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Learn how to code and build websites, apps, and software in online tech classes. Gain hands-on experience with programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java, and develop crucial problem-solving skills for the digital world.

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Python for Data Science Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Uncover the power of Python for analyzing real-world data sets in this hands-on course at Noble Desktop. Explore Python fundamentals and learn how to create programs, work with data, visualize insights, and develop machine learning models. Elevate your data science skills with the Python for Data Science Bootcamp.

Wednesday Jan 3rd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

SQL Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of turning raw data into actionable insights with SQL queries. This hands-on course will teach you how to filter, group, and join data, as well as use advanced techniques like subqueries and aggregate functions. Gain the skills to excel in any data-driven industry and make more informed decisions.


Microsoft Excel Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master all aspects of Microsoft Excel in just three days with the comprehensive Excel Bootcamp at NYC Career Centers. This intensive course covers everything from basic calculations and tables to advanced spreadsheet features and automation with macros. Take your Excel skills to the next level and become an expert user in no time.

Wednesday Dec 6th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Explore Professional Private Group Events
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Graphic Design Certificate

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn the Adobe Creative Cloud apps used by professionals and master graphic design concepts to create stunning modern designs and build an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills to prospective clients or employers.

Monday Jan 8th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (14 sessions)


14 sessions

FinTech Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Prepare for entry-level positions in data science and financial technology. The FinTech Bootcamp provides valuable programming and data analysis skills to prepare you for a career as a Financial Analyst, Data Scientist, or another role. FinTech accounts for a growing number of businesses within the financial services industry, and the skills associated with this career path are in-demand. Learn In-Demand Data & Finance Skills Begin by learning...

Thursday Dec 14th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (38 sessions)


38 sessions

FinTech Bootcamp

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

In this certificate, students will learn how to use Python to pull, clean, analyze, visualize, and eventually predict off financial data.  This program prepares students for entry-level positions in data science and financial technology as well as upskills any financial analyst.  Master Advanced Python to Analyze Financial Data  Learn Python with an emphasis on data extraction, analysis, and visualization. Master the intricacies...


Developing on AWS


Learn how to develop secure and scalable cloud applications using the AWS SDK in this course. Gain hands-on experience with key concepts, best practices, and troubleshooting tips for interacting with AWS using code. Ideal for software developers looking to enhance their skills in cloud application development.

Wednesday Dec 13th, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Theory and Play: an Introduction to Video Game Studies

Brooklyn Institute for Social Research @ Online Classroom

As the highest grossing consumer product in the world, how should we understand video games: as substitutes for frustrated social existence, as methods for knowing and thinking, as machines for feeling, as models and visions of 21st century life—or as something else altogether? In 2007, game designer Clint Hocking coined the term “ludonarrative dissonance” in a blog post critiquing the critically acclaimed and popular video game, Bioshock....

Monday Jan 29th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Data Science (Part-Time)

General Assembly

Gain the skills needed to excel in the field of data science and machine learning with the General Assembly's practical and hands-on course. Learn to analyze and model data using Python and effectively communicate your insights to both technical and non-technical audiences. Accelerate your career in just ten weeks.

Tuesday Dec 12th, 7–10pm Eastern Time

 (20 sessions)


20 sessions

School of UI/UX Design

Path Unbound

Learn the principles and foundations of design and dive into the world of UI/UX. Develop the skills and industry knowledge to pursue your dream career in product design. Receive accessible education for aspiring designers at Path Unbound.

Monday Dec 11th, 12am–11:45pm Eastern Time

 (27 sessions)


27 sessions

JavaScript for Front-End

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master the art of JavaScript and bring your web pages to life with interactivity and stunning functionality. Gain hands-on experience in coding JavaScript and learn to create animations using the industry-standard GreenSock Animation Platform. Pre-requisite: Experience coding webpages and knowledge equivalent to Advanced HTML & CSS.

Monday Jan 29th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

ColdFusion 10 Development (Advanced)

Future Media Concepts

Become an expert in developing highly interactive web applications with ColdFusion 10. This advanced course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to build and maintain effective web applications. Learn advanced techniques such as handling errors, creating custom tags, and leveraging external Java code libraries.

Wednesday Feb 21st, 10am–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Graphic Design Private Tutoring

Noble Desktop

In this hands-on Graphic Design Bootcamp, you will expand your knowledge of design concepts and processes while producing portfolio projects. This class focuses on how to design and assumes knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.  Throughout the course, you'll produce several portfolio projects, including logos, social media graphics, stationery, book/eBook covers, album covers, event posters, and email announcements.  Assignments...

Monday Dec 11th, 9am–5pm Eastern Time


ChatGPT for Productivity

Prompt Yes!

Learn how to increase your workplace productivity and streamline your tasks with the power of ChatGPT in this practical course. Get hands-on experience with prompt engineering, experiment with various chatbots, and discover the advantages and limitations of ChatGPT. Explore integration possibilities with popular apps like Zapier, Midjourney, Excel, and Google Apps.

Friday Dec 8th, 1–4pm Eastern Time


Borough of Manhattan Community College @ Live Online

Introduction to Networks This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. Knowing how to install, configure, and troubleshoot a computer network is a highly marketable and exciting skill. This course first introduces the fundamental building blocks that form a modern network, such as protocols, media, topologies, and hardware. It then provides in depth coverage of the most important concepts in contemporary networking,...

Tuesday Jan 9th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (31 sessions)


31 sessions

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