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Group Fitness Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

Ballet Progression (Barre Only)

at Athletic Garage Dance & BodyWork Studio - Pasadena
121 Waverly Dr, Pasadena, California 91105

This class will feature fundamental barre work. Beginners will feel comfortable taking the barre. Please note:  A dance partner is not required for this class.

Saturday Sep 22nd, 10:30am

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Radical Ritual: Devotion To Self

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

Awakening symptoms got you down? Are you in a period of transition? Seeking guidance and clarity? Join Drea's Monthly Installment of Radical Ritual: Devotion To Self, and learn to create a deeper connection with your body's energy, Higher Self and Divine Source. This is the ultimate act of Self-Care because when we learn to listen to the...

Sunday Sep 23rd, 12:30pm

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Meditation on Twin Hearts with Psychotherapy Healing

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

Everything is energy, and energy is everything. When we understand this universal law and know that energy can be shifted and transformed, we can then shift and transform our lives.  Meditating on Twin Hearts opens our energetic system to allow massive amounts of Divine Spiritual Energy to pour through and heal our energy bodies and anywhere...

Tuesday Sep 25th, 5:30pm

Reiki Circle & Share

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high,...

Thursday Sep 27th, 6:30pm

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Akashic Sound Healing Meditation

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

Immerse yourself into this guided meditation with individual Akashic Healing Energy, combined with vibrational sound. This meditation will expand and enhance your state of consciousness so that you may connect deeper into your own Nirvana, Self-Love, and Inner Peace. The AKASHIC RECORDS are like the hard drive of each of our souls records to receive...

Tuesday Sep 25th, 7pm

Mindful Awareness Practices for Daily Living

at Mindful Awareness Research Center - Santa Monica
2901 Ocean Park Blvd Ste 121 , Santa Monica, California 90405

Each class is a combination of lecture, practice, group feedback and discussion. MAPs is taught in a context of a supportive community environment with classes no larger than 30-40 students. Classes are six-weeks long and meet once per week for two hours. Students also practice meditation at home starting with five minutes a day and working up to 20...


6 sessions

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Reconnect & Align Sound Bath

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

The session will open with guided breath work and group toning the seed syllable "AH" to open our connection to one another and our inner voice. You will be bathed in the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, Wu-Han Hand Gong, led into silence for the sounds to integrate. We highly encourage you to bring your own yoga...


Cosmic Meditation

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

This Cosmic Meditation is a 60 minute class that opens wit Athena calling in the ArchAngels and invoking the Ascended Masters to aid Humanity in it’s re-Awakening.  Our group Meditation is an individual and collective offering to the New Earth…as Mother Gaia midwifes her children back into their Hearts. This Cosmic Meditation purifies our...


Meditation and Writing Workshop

at Los Angeles Writers Group - Los Angeles
Location will be emailed to registrants, Los Angeles, California 90046

Full Course Name: Meditation and Writing Workshop – Writing with Spirit In this meditation and writing workshop, we combine meditation practice and writing exercises to help spark greater creativity. We will create space to breathe, create, share, reflect and connect with spirit. For writers of all levels who want to write and connect with spiritual...


Golden Frequency Attunement Meditation & Healing

at Liberate Hollywood - Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028

This is a guided group meditation designed around clearing, balancing, and restoring the flow throughout our energy centers and meridians. In this group meditation we will demonstrate a cutting edge modality called Golden Frequency Attunement that can completely shift your emotional and energetic state of being in an amazingly short period of time....


Vocal Yoga: Healing with Voice

at Vocal Master Studio - Pasadena
2016 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, California 91103

Taught in a yoga-style movement class of 8-10 singers. Easy for all levels of movement, this groundbreaking voice class gives singers the extra physical strength and stamina needed to sing powerfully. Develop the vocal muscles with targeted intention. The training will involve creative body movements, singing circle, contact improvisations, light...

No Upcoming Schedules

One-Week Trial of Swedish Massage

at National Holistic Institute - Studio City
10969 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 91604

Curious about Swedish Massage? Wondering if a career in massage therapy is right for you? Join us for a No Cost One-Week Intro to Swedish Massage Class. Have you thought of beginning a new career as a massage therapist but you’re unsure if it’s right for you? Join us for a complimentary one-week trial of Swedish Massage. This is an excellent...


4 sessions

No Upcoming Schedules

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Dreamwork, Lucid Dreaming & Egyptian Dream Incubation

at REIKI Wellbeing

The Art of Dreaming Learn powerful ways to continue your spiritual work while you sleep through Lucid Dreaming, Dream Recall, and Dream Interpretation, opening to a new world of existence and potential for consciousness. Rediscover Ancestral Dreamwork Discover and practice ancient Shamanic techniques to explore hidden realms. Tap into the ultimate...


2 sessions

Belly Dance As a Workout

at Los Angeles City College - Los Angeles
855 N Vermont Ave Administration Bldg 112, Los Angeles, California 90029

In the 1 1/2 hour class, students will warm-up essentially every muscle group,through invigorating cardio and specific dance stretches, before moving on to dance routines, and finally dedicating the last half hour to focused practice on dance techniques. Wear socks, or flexible shoes, tights and need a belly dance belt. Belly Dancing is one the most...


6 sessions

Body Contouring

at Mt. San Antonio College - Walnut
1100 N Grand Ave Bldg 27A, Walnut, California 91789

This class consists of a warm-up, and various types of weight bearing exercises for all of the major muscle groups. The use of light weights, increasing over time to moderate weights, are recommended as students gain strength and confidence. A cardio component in the form of low-impact aerobics or Step aerobics is used from time to time to add cardiovascular...


16 sessions