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Vegetarian Cooking Classes Online

Discover a wide range of online vegetarian cooking classes that will teach you how to master the art of creating delicious and nutritious plant-based meals. Learn innovative techniques, explore new flavors, and gain the skills to cook flavorful vegetarian dishes that are sure to impress.

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Persian Cooking Online with Mab

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Discover the aromatic flavors of Persian cuisine as you learn to make dill-scented lima beans topped with poached eggs and crispy tahdig rice in this immersive online cooking experience. Join a talented chef, as they share family recipes and guide you through each step. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey filled with culture, connection, and delicious food.

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Vegetarian Indian (Virtual Cooking)

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Indian food is huge on flavor, and low on ingredients (okay, not including spices), so it is a perfect cuisine to try out at home while you are spending extra time in your kitchen. Menu: Chana Masala (spiced chickpea-tomato curry) Garlic Naan Cilantro-Mint Chutney  How these virtual classes work: 1) After registering, you will be sent a link to log into the class at the appointed date/time. 2) You will be sent a shopping list...

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How to Make Great Winter Soups

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Learn the techniques and ingredients for creating delicious winter soups in this virtual class. From smoky black bean soup to silky smooth butternut squash soup, you'll discover how to make flavorful soups that can be adapted to be vegetarian. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your soup repertoire!

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Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

Mukti's Kitchen

Vegetarian dishes are fantastic and diverse in Indian cuisine. In fact, many of us don't realize that at least half of India's 1.3 billion people are vegetarian. Therefore, combined with India's diverse geography and lifestyles, vegetarian foods also have reached great heights throughout the subcontinent's thousands of years of history.  This class is vegan and gluten-free so we are not using any ghee (clarified butter), which is otherwise...

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Virtual Vegetarian: Black Bean and Mushroom Burgers

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Join us for a virtual cooking class as you either cook along with our Chopping Block Chef in real time, or watch as a demonstration as our chef teaches you how to make a delicious vegetarian meal via Zoom. Menu: Black Bean and Mushroom Burgers with Smashed Avocado Mayo Carrots and Parsnip “Fries” Skills covered in class: Making legume burgers Selecting and sautéing mushrooms Griddling Roasting root vegetables Selecting avocados...

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Virtual Eggplant Parmesan Sandwiches

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Join us for a virtual cooking class as you either cook along with our Chef in real time, or watch as a demonstration as our chef teaches you how to make eggplant parmesan sandwiches via Zoom. Menu: Eggplant Parmesan Sandwiches with Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce Garlic and Herb Roasted Zucchini Skills covered in class: Working with eggplant Breading Pan frying Roasting vegetables Working with fresh herbs...

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Persian Cooking Online 2 with Mab

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn Mab's secrets to making aloo morgh-e beround-e Parvin joonam (a rich and fragrant chicken dish) paired with kateh polo zafran ba tahdig sibzamini (saffron spiced rice with a potato crisp)! Since Mab can’t physically welcome you into her home, she wants to do so virtually! Our online classes are designed to be special, meaningful opportunities to share cooking, culture, and connection--just like our real life experiences. We want you to...

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Virtual Pasta Making

Eve Bergazyn

Join our chef to make pasta from scratch! You Will: Make and knead a classic egg pasta dough Hand shape pasta Create a classic marinara sauce & fresh basil pesto Eat delicious homemade pasta Materials Needed to Participate Fully Ingredients: All-purpose flour Semolina flour (or all purpose flour) Salt 1 bay leaf 1 14-oz. can San Marzano tomatoes Pine nuts (or pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds) Olive oil...

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Vegetarian Indian

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

You can make your own Vegetarian Indian Take Out! This class will demystify working with Indian spices and ingredients. You’ll practice cooking techniques like blooming and infusing to create a scratch made meal that is healthier and as delicious as your usual delivery. This is a hands-on live virtual class. You will make the following vegan friendly menu: Mung Bean Dal  Spiced Basmati Rice Tandoori Roasted Vegetables Baingan Bharta (Spiced...

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Fine Dining Vegetarian Date Night In

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

Just because you can eat out again doesn’t mean you have to! Often what you prepare at home is light years above what you can get out (and with a lot less expense and hassle). Learn how to perfect your own date night meal at home. Impress your date, whether that’s your partner, mom, kid or roommate, with your new skills as a Line Chef. This Summer’s Fine Dining Date Night Menu is 100% vegetarian and can be made vegan and/or gluten free with...

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Vegan Fusion Institute's Virtual Teacher Training

Vegan Fusion @ Virtual Classroom

Learn the art of creating successful plant-based cooking classes and demonstrations from Chef Mark Reinfeld, a renowned expert with over 25 years of experience. Gain the confidence and skills you need to share your love for plant-based cuisine with the world. Join this unique opportunity at Vegan Fusion and start crushing your cooking demos today.

