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Discover online business classes that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your professional career. From mastering financial management to honing your leadership skills, these courses offer practical insights and valuable tools to help you thrive in the business world.

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Auto Wholesale Business from Home

Los Angeles City College

Learn how to make extra money from home by buying and selling wholesale cars. Discover six easy techniques to earn $3000 by selling just 2-3 cars a month. Get a free list of 300 dealer-only auctions in the USA where vehicles sell at below wholesale prices.

Monday Feb 12th, 6–9pm Pacific Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Effective Business Writing

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Enhance your professional communication skills with NYC Career Centers. Discover the secrets to writing persuasive emails, impactful memos, and persuasive proposals that get results. Master the art of organizing your thoughts and crafting clear sentences that speak to different business audiences.

Sunday Dec 17th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Effective Business Writing

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Hone your business writing skills with practical strategies that will take your communication from idea to final draft. Learn how to effectively write digital communication, office memos, and formal documents in this comprehensive course. Elevate your business writing with Noble Desktop.

Sunday Dec 17th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

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Advanced Business Writing

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

In Advanced Business Writing, you will learn how to prepare complex documents for any purpose. Learn outline and formatting techniques for different business documents, including schedules, proposals, project plans, and contracts. This course focuses on writing complex, multi-page business documents. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to create business documents using a four-step process. You’ll determine the purpose of the text and...

Tuesday Mar 12th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Business Analysis Essentials

American Management Association

Master the fundamentals of business analysis and become a critical player in project success. Learn techniques for identifying and analyzing potential projects, managing requirements, and ensuring project success every step of the way. Ideal for systems analysts, project managers, testers, and QA specialists.

Monday Dec 11th, 11:30am–7:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

International Institute for Learning

Gain the competencies to foster effective business relationships and add value to your organization with the Business Relationship Management Professional course. Explore key concepts such as strategic partnering, portfolio management, and business transition management. Elevate your role as a strategic partner and enhance communication skills for success in business partner-facing service provider roles.

Monday Feb 5th, 8am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Advanced Business Writing

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master the art of effective business communication and achieve your goals with Advanced Business Writing at NYC Career Centers. Enhance your skills in delivering policy memos, persuasive proposals, and more. Take your business writing to the next level and build an impressive portfolio along the way.

Tuesday Mar 12th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®)

International Institute for Learning

Take your role as a Business Relationship Manager to the next level with the Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) course offered by the International Institute for Learning. This course focuses on strategic business relationship management, allowing you to optimize business value to the enterprise. Advance your career and enhance your skills as a BRM with this comprehensive and practical course.

Monday Jan 15th, 8–11am Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)


9 sessions

Effective Business Writing

Improving Communications @ Virtual Classroom

Master the skills needed to excel in today's competitive business environment by learning how to write with confidence and clarity. Improve your communication skills and increase customer satisfaction with effective written English. Gain the ability to start documents efficiently, communicate ideas effectively, and eliminate the need for constant revision.

Tuesday Jan 23rd, 10am–2pm Eastern Time

Business Soft Skills

Digital Workshop Center

Communication, Management & other essential business soft skills As part of the Business Administration certificate, you will learn essential business soft skills to propel your career forward.  Everything from personal leadership to time management to managing success will be covered in a small classroom setting. While you can always extend your education and add new hard skills, soft skills in business are essential.  These skills...

Monday Jan 8th, 9am–12:30pm Mountain Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Business Writing Level 1: 6 Weeks

Gotham Writers Workshop @ Zoom Conference

Enhance your image, boost productivity, and achieve daily objectives through the power of effective business writing. Learn the basic principles and discover how personality can play a part in your writing.

Tuesday Jan 9th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Business Analyst Boot Camp

cPrime @ Virtual Classroom

Become a skilled and confident Business Analyst with this comprehensive training program from cPrime. Develop critical analytical skills, analyze business problems, identify requirements, and practice real-world tools and techniques. Enhance your problem-solving abilities and improve project outcomes through better requirements elicitation and development.

Monday Dec 11th, 12–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Business Writing Made Simple

American Management Association

Enhance your professional image and credibility with the practical 1-day course at American Management Association. Learn a proven approach to crafting clear and concise business writing, while avoiding common grammar and punctuation errors. Gain the skills to write persuasive documents that get real results and leave a lasting impression.

Monday Jan 29th, 10am–6pm Eastern Time

AMA's Business Grammar Workshop

American Management Association

Enhance your business writing skills and become a grammar pro with the American Management Association's highly interactive and collaborative workshop. Gain the confidence to write clear and error-free documents through hands-on exercises and collaborative learning. Join professionals from all fields in this painless solution to improve your grammar and punctuation skills.

