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Acrylic Painting Classes Online

Unleash your creativity and master the art of acrylic painting with a variety of online classes. Learn fundamental techniques, explore different styles, and create stunning works of art from the comfort of your own home.

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Online Painting with Acrylics 301

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Unleash your creativity and learn the techniques of 20th-century masters with the Online Painting with Acrylics 301 course. Discover how to mix colors, prepare the canvas, and execute styles such as impressionism, contemporary realism, color block, and abstract. Take your painting skills to the next level with this flexible and vibrant medium.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 1–2pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

Acrylics Painting

BrushCapades @ Online Classroom

Unleash your inner artist and discover the joy of acrylic painting in this captivating class. Immerse yourself in the world of colors and brushstrokes as you create your very own masterpiece under the guidance of a skilled and lively instructor. Unleash your creativity and unlock the secrets of professional painting techniques every week!

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7–8:30pm Central Time

Dare to Paint: Advanced Oil & Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Discover your authentic artistic voice and explore advanced oil and acrylic painting techniques in this inspiring online class. Express yourself through painting and deepen your artistic journey with expert instruction and personalized feedback. Join a community of fellow artists and unleash your creativity in this popular fear-free NYC painting class.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)

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Dare to Draw, Paint & Create: Advanced Art Class for All Mediums

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unleash your artistic potential and express yourself through painting in this inspiring online art class. Develop your unique style, master advanced techniques, and create stunning artwork that you will be proud to display. Join a supportive community of fellow artists and receive personalized feedback to enhance your skills.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)

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Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners

92nd Street Y

This class provides personalized instruction from expert teaching artists in the beautiful and flexible medium of acrylic paint. Working from direct observation, you’ll learn to render what’s in front of you and create depth and luminosity as you explore the use of textures and different surfaces. Beginning with basic forms, the class progresses from still-lifes to the live model and covers perspective, value and tone as well as the basics of...

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Painting with Acrylics (Ages 16+)

Evanston Art Center

A strong introduction to painting in which you learn about color mixing, painting techniques and composition exclusively in acrylics. Receive one-on-one instruction and everyone is encouraged to develop personal themes. Learn the specifics of this rich technique, which can equal the wonders of oil when well-mastered. Important Notes: This interactive online class is presented via Zoom. Please download Zoom (, and register your email...

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Vedic Art Method: Intuitive Painting & Self awareness.

NYC School of Creativity @ Live Online

Learn the Vedic Art Method - Intuitive painting and Self awareness Learn to tap into your creativity with fun and powerful art practices. Learn to trust your intuition and natural creative impulses. Practice being in the moment, less focus on the final result.  Release stress and enjoy creating from your heart. ABOUT THE VEDIC ART METHOD Vedic Art comes from the 5000 year old Vedic tradition, same source as yoga. An Indian teacher...

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Fear-Free Beginners Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unleash your inner artist and discover the joy of acrylic painting at The Art Studio NY. Learn techniques, express yourself, and create beautiful artwork in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Escape the every day and find your weekly oasis in this fear-free painting class.

No upcoming schedules

Fear-Free Intermediate Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

NOTE: This is an Online Art Class. Our instructors will work with you over high-quality live video and teach you to make art from the comfort of your home. With a paintbrush in hand, enjoy the relaxation, fulfillment and inspiration of this nurturing beginners painting online class at NYC's #1-rated art studio, The Art Studio NY! Tap into your authentic self-expression and discover your inner-artist in this small group art class that provides individualized,...

No upcoming schedules

Painting Fundamentals for the Absolute Beginner

Jade Scarlett

If you've ever wanted to learn how to paint, this is the class for you! Using the easy medium of acrylics, learn the basic techniques and processes of painting  as you work from photographic subject matter.  In this beginner friendly, no experience necessary class, you will: Explore the basics of painting a variety of subjects including still life, florals, and landscapes Learn how to use your materials Learn to use color and value...

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Fall Themed Paint & Sip Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Jade Scarlett

Fall Themed Paint and Sip - Acrylic Painting for Beginners Let's come together and relax for a fun adventure in art in an easy, stress-free setting. Get creative in our virtual paint and sip session, where an experienced artist will guide you step-by-step and help you connect with your inner creative self and explore a positive outlet to de-stress and find the joy of painting. You’ll learn the basics of acrylic painting, how to use color, how...