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Virtual Cook Along: Pasta Shapes Workshop

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to make a variety of pasta shapes from scratch in this virtual class. Join our chef for a 2-hour intensively interactive virtual class from the comfort of your own home as we walk you through the technique on how to prepare homemade pasta dough from scratch in real time. We’ll then use the pasta dough to prepare several shaped pastas and one filled pasta. By the end of class, you’ll have a variety of pastas you can use right away...

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Fresh Stuffed Pasta

The Foodery @ Online Cooking Class

Learn to prepare cappelletti, tortelloni, or ravioli, specialty Italian pasta shapes that are beautiful and delicious, then enjoy them with a simple, yet sophisticated, butter and sage sauce. Please note, other sauces might be available upon previous request. Consult with us before the class. These pasta shapes are surprisingly easy to make. After participants learn the technique they will be impressing their friends and family for years to come....

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Handmade Pasta

Teaching Table @ Virtual Cooking Class, New York, NY

Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own pasta? Are you shocked at the price of fresh gourmet pastas? Want to elevate pasta night by 400%? Need a therapeutic (and productive) activity to entertain everyone this summer? Join us for an all ages virtual cooking class to make your own pasta at home, by hand! No special tools, equipment or ingredients needed (see below). You won’t need to heat up your oven for this class! In this all ages...

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Handmade Winter Ravioli & Tortellini

Teaching Table @ Virtual Cooking Class, New York, NY

In this all ages virtual cooking workshop, you will make scrumptious ravioli from scratch. Together, we’ll make fresh ravioli dough by hand. Then, we’ll roast pumpkin and prepare seasonal ravioli filling like caramelized onion, apple and aged gouda.  You’ll learn how to roll out the dough like a pro, then fill and shape impeccable ravioli. In this class, you’ll practice the tips and techniques of a restaurant pasta maker but feel like...

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Ravioli and Filled Pasta Workshop

The Good Food Project @ Virtual Classroom

In this fun, hands-on pasta experience, you'll learn how to make delicious, authentic fresh pasta right in your own kitchen. You’ll mix, knead, roll, and cut your own fettuccini and linguini, then we’ll dive into filled pasta – ravioli, mezzaluna, and tortellini, while you learn the authentic techniques, ingredients, flours, fillings, and sauces that go into making your own delicious pasta. You’ll leave class with a gorgeous plate of ravioli...

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Fresh Pasta

Class in the Kitchen

Let Chef Grazia take you step by step through how to prepare one of her Italian favorites, fresh pasta. She will walk you through the process of making, kneading and rolling out the fresh dough. You will be making a quick butter sauce that is delicious but still light enough to allows you to taste the flavors of the fresh pasta. Chef Grazia will then show the proper cutting technique for making tagliatelle pasta. After cooking the pasta, it will...

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Handmade Pasta Bolognese

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

It’s been called a “'perfect food” and for good reason. Pasta Bolognese is a simple dish to master with some key techniques and a few easily obtained ingredients, half of which are vegetables. You can make a large batch of both pasta and sauce to enjoy all week long or to freeze for future meals.  In this all ages virtual cooking workshop, you will make your own pasta dough from scratch. While it rests, Chef Laura will guide you through...

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Virtual - Authentic Indian Vegetarian

Mukti's Kitchen

This course is available for "remote" learning and to anyone with access to an Internet device with a camera and microphone (this includes most models of computers, tablets).  Classes will take place with Mukti Banerjee, renowned chef and cooking teacher as the "Live" instructor.  Upon registration, you will get a Zoom ID. You can ask your questions toward the end of the class.  Menu:  Eggplant Masala (Eggplant Curry) ...

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Reviews for Vegetarian Cooking Classes Online

Vegetarian Cooking Classes Online are rated 4.7 stars based on 3,146 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Linda W. on 1/7/2022
    Fun class. Learned so much about Indian cooking and especially spices. Great choice of dishes and can’t wait to make them again. Will definitely take more classes.
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Lysa De T. on 12/24/2021
    Wonderful class! I learned so much about preparing Indian spices and cooking yummy Indian food.
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Anissa R. on 7/28/2021
    Mukti is an incredible instructor! She was very informative, patient, and friendly! I felt like I was cooking with someone who really cared about what I was making. I can’t say enough about this course and can’t wait to take more courses from Mukti!
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Anonymous review on 5/10/2021
    The Indian cooking class was perfect and all the way from India with Mutki as the teacher. I have already made one of the vegan vegetable dishes and it’s delicious. Thank you, Jeannette (Ohio)
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Anonymous review on 4/24/2021
    Mukti was very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. She taught us how to purchase, prepare and use spices, plus how to make the recipes. An excellent presentation and class!
  • Persian Cooking Online 2 with Mab

