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Unleash your creativity and explore the world of abstract painting with a wide range of online classes. Learn techniques, develop your artistic style, and gain the confidence to create unique and captivating abstract artworks.

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Approaches to Abstraction with Watercolor

92nd Street Y @ Live Interactive Online Classroom

Unleash your creativity and explore the captivating world of watercolor abstraction in this dynamic art course. Discover innovative techniques and unlock new possibilities to bring your artistic vision to life. Join us at 92nd Street Y and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression through this exciting medium.

(1083) All levels 18 and older
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6 sessions

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Abstract Painting Studio and Critique (Intermediate/Advanced)

92nd Street Y @ Live Interactive Online Classroom

This course provides students with an opportunity to create works and a forum to show and discuss their works in process for technical and conceptual feedback. These critiques will be supplemented through presentations and discussions on historical artists’ images from Abstract Expressionism to Contemporary works. Get ready to present work for discussion, give feedback, and learn more about art history! Supply List Oil Paints: You should purchase...

(1083) Intermediate 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

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Abstract Watercolor and Fluid Botanicals

Jade Scarlett

If you want to learn a new way of painting, try this watercolor class and learn to make abstract art and fluid botanicals! If you're on the hunt for things to do to relax and unwind, this workshop ticks all the boxes. Watercolor paint is an easy and fun medium that is ideal for everyone, from absolute beginners to skilled artists. This painting class is all about the joy that these free-flowing paints can bring and the process of creating something...

(686) Beginner 16 and older
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Advanced Abstract Painting

New York School of the Arts @ Online Classroom

Expand your artistic horizons and deepen your understanding of abstract painting at the esteemed New York School of the Arts. Discover your visual vocabulary and explore different media as you experiment with abstract art within various artistic movements. Gain valuable technical demonstrations and personalized feedback to develop your body of work.

(79) Advanced 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

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Introduction to Abstract Painting

New York School of the Arts @ Online Classroom

Unleash your creativity and explore the captivating world of abstract painting. Join us at the renowned New York School of the Arts to experiment with different techniques, delve into the properties of acrylic paint, and master color mixing. Discover the endless possibilities of composition, textures, and layers in this insightful course.

(79) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

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Adult: Abstract Painting for Relaxation

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo

Art offers many benefits & boosts well-being- the process of making art is in essence “the power of creating or doing” is calming & meditative. This relaxing class is just what the Doctor ordered for these crazy times. Receive the support & guidance of a professional instructor from the comfort of your own home who will guide you through this exploratory process. We will encourage you to expand your own ideas & self-expression...

(185) Beginner 18 and older
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Abstract Painting

Richmond Art Center

Hay instrucción está disponible en Español. Explore abstract painting through your original vision! Students may bring painting materials they are comfortable with. If using oils, please use solvent-free alternatives for in-class sessions. This class is not eligible for an Art Boost! Scholarship.

(13) Intermediate 16 and older
No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

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Studio Practice (Live Online)

Living Your Wild Creativity

We will explore one of the fundamentals or principles of abstract art.  We meet as a group, check in, discuss the topic of the day, explore the topic through guided exercises and then have free time to paint and receive one-on-one support.  A great way to meet artists from all over.  Small class size. No experience necessary. Safe Distancing - in studio is limited to 5 participants.   Materials List: Mixed media workbook...

All levels 18 and older
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Discover the Best Abstract Painting Classes Online

Unlike many traditional forms of painting, where artists try to create an accurate depiction of reality, abstract painting is about communicating through abstract elements like colors, lines, textures, and shapes. Abstract painters use these elements to evoke certain feelings in their viewers. This type of art is extremely subjective, since all viewers make a different interpretation of an abstract piece of art, depending on their own experiences and perspectives.

Most people trace abstract painting back to the early twentieth century, and German painter Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky believed that color affects emotions in different ways, and utilized it to convey certain messages to his audience. Abstract painting theories have continued to evolve since the time of Kandinsky, and there are many different styles of abstract painting. Overall though, this has become a very popular type of art.

Why You Should Learn Abstract Painting Online

Many people enjoy abstract painting because of the high level of artistic freedom that it affords. Abstract painters are not limited by an external reality; instead, they have the freedom to create almost anything they can imagine. This freedom to express emotions and ideas without limits can not only be enjoyable, but it can be a good way to process difficult experiences, or connect with a variety of different emotions. 

