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Discover online Polish language classes that will teach you the essentials of this beautiful and historic language. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your fluency, these classes offer personalized instruction and engaging learning materials to help you reach your language goals.

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Polish - Total Beginner

ABC Languages @ Online

Learn the basics of the Polish language in just 8 weeks with our engaging and professional native teachers at ABC Languages. From basic vocabulary to rudimentary language skills, you'll gain the foundation you need to start speaking Polish confidently. Join us and discover the joys of learning a new language!

(384) Beginner 17 and older
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8 sessions

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Online Private Polish Lessons

ABC Languages @ Online

Learn Polish at ABC Languages and achieve fluency with our customized program tailored to your individual needs and goals. Our expert instructors will guide you to success in your language journey. Join our community and embark on an exciting Polish learning experience today!

(384) All levels 18 and older
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Polish is the main language spoken in the central European country of Poland. It’s one of the most widely spoken Slavic languages, with over 40 million speakers worldwide. It is closely related to other West Slavic languages like Czech and Serbian. What makes Polish such a wonderful educational challenge to take on is its complex grammar and vocabulary. Its use of diacritic marks changes the pronunciation of a letter sound.

Because Poland has such a rich and colorful history, you may find that you’re learning just as much about the culture as you are learning the language. Poland has gone through a lot of political changes and even some colonial rule. Despite France, Germany, and Russia having influenced Poland, the culture has stood the test of time and continues to retain its identity and ways of knowing.

Why You Should Learn Polish Online

There are a whole host of benefits to learning Polish and becoming a polyglot. Whether you decide to build on a language you’ve already had some experience with or start learning a language that is completely new to you, you’ll be enhancing your cognition and your brain’s elasticity. The type of complex thinking that occurs for multilingual individuals is enough to help the brain to age more healthily and more slowly. Learning another language is also said to help reduce stress and more productively fill your free time.

When you set out to learn Polish, you’ll be opening yourself up to an entire community of individuals. You’ll be able to practice with native speakers, join a virtual meetup of Polish enthusiasts, or join an organization like the American Council of Polish Culture. The ACPC promotes Polish culture, its heritage and history, and a deeper intercultural understanding. When you pair your language learning with a like-minded community, you’re far more likely to enhance your Polish-speaking breadth.

Virtual Polish Classes 

Virtual classes aren’t that much different from in-person classes. They both can provide top-notch instruction, and they both allow for interaction between students and instructors. But there are some distinct advantages to opting for online Polish classes. The most obvious advantage is the ability to study Polish wherever you are in the world with nothing more than an Internet connection and a laptop or mobile device. 

Taking online classes can also help free up your schedule. Without having to worry about commuting and traffic, there is more time for a little extra studying or picking up dinner. But there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. With virtual Polish classes, you may need to provide your own materials. Although some materials may be supplied by the instructor, you may need to print them out, and there are other items you may need to successfully complete a class. 

ABC Languages offers several virtual Polish classes. Polish-Total Beginner is a great way to get your feet wet. For those who have never had any Polish language experience or very little experience, it’s best to start with the basics from a native speaker. This eight-week class focuses on the Polish alphabet and early language skills. Simple conversational skills are covered, including how to do introductions and share biographical information. 

There are also Online Private Polish Lessons available. Taking advantage of a 1-on-1 virtual class might make a difference in how quickly learners progress. Individualized instruction means that you are in control of the instructional pace and have more room for deeper exploration. The private lesson approach allows instructors to tailor class sessions to the participant to promote greater understanding and growth.

And with Russia playing an influential part in Poland’s history, you may be interested in dabbling in a little Russian. Fluent City, which got its start as a French conversation group in a Brooklyn, New York apartment, offers virtual Russian classes. Russian-Level 1 is a class that offers the basics of reading and writing Russian and beginning conversational skills. The goal of this course is to teach students how to introduce themselves in Russian and give basic biographical information about themselves. 

Private Online Group Polish Classes

If your company is doing business with a Polish entity or opening an office in the central European nation, it helps to send your employees in with a little Polish under their belt. It’s a sign of cultural respect and goodwill. One way to prepare your staff for such an undertaking is to book a private online group Polish class for businesses.

Perhaps you want to step out of the routine team-building exercises and try something more engaging and fun. Try adding a Polish language lesson to your next team-building event. It will be engaging and fun while starting attendees on a path to cultural exploration and maybe even becoming proficient in a new language. CourseHorse has live online group language classes available just for you.

The science is already available. The brain is elastic and made for learning and processing information. Speaking more than one language helps to support healthier aging and to increase problem-solving skills. The complex cognitive activities that occur in the multilingual brain during translation, are often seen taking place when tackling other problems. 

Even if you’re not seeing a publicly listed course for learning Polish right now, they can still provide this service. Just fill out their contact form on the site to inquire about your specific event and what options are available. You’ll be glad you took the extra step.

Some of the benefits of using CourseHorse include fast and easy online booking and no booking fees. When businesses leverage this platform, they have a lot of flexibility. Group sizes can be changed after booking, confirmations are sent within 24 hours, and CourseHorse supports multiple online meeting platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. All classes are provided by experts in their field of study who are excited about what they’re doing, so learning is fun, engaging, and tailored to the needs of the participants. 

Online vs. In-Person Polish Classes

When deciding whether you’d prefer to take Polish classes online or in-person, your learning style should be the deciding factor. Although learning in a traditional face-to-face setting isn’t that much different from screen-to-screen learning, there are some differences. The physical proximity that comes with in-person classes helps with the social-emotional aspect of learning, while also helping to create a sense of camaraderie among the students. 

In-person classes also usually provide students with the necessary materials to succeed in the class. Textbooks, worksheets, and some technical equipment are usually supplied. Students who prefer to take notes or record on laptops and mobile devices would, however, need to supply that for themselves. 

Online Polish classes provide a greater amount of flexibility and more diverse classmates. Online classes can reach people from all over the world, so those who choose virtual classes can also experience different cultures and wider points of view.

Can I Learn Polish for Free Online?

Of course, it is possible to learn Polish online for free; there are a lot of sources that offer free language instruction. There are language-learning apps and programs like DuoLingo and Mango Languages that offer free options, and YouTube is a popular source for learning languages. Depending on the type of approach taken, learners may look for instructors offering tutorials, Polish book readings, Polish television programming, or Polish movies using the popular video platform. There are a lot of choices for learners of every level for a multitude of languages. Just open up your favorite search engine and search for “learn languages for free,” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what turns up. You don’t have to spend a lot to become a polyglot.

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