Monday Feb 5th, 2–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

American Management Association

Unlock your assertive voice and enhance your professional presence with AMA's specialized training for women in business. Develop the essential techniques to command respect, handle any situation, and advance in your industry with confidence. Gain the skills to send the right signals and elicit the right responses, ensuring your success in today's ever-changing business environment.

Thursday Jan 18th, 10am–6pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

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Discover the Best Live Online Business Classes

The business field encompasses activities and processes involved in the producing, distributing, and exchange of goods and services. Different business fields include finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. All these jobs have four shared core activities: they identify market opportunities, manage their resources, make data-driven decisions, and create a usable product for their customers. Businesses are responsible for much of the world’s innovation and job creation.

Learning business and entering the business field helps drive economic growth, but it also helps the individual. Business courses teach an entrepreneurial mindset– encouraging creativity, problem-solving skills, and adaptability–which is essential to success. These skills are also transferable to many different career paths. Also, most business concepts include financial literacy and training. Learning about finance can help people manage their finances better.

Ultimately, business courses and business knowledge provide insights into the connectedness between business, the economy, and society. Pairing this understanding with critical thinking skills allows individuals to improve their analysis of complex societal issues. Taking business courses will improve one’s job outlook and understanding of the greater world.

Best Live Online Business Classes & Schools

  1. American Management Association—Business Analysis Essentials (Live Online)
  2. Noble Desktop—Effective Business Writing and Advanced Business Writing (Live Online)
  3. Digital Workshop Center—Business Soft Skills (Live Online)
  4. cPrime—Business Analyst Boot Camp (Live Online)
  5. NYIM Training—Financial Modeling Bootcamp (Live Online)
  6. American Management Association—Management Skills for New Managers (Live Online)
  7. Borough of Manhattan Community College—Social Media for Business (Live Online)
  8. Improving Communications—Improving Customer Service (Live Online)
  9. Computer Training Source, Inc—Six Sigma (Live Online)
  10. ASPE Inc—Project Management Professional Cert Exam Boot Camp (Live Online)

#1: American Management Association—Business Analysis Essentials (Live Online)

American Management Association’s introductory Business Analysis Essentials online training covers the essential pieces to a successful project. Successful Business Analysts must be able to identify and analyze potential projects, provide support during development, and ensure the final product meets requirements and goals. This course aims to teach a framework that can be applied to many projects and audiences. It also teaches skills to balance customer needs with stakeholders and employees.

Key Information

This full-time, three-day course meets for seven hours a day. Class time is full of experiential learning, so students learn how to put theories into practice. Students can enroll online or take this class in person in New York. This class is perfect for all levels and does not have any prerequisites. Enrollees who need to cancel have several options with the American Management Association. They allow a no-penalty transfer or sending of someone to take your place or an individual to cancel up to three weeks prior for a 5% rescheduling fee. 

Check your computer before the first day of class to ensure all software and hardware are up-to-date and meet the requirements. A working speaker and headphones is essential for participating in groups and simulations. Plus, computers must have cookies and JavaScript enabled. 

More Details

The AMA, founded in 1923, is committed to providing courses that address today’s business needs. All AMA courses provide CEU’s or Continuing Education Units. Reviews for AMA are positive. Students enjoy the interactivity in the courses. One student, Gina F., summarized it well: “The instructor was very knowledgeable and the course materials were very useful & insightful.” 

#2: Noble Desktop—Effective Business Writing and Advanced Business Writing (Live Online)

Noble Desktop’s live online Effective Business Writing course, followed by their Advanced Business Writing workshop, will give you the know-how to approach any written document or correspondence. The first class helps you identify and use appropriate tone and structure for a business. Writing clear and grammatically correct sentences is the first step in this course. Then, it covers emails and other common business documents. The advanced course picks up at the end of the introductory course by tackling more complex documents like procedure memos and persuasive proposals. 

Key Information

The tuition for Noble’s Effective Business Writing Course is $325 for a full day of class and includes:

  • supplemental materials, 
  • a certificate of completion, 
  • a 1-year free retake policy allowing students to retake all or part of the course for free within that time. 

The follow-up course, Advanced Business Writing, has the same cost, perks, and policies. Payment for the course is due before class starts. There are no extra fees for the class. Students may cancel up to 11 business days before the program starts, minus a 10% registration fee. Students may reschedule up to 4 business days before the class. 