Learning abstract painting also pushes people to learn new things and think in different ways, which can also be beneficial. For instance, Abstract painters have to learn a variety of new skills like brushwork, layering, and mixing colors. This process can involve experimentation and challenge. Abstract painters also need to learn to think in a different way, using color, form, and texture to represent their ideas in an abstract way, rather than focusing on an objective representation of reality.

Virtual Abstract Painting Classes 

Virtual learning has become popular in recent years because it has a number of unique advantages over traditional classroom learning. One of the biggest is that students can attend from any location they want; all they need is a computer and an internet connection. This opens up a lot more class options. It also eliminates the need for a commute, and allows students to learn from a space that they find comfortable, such as their own homes.

There are many different virtual abstract painting classes. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden–based in Brooklyn, New York–offers a variety of online classes, including art classes like Color & Saturation: Watercoloring Still Lifes. In this class, students work with watercolors, learning about color combinations, tonal intensity, and juxtaposing different focal points. They make impressions of a group of flowers and leaves, and combine that with more detailed elements. The class costs $59, and runs for three hours.

The Richmond Art Center is located about 30 minutes out of downtown San Francisco, and runs both in-person and virtual classes. One of the goals of this community organization is to encourage people to make and share various types of art. It offers a virtual class called Abstract Painting, which is designed for students who already have some experience with abstract painting. In this class, students learn a variety of abstract painting techniques, and can paint with whatever medium they are most comfortable. There are four class sessions, at a total cost of $120.

In Online Painting with Acrylics 301 students learn about abstract painting, in addition to a number of other painting styles. They work with acrylics, which have a fast drying time. As well as learning various styles of painting, students also learn how to prepare canvas and mix colors. This course is offered by Pastimes for a Lifetime, which is based in California, and offers both in-person and virtual instruction. There are four class sessions, and tuition is $160. A materials list is available online.

92nd Street Y offers a virtual abstract painting class called Approaches to Abstraction with Watercolor, which costs $335, and has six sessions. The goal of this class is to teach students to utilize the unique qualities of watercolors to create work in an abstract style. Students need to supply their own materials, including paints, paper, and brushes. A full supply list is available online. 92nd Street Y is a cultural and Community Center based in New York City.

The San Diego-based Prima Materia Institute also runs an abstract painting class. Abstract Inspired by Joan Miro is a six-session course where students learn about abstract painting, and try to find their own abstract styles, by studying the works of famous Spanish painter Joan Miro. Class sessions take place via Zoom, and total tuition is $199.

Private Online Group Abstract Painting Classes

If you’re trying to plan a group event for work or a private party, a painting class can be the perfect choice of activity. CourseHorse offers a variety of private online group abstract painting classes. Booking is easy, with no registration needed, and no booking fees. Within 24 hours of booking, you’ll get a confirmation via email. You can also make changes to your group size up to 72 hours before the event, as long as you’ve met the minimum group size.

In the Virtual Watercolor Workshop, participants learn the “wet on wet” abstract painting technique. This technique involves building up layers of watercolor paint, and letting it flow, in order to create a piece of abstract art. Each participant will select an image to work on, using either a CourseHorse catalog of images, or supplying an image of their own. The techniques learned in this class can also be used with other painting styles. The class can be taken by up to 255 people, and is $75 per person. It runs for an hour and a half. All necessary supplies are shipped ahead of time.

Another popular option is the Virtual Acrylic Pour Art. In this class, students create art by pouring paint. They also have the opportunity to experiment with different colors and techniques. The class can accommodate up to 100 people, runs for an hour and a half, and costs $90 per person. Pouring paint, silicone oil, and painting tools are all shipped to participants after registration. For an additional cost of $30 per person, a bottle of wine can also be included.

To get more information about arranging a private event listed on the CourseHorse website–or to find out about other group options–contact CourseHorse. Most classes run through Zoom, however, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx are also supported.

Online vs. In-Person Abstract Painting Classes

Abstract painting classes can be found in both an in-person and online format. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. In-person classes are usually taught in a classroom or art studio, while many online classes take place virtually, through an online platform like Zoom. Both in-person and virtual classes involve real-time instruction and interaction. With in-person classes, paint and other materials are often supplied, while with online classes, students are frequently responsible for their own supplies. Some people find it easier to learn to paint in person rather than through a computer screen. However, others prefer the online format because of the flexibility it includes; online classes can be attended from anywhere, meaning that online students have access to a greater number of class options.

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