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Vegan Fusion Institute's Virtual Teacher Training

Vegan Fusion @ Virtual Classroom

Learn the art of creating successful plant-based cooking classes and demonstrations from Chef Mark Reinfeld, a renowned expert with over 25 years of experience. Gain the confidence and skills you need to share your love for plant-based cuisine with the world. Join this unique opportunity at Vegan Fusion and start crushing your cooking demos today.

All levels 16 and older
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Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

Mukti's Kitchen

Vegetarian dishes are fantastic and diverse in Indian cuisine. In fact, many of us don't realize that at least half of India's 1.3 billion people are vegetarian. Therefore, combined with India's diverse geography and lifestyles, vegetarian foods also have reached great heights throughout the subcontinent's thousands of years of history.  This class is vegan and gluten-free so we are not using any ghee (clarified butter), which is otherwise...

(242) All levels 18 and older
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Reviews for Vegan Cooking Classes Online

Vegan Cooking Classes Online are rated 4.7 stars based on 242 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Linda W. on 1/7/2022
    Fun class. Learned so much about Indian cooking and especially spices. Great choice of dishes and can’t wait to make them again. Will definitely take more classes.
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Lysa De T. on 12/24/2021
    Wonderful class! I learned so much about preparing Indian spices and cooking yummy Indian food.
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Anissa R. on 7/28/2021
    Mukti is an incredible instructor! She was very informative, patient, and friendly! I felt like I was cooking with someone who really cared about what I was making. I can’t say enough about this course and can’t wait to take more courses from Mukti!
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Anonymous review on 5/10/2021
    The Indian cooking class was perfect and all the way from India with Mutki as the teacher. I have already made one of the vegan vegetable dishes and it’s delicious. Thank you, Jeannette (Ohio)
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Anonymous review on 4/24/2021
    Mukti was very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. She taught us how to purchase, prepare and use spices, plus how to make the recipes. An excellent presentation and class!
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Anonymous review on 3/6/2021
    The instructor was very responsive to my questions ahead of time. She was warm and encouraging and I leaned a lot in a short amount of time. She covers a lot very quickly so I highly recommend having everything chopped and pre-measured ahead of time. The food was delicious!
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Andy A. on 2/22/2021
    It was very informative .. she went very deliberately over the procedure and paid attention to all the students. It was like attending private class.. I learnt a lot about Indian spices which I did not know before in spite of being from Indian background.
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Blanche U. on 2/21/2021
    Mukti was a great instructor. She went over spice combinations and walked us through the toasting and grounding our fresh spice mixtures. The cooking class was set at a fast pace but Mukti made sure all of us could keep up. Educated us on how to pick out certain vegetables, and why certain ingredients went in specific order and made sure we understood the process as we went. Learned a lot
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Bob R. on 2/7/2021
    Our first online cooking class, gifted to us by our daughter, who also participated. It was really fun, instructive and delicious!
  • Virtual - Vegan Gluten-Free Indian Dishes

    Reviewed by Alka n. on 1/24/2021
    She is a good teacher learn lot of new things about cooking

Best Vegan Cooking Classes Online

Learning to cook is a great skill that not many can master. When incorporating vegan cooking, it can become a lot more complicated. On the other hand, vegan cooking can be as easy or complex as you want it to be. Vegan cuisine has many levels, from making milk alternatives to meat substitutes. The level of complexity involved in cooking shouldn't stop you.

Why You Should Learn Vegan Cooking Online

Cooking is a necessity for most. Unless you have a personal chef or an unlimited budget for eating out, you probably cook at least once a week. Since it is a necessity, why not be good at it? Learning to cook can help take your meals from mediocre to extraordinary, making you feel more accomplished when you have to cook dinner on a Wednesday night. Another reason you should learn how to cook vegan meals aside from costs is that it's healthier. When you cook meals at home, you can control the ingredients. You can determine how much salt you add to a dish or select healthy alternatives. Some vegan meals can be heavy on processed ingredients. When you learn to cook at home, you can opt for more nutritious, whole food options. Finally, learning to cook can be a fun hobby for some. Yes, it would be best if you ate to live, but learning how to cook can be a relaxing and productive use of your free time. Whether saving money, eating healthier, or learning a new hobby, learning to cook vegan meals is a good idea. 

Virtual Vegan Cooking Classes 

Taking an online cooking class could be what you need if you are looking to attend a class from anywhere. Online courses allow you to take a class from the office on your lunch break or while on vacation. Online vegan cooking classes also give you more class options. In addition, online courses can provide access to schools outside your area. You may live in California, but your favorite New York chef is teaching an online course; thanks to technology, you can log in to the appropriate virtual platform and not miss a beat. Finally, taking a virtual class saves you time and money because there is no commute. When taking courses from the comfort of your space, there is no need to rush to the other side of town, find parking, or consider your drive time when picking a particular class. You can select any class if you have enough to change locations. Also, not sitting in traffic or using gas to get across town saves you money. 

