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The New School

The New School

Greenwich Village, New York, New York
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Calling all outliers, activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators to find your home alongside like-minded continuing education students at The New School's Open Campus. 

Join a uniquely diverse student body, united by the same drive, vision and values. Develop your skills in a hive of cross-disciplinary collaboration, making social and personal connections that will enhance your knowledge, skills and progress in unexpected ways. Take more than a course—join a new kind of network.


How to Get Your Newcard:

The Newcard will provide students with a host of additional benefits.In order to claim your New School ID, please visit our office, located at 72 Fifth Avenue, lower level. You will have to present another valid form of photo ID, like a driver's license or passport. Your name must be spelled the same way on your driver's license (or other form of ID) as it is in the New School database; any discrepancy will result in delays in issuing a card.

You may not receive your ID card in time before class. You can print a copy of your registration from (Academics Tab -> View Class Schedule and Locations) and present it to security with a photo ID in lieu of the ID card.

Once you receive your ID card you should go to to obtain your NetID using your N# which is on the ID card. Once you have your NetID you can reset your password. Then using your Net ID + Password, you can log into to view your class location, course schedule, and New School announcements.

Alternatively you can call the Reg office (212.229.5620) and they will give the N# to you over the phone after you answer some identifying questions.

Course locations may change up into the first week of classes.Students are usually asked to check their room location the day of or night before their first class. Usually when there is a location change after the first day of class the instructor will send out an email notifying all students on the roster. This is less likely to happen though.

You can also check a location by going to Class Meeting Locations (on, under the Related Links section on the lower right side of the page). You will need to know your subject's subject code or select all subject codes to search.

Reviews of The New School

(53 Reviews)
Mixed Media: Contemporary Fusion

Donna F.

Attended: Mixed Media: Contemporary Fusion

Great instructor. Really enjoyed. Learned different techniques and used materials I never heard of that I will use for future projects.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Abby P.

Attended: Graphic Design Portfolio

Jeffrey helps students at all levels. Even though the class is only 6 weeks, I got a ton out of it! I am a professional looking to find a new job and revamped my portfolio. Very glad I signed-up for this.

Medium of Fashion: Textiles

Francesca C.

Attended: Medium of Fashion: Textiles

The class was great. Honestly, it went by so quick that it felt like more lessons were needed to what the class could have offered. Overall, the course was on point.

Digital Media Art, Grades 6-8

Dylan C.

Attended: Digital Media Art, Grades 6-8

On the first day, the teacher went over course packet for 3 hours. I think the teacher needs more help to go around quicker to help the students- waited a long time.

Rhino I

Agustin T.

Attended: Rhino I

It was an amazing experience and learn so much within the 11 days of class plus the instructor was great . Sad it had to end. Hope in the near future they’ll be a level 2 rhino class.

Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio


Attended: Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio

Through this program I was able to hone the technical skills I needed to be a competitive job candidate and meet people that helped guide me in the right direction and support my ideas.

Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio


Attended: Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio

My peers were all producing such quality work-- it was a very inspiring environment to be a part of.

New School Publishing Institute


Attended: New School Publishing Institute

It sets you in the right direction, so when you leave you are fully ready pursue your dreams.

New School Publishing Institute


Attended: New School Publishing Institute

There are quite a variety of people, which makes every story unique, but there‰Ûªs a universal component too.

Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio


Attended: Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio

It‰Ûªs been perfect . The short course hits you with all of the relevant content, but none of the extra fluff.

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63 5th Ave, New York, New York 10003
The New School
Greenwich Village, Manhattan
63 5th Ave
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New York, New York 10003

