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Discover a wide range of online IT classes that will help you master the latest technology skills. From coding and cybersecurity to data analytics and web development, these courses will equip you with the knowledge and expertise you need to excel in the digital age.

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12-Month IT Leadership Masterclass

IT Management and Leadership Institute

The goal of this program is to assist in the ongoing IT leadership development of our ITMLE alumni and others at similar professional levels. Having previously taken the ITMLE (IT Management and Leadership Executive certification boot camp) is highly suggested, but not required to gain admission into this program. Taught virtually by a live instructor using Zoom 12 months in length, with one 2-hour virtual meeting per month Combination of instruction,...

Friday Feb 16th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions


Borough of Manhattan Community College @ Live Online

Introduction to Networks This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. Knowing how to install, configure, and troubleshoot a computer network is a highly marketable and exciting skill. This course first introduces the fundamental building blocks that form a modern network, such as protocols, media, topologies, and hardware. It then provides in depth coverage of the most important concepts in contemporary networking,...

Tuesday Jan 9th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (31 sessions)


31 sessions

Architecting on AWS

American Management Association

Learn how to build resilient, secure, and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud in this comprehensive course offered by the American Management Association. Ideal for solutions architects, solution-design engineers, and developers, you'll gain a deep understanding of AWS architecting and best practices using the AWS Well-Architected Framework. With hands-on labs and real-life scenarios, you'll be able to confidently apply your knowledge to create optimal IT solutions.

Monday Dec 18th, 11:30am–7:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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ITIL (Online)

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Online Classroom

Become an expert in IT Service Management with the widely adopted ITIL framework. This online course prepares you for the ITIL Foundation certificate exam and covers topics such as service management, service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, continual service improvement, and more.

Monday Jan 8th, 6–10pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

AWS - Architecting on AWS

Future Media Concepts

Master the art of designing and optimizing IT infrastructure in the cloud with this comprehensive course. Learn how to leverage AWS services to create scalable, reliable, and high-performing solutions. Ideal for Solutions Architects and Solution Design Engineers looking to enhance their skills and stay ahead in the industry.

Wednesday Dec 13th, 10am–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

ITIL® 4 Foundation

American Management Association

Gain a practical understanding of key concepts and principles to effectively manage modern IT-enabled services with the ITIL 4 Foundation course at the American Management Association. Prepare for the ITIL Foundation Certificate Examination and align IT with business goals for improved service quality and cost control.

Monday Dec 11th, 8:30am–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Collaborating and Communicating Agile Requirements

American Management Association

Learn alternative ways to document and manage requirements in rapidly changing business environments. This seminar provides hands-on experience with Agile requirements-gathering techniques for effective project outcomes. Ideal for software development professionals seeking leaner processes in their Agile projects.

Monday Dec 11th, 12–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Application Security with Snyk

cPrime @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to protect your application from malicious attacks with Snyk, a software intelligence product that helps you identify and fix vulnerabilities. Enhance your security skills and stay ahead of potential threats with this course from cPrime.

Thursday Dec 7th, 12–8pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Agile Testing (ICP-TST)

American Management Association

Enhance product quality, improve processes, and boost test confidence with Agile Testing. Learn high-speed methods and discover new roles and techniques to transition traditional test practices to an Agile environment. Build flexibility and reliability with this online training from the American Management Association.

Wednesday Dec 6th, 12–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

AWS - Technical Essentials

Future Media Concepts

Learn the foundations of AWS cloud computing, storage, and networking in this comprehensive course. Gain a deep understanding of AWS products, services, and solutions to make informed decisions for your business requirements. Ideal for those interested in exploring the AWS certification path.

Monday Dec 11th, 10am–5:30pm Eastern Time

Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)

TLG Learning

Enhance your cybersecurity knowledge and skills with this comprehensive course that covers risk assessment, threat analysis, incident response, vulnerability management, and more. Perfect for cybersecurity practitioners looking to protect information systems and ensure their integrity and availability.

Monday Dec 18th, 6am–2pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Agile Testing (ICP-TST)

cPrime @ Virtual Classroom

Discover how to improve software quality, accelerate defect detection, and enhance the skills of your testers with the Agile Testing course at cPrime. This two-day program will introduce you to the Agile Testing Process and provide you with practical Agile testing practices that you can immediately apply in your workplace. Take your testing abilities to the next level and optimize the performance of your Agile teams.

