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Zohar Connection

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

Each week has its own unique energy offering the universe’s support to elevate that week. The Zohar, the foundational book of Kabbalah, shares what the unique energy is and the tools and consciousness you need to tap into to it.  Join us at the Zohar Connection and learn what you can do to create a powerful week for yourself and those around...

Monday Aug 26th, 7pm - 8pm ET

Creativity Coaching / Training (remote)

at Bad Theater Fest / Bad Film Fest

It's difficult to finish a project. Sometimes it's hard to even start one. Shawn Wickens co-produces a theater festival and a film festival in NYC. He has taken a solo show on the road, taught theater to kids, facilitated corporate workshops, and self-published books.  Through personal defeats and successes, Wickens will give you strategies...

Thursday Aug 22nd, 12pm - 1pm ET

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Meaningful Life Skills

at LSGS -

Rabbi Simon Jacobson offers a unique and timely examination of life and today’s challenges through the lens of Torah and Jewish mysticism.  From love and relationships to work and finance, from fear and anxiety to joy and celebration, from birth to death -- and all life cycles in between -- you can look forward to an exhilarating journey which...

Wednesday Aug 21st, 8:30pm - 10pm ET

Meditative Writing Level 1

at The Science and Art of Writing -

Learn how to use meditation and neuroscience to feel connected every time you write, create never before seen characters, overcome resistance, convert negative voices into positive ones, build stronger habits, conquer self-doubt, and write evocative new stories, that are both universal and unique. In class writing using guided meditation will ensure...

Monday Sep 16th, 7pm - 9:45pm ET

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

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Meditative Writing For Screenwriters

at The Science and Art of Writing -

The Process of Creativity & Story Mining + One-on-One Script Consultation At the intersection of science, art, and meditation we build an approach to writing that draws from the most powerful part of your mind.  Cognitive and meditative exercises will be crafted specifically to help you get the most out of every writing session...

Monday Sep 16th, 7pm - 9:45pm ET

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

The Skilled Professional: Designing Your Future

at The New School -

Your professional future looks to be one not dominated by a set of predetermined career paths and antiquated dogma, but by a series of unique paths, jobs and roles made up by courageous individuals, like yourself, who will carve their own way, and not only earn a living, but ‘(l)earn’ their living. This course will assess your expertise and interests,...

Monday Oct 7th, 9am - 5pm ET

  (10 sessions)

10 sessions

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Connection to Joseph the Righteous

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

Despite the many hardships he endured in his life, Joseph the Righteous consistently rose above his circumstances. Though he was falsely imprisoned, abandoned, and enslaved—Joseph maintained his certainty in the Light, and eventually became the most powerful man in Egypt. According to master kabbalists, on the day in which a soul leaves the world,...

No Upcoming Schedules

An Abundance of Light: Death Anniversary of the Ari

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

In the study of Kabbalah, we learn that a death anniversary of a righteous soul is a time for celebration and consciousness. By connecting to the teachings of a kabbalist on the day of their passing, we can tap into all of the Light they revealed in their lifetime.  One of the many things 15th century kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria, or the Ari, was...

No Upcoming Schedules

Meditative Writing Level One: The Process of Creativity

at The Science and Art of Writing -

Meditative Writing Level One: The Process of Creativity & Story Mining At the intersection of science, art, and meditation we build an approach to writing that draws from the most powerful part of your mind.  Cognitive and meditative exercises will be crafted specifically to help you get the most out of every writing session and discover...

No Upcoming Schedules

4 sessions

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Men by Design 102

at The V. Club -

In Men by Design 101, you received a deep understanding of how the male mind and body really work. In Men by Design 102, you will learn how to apply this knowledge in practice to create a passionate relationship that goes the distance. In this 2-hour masterclass, you will learn: Over a dozen unique tips and techniques to improve your sex...

No Upcoming Schedules

How to Manage Your Emotions While Under Stress

at American Management Association -

Maintain Your Composure When You’re Under Pressure Every part of your work life places you in close proximity to people trying to get their unique jobs done. You have demanding clients, colleagues who are wonderful to work with and some with whom you have a sometimes tense relationship. When you add in the constant requests, expectations and demands...

No Upcoming Schedules

Meditative Writing Level 2: Rewrite & Structure

at The Science and Art of Writing -

Take all the tools you learned in level one and discover how to apply them to your current writing project. Rewrite scenes, discover organic and unique structure, trip into delicious dialogue without ever staring at a blank page for hours on end. Feel the joy of discovery and play even when you are in your final polish, outline or pitch. Workshop...

No Upcoming Schedules

3 sessions

The Work of Sacred Activism

at One Spirit Learning Alliance -

How do you make a difference and stay awake on the path? Leaning into discomfort is the work of a Sacred Activist. We are bombarded with one injustice after another on a daily basis, leaving us angry and overwhelmed. In this workshop, we will focus on the following: How can we make a difference in this world? Where do we focus our efforts, and how...

No Upcoming Schedules

Introduction to Playwriting

at Screenwriters University -

There are few feelings more exciting than sitting in the back of a dark theatre watching live actors perform your words, while an audience laughs and cries or even shifts uncomfortably in their seats — and eventually bursts into applause. It’s like watching a chemical reaction that produces an incredible energy, an energy unique to the live stage....

No Upcoming Schedules

5 sessions

Creating the Viral Web Series

at Screenwriters University -

In recent years, the Internet has created the space for an entirely new storytelling format: the web series. Cheap to make and easily accessible for viewers, a web series can be the perfect way for you to get started as a filmmaker and be noticed for your talent. All you need is the right set of tools and skills. Although unique in format and distribution,...

No Upcoming Schedules

5 sessions

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