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Zohar Connection

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

Each week has its own unique energy offering the universe’s support to elevate that week. The Zohar, the foundational book of Kabbalah, shares what the unique energy is and the tools and consciousness you need to tap into to it.  Join us at the Zohar Connection and learn what you can do to create a powerful week for yourself and those around...

Monday Aug 26th, 7pm - 8pm ET

Meaningful Life Skills

at LSGS -

Rabbi Simon Jacobson offers a unique and timely examination of life and today’s challenges through the lens of Torah and Jewish mysticism.  From love and relationships to work and finance, from fear and anxiety to joy and celebration, from birth to death -- and all life cycles in between -- you can look forward to an exhilarating journey which...

Wednesday Aug 21st, 8:30pm - 10pm ET

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Strategic Thinking

at LifeLabs Learning -

When things move fast, it’s easy to get stuck in a short-term mindset. To scale and collaborate well, you and your team need to think and execute strategically. In this workshop, you’ll sharpen your long-term thinking skills and practice tools for identifying objectives, diagnosing obstacles, identifying unintended consequences, and involving the...

Thursday Aug 22nd, 12pm - 2pm ET

Creativity Coaching / Training (remote)

at Bad Theater Fest / Bad Film Fest

It's difficult to finish a project. Sometimes it's hard to even start one. Shawn Wickens co-produces a theater festival and a film festival in NYC. He has taken a solo show on the road, taught theater to kids, facilitated corporate workshops, and self-published books.  Through personal defeats and successes, Wickens will give you strategies...

Thursday Aug 22nd, 12pm - 1pm ET

Secrets to Boosting Productivity

at American Management Association -

Take back your time with and become a more productive you. The truth is that your work will continue to pile up if all you do is check tasks off of your to-do list. Improve your productivity and efficiency by taking control of the pile of work that is driving you crazy. Develop you need a goal-driven plan and a step-by step method of helping you...

Wednesday Aug 21st, 2pm - 4:30pm ET

Awaken Weekly Meditation

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

Kabbalists teach that through meditation you can connect to the voice of your soul, awakening your innate ability to receive powerful heart-based messages and guidance.  During this hour-long interactive meditation workshop for students of all levels, you will learn how to use the kabbalistic secrets of The Tree of Life to: release & cleanse...

Monday Aug 26th, 6:15pm - 7:15pm ET

Breastfeeding Twins

at Twin Love Concierge -

Twin Love Concierge’s online Breastfeeding and Newborn Care with Twins Class educates expecting and new twin parents (up to 3 months postpartum) on the special strategies to make breastfeeding and caring for your multiples a success. As certified professionals from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute, we combine the two...

Saturday Sep 28th, 12:30pm - 3pm ET

Twins & Sleep

at Twin Love Concierge -

Twin Love Concierge’s Twins & Sleep 101 Class is designed to give parents the best techniques available for Twins (0- 24months) and answer all of your sleep and nap questions. Please note this is not a CIO specific class – it covers a range of techniques to find which fits best for your family. Our resident Sleep Expert is a certified Sleep...

Saturday Sep 7th, 12pm - 2pm ET

Reading Fiction

at Alaa Al Aswany Creative Writing Workshop -

This workshop teaches the tools to appreciate literary works and learn from accomplished writers from around the world. Students learn to interpret fiction, recognize underlying themes, decipher writing techniques, and analyze the human content of each story. Through readings, writing exercises, and class discussions, we examine works by such diverse...

Tuesday Sep 3rd, 1:30pm - 4:30pm ET

  (5 sessions)

5 sessions

Powerful Communication Techniques

at American Management Association -

This online communication skills training can help you be more effective within any organization. Your ability to communicate can make or break your career. Here is your chance to increase your effectiveness and find your best voice—even when you're under pressure. Learn how to engage in clear, two-way communication to convey information...ideas...and...

Thursday Aug 22nd, 2pm - 4:30pm ET

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Character Development Level 1: 3 Week Intensive

at Gotham Writers' Workshop -

Characters are the beating heart of every story—fiction, nonfiction, any kind of scripted show. In fact, it’s their actions, dialogue, habits, quirks, appearance, gestures, hopes, dreams, fears, triumphs, failures, and flaws that make a story what it is. We follow people like Sherlock, Hamlet, Katniss, Batman, Lolita, and ________ (fill in your...

Tuesday Sep 10th, 12am - 11:45pm ET

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Medical Editing

at Editing Brooklyn -

In this class, you'll learn the ins and outs of the AMA Manual of Style and get practice editing medical copy. You'll also learn how to edit digitally, a must for medical editors. Once the class is over, you'll have my help getting your first gig, through a temp agency or independently.  Editing experience or a background in science or medicine...

Sunday Sep 8th, 12pm - 6pm ET

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Gender 101 - Shedding Light on Gender Diversity

at Springboard Ventures, Inc. -

During this webinar the concepts of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, are untangled and presented in an easy to understand format. Based on first-hand, real-world experience, combined with decades of practical business expertise, Shelley Roth tells their story and brings clarity to an often confusing topic. By the end of this session attendees...

Friday Aug 30th, 11am - 12pm ET

Reading Fiction in Arabic

at Alaa Al Aswany Creative Writing Workshop -

This online workshop in Arabic teaches the tools to appreciate literary works and learn from accomplished writers from around the world. Students learn to interpret fiction, recognize underlying themes, decipher writing techniques, and analyze the human content of each story. Through readings, writing exercises, and class discussions, we examine...

Monday Sep 2nd, 1:30pm - 4:30pm ET

  (5 sessions)

5 sessions

How to Manage Time, Meetings and Stress

at American Management Association -

What keeps you from getting things done during the day? Like most of us you probably face unproductive and unnecessary meetings, a mountain of work on your desk and a never ending wave of voicemails and emails. Welcome to the daily life of a manager. It's a balancing act, where managing yourself, your time and how you react to events outside your...

Wednesday Aug 28th, 2pm - 4:30pm ET

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