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Adelheid Ziegler Agnes Szanyi Agustin Crawford Akemi Kudo Alberto De La Cruz Aldo & Adrianna Alejandro Crawford Aleksandra Wagner Alexa Nosal Alexander Kaluzhsky Alexandra Kelly Alexandra Shelley Alfredo Marques Alfredo Cabrera Ali Shames-Dawson Alice Cohen Alice Krenitski Alice Polanski Alisa Evdokimov Alisha Perrigoue Allegra Themmen-Pigott Allison Osworth Alonso Filomeno Mayo Alvin Chang Amanda Helmers Amotz Zakai Ana Kiper Andrea Cohn Andrea Fortunato Andrew Graber Andrew Smith Andrew Rubenfeld Andrew Zornoza Aneesa Sheikh Angela Wyman Ann Frank Anna Daley Anna Matthiesen Anna Odom Anna Kiper Anne Finkelstein Anne Marga Daniel Annette Tomei Anselm Dastner Anshu Bangia Anthony Anemone Anthony Kaufman Anwar Siddiqui April Mitchell Aras Ozgun Ariel Schrag Arlene Collins Ashna Ali Ashwin Gou Gopi Athena Lazarides Aviva Ancona Barbara McKechnie Barbara Adams Belinda David Benedict Clouette Bernard Flynn Betty Liu Beverly Brodsky Beverly Brodsky Bliss Lau Bonnie McEwan Brent Kite Brian Lav Caleb Custer Candy Schulman Carin Kuoni Carla Kelly Carlin & Patricia Carmile Zaino Carol Goodman Carol Wilder Caroline Key Caterina Bertolotto Catharine DeLong Catharine Pyenson Catherine Texier Catherine Mindolovich Catherine Chuang Cathy Kaufman Cecilia Rubino Cecilia Dougherty Cecilia Metheny Charita Patamikakorn Charles Schultz Charles Pavarini Christian Lahoude Christina Carpio Christophe Langer Cindy Crosby Claudia Bader Conrad Pisarski Constance Johannsen Craig Bernecker Daisy Bow Daniel McDonald Daniel Featherstone Darrick Hamilton David Negrin David Eng David Marcinkowski David Rice Deanne Dunning Debra Anderson Diana Ayton-Shenker Dik Liu Dimitra Gavrilaki Dino Colucci Donna Berger Douglas De Toledo Piza Douglas Morse Douglas Tirola Edward Cardimona Ekaterina Korsounskaia Ekwa-Hana Msangi Elissa White Elizabeth Kendall Ellen Evjen Emily Singer Emily Chu Emily Breitkopf Eric Anthamatten Eric Strauss Erica Forester Erica Eisinger Ethan Spigland Etta Siegel Evelyn Nelson Evthymia Tsiamis Fabio Parasecoli Fatiha Bali Ferruccio Babarcich Ferruccio Babarcich Fiore Sireci Fran Snyder Francesca Magnani Fred & Phil Frederick Murhammer Gabriel Gryszka Gabriella Steele Gaeleen Quinn Gary Wolf Georgios Kontaroudis Gersende Chevalier Gilda Pervin Gina Walker Gina Turner Giselle Waters Giuseppe Manca Glenn Palmer-Smith Glenn Tunstull Glenn Reynolds Glenn Baken Gokce Gizer Grace Burney Greg Smith Gregory DePaul Gregory Takoudes Gregory Lovinski Gregory Podunovich Guillaume Legare Hahm, Sangjoon Hawa Allan Heliodoro San Miguel Herbert Sussman Hiram Goya Hiroko Miyashita Holly Blondin Ian Grody Ian Gordon Ida Kummer Ihsan Colak Ike Cheung & Christian Rietzke Ilaina Goldwert Iman Maiki Instructor Chris Ira Robbins Ivy Kirk J. Menin, M. Miller, R. Rodriguez S. Romalewski & JM Benítez J. Michell Hill Jack Saul Jacqueline Neale Jacquelyn Albano Jacquie Hann Jamel Williams James Reeves Jasmine Takanikos Jason Livingston Jason Heuer Jason Heuer Jeanine Polizzi Jeanne Gilliland Jeannice Tse Jeffrey Waldman Jeffrey Mooney Jennifer Francone Jennifer Heuson Jennifer Samet Jennifer Scott Jennifer Roderick Jenny Zhang Jeremy Brooke Jerry Portwood Jesse Resnick Jessica Sholl Jessica Chavez Jill Smith Joan Duncan Joel Schlemowitz John Zinsser John Kriskiewicz John Johnson John Mondanaro John Vivolo John Hooper John Plenge John Didato John Oakes John De Santis John Bruneau John Reed John Freitas John Molnar John Jay Cabuay Jonathan Kaplan Jonathan Danziger Joseph Salvatore Joseph Goldstein Joshua Lubin-Levy Joshua Rabinowitz Joshua Williams Judit Rius Sanjuan Jujuan Brown Julia Foulkes Julian Guthrie Julian Lange Jun Oshima Justin Sherwood