More Details

The Effective Business writing and Advanced Business Writing courses are taught in-person in New York City or live online from anywhere through Zoom. Classes are small with an average size of seven. Noble hires knowledgeable and experienced instructors who provide attendees with techniques they can implement immediately. Participants can ask questions, receive feedback on style and voice “I recommend the course to professionals and college graduates about to enter the workforce. The proper etiquette taught in this class would [be] beneficial,” says one course attendee. Others praised the teachers and instructors. 

Students receive a custom workbook and access to class recordings and slides after the session, plus they can retake the class for free for up to a year afterward. Learning business writing from Noble Desktop will have you confidently writing memos, proposals, or anything else your job requires. 

#3: Digital Workshop Center—Business Soft Skills (Live Online)

This Business Soft Skills workshop interactive online class will improve your communication with others on and off the job. This online class or in person at select locations will improve management practices. Students are taught how to develop their leadership mindset, develop a team that works together, resolve conflict and solve problems, and manage time and success. Social media and human resource issues are essential in any business, so instructors devote some class time to tackling these thorny issues. Instruction comes through a combination of lessons and real-world situations. 

Key Information

This multi-day course for beginners includes 14 total hours of training. A professional textbook, downloaded materials, and one month of technical support are all included–$485 for the live online course. Expect some homework to practice the skills learned in class. The only prerequisite for this class is a basic understanding of computers equivalent to their Introduction to Computers course. Students may take this class as part of Digital Workshop Center’s Business Administration Certificate.

Students need to pay for the class before the session begins. Digital Workshop Center will refund all money when an enrollee drops out of the class within three business days. Canceling after that will result in partial refunds. 

More Details

Digital Workshop Center was founded in 2006 with focusing on tech-related careers. When students complete the class, they will receive a certificate of completion. Most reviews of Digital workshop Center are positive. Joe raves about the staff and their communication. Lori appreciated the “patience and experience of the teacher. She was very supportive and affirming of my final level of skill.” 

#4: cPrime—Business Analyst Boot Camp (Live Online)

cPrime’s live online Business Analyst Boot Camp is a class that aligns with current research and standards set by IIBA and PMI. In this class, students develop their critical business analyst skills. The beginning of the course teaches students how to analyze the environment and then determine the project’s scope. Next, it will define project requirements and work toward high-value solutions. The instructor will demonstrate that all of this must keep the customer or stakeholder at the center. Participants will return to their organization with a plan that can be implemented immediately.

Key Information

Business analysis has been around for a while but has only recently been defined as a career path. Business Analysts work from within their organization to identify, analyze, and solve business problems. Improving overall efficiency and productivity is their key objective. Traditionally, some of these goals were taken on by Project Managers. However, more and more businesses have acknowledged the need for a separate Business Analyst and hired an expert. Enrolling in this class is a solid step toward becoming a competent Business Analyst for any organization. 

Every one of the five half-day class sessions contains lessons and practice sessions. Most days have several practice sessions, times when together students wrestle with typical and realistic hands-on simulations and activities. The course costs $2,295, and all classes meet from 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. While this course has no prerequisites, participants who have completed the Business Analyst Fundamentals eLearning course (self-paced) find this one easier to understand.

More Details

cPrime’s home base is in the Bay Area. The company has taught business classes for several decades and has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Students who are not satisfied with the online experience may join a new session at a later time. Cancellations and rescheduled classes made 10 or fewer days before the first class will incur a $150 move/cancellation fee. Most students, though, enjoy the online classes. Many reviews of the school praise the instructors, particularly instructor Chris. One reviewer called him “gifted.” Another reviewer had only praise for the instructor, claiming “his examples were easy to relate to and clear,” and wishing for more time to practice the techniques. 

#5: NYIM Training—Financial Modeling Bootcamp (Live Online)

NYIM Training’s Financial Modeling Bootcamp is available in-person in New York City or live online. The class will focus on skills essential to becoming and succeeding as a financial analyst. Financial Analysts help individuals and organizations make informed financial decisions by analyzing financial data and market trends. They also assess a company’s financial health, evaluate possible investment opportunities, and provide recommendations to support data-based decisions. The course will cover using Excel for finance, applying corporate finance and accounting principles, and analyzing finances. It also touches on valuation. Students walk away with some of the industry’s best practices they can immediately apply in their current roles or use to snag a new job or move up within their current company. 

Key Information

This Financial Modeling Bootcamp course includes 18 hours of instruction over three days. Live online and in-person in New York City are options for completing the course. The $995 tuition includes class materials, a 1-year free retake policy allowing students to retake all or part of the course for free within that time, and a certificate of completion. Full payment is due before class starts. NYIM Training charges no additional fees and doesn’t require students to purchase software. 