    Reviewed by Mary T Z. on 4/18/2021
    Loved the class and the personal story of Mab's. It was also great to have a moderator (Justine) who would type into chat what was happening and with instructions. This way if you missed what was said, you could look at the next step. I have found often with these classes that the written recipe is changed once you are in person and with the noise, even in your own kitchen, you sometimes miss what was said. The food was delicious and everyone in the family enjoyed it. Thanks for offering the virtual classes.
  • Virtual Pasta Making

    Reviewed by Liz A. on 4/12/2021
    I have never made homemake pasta before and Eve has given me the tools to make pasta and experiment. If she offered an advanced class I would take it i.e how to make flavored pasta. Or maybe I will just retake this class, so I can ask educated questions. Love Eva. Love coursehourse. So glad I discovered it.
  • Virtual - Authentic Indian Vegetarian

    Reviewed by Meghan M. on 3/30/2021
    I took Mukti's virtual "Authentic Indian Vegetarian" class and had a great time. Mukti took time to explain the value of Indian cuisine and explained all the main spices used in Indian cooking and their benefits. The dishes were delicious and healthful. I would recommend doing as much prep ahead of time as you can in terms of chopping vegetables and having everything ready...the class moves pretty fast but you get three great dishes by the end of it.
  • Virtual Pasta Making

    Reviewed by SusanKMc M. on 3/8/2021
    I’ve taken several classes with Eve and she never fails to impress! She makes the process so easy and it amazes me how easy it is to follow along! And, the results are always worth the effort. So much more delicious when made from scratch! Makes me feel like a pro!
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Anonymous review on 3/6/2021
    The instructor was very responsive to my questions ahead of time. She was warm and encouraging and I leaned a lot in a short amount of time. She covers a lot very quickly so I highly recommend having everything chopped and pre-measured ahead of time. The food was delicious!

Discover the Best Vegetarian Cooking Classes Online

People that follow a vegetarian diet avoid consuming meat, poultry, and seafood. This dietary practice has been around for centuries. A vegetarian lifestyle is recommended by major religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and was encouraged by Greek philosophers like Pythagoras. Moral justifications were and continue to be used by those advocating for this dietary lifestyle. Today, however, nutritional scientists have recognized vegetarianism as a healthy eating alternative. 

The number of vegetarians in the US and around the world continues to grow. Roughly 10-15% of Americans are estimated to be vegetarian or vegan (the practice of abstaining from the consumption of both animals and animal by-products like milk and eggs). People around the world follow vegetarianism out of either choice or necessity. Difficulty accessing meat and animal by-products in regions where fruits, vegetables, grains, and/or legumes are more abundant has caused people to follow a vegetarian lifestyle to survive. 

Vegetarian meals have become popular options at established restaurants and fast-food chains. It’s also become easier to find vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly recipes online. Whether you follow a strict vegetarian diet or not, learning how to cook vegetarian meals is a great opportunity to try out new cooking techniques and taste dishes you may be unfamiliar with.

Why You Should Learn Vegetarian Cooking Online

As health scientists began studying the effects of vegetarianism on the human body, they found several benefits to avoiding the consumption of meat. Although vegetarian food can also be unhealthy, especially if it contains large amounts of sugar and saturated fats, following a vegetarian diet that adheres to recommended nutritional guidelines can improve your health in a few ways. 

Vegetarian diets are lower in saturated fats and cholesterol than meat-heavy diets. There’s a link between high cholesterol and overconsumption of saturated fats with heart disease and cardiac events. Conversely, many fruits and vegetables frequently consumed by vegetarians are high in HDL (“good” cholesterol) and low in LDL (“bad” cholesterol). This, in combination with the high amounts of fiber present in many vegetables and legumes, make many vegetarian dishes beneficial in lowering your risk of heart disease. Researchers have also noted that vegetarians typically have a lower blood pressure than non-vegetarians, likely because of the high concentration of potassium in many fruits and vegetables, which is known to lower blood pressure. 

Cooking vegetarian meals can also improve your mental health. Cooking more generally is useful in improving your mood, self-esteem, and mental health. Cooking requires focus, as you chop and slice ingredients, watch over and frequently stir sauces, and as you oversee the entire cooking process. The constant focus that you’re putting yourself through can keep your mind calm and work to eliminate stress. Cooking is also a creative activity, as you experiment with different ingredients and combine flavors. 