When electing to take an online class, there are some things to consider before signing up, even if the benefits sound appealing. Taking an online cooking class means you sometimes need to supply your materials. Depending on the type of cooking class, purchasing your materials can become costly, leading to other considerations. You might have limited options when selecting online courses because of the additional cost of materials. For example, a student could feel more open to trying a new course by taking an in-person class. If the course is offered virtually, but you have to purchase the materials, students might not feel as driven to try something new for fear that they have purchased all new cooking equipment they might not ever use again. While this could be limiting, for others, this could make a student dedicate themselves to the craft because they have invested in the materials. 

Once you decide that online vegan cooking classes are best for you, the next hard part is figuring out which class you want to take. Cooking with What You Have is a great place to start. This 45-minute course teaches students how to shop less, cook more, and reduce waste while creating a great meal. The course is self-paced, and you can walk away confidently to cook without recipes, stop throwing away food, successfully substitute ingredients, and save time and money. The course hosts four live questions and answer sessions on Zoom, instructional videos, and you have lifetime access to course content, all for only $129. 

The Tuesday Workshop Series offered by EZCompliments Indian Cooking Classes is another virtual class that interests you. The course has four workshops and contains a complete meal. While there is a set menu each month, every dish can be personalized for vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary requirements. In the course, students cook a meal with enough leftovers for the week. There is a live instructor to help guide you and answer questions too. Finally, Thursday Workshop Services offers the same setup on a different day if you need more options.

The League of Kitchens offers an Indian Cooking Online w/ Yamini online course. The course is $60 for 2.5 hours. The class provides you with a shopping list so you can make the proper dietary substitutes you might need. The course is designed to be a unique and meaningful opportunity to share cooking, culture, and connection from the comfort of your home. Students can expect an interactive experience as they are guided through Yamini’s family recipes. 

A Russian Cooking Online with Larisa course is offered at The League of Kitchens. This online international cooking class teaches students how to make vegetarian borscht, a sweet, sour, and savory beet and vegetable soup. Again, students are given the shopping list in advance, which means that ingredients can be tailored to a vegan diet. The course is a 2.5-hour interactive experience with meaningful opportunities to share cooking, culture, and connection with your instructor, Larisa, and other students. 

Private Online Group Vegan Cooking Classes

Cooking is not just to feed your appetite but also a great way to connect with others. This is why CourseHorse offers live online group classes as a fun team-building event. If this interests you, you can plan a private online vegan cooking class for your business

For example, there is a Virtual Sushi Making Workshop with the materials included so your team can learn how to make sushi from home. This course is interactive, with a professional chef and instructor walking your team through the basics of making sushi, all from the comfort of your home. Students are shipped a kit of materials that includes a bamboo rolling mat, reusable chopsticks, sushi rice, rice vinegar, sesame seeds, nori, soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, and a gift card for participants to buy preferred fillings that they can tailor to their dietary needs to help it become a vegan cooking class. The private class costs $1,100 for up to 10 people and an additional $100 per person afterward. 

If sushi is not what your team wants to cook or if there is another class you want to plan but do not see on CourseHorse’s website, one can be customized for you. All you have to do is reach out to CourseHorse by completing the contact us form on their website with the group size, preferred dates, and any other details that would be helpful. After completing the form, you can expect to hear back from their event planner within two business hours. The benefit of letting CourseHorse plan the event for you is that there are no booking fees, and you can change your group size even after booking the event. 

Online vs. In-Person Vegan Cooking Classes

Online versus in-person classes, which one is best for you? It all depends on what is essential when learning to cook. Online courses allow you to take lessons anywhere and take them on your own time. Also, you have access to more class options. On the other hand, online classes make it hard to get adequate feedback from your instructor. For example, if you want to know if a dish tastes right or missing an ingredient, it’s not as simple as having your instructor try and see. Finally, if you take an online class, you likely have to provide your supplies and ingredients. For some, purchasing your ingredients can be beneficial because you can make dietary substitutions, but the cooking equipment can become costly. 

In-person classes have more apparent benefits. You get more hands-on learning and immediate feedback in an in-person cooking class. Additionally, you get to connect with your instructor and classmates, which could make the course more entertaining and engaging. Conversely, taking an in-person class means more time. You have to account for travel time to and from class and the cooking course. Also, you might need more course options for in-person classes. When traveling to class, you have to keep distance in mind, which means you likely have fewer class options within your driving radius. Finally, in-person courses can cost more. The higher cost could be related to the fact that you are not required to provide your materials or to account for the space to hold the class; either way, there could be an additional cost.

Whatever you decide, whether in-person or online, make a choice based on your needs and wants. For example, if you want to learn how to make a specific dish and the course is offered online, take it. On the other hand, if connecting with a network of other chefs or aspiring chefs is your ultimate goal, an in-person cooking course is the way to go. There is something for everyone regarding cooking classes, so you can choose what’s best for you as a learner. 

Can I Learn Vegan Cooking for Free Online?

You can learn vegan cooking online for free. You can find online tutorials, videos, and even old cooking shows on YouTube. You might even find a cookbook online with step-by-step instructions for making a new dish. While you can learn how to cook for free, receiving formal cooking classes is the best way to learn faster and become a better cook. Learning from a professional allows you to ask questions and get immediate feedback to see improvement in your cooking.

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