This class is labeled advanced; NYIM recommends that students have some knowledge of Excel, equivalent to their Intermediate Excel for Business, before enrolling in this course. Consider taking the intermediate Excel course first. However, NYIM provides a short guide to finance and accounting upon request so students without financial or accounting backgrounds can prepare for the high level of learning. 

More Details

NYIM’s Bootcamp is taught live online anywhere through the Zoom platform with small class sizes and an experienced instructor in the room. Students can interact with the instructor, ask questions, get help with assignments, or network with others. Many students, including Patrice H., Haley I., and others rated this course 5 out of 5 stars. Jose G. called the class “well structured in terms of the assigned tasks.”

#6: American Management Association—Management Skills for New Managers (Live Online)

The American Management Association’s Management Skills for New Managers course will set new managers along the path of success. Transitioning to a managerial role can bring several challenges. New managers may struggle with clear communication, like active listening and conveying expectations clearly. Other possible struggles include confidently making important decisions, effectively managing time, and balancing authority and relationships. This class aims to help with these common issues. It will define the role and responsibilities of a manager, describe and practice performance management, and cover how to influence and coach teams of people. Then, it will launch into preparing for the future, teaching how to build a motivational workplace and delegate for growth and development.

Key Information

Management Skills for New Managers is a full-time, two-day, or part-time, four-day class taught online and in select cities. The course is designed for users who are new to management. The cost for the course is $2,695. 

The transition to management is more complex than saying yes to a new role. This course was developed out of the common problems that new managers face, helping you transition to being a skilled manager faster. Skilled managers can shift gears easily when change happens. They can also be flexible and adaptable to the needs of their workforce. Motivation and team camaraderie are essential for a healthy climate; skilled managers know how to foster that healthy workspace. And, a great manager communicates a clear vision and direction while partnering with employees to solve any problems or barriers that crop up. 

More Details

Payment for classes is due at registration. Log-on to the class at least 15 minutes early to test the microphone, audio, and software. The minimum bandwidth requirement for this course is 512 kbps. Also, check that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled and pop-up blockers off; otherwise, many materials will not be accessible. Once registered, check your email for information on logging on to the course. Once registration is complete and your computer is set up, prepare for some valuable tips. Sue Z. enjoyed her time in this class and praised the extensive amount of “information in a short amount of time.” 

#7: Borough of Manhattan Community College—Social Media for Business (Live Online)

Every successful business has a marketing plan that includes a social media presence. This course, Social Media for Business, helps participants create and implement a social media marketing campaign for their business. The class covers leveraging Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others for maximum results. Students can increase their brand awareness, engage customers, provide personalized support, and promote their business while using social media appropriately. Social media can also provide insights into customer preferences, interests and behaviors. With social media, business owners can stay ahead of trends rather than chase them.

Key Information

The Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Social Media for Business course is a weekly full-day Saturday class that meets 13 times across a semester. The course costs $714 and includes a $15 registration fee. On major holiday weekends, no class is scheduled. Once a student has registered for the course, the instructor will send out information on how to log in and any additional requirements.

Students can get a 95% tuition refund if they drop the class before the first day of the semester. Once the semester has started, students can get a smaller refund if the class is dropped within the first three weeks. 

More Details

Classes offered by the Borough of Manhattan Community College average 4 out of 5 stars. Some are highly ranked, while others draw critical comments, mostly from individuals with lots of experience who find classes move too slowly. Most beginners rave about the speed and the content covered in the classes. Joey B. appreciated that his instructor “was always readily available outside class to answer questions” as he worked on his portfolio or homework assignments. 

#8: Improving Communications—Improving Customer Service (Live Online)

This Improving Customer Service virtual course by Improving Communications will move employees to a customer-centered attitude. Customer service is the heart of any business. It plays a crucial role in building and maintaining customer relationships. With great customer service, a business can develop trust, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. When businesses prioritize delivering excellent customer service, customers are more likely to return and spread positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Any business would greatly benefit from improving its customer service. By investing in this class, businesses and individuals can make changes that will lead to long-term success.

Key Information

This class is geared toward service industry professionals but appropriate for business professionals who want to improve their customer service skills. All skills taught in this course should bring more significant customer satisfaction and referrals. Individuals in the course will practice communicating clearly and creating positive yet diplomatic messages. This one-day class costs $399. No refunds are given, but enrollees can reschedule the course for a future date. Check the policies on the course registration page. 

