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Discover the art of embroidery with a wide range of online classes. These classes teach different techniques, create stunning designs, and allow you to unleash your creativity.

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Virtual Modern Embroidery Art

Jade Scarlett

In this fun and relaxing class, you'll learn the basics of hand embroidery that you can hang on your wall or stitch it on totes, pillows, or one-of-a-kind tees that will showcase your newfound skills and be totally on-trend! In two hours you'll learn: how to prep your hoop how to transfer an embroidery pattern onto fabric the basics of selecting the perfect thread and how to start and end your embroidery project We will create basic stitches...

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Virtual Upcycling Embroidery on Garments

Jade Scarlett

Virtual Upcycling Embroidery on Garments: Embroider Your Own Clothes Learn how to take your basic t-shirt, denim, sweatshirt, dress, and anything and everything from you closet  to the next level with one of the hottest trends in fashion: hand embroidery! In this beginner-friendly, absolutely no experience necessary class, you will learn the basics of hand embroidery, from how to set your hoop to how to make your first stitches.  In...

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Vulgar Embroidery

Craft Sierra Madre @ Virtual Classroom

Welp. It's 2022 and sh!t is still a dumpster fire. Seems appropriate to bring this class back now, as a way to let off steam, have some fun, and find community in a cause. This class will be donation based, with all proceeds going to the National Network of Abortion Funds. Always wanted to learn how to embroider? Now’s your chance! In this class you will practice your hand lettering skills while learning to embroider your favorite curse words....

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Intergenerational Embroidery

Richmond Art Center

Collaborate with a younger person to embroider designs on fabric surfaces. Using clothes, pillowcases, or any other fabric on hand, we will create durable embroidery art that makes your fabric belongings feel special. We will learn embroidery techniques, and add found objects for unconventional embroidery. Required supplies for this program: Fabric to embroider on. This can be clothing, pillow cases, curtains, or napkins. Avoid fabrics with a...

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4 sessions

Virtual Workshop: Floral Embroidery

Brooklyn Craft Company @ Interactive virtual class

Kick your embroidery skills up a notch in this virtual workshop! Learn how to add texture and depth to your needlework while you make your way through a lovely, floral stitch sampler. Led by Brooklyn-based embroidery artist Angela Stewart, this workshop will cover: Methods for transferring a printed image to fabric How to create several embroidery stitches including fishbone stitch, stem stitch, woven wheel and French knots How to use these...

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Embroidery Basics: Making a Sampler

92nd Street Y

Embroidery has a variety of applications, from customizing clothes to creating your own artwork. This class will take you through eight different stitches considered essential to the art of embroidery. With knots, edging, and basics, you will leave with a finished sampler of all you learned in class as well as the tools to continue further. Supply List

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Extreme Embroidery Workshop

Evanston Art Center

Embroidery, or hand stitching, is appearing everywhere in contemporary art. We may think of embroidery as a decorative art practiced in the drawing rooms of Downton Abbey.  But today, hand stitching is used by multimedia artists and crafters to create a huge range of images, forms, and ideas. Discover the exciting (radical?! subversive?!) possibilities of stitch!   Supply List please click here

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12 sessions

Embroidery Club | At Home

M Avery Designs @ M Avery Virtual Classroom

Join us once a month for an online meeting up for embroidery & chatting.We meet the First Sunday of the Month (unless it falls on a holiday weekend) and members will learn how to do beautiful hand embroidery techniques in the comfort of your own home, and hang out with like minded friends who love sewing too. Each session includes a brand new embroidery pattern to work on. No sewing experience is necessary to join our embroidery club.We'll use...

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Embroidery Workshop (Virtual)

The New York Sewing Center @ Virtual Classroom

This workshop is all about embellishment. Got a skirt you finished in Sewing 101? A denim jacket that needs a little extra pizzaz? A gift you want to make extra special? We're here to help! We're taking a step away from the sewing machine and enjoying the soothing art of hand embroidery. In this class, students are asked to bring an article of clothing they would like to work on, and they walk away with an embellished garment decorated with a word...

