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Gain confidence and charisma with online public speaking classes. Learn essential skills such as effective communication and persuasive speaking, and unlock your potential to captivate audiences and succeed in your professional endeavors.

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Introduction to Public Speaking

Improving Communications @ Virtual Classroom

Enhance your communication skills and captivate your audience with the power of the spoken word. Join this course to develop confidence, overcome fears, and deliver impactful speeches that inspire and impress. Unlock the secrets of effective public speaking in today's competitive business environment.

Tuesday Feb 6th, 10am–2pm Eastern Time

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Advanced Presentation Skills

Improving Communications @ Virtual Classroom

Enhance your public speaking style and captivate your audience with a course that focuses on improving body language, word choice, confidence, and more. Learn how to craft compelling content and engaging visual aids to deliver impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Wednesday Jan 3rd, 10am–2pm Eastern Time

Improve Your Public Speaking

Balance Arts Center - Virtually Online

In this 2 class series you will learn how to improve your speaking abilities, vocal quality, and stamina through understanding and embodying healthy vocal production. We will practice speaking one-on-one, projecting to a group and talking online. You will develop a strategy for recuperation at the end of the day that rests your voice and your whole body.  Join us to discover how to work with your own vocal and postural habits that affect your...

Wednesday Jan 31st, 6–7pm Eastern Time


Ace Your Virtual Presentations: A Hands-On Workshop

American Management Association

Master the art of presenting virtually with confidence, skill, and savvy in this hands-on workshop. Learn effective strategies and techniques, and get valuable practice to engage your audience in the virtual space. Perfect for anyone participating in virtual interactions and looking to express and present ideas with impact.

Thursday Feb 22nd, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Strategies for Developing Effective Presentation Skills

American Management Association

Master the art of persuasive communication and captivate your audience with confidence and poise. Enhance your presentation skills at the American Management Association's workshop on effective presentations. Don't miss this opportunity to develop your speaking abilities and overcome stage fright.

Wednesday Dec 13th, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Presentation Skills Workshop

American Management Association

Master the art of presenting with confidence and conviction in this comprehensive workshop. Learn to engage your audience, handle challenging situations, and deliver impactful presentations. Develop your skills and gain the confidence you need to succeed in any presentation setting.

Friday Jan 19th, 10am–6pm Eastern Time

Sales Presentation Skills

Improving Communications @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to connect with your customers and deliver compelling sales presentations in the Sales Presentation Skills course at Improving Communications. Discover how to research and understand your customers, conduct productive meetings, propose effective solutions, and engage and motivate prospects through dynamic storytelling. Strengthen your professionalism and convey emotional intelligence to create positive messages that resonate with your audience.

Thursday Dec 7th, 10am–2pm Eastern Time


Advanced Voice Clinic

Linklater Center @ Online Classroom

The Advanced Voice Clinic is for performers and speakers who have previously learned the Linklater Voice Progression and are interested in taking a deeper dive into the intricacies of the method.  It’s ideal as well for those who teach voice at the university level or are training to teach voice. In this workshop we’ll explore the full progression of exercises developed by Kristin Linklater - focusing particularly on the sections in the...

Saturday Mar 16th, 12–4pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Presenting with Impact

Exec-Comm @ Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom

Learn how to confidently present and engage with your audience, projecting poise and conviction in high-stakes situations. This program from Exec-Comm will help you develop polished presentation skills, fluency in speech, natural gestures, and the ability to handle questions with ease. Enhance your professional presence and make a lasting impression.

Wednesday Dec 6th, 12:30–4:30pm Eastern Time

Executive Presence

Exec-Comm @ Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom

Develop the "it" factor and enhance your professional success with Exec-Comm's workshop on executive presence. Discover your strengths, connect with others, and effectively communicate your talents to the world.

Tuesday Jan 16th, 9:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Dynamic Interactions

Exec-Comm @ Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom

Face-to-face conversations give you an increasingly rare opportunity: the chance to use all your communication skills to influence someone. Whether in person or online, you have the chance to build a relationship rather than just push information. Challenge & Solution Many of us lead or participate in meetings with one question in mind – “What do I want to say?” But that question is rarely the most important consideration. Instead,...

Wednesday Mar 6th, 9:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Effective Executive Speaking

American Management Association

Elevate your public speaking skills and captivate any audience with poise, power, and persuasion. Gain confidence as you learn by doing, receive personalized feedback, and discover effective strategies to conquer fear and connect with your audience. Take control of the room and transform every presentation into a compelling communication.

Monday Jan 22nd, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Public Speaking 101

The Story Source

The thought of speaking in front of an audience can throw normally calm and confident people into a frenzy. In this workshop, participants will get expert coaching and feedback on ways to strengthen their public speaking skills, from techniques to ease frayed nerves to exercises designed to build confidence and improve focus. We’ll start the workshop with improvisational games designed to build self-confidence and sharpen listening skills before...

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Discover the Best Public Speaking Classes Online

Public speaking involves speaking in front of an audience, whether the purpose is to inform, educate or persuade about specific topics. Public speaking is essential in conveying presentations, thoughts, and ideas. In a world full of information, presentations, conferences, and speeches are meant to inform audiences. Public speaking enhances communication and writing skills by persuading audiences through credibility, logic, and emotions. 

During Ancient Greek times, Aristotle taught the art of speaking and persuasion through public speaking. The art of public speaking has been thriving since antiquity, and now, into modern times, it’s an essential part of networking and enhancing career opportunities in multiple fields. In the fields of education, technology, science, and healthcare, public speaking is an important part of informing multiple audiences on differing topics. 