More Details

Reviews for the school are almost all positive. Jason C. enjoyed the insightful exercises. Peter M appreciated the instructor’s efficiency. Shane M. described the class’ content as “well thought out–the handouts were very relatable and used real-world examples to both illustrate and relate seemingly dense concepts in an easy-to-follow format!” 

#9: Computer Training Source, Inc—Six Sigma (Live Online)

Taking a Six Sigma course live online automatically gives you a leg up. Six Sigma is one of the most widely adopted business methodologies, offering valuable benefits to professionals seeking career advancement or organizations wishing to streamline processes. By enrolling in a certificate course like this, individuals can enhance their skills and increase their chances of securing a raise or landing a new job opportunity. Through a dynamic learning approach incorporating interactive games, engaging videos and practical simulations, participants gain proficiency in leveraging data to effectively address complex business challenges. This course provides hands-on experience with data analysis tools. Even after the course concludes, the instructors continue to offer valuable guidance and mentorship, supporting students in completing their Green Belt project. 

Key Information

Computer Training Source, Inc offers this 40-hour course full-time or part-time, costing $2895. The class requires a reliable internet connection and a device that can run Zoom. Lean Six Sigma embraces proactive solutions to business problems as a management solution and framework. It emphasizes the importance of preventing problems, reducing waste, and minimizing variation by standardizing workflows. Unlike a top-down approach, it expects every organization member to contribute to the process. 

The organization believes in this course’s content, so they guarantee anyone who takes the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam offered by Lean Sigma Corp does not pass on the first attempt will be reimbursed for their second attempt as long as the student attended all class sessions, took the exam within three months after the last session, and took two practice exams. 

More Details

The school, Computer Training Source, Inc, specializes in business classes. The company can schedule in-person classes in Chicago, but most classes are offered online. Reviews for the company praise the content in the courses. Several former students submitted praise for the instructors and their ability to explain a variety of topics.

#10: ASPE Inc—Project Management Professional Cert Exam Boot Camp (Live Online)

Ready to become an official Project Manager? With ASPE Inc.’s Project Management Professional Cert Exam Boot Camp, you can. Experienced project managers are in-demand in the business industry. This class trains enrollees across industries how to understand and apply predictive, agile, and hybrid lenses. It also coversvarious soft skills that managers need to succeed in their roles. Classes are held live, and students are expected to actively participate in their learning. 

Key Information

ASPE Inc recommends this course for a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Leader, Team Leader, Product Manager role. The demand for project managers is increasing and should continue to rise seven percent by 2028. Project Managers with a PMI certification are more likely to be hired and are typically paid more than non-certified individuals.

The price for the bootcamp is around $1500. Payment is due at the time of booking. However, the company’s courses carry “100% quality guarantee.” If, by the first break of the class, you’re unhappy with the program, you can notify the instructor, turn in materials, and get a full-refund. Very few companies offer such a guarantee. No prerequisites are required.

More Details

Students should have at least 4GB of RAM and, ideally, a strong internet connection. Speakers, a microphone, and a webcam are required to participate fully in the course. ASPE Inc. scores four out of five stars for their classes. 

Industries That Use Business

Business skills are crucial in retail, finance, manufacturing, and customer service. However, business is critical to the tech industry’s success. The tech industry encompasses a wide range of sectors that heavily rely on business principles and practices. From software development to hardware manufacturing, tech companies employ business strategies to sustain and grow their bottom line. Start-ups and larger tech giants use business concepts like market analysis, sales, and marketing techniques. Without applying these business concepts, companies, including tech companies, would flounder in today’s highly competitive landscape. 

Business Jobs & Salaries

Business careers offer various opportunities across various industries and sectors, catering to different interests and skill sets. For individuals inclined towards the financial aspect of business, Business or Financial Analyst roles emphasize data analysis and financial decision-making. Those passionate about promoting goods or services can pursue careers as Marketing Managers or Sales Managers, focusing on market research, advertising, and sales strategies. For individuals who enjoy working with people, Human Resources Manager positions provide the opportunity to oversee recruitment, employee relations, and organizational development. 

 In terms of compensation, business careers offer competitive pay, although the amount varies based on local costs of living. Generally, living in a coastal state comes with a higher cost of living. Thus, jobs in these areas tend to pay more than jobs in the middle of the country. For instance, Business Analysts earn roughly $70,000 in Kansas City but around $95,000 in New York or San Francisco. Marketing Managers make nearly $75,000 in Kansas City and $90,000 in New York. Human Resource Managers have a wider salary discrepancy. In Kansas City, they make around $77,500; in New York, they make closer to $88,500; in San Francisco, they make $105,000!

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