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Sugar Skull Embroidery

CraftJam @ Online Classroom

Start stitching! Learn easy embroidery stitches in our special, themed beginner-friendly Sugar Skull Embroidery WebJam, hosted online via Zoom. Sugar skulls are a staple in Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is a celebratory holiday in Mexico and Latin America that honors life and death.  Sugar skulls are created and placed on ofrendas, which are altars created by families during Day of the Dead to honor their loved ones that have...

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The Art Of Contemporary Embroidery (Ages 16+)

Evanston Art Center

Explore new ways to create through needle and thread!  You will learn the traditional medium of embroidery to express yourself in and out of the hoop, through techniques of mending, darning, quilt-blocking, sashiko, couching, and more! Apply skills both to your daily life and studio work and make an original piece. Note: This interactive online class is presented via Zoom. Please download Zoom prior to your first class: ...

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5 sessions

Embroidery in 90 Minutes: Floral Monogram

92nd Street Y

The perfect class for a quick gift or a decoration for your own wall. Learn two basic embroidery stitches paired with two more advanced, decorative stitches, which combine to form a piece with stunning texture and details. This class  will leave the lesson with a finished piece and the skills to embroider other items in their wardrobe while home. In-person class includes all materials: 3” Embroidery hoop Floss Size 24 chenille embroidery...

No upcoming schedules

Embroider Your Own Garment WebJam

CraftJam @ Online Classroom

Take your tee, bandana or sweatshirt to the next level with one of our favorite crafty skills: embroidery! Learn the basics, from how to set your hoop to how to make your first stitch, and see how easy it is to add a custom touch to your wardrobe in this fun, beginner-friendly workshop. You’ll learn a few universal embroidery techniques plus how to apply cool designs to your tees to create your own unique, totally on-trend look! In this WebJam...

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Embroider Your Own Garment WebJam (with Starter Kit)

CraftJam @ Online Classroom

Take your tee, bandana or sweatshirt to the next level with one of our favorite crafty skills: embroidery! Learn the basics, from how to set your hoop to how to make your first stitch, and see how easy it is to add a custom touch to your wardrobe in this fun, beginner-friendly workshop. You’ll learn a few universal embroidery techniques plus how to apply cool designs to your tees to create your own unique, totally on-trend look! In this WebJam...

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Embroidered Ornaments

CraftJam @ Online Classroom

Why stick with store-bought decorations? Your home deserves a decorative touch that’s totally you! Try embroidering your own ornament (we promise it’s not scary). In our beginner-friendly class we’ll give you a rundown on the basics of this classic craft. In under two hours, you’ll learn: how to prep your embroidery hoop for holiday magic how to works with embroidery patterns the basics of selecting the perfect thread how to start and...

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Discover the Best Embroidery Classes Online

Embroidery is the art of using a needle and thread to stitch designs onto a piece of fabric. This type of fiber art can be done with a machine or completed by hand to stitch beautiful, personalized designs onto textiles. Basic embroidery is usually done on a hoop that keeps your fabric taut, using various stitches, such as the cross stitch, to embroider designs in a pattern. More advanced embroiderers will apply several techniques and stitches to their designs to create intricate works of art. Whether just beginning or advanced in your embroidery, you will find that a few tools, techniques, and dedication will allow you to produce numerous enjoyable projects.

Why You Should Learn Embroidery Online

Embroidery is an enjoyable hobby for crafters and fiber artists of all skill levels. Producing art and expressing yourself creatively is a great stress reliever and beneficial for your mental health. Mastering the intricacies involved with embroidering a piece of fabric can give embroiderers a sense of accomplishment in addition to being a form of relaxation or meditation. Also, instead of scrolling through your phone during your free time, you can do something that brings you joy creating something you can cherish for yourself or as a gift for others. Many embroiderers even sell their patterns and/or projects through craft websites such as Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. This can be a great side hustle or even a full-time job, depending on how much time you invest. 

Having a hobby or skill shared by numerous others, such as embroidery, can also give you a sense of community and connection. Local libraries are a great place to look for or start an embroidery club where members of the community can gather to embroider and share tips. You can also find several clubs online, such as in Facebook groups, or by searching for embroidery clubs near you. Open to embroiderers of all skill levels, The Embroiderers' Guild of America (EGA) has local chapters that meet regularly in person and allow members access to a large library of projects. There are other embroidery clubs online that allow you to purchase subscriptions providing you access to a wide assortment of embroidery patterns. 