No upcoming schedules

Paint Your Travels: Watercolor or Acrylics

Evanston Art Center

Summer is the time for travel... Paint your adventures! We will focus on painting from your own photos, looking at composition, color, line and more. We will start with drawings, and build up the artwork. This interactive online class is presented via Zoom. Please download Zoom prior to your first class: ( You will be emailed Zoom meeting instructions, including a unique URL and meeting ID, to join the class 1 day before the start...

No upcoming schedules

Dare to Paint: Beginners Oil & Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Discover the beauty and excitement of oil painting in a beginner-friendly online art class. From the comfort of your home, learn important techniques, create stunning paintings, and experience the lasting health benefits of this timeless medium. Unleash your creativity and express yourself through the captivating art of oil painting.

No upcoming schedules

Beginners Acrylic Painting (Single Session)

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

With a paintbrush in hand, spend a few hours learning, exploring and mastering inspiring acrylic painting techniques while tapping into your authentic self-expression. Deepen your joy and discover your artistic voice through this personally guided painting workshop that will ignite your creativity and make you feel alive. In this painting workshop for artists of all levels (beginners through advanced levels welcome!), you will receive step-by-step,...

No upcoming schedules

Beginners Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unlock your creativity and learn the techniques of painting in a fear-free and encouraging environment at The Art Studio NY. From color mixing to brushwork, this expressive painting class is suitable for all levels. Discover the joy of creating beautiful works of art to adorn your home.

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Abstract Art Independent Study (Int & Advanced Level)

Living Your Wild Creativity @ Virtual Classroom

Abstract Art Indepent Study Intensives are designed to furnish artists with experiences that enhance their expressive ability, visual acuity, presentation skills, critical thinking and a solid understanding of their own painting process. To get the most out of this workshop, each artist must: An eagerness and ability to work independently each week during the course.   Have a stationery computer set up with attached microphone and camera...

No upcoming schedules

Painting with Acrylics

Richmond Art Center

This class will offer a chance to explore the multitude of materials, techniques and styles that painting in Acrylics has to offer. Through continual studio work, demonstrations, visual presentations and suggested readings, students will be able to explore, the particular characteristics and possibilities of Acrylics in terms of tradition and of contemporary techniques. Individual and group critiques will help students resolve issues of composition,...

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Abstract Art Critique and Support Group (All Levels)

Living Your Wild Creativity

Abstract Art Critique and Support Group is a safe space in which to show and receive supportive and concrete comments so that the participating artist can move forward and develop their art.   To get the most out of this workshop, the participating artist must: Have an  eagerness and ability to work independently each week during the course.   Have a stationery computer set up with attached microphone and camera set up...

No upcoming schedules

Dare to Create: Advanced Drawing & Oil/Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Express yourself, develop your artistic style, and deepen your artistic journey in this inspiring online hybrid drawing & painting class. In this online class, each artist will receive personalized instruction, one-on-one feedback and tailor-made guidance based on subject matter that are individually selected according to your needs, interests and materials you enjoy the most. Bring your artistic technique, authentic self-expression and exploration...

No upcoming schedules

Beginners Acrylic Painting: Cityscape

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Beginner's Acrylic Painting Workshop Online: How to Paint A Cityscape NOTE: This is an Online Art Class. Our instructors will work with you over high-quality live video and teach you to make art from the comfort of your home. We will return to in-person art classes while continuing online art classes when the uncertainties around Coronavirus are resolved. With a paintbrush in hand, enjoy this inspiring online art workshop as you learn, explore...

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Discover the Best Acrylic Painting Classes Online

Acrylic painting is the process of painting with acrylic paints, which are a combination of pigment and acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paint was developed in the 1930s after a German chemical company invented and then transformed acrylic resin. Acrylic paint became popular very quickly because it was less toxic than other paints being used, it was easier to clean, and it was cheaper than other paints. Acrylics still hold these many benefits today

Acrylic paints became popular among artists in the 1960s, as they realized how well acrylic paint holds color. It’s a diverse medium that allows artists to mimic watercolor and oil paints. Acrylic mimics watercolor when diluted with water, which lets you achieve the transparency that is characteristic of watercolor paints. When you thicken up acrylic paint with other mediums, it develops a similar character to oil paint. Acrylic paint has been used to create some of the most famous pieces in the world, such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can, Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl, and Helen Frankenthale’s Canyon

Why You Should Learn Acrylic Painting Online

Acrylic painting is one of the more accessible painting processes, making it a great entry to painting for beginners. Acrylic paints are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other mediums, and can be used on a variety of materials, like paper, canvas, and even glass. 

