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Discover a world of culinary delights with online cooking classes. Learners can acquire new skills, expand their culinary knowledge, and create delicious meals from the comfort of their own kitchens.

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Raise Your Food IQ: Be a Better-Educated Home Cook

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the secrets to becoming a better-educated home cook with Home Cooking New York's valuable food education and grocery shopping class, led by founder Jennifer Clair. Uncover the true story behind the foods we eat and make the best food choices in the grocery store. Don't miss out on this virtual class!

Romantic Dinner @ Home

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Indulge in a culinary experience that will set the mood for an unforgettable evening. Learn to prepare Coq au Vin, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, all in the comfort of your kitchen. Ignite the romance and create lasting memories with Home Cooking New York.

Persian Cooking Online with Mab

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Discover the aromatic flavors of Persian cuisine as you learn to make dill-scented lima beans topped with poached eggs and crispy tahdig rice in this immersive online cooking experience. Join a talented chef, as they share family recipes and guide you through each step. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey filled with culture, connection, and delicious food.

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Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events
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Knife Skills 101

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Master the art of the chef's knife with Home Cooking New York's comprehensive course. Learn to choose, store, sharpen, hold, and use this essential tool, and then put your skills to the test with a mouthwatering Vegetable Minestrone Soup. Sharpen your culinary expertise today!

French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

The Good Food Project @ Virtual Classroom

Master the art of creating beautiful, delicate, and delicious French macarons inspired by your favorite desserts in this virtual hands-on workshop. Learn the secrets to perfecting these exquisite treats and become well-schooled in making them anytime you'd like. Prepare to indulge your taste buds with a different unique macaron flavor in each workshop.

"Great British Bake Off" Classics

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to recreate the beloved treats from the hit baking show in your own kitchen! Join us for a fun and delicious class where we'll teach you the techniques behind some of the Great British Bake Off's greatest hits. Plus, take home a bonus recipe to try on your own!

Cinnamon Roll Workshop

The Good Food Project @ Virtual Classroom

Unleash your inner baker and master the art of creating decadent and irresistible pastries with this hands-on workshop. Join us to discover the joy of creating mouthwatering treats.

Ramen Workshop

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the secrets of making your own richly-seasoned noodle soup from scratch, and season your kitchen for life with the flavors of Chicken Miso Ramen, jammy eggs, steamed bok choy, and marinated sesame scallions.

Mexican Online Workshop #2 with Angie

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Join Angie in this interactive online cooking experience and learn to make delicious vegetarian black bean tostadas and zesty esquites. Cook along, ask questions, and connect with others in a virtual dinner party. Get ready to share in the fruits of your labor, apart but together!

DIY Eggs Benedict + Homemade English Muffins

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to create a show-stopper brunch at home with this course. Discover the secrets to making homemade English muffins, perfectly poached eggs, and a delicious Hollandaise sauce. Say goodbye to long lines at brunch and impress your guests with your own Eggs Benedict or Florentine.

Learn to Make the Best Tamales and Salsa

The Good Food Project @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the secrets of making delicious tamales and handmade salsa verde in this live-streaming class. Learn how to soften corn husks, prep fillings, prepare masa, and wrap tamales, while making fresh salsa to enjoy alongside your creations. Suitable for all dietary preferences.

Indonesian Cooking Online with Shandra

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn to make a fragrant coconut curry with shrimp and potatoes, paired with a festive yellow rice dish in this interactive online cooking experience. Join Shandra as she guides you through her family recipes and enjoy a virtual dinner party with fellow cooking enthusiasts. Discover the flavors of Indonesian cuisine from the comfort of your kitchen.

Cream Puff Workshop (Virtual Cooking)

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Indulge in the art of French pastry-making from the comfort of your own kitchen. Learn the secrets to creating light and airy cream puffs, filled with a luscious vanilla pastry cream and finished with a decadent chocolate ganache. Elevate your baking skills with this virtual workshop.

Lebanese Online Workshop #2 with Jeanette

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn to make a delicious Lebanese feast featuring chicken ouzi, garlic-yogurt sauce, and Lebanese salad in this immersive online cooking class. Join Jeanette as she guides you through the recipes and shares stories and culture along the way. A unique opportunity to connect, learn, and enjoy a virtual dinner party together!

Greek Online Workshop #2

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

With an easy, warm manner, and a boundless enthusiasm for cooking, Despina will inspire you from the moment you enter her home. The beauty of Despina’s cooking lies in its simplicity and its reliance on the freshest ingredients. You will sit down to a welcome snack of seasonal Greek appetizers, such as Despina’s tangy, succulent stuffed grape leaves, which she will encourage you to dip in yogurt, and her bright, fresh potato salad.  She...

Wood Burn a Charcuterie Board

Coastal Design Workshops LLC @ Live Virtual via Zoom

Learn the art of pyrography and create a custom charcuterie board in this virtual wood-burning class. Add a unique touch to your next event or create a personalized gift with the skills you'll gain in this workshop. Get ready to unleash your creativity with fire!