Karam Tannous Karen Walker Karen Kramer Karen McKinnon Karin Endy Karma Mayet Johnson Karsten Struhl Kate Jassin Katharina Horath Kathleen Sweeney Kathleen Rugh Kathleen Ossip Katia Spiegelman Lief Katie Donahue Katie Kitamura Katrina Lewin Kazue Kurahara Keith Geldof Keith Forest Kevin Allen Kevin Brainard Khedari Rengifo & Vivian Vos Kim Shearer Kristen Sosulski Kristin Reynolds Kristin Sosulski Kurt Brokaw Latha Poonamallee Laura Cronk Laura Di Bianco Laura Zukaite Laura Auricchio Laura Volpintesta Laurie Gerber Lawrence Buchanan Leah Cabrera Fischer Lee-Sean Huang Lei Ping Leo Mulvehill Leslie McCleave Li Duan Liam O'Meara Lindsay Sturman Linnette Attai Linsa Pelc Liria Van Zandt Lisa Freedman Lisa Santandrea Liu Dik Liu, Dik Loren-Paul Caplin Louise Devenish Lucianne Millan Martinez Lucie Kim Luis Guzman Luis Guill Galli Vilchez Lynne Rogers Lynne Levin Madeleine Miller-Bottome Madge McKeithen Madge McKeithen Maiken Kaczmar Marcus Turner Margaret Ames Margaret Krug Margaret Birns Margaret Fiore Margarita Gutman Maria Torres Maria Kuvaldina Mariah Fee Marie Johnson Marie-Chri Masse Marie-Laur Hoffmann Marina Shron Mario Paoli Mariusz Cichon Mark Osborne Mark Kaplan Mark Walton Mark Leibowitz Mark Saltz Marlisa Wise Martha McGaughey Martin Fagin Mary Serra Mary Maxmen Matthew Wice Matthew Melucci Matthew Hoey Maya Smukler Melissa Rancourt Melissa Friedling Michael Krondl Michael Grimaldi Michele Frank Michele Beck Michele Kahane Michele Bryant Michelle Materre Michelle Henderson Michelle Greene Michelle Green Mira Jacob Mira Alibek Muriel Placet-Kouassi Nadja Carendi Nancy Johnson Nancy Kelly Nancy Kelton Nancy Koprak Nancy Klein Naoko Sourial Natasha Chuck Nathan Koci Navah Steiner Niav Conty Nicole Burdette Nikyatu Jusu Nishan Kazazian Noelle Kocot-Tomblin Noelle Carruggi Olivia Michaels Or Dagan Owyn Ruck Pamela Hersch Paraskevi Fanou Patricia Simko Patricia Henry-Turner Patricia Beirne Patricia Carlin Patrick Hughes Paul Sunday Paula Stuttman Pedro Cuni Pedro Reissig Peter Castaldi Peter Kaplan Peter Garfield Philippe Montanari Phyllis Shapiro Phyllis De Verteuil Pi-Isis Ankhra Pierre Janssen de Limpens Polly Merdinger Rachel Heiman Rainer Brueckheimer Rama Madhu Randi Ross Raul Rubio Raz Godelnik Rebecca Reilly Rebecca Qidwai Rebecca Qidwai Ricardo Montez Richard Huff Richard Tayson Richard Beenen Robert Lopez Robert Von Mahs Robert Dunn Robert Zotti Robert Ubell Robert Montgomery Robin Nelson Roger Urmson Ronald Sarcos Rozanne Gold Ruo Huang Ryan Lemere Rye Zupancis Salvatore Cesarani Salvatore Cesarani Sam Yaxte Sanaz Partovi Sangjoon Hahm Sangjoon Hahm Sara Villa Savanna Forbes-Washington Savannah Todd Seolhee Park Sharon Mesmer Shaun Johnson Shaunice Hawkins Shayne Figueroa Sherry Reiter Shimon Dotan Sidney Offit Silvia Vega-Llona Silvio DaSilva Siri Betts-Sonstegard Smukler Maya Sonia Sklaroff Sonia Granillo-Ogikubo Sonja Bozic Sonya Mason Stacey Lehman Staff Star Black Stefani Bardin Stephane Zaborowski Stephanie Hlywak Stephanie Cozzi Steven Kennedy Stuart Rentzler Sunhee Song Susan Shapiro Susan Mayer Svetlana Lukyanovich Sylvie Vitaglione Tamara Kirson Teresa Bell Terri Gordon Terry Frishman Theresa Breland Thomas Handley Thomas Forster Thomas Schmitt Thomas Reed Tiffany Webber Timothy Sutton Timothy Quigley Tobias Nascimento Toby Talbot Tracyann Williams Travis Cyr Treva Van Cleave Tsetsilia Tsypina Ujvil Aggarwal Usman Shaukat Valerie Mendelson Valerie Taylor Vasilija Zivanic Vasumathi Soundararajan Victor Dadras & Robert Dadras Victoria Malkin Vinay Chowdhry Vladan Nikolic Warren Spielberg Warren Bradley William Pace William Oberlin William White Yan Deng Yana Dimitrova Yvette Chaparro
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