Wednesday Dec 6th, 12–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Agile and Scrum Fundamentals

International Institute for Learning

Learn how Agile and Scrum methodologies can transform your business practices in this industry-agnostic course. Discover the key principles and roles, and participate in a hands-on simulation using LEGO© bricks. Suitable for project managers, software developers, and anyone interested in the impact of Agile on their role.

Monday Jan 8th, 8–11am Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Agile Project Management (ICP-APM)

cPrime @ Virtual Classroom

Take your Agile Project Management skills to the next level with this advanced course from cPrime. Learn techniques to empower and inspire your team, establish transparent communication, and develop high-performance Agile teams. Gain powerful insights and skills to successfully coach a new or existing Agile team.

Monday Dec 11th, 12–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner

International Institute for Learning

Learn how to blend structure, governance, and control with Agile methods in the PRINCE2 Agile® course at the International Institute for Learning. Enhance your project management skills by combining the flexibility of Agile with the framework of PRINCE2®, covering concepts such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Startup. Gain the knowledge to optimize project direction, management, and delivery in this forward-thinking course.

Wednesday Jan 10th, 8–11am Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

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Best Live Online IT Classes

IT is the commonly used acronym for information technology, a vast field of expertise in information systems featuring technological components, including hardware, software, networks, and supportive systems and infrastructures. A myriad of opportunities are available to IT experts, thanks to the importance of technology today in virtually every industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a job growth for Computer and Information Technology positions that is much faster than average. These positions include Computer Programmer, Information Scientist, Database Administrator, and many other job titles representing a wealth of variety in career paths.

Learning IT is for more than just those hoping to work directly in the field. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders of nonprofits are just a few individuals who may benefit from learning to handle their own technology and information system needs. An education in IT is a versatile investment, promising job security and opportunities for growth.

Best Live Online IT Classes & Schools

ITIL (Online)

Computer Training Source, Inc.

Computer Training Source, Inc. offers a remote ITIL (Online) course to prepare students to pass the ITIL Foundation Certificate exam. Individuals who desire to or already work in IT service management can use this certificate to verify their expertise in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a system of best practices, guidelines, and processes widely used in the industry. By the end of the class, students will have a thorough mastery of ITIL’s practical framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services to any organization and be ready to take the ITIL Certificate exam.

System Requirements: Students need a reliable computer and internet connection to access the class via Zoom.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are specified for this class.

Duration: Three 8-hour sessions on consecutive weekdays

Cost: $1,895

ITIL 4 Foundations Certification


QuickStart’s two-day ITIL 4 Foundations Certification exam preparation course will prepare individuals to pass the certification exam while instructing them in the practical use of the ITIL framework to offer quality IT service management. The essential practices of ITIL are a core part of the curriculum, as is understanding the service value chain and the significance of IT in the modern business world. Students will develop a deep understanding of the IT customer experience, digital transformation, and value streams. They will also master essential tools of the trade, such as Lean, Agile, and DevOps. This class will give the participants a fundamental understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, whether they are IT service management professionals or Business Managers interested in this crucial component of their organization.

System Requirements: Participants will require a computer, a high-speed internet connection, and either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required for this beginner-level course.

Duration: Two 8-hour consecutive weekday sessions

Cost: $1,895

Network+ Certification (Exam N10-008)

TLG Learning

TLG Learning offers a preparation course for the Network+ Certification (Exam N10-008), which provides entry-level IT support professionals with a solid understanding of the information in the Official CompTIA Network+ Instructor and Student Guides (N10-008). The Network+ Certification is an ideal first step for those who wish to work as a Network Administrator, Network Technician, Network Installer, Help Desk Technician, or IT Cable Installer. The certification verifies that the holder has the know-how to deploy, secure, and troubleshoot SOHO and enterprise networks. These topics and other networking concepts covered in the Network+ exam are all discussed in this IT class.

System Requirements: Students’ computers must feature a 2GHz processor or faster, at least 4 GB RAM, and Windows 7 or later. Their setup must feature dual monitors, a VOIP headset with a noise-canceling mic, and a wired broadband internet connection. Access to ActiveX is required.