Virtual Vegetarian Cooking Classes 

Virtual vegetarian cooking classes are available for anyone looking to cook from the comfort of their own home but would like helpful instruction. These classes are taught by expert instructors in real-time who can provide you with clear directions and offer demonstrations through a live video platform. Many virtual vegetarian cooking classes will provide you with a kit that comes with several ingredients and utensils that you’ll need to take the class; however, you’ll likely need to procure some ingredients and cookware on your own. CourseHorse offers several online vegetarian cooking classes that you can sign-up for. 

If you’d like to learn how to make flavorful vegetarian dinners to impress your friends at your next dinner party, you might be interested in Home Cooking New York’s Persian Dinner class. This beginner-friendly class will teach you how to make two vegetarian dishes and one chicken dish that can be altered for a vegetarian palate. Fresh herbs along with sour and sweet ingredients are characteristic of Persian food. In this class, you’ll learn all about the flavors of Persian cooking as you and your fellow participants watch and follow along with the professional chef instructing you. 

Sushi is a versatile dish that can be accommodated to vegetarian diets. If you’re interested in learning how to make vegetarian sushi rolls, sign up for Food Craft’s virtual Vegetable Sushi Rolling class. Your instructor will spend an hour demonstrating how to season sushi rice, prepare sushi fillings, make spicy mayonnaise to accompany your sushi, and roll and cut sushi. By the time you’re done following along in this demonstration-style class, you’ll be able to make uramaki rolls, spicy mayo, and miso soup. 

Vegetarian food also extends to baked goods. Food Craft hosts a virtual truffle-making class that teaches the basics of no-bake chocolate truffle making. If you’re interested in vegan baking, the three truffle varieties you make in this class will qualify as vegan with just one ingredient swap. 

Private Online Group Vegetarian Cooking Classes

Are you and a group of long-distance friends interested in taking a vegetarian cooking class together? CourseHorse offers private group vegetarian cooking classes that they can deliver to you and your friends remotely.

For any friend group that enjoys cocktail hour, CourseHorse offers a virtual guacamole and margarita-making class. This class accommodates large groups and will provide all participants with a majority of the required ingredients and materials. You and your friends can spend this interactive class relaxing as you follow along with a professional chef and instructor who will teach you the steps to a perfect margarita and excellent guacamole. 

If your group is looking to make something a little more filling, CourseHorse also offers a virtual Sushi Making Workshop. Over the course of 90 minutes, your instructor will demonstrate to your group how to season your sushi rice, as well as how to fill, roll, and cut your sushi. If not everyone in your group is interested in vegetarian sushi, they can opt to fill their sushi with seafood instead. 

CourseHorse offers a variety of cooking classes for vegetarians. If you see a cooking class on their website that is not advertised as vegetarian, feel free to reach out to them and ask if vegetarian substitutes will be provided. You can also use the form on CourseHorse’s website to contact them for assistance in determining what type of cooking class would best suit your group's needs and interests. 

CourseHorse will supply your group with most of the ingredients they’ll need when taking a vegetarian cooking class. They may also provide you with a gift card to cover the cost of additional ingredients that you must procure on your own. Specialized tools may be included in your materials kit, but general tools like knives and bowls will need to be supplied by participants. 

CourseHorse doesn’t charge booking fees and allows free cancellations up to two weeks before the date of your class. A variety of online video platforms may be used by your group to take a CourseHorse class, but Zoom is the recommended platform. 

Online vs. In-Person Vegetarian Cooking Classes

If you’re unsure about whether to take an in-person or online vegetarian cooking class, you should evaluate the advantages of each and consider your own needs and interests. In-person classes will provide more hands-on instruction than online classes. Although both will provide you with demonstrations, you may find in-person classes easier to follow along with. These classes also provide a great space for socializing with others that have an interest in vegetarian cooking. 

Online classes are more accessible than in-person classes. You don’t need to commute to an online class or worry about whether one is offered in your area. Additionally, they tend to be offered more frequently than in-person classes. However, online classes won’t usually provide cooking utensils or cookware to participants whereas in-person classes usually do. If you don’t have an item that is needed to take an online class, you’ll need to consider that added expense. 

All aspects of learning vegetarian cooking in-person versus online should be considered before deciding which one you’d like to take. You’ll first need to assess if any vegetarian cooking classes are being taught in your area before determining which learning style is best for you, and which course delivery fits your schedule.

Can I Learn Vegetarian Cooking for Free Online?

You can get started cooking vegetarian dishes using free resources on the internet, like cookbooks and published recipes. If you choose to learn how to cook vegetarian meals online for free, the only expenses you’ll have to cover will be the cost of ingredients and any tools or utensils you don’t already have. If you’d like additional instruction or access to someone who can answer your questions in real-time, taking an in-person class taught by an expert instructor is an efficient and in-depth way to learn vegetarian cooking. 

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