Virtual Embroidery Classes 

While in-person classes consist of learning from an instructor in a physical classroom, online classes can be taken from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and the Internet. Taking classes from the comfort of your own home is appealing to many people since it saves you time by eliminating the commute. Many more classes are now being offered online for convenience and wide accessibility. The drawback to taking a virtual embroidery class, however, is that you often must supply your own materials and tools. 

While taking a class in your location is not always feasible, you can find a variety of online embroidery classes. An upcoming class is The Art of Contemporary Embroidery, offered by the Evanston Art Center for ages 16 and older. This beginner class, conducted live online via Zoom, consists of five one-and-a-half-hour sessions where students will learn how to embroider with and without a hoop. Students will make an original piece using various techniques such as mending, darning, sashiko, quilt-blocking, and couching. If you are simply listening to learn techniques to apply to future projects you do not need to purchase materials. But if you would like to embroider while following along with the instructor, you will need to supply your own materials. Some recommended materials include a medium and large embroidery hoop, cotton fabric, all-purpose thread, embroidery floss, and embroidery needles. You can find a full list of materials, including where to buy them, listed in the course description in the instructor's recommended supply list.

Private Online Group Embroidery Classes

Are you looking for a fun way to build camaraderie among a team at your business or organization? If so, consider scheduling a live online group class through CourseHorse. CourseHorse offers embroidery classes for private groups online, with the option to accommodate up to 500 people. The Virtual Modern Embroidery Art class is a low-pressure, enjoyable class where individuals will learn the basics of hand embroidery, including how to prep a hoop, select the best thread, and start and finish your project. You will have the opportunity to learn a variety of basic stitches as well as other floral stitches including the woven wheel rose, fishbone leaves, stem stitch, and French knots. But don't be intimidated: no previous skills are required for this class. 

CourseHorse provides all materials for this class, which include three embroidery hoops, a storage bag, colorful threads, patterns, and embroidery needles. When scheduling a class through CourseHorse you have the benefit of receiving a confirmation within 24 hours of scheduling and being able to change your class size after booking if necessary. Additionally, you do not have to pay booking fees and, while Zoom is the default platform for classes, they are able to accommodate other video conferencing platforms such as Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. 

For other fiber arts classes, CourseHorse offers a Virtual Tapestry Loom Weaving where individuals will learn a trendy DIY craft: how to weave a tapestry or wall hanging. From creating your own loom from chipboard to weaving various stitches such as plain weave, soumak, and rya knots, individuals will have fun in this beginner-friendly class creating a beautiful piece of artwork they can hang in their homes. As with other CourseHorse classes, all materials are shipped to each participant and include three types of yarn, a dowel, and a loom. CourseHorse also offers a Virtual Macrame Workshop where individuals learn to tie different types of knots to create a beautiful hanging planter. The materials are also sent to participants in this class, including the cords used to create the planters. 

Online vs. In-Person Embroidery Classes

Deciding whether to take an online or in-person embroidery class depends on your style of learning and individual priorities. Some people may feel that they need in-person instruction in order to have a more hands-on approach to learning. With in-person learning, the instructor can see your stitchwork more closely, making it easier for them to correct you if needed. Embroidery is a very intricate craft and requires the ability to see details clearly, therefore, watching through a screen may not suit some individuals. 

However, others may find that the time spent commuting to class is better spent on mastering their craft. For that reason, online classes may be best for some. Many virtual classes are conducted live online so that students can ask questions in real-time and instructors may be able to see your project through the screen. This is helpful in case you find yourself lost or something went wrong with your stitching. Also finding an embroidery class near you may be a challenge, while online learning provides more opportunities to fit your schedule. 

Can I Learn Embroidery for Free Online?

There are many ways to learn embroidery, and learning online for free from tutorials or videos is one of them. YouTube is a great source for how-to videos on countless topics, including embroidery. You can also find numerous blogs by fiber artists and crafters who will provide you with tutorials for embroidery. These are great ways to learn basic embroidery techniques while you are getting started. However, if you want to truly master embroidery, you will likely need to take a more formal class from an expert who can help correct your mistakes and teach you insider tips and tricks. Taking a formal class, rather than videos or tutorials online, is a more thorough approach to learning in general, particularly for advancing into more intricate embroidery designs. 

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