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Discover the art of jewelry making with a variety of online ring making classes. Learn the techniques and skills needed to create unique and stunning rings, and unleash your creativity while gaining the ability to design and craft beautiful jewelry pieces.

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Intro to Wax Carving

92nd Street Y @ Online Classroom, New York, NY

Learn the basics of carving wax for jewelry and carve a three-dimensional heart. For the Supply List, please CLICK HERE.

(1084) Beginner 18 and older
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Reviews for Ring Making Classes Online

Ring Making Classes Online are rated 4.5 stars based on 1,084 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Intro to Wax Carving

    Reviewed by Suzanne B. on 10/10/2020
    The class was very good. Michelle Berman is an excellent teacher. She takes time with each student since people were at different points with their pieces. She is very responsive and patient. I would recommend the class.

Discover the Best Ring Making Classes Online

Ring making involves creating decorative items to be worn on fingers. Rings are commonly made as metal bands of gold or silver. However, there are a variety of materials from which rings can be crafted. These include wood, shell, bone, clay, enamel, and stone, among others. 

The techniques and tools required for ring crafting vary for each material. For instance, clay crafters will need a crafting knife, metalsmiths a soldering torch, wire wrappers need wire cutters, and woodworkers must have Forstner drill bits. Common to all ring crafting, hobbyists will need a mandrel for measuring ring sizes. 

While some of these tools may sound expensive or intimidating, ring making as a hobby does not need to be. There are many affordable beginner’s kits and easy beginner techniques that anyone can take advantage of. Best of all, beautiful rings can be crafted without expensive tools or extensive knowledge.

Why You Should Learn Ring Making Online

Like any hobby, there are several benefits to learning ring making. Setting aside time in one’s day to do something fun and creative has been reported to make people feel happier. Physical activity related to crafting can also have a meditative effect, which decreases stress. For many people, the ability to learn a new skill boosts confidence and self esteem.

Ring making can also have social benefits. As individuals start a new hobby, they often reach out to social groups either online or in person through the peers they connect with in their physical classes. These groups serve as a source of advice and encouragement as new hobbyists explore their new skills. Engaging in such groups has been shown to reduce feelings of loneliness. Some people even meet new friends and form long-term friendships. 

While it shouldn’t be your principal goal for learning ring making, it’s possible to earn some side income through the hobby. While some crafters choose to give their creations away as gifts, others sell their art online or through craft fairs. How much income you earn from ring making will vary greatly depending on your skill in the hobby and how much you want to invest in running a business. Some individuals only earn enough money to cover the cost of their hobby while others sell their rings as a part or full time job. 

Virtual Ring Making Classes 

You don’t need to attend in-person classes to learn ring making. Such courses might not even be located near you. Online classes allow you to learn ring making from any instructor in the country (and possibly even the world) without needing to leave the comfort of your home. With the plethora of online classes, students also have the option of choosing from a diverse range of topics. For ring making, students will be more likely to find online classes using specific materials, such as clay or wood, than they could find physically near them. 

Not all hands-on topics are best suited to ring making. While ring making from clay or wire would be easy to follow along to a live demonstration, metalsmithing involves soldering and forging techniques and tools too difficult to perform at home without your own art studio. In some scenarios, ring making classes may only involve a live demonstration without the opportunity for students to complete hands-on projects. While advanced ring making classes may be better attended in person, beginner’s techniques tend to do well in an online environment since materials and tools are easy to acquire. 

Online ring making classes can be found through CourseHorse’s search tool. Current jewelry making courses include the Hammered Earring course. The class includes a live demonstration of the techniques and tools for crafting hammered earrings and finishings. The class is private with room for two people, so students will receive personalized instructions and have time for questions and answers. Students will be given all the information they need to perform the craft on their own but will not be able to do so during the class. 

Though the Hammered Earring course doesn’t cover ring making specifically, the techniques learned can be applied. However, if you aren’t interested in this course or others currently available, feel free to check back for future classes. Individual schools that teach jewelry making classes can also be contacted to express your interest and inquire about future course options.

Private Online Group Ring Making Classes

Perhaps better than learning ring making alone is learning in a group. Private online group ring making classes are perfect for parties and corporate team building events. Groups that participate in ring making receive the same benefits as individuals in stress reduction and increases in happiness. Employee teams will also see boosts in productivity and creative problem solving. Team building events in general improve workplace communication and collaboration. 

If your business is located in NYC, the private Bling + (BYO)Booze course is provided in person at the Fitzgerald Jewelry studio. The course lasts for two hours and groups of up to 10 are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring their own wine or beer to sip as they learn the tools and techniques to craft stackable sterling silver rings. By the end of the course, students will have completed three separate pieces. A cheese and fruit plate will be provided for snacking. Noncorporate parties of up to six individuals may book the same course via the Private Ring Making Party, which includes an option for party decorations. 

The Virtual Polymer Clay Jewelry course is available online through CourseHorse for any party or company group of up to 500. The course is an hour and a half in length and teaches how to craft earrings, keychains, or brooches (student choice) from polymer clay. The nature of clay work is flexible, making it ideal for individuals of all skill levels. Materials necessary for the course are provided. Though this class doesn’t include crafting rings, the techniques taught can be learned to do so.

If you are looking for something beyond these two offerings, don’t hesitate to contact CourseHorse to discuss options. Existing courses can be customized to fit the needs of your group. With enough interest, CourseHorse may even be able to create a new course for your group. Booking through CourseHorse offers a lot of flexibility. Group sizes can be changed along with your course schedule at no additional fee, so long as advance notice is given. Many CourseHorse classes are primarily offered over Zoom, multiple virtual platforms are supported and can be changed for your group. There are no additional booking fees when reserving a class with CourseHorse, and you will receive confirmation within the same day. All materials required for class are included in the course cost and are shipped to each participant. 

Online vs. In-Person Ring Making Classes

Both online and in-person classes are suitable for learning ring making, but there are various reasons why someone might choose one format over the other. It may be that there are simply no available in-person jewelry or ring making classes nearby or the classes are further away than one would like to travel. At this point, online classes are the best option. It is also worth noting that online classes often offer more flexible schedules and usually cost less than in-person classes.

Some people prefer interacting with their peers and instructors in person, which will make them more inclined to commute. This doesn’t mean personal connections can’t be formed online. Online classes use virtual tools such as chat and video to replicate the interactivity found in in-person classrooms. Through these tools, students can ask questions and respond to their classmates and instructor as though they were in the same room. 

The main drawback of online ring making classes is they aren’t able to handle hands-on projects in the same manner as in-person classes. For ring making, most in-person classes will provide all the tools and materials a student needs without them needing to bring anything to class. With most online courses, students are required to shop for and purchase the necessary materials themselves. 

More complicated ring making techniques may require expensive tools best suited to a studio setup. Since students cannot physically be in the studio for online classes, they will likely receive a live demonstration of techniques without being able to participate in the project themselves. If learning by hand is important to you, make sure the online ring making course you sign up for provides the expected experience. 

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