Why You Should Learn Public Speaking Online

Learning public speaking is an essential skill for furthering your career, networking, and building confidence while speaking in front of large audiences. While public speaking may be nerve-wracking, many find public speaking helpful for improving communication, vocabulary, and presentation skills. In a world full of information and data, presenting in front of crowds is essential for many fields, such as education, healthcare, and technology. The benefit of learning public speaking online is the flexibility of distance learning on your own schedule over Zoom or other online tutorials on Youtube.

Learning public speaking from the comfort of your home office allows you to attend courses virtually through Zoom or other supported platforms on your schedule. Secondly, the benefits of learning public speaking online allow for saving time on commuting. Thirdly, the benefits of learning public speaking online are numerous, including improving your research skills and confidence and becoming a better listener. According to Gitnux, more than 90% of the American public fears speaking in front of audiences, and more than 91% leave speeches and presentations feeling inspired, motivated, and informed

Virtual Public Speaking Classes 

The differences between in-person and virtual public speaking classes are the notions of flexibility and attending class from your home office versus commuting to class. The virtual public speaking classes save time, money, and valuable resources. CourseHorse offers bookings of virtual public speaking classes, including courses held on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other similar software. While virtual courses offer flexibility and are highly convenient, the cost of supplies and materials will have to be bought on your own time to be prepared for online courses. The cost of textbooks and workbooks are included in the bookings of online courses through CourseHorse. 

The first public speaking online workshop is Managing Personality & Behavioral Styles at Work. The workshop begins at $35 per person, taught by Perception Insights. The course offers insight into work styles and personalities, including the ways to adapt and motivate your team members. The workshop also covers the four primary behavioral types, their strengths and challenges, and how to overcome them. Rebecca Maxwell teaches the course and is an experienced instructor on leadership and management skills. 

A wide variety of virtual public speaking courses are available, from giving lively presentations to improv classes and fun ways to practice public speaking skills. Presenting with Impact is a course that eliminates nerves about giving business presentations and turning the opportunity into a more dynamic solution. The course focuses on ways to successfully navigate public speaking anxiety by considering your sense of presence, the information, and the audience to maintain your credibility as a speaker. The course is taught by Exec-Comm LLC, a company committed to improving communication skills, with presenting and writing in mind. The course is four hours long, starting at $575 per person.

Another workshop offered by Exec-Comm is Dynamic Interactions. The workshop provides significant insights into improving communication skills, focusing on the dynamics of business meetings and effectively conveying your ideas. The workshop reshapes how you share information and refines delivery skills. It also teaches you how to identify another person’s Communication style and listen for key insights. Exec-Comm focuses on broadening communication skills, from presenting to writing; the program offers insights into preparation and how to communicate effectively. 

A third online public speaking course option is Advanced Presentation Skills by Improving Communications. The course is four hours long, focusing on sharpening skills such as motivating the audience through persuasive methods and informing them about ideas. The workshop offers insights into gaining more efficiency by crafting messages and eliminating verbal tics and filler words from your vocabulary. The workshop provides further aid in creating strong evidence with speech and visual aids. The class size is typically 20 people, starting at the price of $499 per person.

Private Online Group Public Speaking Classes

Private online group public speaking classes are available through bookings with CourseHorse. The benefits of booking through CourseHorse are the ability to modify group size, you’ll receive confirmation within 24 hours, and there are no additional booking fees. The online group public speaking courses are supported through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. The benefits of booking private online group public speaking classes are team-building, working on presentation and communication skills, and eliminating anxiety while speaking in front of others. 

Large groups can be accommodated in the private online group public speaking courses. One such workshop is Executive Presence, taught by Exec-Comm, a company that focuses on public speaking in the workplace and accessing public speaking through communication, clarity, and focus. The workshop focuses on communication skills in the global marketplace and making an impact on creating real change. The course focuses on interactive learning through understanding your personal brand, fueling your performance, using relational body language to foster connections, and appealing to all five senses while authentic delivering your message. The course starts at $575 per person and lasts for four hours, suitable for groups of 12 or more. 

For larger companies, the workshop Strategies for Developing Effective Presentation Skills, taught by the American Management Association, is great for groups of people of 20 or more. The AMA provides expert instruction from business professionals with experience in an engaging, live online format. This workshop offers deep insights into the importance of tailoring your presentation to your audience, balancing verbal and nonverbal messages, and making effective visual aids and support materials. The seminar is given over three days, with tips and reminders between sessions. The workshop starts at $2,695 per person. 

Online vs. In-Person Public Speaking Classes

The difference between online and in-person public speaking classes is attending virtually through Zoom, and the in-person courses have experienced instructors to provide live feedback. Both modalities of online and in-person offer the benefits of working on communication with other students, live feedback from experienced instructors, and the flexibility to learn in the classroom or live online. The cost of materials is included in the booking fee, including any required workbooks or textbooks. Bringing a notebook and pen to take notes is helpful for both online and in-person sessions. 

An electronic device with a steady Wi-Fi connection is needed to attend online courses. Attending courses in person requires the ability to commute, and online training offers a flexible schedule while students are learning from home. 

Can I Learn Public Speaking for Free Online?

It’s entirely possible to learn public speaking for free online through tutorials and studying influential public speakers, such as TED Talks and other resources. However, learning public speaking takes practice, and the guidance of experienced instructors helps with improving communication and confidence. Taking notes while watching lectures, talks, and presentations helps identify your communication style, strengths, and weaknesses. Getting started for free online is possible by watching videos on Youtube, but CourseHorse offers the ability to learn from experienced business professionals. 

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