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Parenting Classes Online

Discover a wide range of online parenting classes and gain valuable skills to navigate the challenges of parenthood. From newborn care to positive discipline techniques, these classes offer expert guidance and practical strategies to help you become a more confident and effective parent.

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Parenting through a Jewish Lens

92nd Street Y

Discover how Jewish wisdom can enhance your parenting journey and help you navigate the challenges of transmitting ethical values and traditions to your children. Join a supportive community of parents at 92nd Street Y as you learn, grow, and initiate conversations that will continue long after the program ends. Visitors are welcome with masks highly recommended.

Wednesday Apr 10th, 12–1pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)


7 sessions

Preparing for Postpartum

Boober @ Online Classroom

Discover how to navigate the unique challenges of the postpartum period during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gain valuable insights and create a personalized postpartum plan with expert guidance from Jada Shapiro of Birth Day Presence. Don't miss out on this essential course for new parents.

Thursday Dec 14th, 6–8pm Eastern Time

Lactation & Newborn Care Basics

Boober @ Online Classroom

Prepare for the arrival of your little one with our informative class covering the essentials of infant care, breastfeeding, and more. Gain confidence in understanding newborn behavior, feeding techniques, and when to seek professional assistance. Join us to start your parenting journey with knowledge and peace of mind!

Monday Dec 11th, 6–8pm Eastern Time

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Nourishing Families with Plant-Powered Nutrition

92nd Street Y

Join Spark Your Health, in collaboration with Plant Powered Metro New York, for a conversation between Nourish co-authors, Brenda Davis and Dr. Reshma Shah on the impacts of a plant-based diet on growing children. Families are increasingly interested in plant-based diets for a variety of reasons, including health, environmental, and ethical considerations, but parents often wonder whether such a diet is safe for their growing children. This discussion...

Tuesday Dec 12th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

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Becoming Parents: What You Really Need to Know

92nd Street Y

Discover the essential knowledge and support needed for new parents at this informative session. Learn about newborn behavior and sleep patterns, creating schedules, and managing competing family demands. Gain valuable insights on typical experiences and find resources for help during those first few months.

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for 2 students

Breastfeeding Twins

Twin Love Concierge

Twin Love Concierge’s online Breastfeeding and Newborn Care with Twins Class educates expecting and new twin parents (up to 3 months postpartum) on the special strategies to make breastfeeding and caring for your multiples a success. As certified professionals from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute, we combine the two essentials all new twin & triplet Mothers need – support and multiples expertise. The classes...

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The Resource Room

The Parent Resource Room

Are you a parent or educator that is looking for innovative ways to help your child with school work, school pressures and peer social skills? If so, this class is for YOU!  This class will equip you with the tools to practice effective critical thinking techniques, feedback, positive narration and so much more. Not only will you be gaining strategy to make learning relevant but we will also build our network together. The eight-week program...

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8 sessions

Infant Sleep

92nd Street Y

Your baby is here. The first question everyone asks is, “How is the baby sleeping?” If this question makes you want to cry, this class is for you. This workshop will give you all the tools to improve your baby’s sleep. This is for parents with babies from birth to 18 months. We’ll cover: Schedules/timing: there are biological norms for naps & bedtimes Sleep environment: how to optimize the environment for the best sleep Routines:...

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Twins & Sleep

Twin Love Concierge

Twin Love Concierge’s Twins & Sleep 101 Class is designed to give parents the best techniques available for Twins (0- 24months) and answer all of your sleep and nap questions. Please note this is not a CIO specific class – it covers a range of techniques to find which fits best for your family. Our resident Sleep Expert is a certified Sleep Consultant from the Family Sleep Institute and specializes in multiples. Covering key areas from successful...

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HypnoBirthing (Online)

Sakinah Birth @ Online Class

Discover the transformative power of HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method and learn how to approach childbirth with calmness, joy, and confidence. This evidence-based program will teach you and your partner valuable techniques for a more comfortable and relaxed birthing experience, while also fostering a deep bond with your baby. Uncover the secrets of instinctive birthing with HypnoBirthing.

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

Now That You’re a Grandparent

92nd Street Y

Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s most joyful experiences! It may also be a minefield when it comes to the relationship with your own children. Join new and expecting grandparents and Director Emeritus of the 92NY Lipschultz Parenting Center, Sally Tannen as we discuss how to maintain healthy relationships with your children and their partners. Hear why they may not want your advice, how to help them in their new roles, and when to get...

