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Discover online French classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Gain fluency, improve pronunciation, and broaden your cultural knowledge with interactive and engaging French lessons.

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French - Level 2

Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City @ Virtual Classroom

Take your French language skills to the next level and confidently communicate in everyday situations. Strengthen your vocabulary and learn to make your speech sound more fluid and confident in this engaging small group class.

Wednesday Dec 6th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

French - Level 4

Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City @ Virtual Classroom

Ready for the future? We are if you are. Intermediate French 4 is for you if you're ready to graduate from simple to advanced French. You’ll gain confidence in all the major tenses, including the future and conditional. WHO THIS CLASS IS FOR  Start here if you can confidently conjugate verbs in the passé composé and imparfait while speaking. HOW YOU'LL LEARN  With a small group (averaging six students per class and capped...

Thursday Jan 11th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

French - Level 3

Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City @ Virtual Classroom

Take your French language skills to the next level with Intermediate French 3 at Cricket eLearning. Learn to talk about the past, differentiate between Y and EN, and master the passé composé and imparfait tenses. Join a small group of fellow language learners for interactive conversations and real-time feedback from the instructor.

Thursday Jan 11th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

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French - Level 1

Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City @ Virtual Classroom

Ready to start speaking conversational French? Join this beginner French course at Cricket eLearning and build a strong foundation to hold basic conversations, order food, and go shopping in French. No previous French experience is required.

Monday Dec 4th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (11 sessions)


11 sessions

French - Level 5

Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City @ Virtual Classroom

Level 5 focuses on solidifying major grammar points and is meant to gear you up for Advanced Conversation Practice. Here’s a list of things that you should be familiar with to know if Level 5 is right for you: 1) You can conjugate many common verbs in the present tense, the main past tenses, the conditional and the future tense. For example, you can use the verb “parler” to say, “I speak, I spoke, I was speaking, I had spoken, I would...

Monday Jan 22nd, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (11 sessions)


11 sessions

French - Advanced Conversation

ABC Languages @ Online

Immerse yourself in fluent French conversation and expand your vocabulary with ABC Languages. Take your language skills to the next level and become a confident French speaker. Enhance your fluency today!

Thursday Dec 7th, 12–1:30pm Eastern Time

French Crash Course

Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City @ Virtual Classroom

Getting ready to travel or just looking to learn the basics quickly? Whether you’re an absolute beginner or just taken a decade off since your last French class, this interactive two-day workshop is for you! You’ll learn essentials like how to introduce yourself, order in a restaurant, request directions, and more in this immersive online course. A FRENCH CRASH COURSE FOR BEGINNERS Our Weekend Workshops are small, social, and interactive - averaging...

Saturday Jan 27th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

French Intermediate 2

ABC Languages @ Online

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the French language as you master complex tenses and elevate your conversational skills. Join our interactive online French course and take your language proficiency to the next level. À bientôt!

Tuesday Dec 5th, 6–7:30pm Eastern Time

Online Private French Lessons

ABC Languages @ Online

Master the language of love with personalized French lessons from ABC Languages. Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or group lessons with friends and family, our experienced instructors will create a curriculum tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Start your language journey today with ABC Languages!

Monday Dec 4th, 12–12pm Eastern Time

French Intermediate 3

ABC Languages @ Online

Improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary in French with ABC Languages' intermediate course. Perfect for those who already have a good grasp of all tenses and want to focus on conversation. Join our online classes and start speaking French with confidence!

Monday Dec 4th, 7:30–9pm Eastern Time

French Beginner 3

ABC Languages @ Online

Take your French skills to the next level and master the passé composé in this engaging online course. Developed for students with a strong foundation in French grammar, this class focuses on conversation and vocabulary building to help you confidently communicate in French. Join us and start speaking French today!

Wednesday Dec 6th, 5:30–7pm Eastern Time

French Beginner 2

ABC Languages @ Online

Build upon your French foundation and enhance your communication skills with our interactive and engaging French classes. Join us at ABC Languages and unlock the power of the French language. À bientôt!

Wednesday Dec 6th, 6–7:30pm Eastern Time

French | Total Beginner

ABC Languages SF @ Online Classroom

Our Total Beginner classes are designed for students with little or no background in the language. To get a base in the language, we recommend starting with 12 weeks. 6- and 8-week enrollment options are ideal for students who want to get a taste of the language, are preparing for a trip or just want to pick up some basics and have a limited timeframe. At the end of any enrollment, you always have the option of adding additional weeks to your...

Tuesday Nov 28th, 7:30–9pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

French - Total Beginner

ABC Languages @ Online

Embark on an immersive language journey and unlock the beauty of the French language. Discover a new world of communication with our engaging and professional teachers at ABC Languages. Get ready to experience the joy of speaking French fluently.

Saturday Jan 13th, 12–1:30pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

French 1 Fundamentals (Private)


Master the basics of French language and culture, from greetings and introductions to ordering food and talking about the weather, in this comprehensive private course. Boost your confidence in speaking, reading, and writing French while receiving personalized instruction and accent-reduction techniques. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become fluent in the language of love!