Prerequisites: This Network+ class is for entry-level computer support professionals already holding a CompTIA A+ Certification. They should have a basic knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware, and software.

Duration: One week, full-time (five 8-hour weekday sessions)

Cost: $2,475

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

TLG Learning

TLG Learning’s Microsoft Security Operations Analyst course will prepare students to hold this role in their current or future IT careers. Those already working in security operations will especially benefit from this class, which prepares students to pass the SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst certification exam. Students will learn to use Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, and Microsoft 365 Defender to hunt, investigate, and respond to security threats. By the end of the training, participants will be confident in their ability to keep their organization’s IT systems secure.

System Requirements: The student’s computer setup must include dual monitors, a wired broadband internet connection, and a VOIP headset with a noise-canceling mic. Computers should have at least 4 GB of RAM, a 2GHz processor at minimum, and Windows 7 or later.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites for this course include a basic understanding of Microsoft 365 and scripting concepts, a fundamental understanding of Microsoft’s security, compliance, and identity products, and an intermediate understanding of Windows 10. Students must also be familiar with Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, and Azure virtual machines and networking.

Duration: Four 8-hour sessions on consecutive weekdays

Cost: $2,380

Agile Boot Camp: ICP Fundamentals Certification

American Management Association

In the American Management Association’s Agile Boot Camp: ICP Fundamentals Certification course, students will gain the knowledge, skills, and techniques of Agile through immersion in a hands-on experience. Instructors lead participants, divided into Agile teams, through the process of using Agile to develop and deliver quality software. Students will learn to apply Agile best practices through a real-world development unit and how to identify potential pitfalls through the process. The bootcamp provides plenty of opportunities to practice utilizing Agile as a team through every step of the software development and delivery process. Upon completing this IT course, students will be Certified ICAgile Professionals.

System Requirements: Participants must provide their own computers and internet connection featuring at least 512 kbps minimum bandwidth. Speakers or headphones are also required.

Prerequisites: This beginner-level immersion course is for IT professionals who need to learn the basics of Agile to deliver outstanding software.

Duration: Three 4.5-hour sessions on consecutive weekdays

Cost: $1,295

AWS Technical Essentials


AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a popular collection of cloud computing platforms vital for today’s IT professionals to meet their organization’s needs ranging from storage to management. APSE Inc.’s AWS Technical Essentials is a remote training program covering the fundamentals of AWS products, services, and solutions. In this course, students will gain the information they need to make informed decisions about using AWS services as IT solutions for their organization or employer. Participants will learn the key concepts necessary to safely utilize AWS services, such as Amazon S3 for storage, Amazon DynamoDB for databasing, and AWS Trusted Advisor for management.

System Requirements: All students will require a broadband wired or wireless internet connection, speakers and a microphone, and a webcam, HD cam, or HD camcorder. A device meeting technical requirements is required. Classes will meet on the Zoom platform.

Prerequisites: This course is ideal for experienced IT professionals such as System Operations Administrators, Solution Architects, Developers, and Programmers.

Duration: One 8-hour weekday session

Cost: $675

Industries That Use IT

While one would be hard-pressed to find an industry in the U.S. that did not employ IT professionals, the tech sector naturally features the most abundant and varied career opportunities. Within the tech industry, Computerworld reports that Software Developers are the most common positions, with over 1.5 million holding that job title in the U.S. in 2023. The report continues to note that the second most frequent job in the sector is Computer User Support Specialist, followed by Computer Systems Analyst in third place.

Industries that frequently need IT professionals outside the tech sector include finance, health, media, and entertainment. The prevalence of online shopping also means IT professionals are highly in demand in the retail industry, maintaining websites, databases, and supporting networks and infrastructures.

IT Jobs & Salaries

IT professionals have many career paths to choose from. Most are thriving and growing much faster than average in the U.S., thanks to the importance of technology across industries in the 21st century. One of the common occupation categories in the field is Computer and Information Research Scientists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this group of IT experts included 34,000 employed professionals in 2022, and their annual mean wage was nearly $156,000. Many other jobs in IT feature six-figure average wages, with positions in developing and engineering boasting salaries slightly higher than those in data and analytics.

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