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for 2 students

Expecting Twins

Twin Love Concierge

Twin Love Concierge’s Expecting Twins Classes via Skype help connect you with other expecting twin parents virtually while answering all of your twin questions. As certified professionals from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute, we combine the two essentials all new twin & triplet parents need – support and multiples expertise.  The classes are run by a renowned Twin Expert and are personalised so that all...

No upcoming schedules

Infant Sleep Live Webinar

Boober @ Online Classroom

Discover practical advice and guidance on infant sleep in this live webinar led by an expert Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Expecting parents will gain insights into normal sleep patterns, creating a safe sleep environment, and tips for maximizing sleep in the early days. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and get your questions answered.

No upcoming schedules

Expecting Triplets

Twin Love Concierge

Our expertise has been recognised by OBGYN’s and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the world. Our education comes with the prestigious certification from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. We provide invaluable support to expecting parents allowing peace of mind to relax and continue to grow the Triplets as long as possible or focus on bringing home the babies (for surrogate and adoptive parents). Through experience we...

No upcoming schedules

Childbirth Education Intensive

Boober @ Online Classroom

The 4-session childbirth preparation course is ideal for parents who prefer to digest the material more fully, engage in rich discussions, and have an opportunity to practice pain-relief techniques, rather than just learn about them.  Our childbirth preparation classes are well rounded and accessible and in this group format you'll have the opportunity to communicate directly with your expert instructor and hear from other expectant parents,...

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4 sessions

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Discover the Best Parenting Classes Online

Whether you’re expecting a baby for the first time or your oldest just hit 13, you’ve probably encountered the universal longing for an instruction manual to guide you through this stage of parenting journey. But real human experts, instructors, and mentors are even better than instruction manuals, as they can answer questions and offer personalized solutions based on their experience and your needs.

The skill set required in parenting is as varied as life itself, and you can find both online and in-person classes in many of those skills. Childbirth classes are especially abundant. Other parenting classes can range from infant care to broader parenting methodologies such as conscious parenting.

Why You Should Learn Parenting Online

Some people trust themselves to learn their parenting skills in real-time. However, most parents seek instruction on one parenting skill or another throughout the journey of birthing and raising their child.

Some of these are practical hands-on skills such as breathing during labor, changing a diaper, or even getting your baby to sleep in three easy steps. Mastering these skills can give you an enormous confidence boost and help you focus on building a connection with your child that will last a lifetime.

Other parenting skills are as broad as getting through an entire stage of child development or embodying a parenting style like gentle parenting. When you focus on learning a parenting methodology that aligns with your personal values, you can be more present with your child and feel confident that they are learning those values too.

Virtual Parenting Classes 

Both in-person and online parenting classes will connect you with an expert in the area you hope to gain confidence in, and both are tried-and-true forums for learning skills you need during childbirth and as a parent. Online classes hold many benefits over in-person, however, including no commute times to factor into your busy schedule, more options to choose from, and being able to attend from home or another location of your choice. In some cases, you can save on childcare expenses by taking your parenting class online. And you won’t have to worry about unnecessarily exposing yourself or your children to any bugs going around town..

Few parenting classes require materials beyond a notebook and a pen, but virtual classes are more likely to require you to provide your own materials when they are called for. These may range from books to birth balls but are unlikely to be major expenses.

You can find online parenting classes on topics for every step of your parenting career and more than a few options for expectant parents needing extra guidance at the beginning of their journey. Childbirth class options are especially abundant, with some covering the topic broadly while others focus on a specific approach to birth, such as Hypnobirthing or Lamaze.

You don’t have to live in NYC to benefit from Birth Day Presence’s award-winning childbirth classes. Each ticket to the Childbirth Education Basics (3 Hour) workshop covers attendance by a birthing parent and support partner for this well-rounded class designed for the busiest parents-to-be. You’ll learn how to recognize the stages of labor, breathe for pain management, and write a birth plan, among other skills for the delivery room and beyond.