There are mental health benefits to learning how to paint using acrylics. When you’re painting, you need to brainstorm and plan out your piece. This encourages creative thinking as well as problem-solving skills, which are further enhanced when you encounter a roadblock while working on your piece. Painting as a therapeutic hobby has also been shown to relieve stress and anxiety. As you focus all your attention in one place, you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and in touch with your emotions. 

Painting requires the use of the muscles in your hands and wrists. The movement you make when painting is beneficial for improving your fine motor skills. This also helps to strengthen these muscles, which are necessary for day-to-day activities like cooking and typing. 

Acrylic painting is a great way to spend time with friends. There are many painting workshops available where you and a group can get together and work on the same piece. This can also make for a fun date with your romantic partner or even a way to work on teamwork and communication with your work team. 

Virtual Acrylic Painting Classes 

In-person acrylic painting classes are a great way to receive hands-on instruction, but if you can’t make an in-person class, online acrylic painting classes are available on CourseHorse. These virtual classes are taught remotely across the US, allowing you to attend them from the location of your choice. 

Virtual classes are taught by an experienced live instructor who will guide you through your session and provide feedback. Online classes require you to supply your own materials, like acrylic paint and brushes, which can be found at your local art or hobby shop. Your instructor will provide you with a supply list ahead of your class. If any materials are difficult to find locally, consider checking out a specialty store online. 

The Evanston Art Center hosts a Paint Your Travels class where you have the option of using acrylic or watercolor paints. In this class, you will be painting a personal photo of your choice. Your instructor will guide you through creating a drawing that you will then build up. By the end of this class, you’ll have focused on color, composition, and line when working on a piece based on a photo. 

Other acrylic painting classes are available online periodically. Many previous classes have focused on the fundamentals of painting with acrylics like depth and texture. If you’re interested in online acrylic painting classes, be sure to check on CourseHorse regularly for an updated schedule of courses. 

Private Online Group Acrylic Painting Classes

Is your business or organization interested in scheduling an acrylic painting class as a team-building event? If so, CourseHorse offers a variety of private acrylic painting classes that they can deliver to you virtually. 

CourseHorse offers a Virtual Acrylic Painting class where up to 500 other participants will work on creating the same painting in their own unique style. Subjects can be based on an image provided by CourseHorse or one of your group’s own choosing. This relaxing class is aimed at getting you and your team members to unwind as you learn to work with acrylics. 

The online Acrylic Pour Art class will teach you and your group an unconventional method of using acrylic paint: by pouring it onto your canvas, which you will tilt to create effects and details. A professional artist will guide your group through working with a pouring paint set, silicone oil, and painting tools, like a stirring rod. In this class, you’ll be able to create a unique and fun piece that you wouldn’t be able to learn in a traditional acrylic painting class. 

All required materials are shipped to participants by CourseHorse ahead of your class, including acrylic paint, brushes, and other tools. If your participants are over the age of 21, you can pay an additional $30 to have a bottle of wine shipped out as well. 

If your group is interested in a different acrylic painting or art class, you can reach out to CourseHorse through the contact form on their website. They’ll work with you to figure out what class best fits your group’s needs and interests. 

There are no booking fees required when signing up for a group class with CourseHorse. Additionally, cancellations are free up to two weeks before the date of your class. CourseHorse can also accommodate a variety of online video platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. 

Online vs. In-Person Acrylic Painting Classes

Online and in-person acrylic painting classes both have their advantages. In-person classes are best for anyone looking to receive in-depth instruction from an expert whom they can ask questions of throughout the session. To take an in-person class, however, they need to be offered in your area and you need to factor the commute into your schedule. 

If you can’t attend an in-person class but still want to receive instruction from a live teacher, you should consider online acrylic painting classes. Online classes take place remotely, which allows you to attend class from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Online classes also typically are offered in a wider range of subjects and skill levels than in-person classes. You should take location, availability, and commute time into consideration when deciding whether to take an online or in-person class. 

Can I Learn Acrylic Painting for Free Online?

If you’re looking to learn acrylic painting for free, there are plenty of online guides and tutorials that can help you get started. These resources will teach you the fundamentals of acrylic painting and can even advise you on what materials are best suited to your project. With dedication and thorough research, you can learn the basics of acrylic painting online. If you’re looking for detailed instruction to guide you through learning how to paint with acrylics, taking a class with an expert instructor is the most efficient way to learn. 

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