Wednesday Nov 29th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best French Classes Online

Over 95 million people today speak French as a first language. It’s the third most used Romance language in the world and over 120,000,000 people are estimated to be learning it today. French has evolved considerably over the years. Linguists recognize the first “version” of French as Old French (up until the 14th century), which then evolved into Middle French (14th to 16th centuries), Classical French (17th and 18th centuries), and Modern French (present). 

As a Romance language, French evolved from Latin. However, French has a few similarities to English, which is not a Romance language, but has Germanic roots. The two languages share some words and have similar grammar structures. The language is, therefore, considered easier for English speakers, along with speakers of other Romance languages, to learn. If you’re interested in learning French and have the time to dedicate to consistently studying the language, consider taking a French class. 

Why You Should Learn French Online

Learning a new language has been shown to improve memory. A significant part of learning a new language is learning vocabulary and grammar rules. This presents a challenge to your brain and can help you work on your memory. You’ll also learn to make connections between vocabulary and grammar and understand how to use each in certain contexts. 

Learning a new language is useful for older adults. Despite the misconception that aging makes it difficult to learn a new language, doing so can help form new connections in the brain and strengthen nervous system links. Researchers believe that learning a second language may contribute to slowing the onset of dementia. Adults also have larger vocabularies than children and are likely to already understand the ways that they study best, which can help them when learning a new language. 

Learning French can open you up to communicating with many more people and understanding world events differently. French is a working language and is one official language of the UN, the EU, and NATO. French is one of the most used languages on the internet as well. If you know French, you’ll therefore be able to communicate with more people online or even in a professional setting if you work for the federal government. Additionally, if you decide to visit France or another francophone country, you’ll be prepared to get around and speak to others. 

Virtual French Classes 

Virtual French classes are available to you. These classes are taught by a fluent instructor who will guide you through the fundamentals of French or even advanced material. Many of these lessons will include practical material, such as how to introduce yourself and how to get around in a French-speaking country. Check out the online French classes that are available for you to take on CourseHorse. 

For newbies or people who haven’t spoken French in a while, Fluent City offers an online beginner-level French class. You’ll learn the fundamentals of French in this class, such as introducing yourself and ordering food. This class encourages engagement with your classmates, and you’ll receive feedback from your instructor. 

Fluent City also offers beginner-level classes that can be taken after the first fundamentals course. These subsequent classes will focus more on grammar and further communicating in French. Students at the intermediate level are welcome to join their French Meetup. This is a conversational class where you’ll converse with intermediate to advanced-level French speakers in French. 

If you’re nervous about learning French in a group setting, Hyperfluent can provide you with private French lessons. Before starting, you’ll have a free 10-minute consultation with the instruction. The instructor will assess your needs and provide you with feedback that can be used to structure your first session. Beginner-level lessons will focus on teaching you how to introduce yourself, describe your friends and family, hobbies, directions, and time. 

ABC Languages offers a virtual crash course in basic French. This introductory course is ideal for those looking to travel to France or a French-speaking country. You’ll spend 90 minutes learning basic vocabulary and phrases that have practical use when traveling. This class will also give you a taste of the French language if you’re unsure if you’d like to continue learning or not. ABC Languages also offers higher-level French classes for intermediate and advanced learners. 

If you’re looking for a virtual French class more in-line with your skill level, check out the classes posted to CourseHorse. New and returning classes are added frequently. 

Private Online Group French Classes

Are you planning a group trip to France but nobody in your group can speak French? Before booking those flights, consider booking one of CourseHorse’s online private French classes for groups

CourseHorse has a contact form on its website that you can use to reach out to them about setting up a private virtual French class. They can discuss learning material with you as well as the needs of your group, including group size. CourseHorse classes can accommodate small and large groups, depending on the class. If you don’t know your group size yet, that’s okay. You can provide them with the minimum group size and then update the number once you have a final headcount. 

CourseHorse does not charge booking fees, but you can pay an additional fee to receive a 20-minute demo of the class and/or to customize it. There’s no cancellation fee if you cancel your class up to two weeks before the scheduled date. 

You can choose to take your class using Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx, but CourseHorse recommends using Zoom. 

Online vs. In-Person French Classes

If you’ve decided to take a formal French class, you should decide if online or in-person classes work best for you. In-person classes are a great way to meet others interested in the language, but they may not be offered in your area. You can use CourseHorse to see if there are any available in-person classes that you can commute to. If there’s not, check out the listed online French classes. 

Virtual French classes are taught by live instructors who are fluent in French. These classes are remote, so you can take them from the comfort of your home. To take an online French class, you’ll need a stable internet connection and a distraction-free environment. Your instructor may ask that you purchase learning materials, or they might provide you with files. 

Can I Learn French for Free Online?

If you’re interested in an affordable way to learn French, you can turn to the internet for resources. There are guides and videos online posted by fluent speakers that can help you get started. However, if you’d like additional instruction, it’s recommended that you take a class led by an instructor who can provide you with feedback and answer your questions. This quick and in-depth way to learn French can be supplemented by online resources like guides, videos, and language-learning apps.

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