If you’re looking for a class on a specific birth method that embraces the intuitive and joyful side of labor, sign up for Sakinah Birth’s Hypnobirthing (Online) course. Teacher Jihan Huq is a Doula, Lactation Consultant, and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator based in Houston, Texas, and she is a firm believer that the Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing is key to a comfortable birth free from fear. This evidence-based course walks you through the Mongan Method over five sessions and will leave you ready to trust your body to lead the way through your labor and the fourth trimester.

An infant care class can help you feel even more prepared to care for your newborn through the fourth trimester and beyond. Jewish community center 92nd Street Y now offers Becoming Parents: What You Really Need to Know online, inviting expecting parents to bring a support partner with them to the class. You’ll learn what to expect when it comes to your newborn’s sleep, behavior, and temperament, as well as what to do when you need help. The instructor will also guide you through solutions for any problems that arise in your new family dynamics and other topics that will help you feel more present and confident through the infant stage.

Another popular 92nd Street Y option is Caring for a Newborn. This class prepares both expectant and adopting families for the navigation of their infant’s care through the first few weeks. Each ticket covers the admission of two parties.

If you want to start ahead of the game when it comes to sleep, Birth Day Presence’s Infant Sleep Live Seminar is a budget-friendly way to connect with a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. You will learn about the range of normal infant sleep patterns and how to prepare your newborn’s sleep environment and maximize rest for everyone in the family.

Whether you are just beginning your parenthood journey or a few years into it, you can always use some support in connecting with yourself beneath the identity of “parent.” The Penumbra Foundation’s Little Sips of Selfhood: Professional Practice is a six-session course designed to help parent artists—whether currently expecting or already sitting in an empty nest—reconnect with their creativity and a creative community. While the class is hosted by a non-profit photographic arts organization, artists of all mediums are welcome.

Private Online Group Parenting Classes

Are you looking for private online parenting classes for your family, friends, or mom group? Maybe the mothers of your homeschool group would like to schedule a class about spending time with themselves again. Or your new father’s support group may like a private workshop in infant care basics. Whatever topic you’re hoping to explore, CourseHorse can help you find parenting classes for private groups that fit your schedule and needs.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the exact private parenting workshop you are looking for in the CourseHorse catalog: they can coordinate the class you want for your group. You can connect with a CourseHorse team member through the contact form on their website or schedule a phone call to start the conversation. Either way, CourseHorse will send you confirmation within 24 hours of booking.

If you don’t know your class numbers just yet, don’t worry. CourseHorse can schedule your group’s parenting course, and you can change the headcount up to a week before the class date.

When you schedule your private online parenting class for your group, CourseHorse recommends Zoom as your teleconferencing platform. But if you prefer Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Google Meet, CourseHorse can accommodate your wishes.

Best of all, CourseHorse never charges a booking fee. However, if you desire to customize your class curriculum to include specific questions, games, or exercises, you can pay $150, and CourseHorse will make it happen.

Online vs. In-Person Parenting Classes

For many parenting topics, in-person and online classes offer a similar experience. If you’re learning about online safety or discussing sleep strategies, whether or not you are in the same room with your teacher or classmates is likely not going to make a significant difference in your experience.

Other classes require more hands-on learning, such as infant care or birthing. While many can learn such skills quickly by interacting with a teacher over Zoom, others may prefer in-person instruction with an instructor.

However, the pros of online parenting classes will outweigh the cons for many parents. Taking your class from home means you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to commute, and it minimizes your potential exposure to germs. When you open up your class search to virtual options, you also increase your options in topics, schools, instructors, and class times. Sometimes virtual courses require the purchase of supplies that may be provided in an in-person class, but these are things—like birth balls or yoga blocks—that you will likely want to purchase for yourself anyway.

When choosing a class for yourself, whether in-person or online, you’ll want to ensure the topic aligns with your interest, the time aligns with your schedule, and the instructor’s and school’s reputations align with your values. You can use reviews, news articles, blog posts, and social media to assess whether the school and instructor are a good fit for you.

Can I Learn Parenting for Free Online?

Mommy blogs, Instagram therapists, and YouTube TED Talks are a few tools that can assist you in learning parenting skills online for free. Be cautious, however, as virtually anyone can create online content, but that does not make them an expert on vaccinations, safe sleep, or attachment-based parenting. Some life-saving skills, like infant CPR, must be learned in a class with a certified instructor. And many parenting soft skills are best learned in a class with an instructor available for open discussion.

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