour, where you will earn a complimentary drink at a local bar if you order it in French. If you should miss a class, an absent review packet will catch you up in no time.

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Fluent City

Flatiron, Manhattan

Fluent City began when a group of friends decided to start a French conversation group in someone’s apartment. Now, it is a school where language-lovers of all levels can learn Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian, and German. Fluent City offers a conversational approach that will keep you immersed in your new language. Group classes meet once a week for two hours. Absolute beginner should sign up for the French Level 1 course, where passionate instructors give hands-on instruction. You will learn how to describe yourself, use basic vocabulary, and order in French. If you are going on a trip abroad, and need to learn some key phrases to help you get along in a French-speaking city, you may want to take the French 1 Crash Course. Former students say teachers seemed relaxed, talented, and enthusiastic. Once you have mastered some basic grammar and vocabulary, it may be time to move on to an intermediate class like French Progressions. It will help you solidify your past tense and learn the imperfect tense, so you can effectively communicate more complicated ideas. Expert classes are for those who have a strong understanding of French vocabulary and grammar. They balance instructional time with immersive learning experiences. The goal of these courses is to have you feeling completely fluent in French. For those with busy schedules, Fluent City has private classes available. The purpose of these is a personalized learning experience based upon conversation. If you are so busy with work or family you can’t make it into Fluent City’s location, they’ve got you covered! You can meet with your instructor online when it is convenient for both of you. Fluent City also offers kids’ French lessons. New York has a brilliant rainbow of learning opportunities they can’t get anywhere else!

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