Ukrainian-Russian Cooking Online with Larisa

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn the art of Ukrainian-Russian cooking from the comfort of your kitchen! Join Larisa for an interactive online experience where she will guide you through making vegetarian borscht and adorable bread rolls topped with garlic oil and fresh herbs. Cook, connect, and share in the virtual dinner party at the end!

Intro to Italian Wines

San Francisco Wine School @ Online

Discover the diverse flavors and rich heritage of Italian wines in this captivating seminar. From the iconic Barolo of Piedmont to the renowned Brunello of Tuscany, uncover the top regions and appellations that have put Italy on the global wine map. Taste six wines as we delve into the grapes and styles that make Italian wines truly exceptional.

Santa Cruz, Livermore & Lodi

San Francisco Wine School @ Online

Explore the hidden gems of California wine regions with this workshop that takes you on a virtual journey from the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains to the captivating landscapes of Livermore Valley and Lodi. Discover the unique terroir and climate that create the perfect conditions for exceptional wine production. Tasting kits are available for an immersive experience.

Indian Cooking Online with Yamini

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn the secrets of making delicious aloo paratha and refreshing cucumber and yogurt raita in this interactive online cooking class with Yamini. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Indian cuisine and experience a virtual dinner party where you can share in the fruits of your labor, apart but together!

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Reviews for Cooking Classes Online

Cooking Classes Online are rated 4.7 stars based on 2,146 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Reviewed by Luis A. G. on 2/18/2024
    It was a fantastic class. Chelly was marvelous! Very, very knowledgeable and resourceful. With her help I was finally able to bake a perfect macaron. Thank you so much. Love!
  • Wood Burn a Charcuterie Board

    Anonymous review on 1/24/2024
    This was GREAT! Wasn't sure how this would work as a virtual class but it was terrific. Instructions were clear, materials easy to use, the 'pinning' feature on Zoom allowed us to see detailed demonstration better than if in-person, and a group of us were able to take this class together in spite of being apart.
  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Reviewed by Anna I. on 12/24/2023
    I love the class! The instructions were very easy to follow, and I was really amazed at how well the macarons turned out! Chelly was very attentive to what I was doing, and her advice and tips were helpful in achieving the crispy macaron shells that taste and look like real macarons, with nice feet, chewy insides, and crunchy outsides. I tried baking macarons before, but they turned out flat and hard, similar to a cookie. It is not easy to achieve the right dough consistency, which is key to successful macaron shells. Having someone on your side along the way is super helpful. Chelly helped me to understand what consistency I needed to achieve. Also, once she learned that I have a convection oven, she helped me adjust the temperature so the macarons are baked at the right speed. I highly recommend Chelly's master class to anyone who wants to try making macarons for the first time. She probably has baked thousands of macarons and taught numerous people, so she can set you up for success right away. I'm so glad to have delicious macarons for our Christmas dinner today!
  • Cream Puff Workshop (Virtual Cooking)

    Anonymous review on 12/17/2023
    Erica covered a lot of ground in 1.5 hrs and was an excellent teacher. Our cream puffs were the best I’ve ever had!
  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Reviewed by Aurora L. on 12/3/2023
    Excellent class. I learned a much simpler recipe than the one I was using. Chelly was organized and knowledgeable, she answered all our questions and gave us several options as to flavors and fillings. Highly recommended.
  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Reviewed by STACEY W. on 11/12/2023
    Instructor was very friendly and very helpful. It was my first ever Zoom experience and it was fabulous!!
  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Reviewed by Adrienne B. on 3/26/2023
    Had a great time and was really able to perfect my macaron skills. Thanks so much for the class!
  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Anonymous review on 3/5/2023
    Chelly was very helpful and offered great tips!
  • French Macaron Step-by-Step Class

    Reviewed by Lynne H. on 1/14/2023
    I learned a lot! I’m going to keep a journal when making them so I can do my best to perfect them!
  • Knife Skills 101

    Anonymous review on 1/22/2022
    Great instructor! Learned new knife skills and improved my technique. S fun experience.

Discover the Best Cooking Classes Online

Online cooking classes let you learn new skills and explore new cuisines without leaving your own kitchen. It’s convenient, easy, and affordable. All you need is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection to join a group of friendly people who love food. If you have had trouble finding an in-person cooking class to take, virtual cooking classes could be just what you need.

Why You Should Learn Cooking Online

When you have decided to learn to cook, taking an online class is an easy and affordable way to go. There are many online cooking classes to choose from. Learn how to bake bread, cookies, or bagels. Learn basic knife skills or how to mix your favorite cocktails. You can decide to learn about a new culture and cuisine by taking an online cooking class in making sushi, Indian food, or Asian dumplings. You can also connect with other people who like to cook when you sign up for online cooking classes. You may even fall in love with cooking and decide to train as a chef! You’ll never know until you take the first step. 

Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual cooking classes come in two types: live online and on-demand videos. In a live online cooking class, you can log in from your own kitchen or dining room and learn along with other culinary enthusiasts, enjoying the instructor’s stories and asking questions about techniques or unfamiliar ingredients. The class takes place in real time with the instructor in one location and students joining over a video conferencing platform like Zoom.

On-demand video classes don’t have a live instructor. You can purchase courses through platforms like SkillShare or Udemy or some on-demand classes are available for free like channels on YouTube. The advantage of on-demand classes is that you can go back and watch them again if you don’t understand something, but in a live online class, you can ask the instructor if you need clarification. 

Learn the secrets of crafting New York bagels at home in this virtual Bagel Workshop with Home Cooking New York. Learn to knead the dough, roll it out, and then boil and bake the bagels. At the end of class, you will have a dozen hand-rolled bagels in your favorite flavors.

You can learn to make your favorite cocktails online, too. Virtual Cocktails: Tequila 101 from the Chopping Block at Lincoln Square. The Chopping Block provides curated cooking classes in Chicago and online with expert chef instructors. This virtual mixology class is all about tequila, the Mexican spirit crafted from agave. Learn about the history of tequila, how it is made, and how to use it. In this class, you will make three different tequila-based cocktails: Last Word, a blend of tequila, lime, and Maraschino; Paper Airplane, tequila, lemon, and Aperol; and Corpse Reviver, tequila, lemon, and blood orange. Learn how to set up a bar and what ingredients and tools are required. Find out what jiggering is, explore garnishes, and find out how to choose the appropriate glass and why.

This online Knife Skills 101 is another class by Home Cooking New York. You will learn to choose the best chef’s knife, how to care for it, and use it effectively. To practice your skills, the class will prepare and eat a batch of vegetable minestrone soup. Recipes and an ingredient list will be provided after you sign up. Participants will need to provide their own knives and sharpeners. 

In Virtual Crispy Chicken Tortas with the Chopping Block Lincoln Square, participants will learn how to make crispy chicken tortas with beans and avocado, plus elotes, Mexican street corn with mayo, lime, chili, and cheese. In this class, you will learn to prepare and fry the chicken, roast vegetables, and become familiar with Mexican spices. 

If the subject of wine feels overwhelming to you, sign up for Wine 101 with the San Francisco Wine School to learn the basics. Participants will taste six different wines and learn about the wine-making process, how to read labels, the right way to store wine, and more. Once you sign up, you can pick up a wine kit or arrange for it to be delivered before class starts. The San Francisco Wine School offers individual classes or certification courses for wine specialists.

French bistros are famous for presenting French country home cooking in a restaurant setting. Explore this cuisine in a French Bistro Supper class with Home Cooking New York. This hands-on virtual cooking class will teach you how to create a dinner with a French flair. Learn to prepare a crisp roasted chicken, ratatouille, and rosemary-roasted potatoes. A list of ingredients will be sent to participants after registration.

Learn all about the British tradition of taking tea in Afternoon Tea, an online cooking class from Teaching Table. The treats you make in this class are perfect for a tea party to celebrate a special day. Learn to make cream scones, homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, lemon drizzle cake, various tea sandwiches, and English tea. You do not need a tea set to participate in this class but it’s a good excuse to dust it off if you have one. 

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square shows you how to make a spicy Chinese favorite in Virtual Kung Pao Shrimp. This online Asian cooking class will cover an introduction to Chinese ingredients, how to select and cook shrimp, working with tofu, and more. Participants will make kung pao shrimp with steamed rice and hot and sour soup with tofu. 

Private Online Group Cooking Classes

Taking a group cooking class online is a great team-building experience or perfect for a birthday party or shower activity. With CourseHorse you can book any of their in-person cooking classes as a private group event for six or more people. Use the contact form to arrange for your private event. If you need to add more people to an event, let CourseHorse know and you will get an answer within 24 hours. 

Online vs. In-Person Cooking Classes

Signing up for a live online cooking class is similar to attending an in-person class. There is an experienced instructor leading the session who can answer your questions during class and demonstrate tricky techniques. You can interact with your fellow students and share your cooking experiences, even though you will all be attending over a video conferencing app like Zoom. 

You will need a stable internet connection and a device with a microphone to participate in an online cooking class. Laptops and tablets are a good choice for live online learning. One difference between in-person and live online courses is that you don’t have to commute or look for parking. You can attend class from your own kitchen or anywhere else that is convenient. There are many classes to choose from and you can benefit from the expertise of chef instructors from all over the world. 

In an in-person class, ingredients and equipment are provided, but this is not the case with virtual classes. Some people might feel that this is a disadvantage, but the instructors provide a list of materials for you, and as you learn to cook, shopping for ingredients and cooking equipment may become more of a pleasure than it used to be.

Can I Learn Cooking for Free Online?

You can definitely learn to cook online for free. You can find thousands of free tutorials on YouTube for well-known groups like the New York Times cooking section or America’s Test Kitchen. You can learn a lot by following along with on-demand videos, but many people enjoy taking a class with an interesting, experienced chef and other foodies around.

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