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Data Science Courses Los Angeles

Unlock the limitless potential of data with a range of cutting-edge data science classes in Los Angeles. Learn the latest techniques, tools, and methodologies to analyze and interpret data, giving you a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in Los Angeles have spots left, but 15 classes live online are available.

Data Science Certificate

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Learn how to manipulate databases and perform data analysis in this beginner-friendly program, preparing you for entry-level data science and Python engineering positions. Data science careers regularly rank among today's best and highest-paying jobs. Learn Programming Fundamentals Learn Python programming fundamentals and how to use its main data science libraries to analyze data. Read and write complex database queries, prepare and clean data...

Thursday Dec 14th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (38 sessions)


38 sessions

Data Science (Part-Time)

General Assembly

Gain the skills needed to excel in the field of data science and machine learning with the General Assembly's practical and hands-on course. Learn to analyze and model data using Python and effectively communicate your insights to both technical and non-technical audiences. Accelerate your career in just ten weeks.

Tuesday Dec 12th, 7–10pm Eastern Time

 (20 sessions)


20 sessions

Data Science Certificate

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

In this certificate, students learn necessary programming skills to manipulate databases and perform various levels of analysis on the data. This program prepares students for entry-level data science and Python engineering positions. Master Programming Fundamentals Learn Python programming fundamentals and how to use Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib to analyze data. Discover the three main data science libraries, and learn how to create predictive...

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Python: Data Science & Machine Learning (High School)

NextGen Bootcamp - Virtually Online

Learn the most powerful and versatile programming language this summer. High school students will dive into the world of Python, exploring data science and machine learning in this immersive two-week course.

Thursday Jun 27th, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

 (15 sessions)


15 sessions

Python Data Visualization & Interactive Dashboards

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of visualizing data and creating interactive dashboards using Python. Gain hands-on experience with popular libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, and Dash Enterprise. Impress potential employers with your data science skills by working on real-life projects and demonstrating your coding and analytical abilities.

Monday Jan 29th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Python for Data Science Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Our Python for Data Science Bootcamp is meant to go from the very basics of Python programming to the start of machine learning with Python. In this Bootcamp, you’ll learn how and why Python is used for data science, how to create programs, work with data in Python, create data visualizations, and use statistics to create machine learning models.  Python Fundamentals The course will start with the fundamentals of Python, including writing...

Wednesday Jan 3rd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Python for Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn how to apply Python to analyze data, create predictive models using machine learning, and automate tasks in this comprehensive data science course. Gain the necessary programming skills to excel in entry-level data science and Python engineering positions.


Excel, Finance & Investing Summer Program (High School)

NextGen Bootcamp @ Live Virtual

Master Microsoft Excel, finance, and stock market investing in this comprehensive summer program. Gain the skills needed to excel in college and internships while learning from top instructors in the field. Elevate your finance and business knowledge with this high school program in NYC.

Thursday Jun 27th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Excel, Finance & Investing Summer Program (High School)

NextGen Bootcamp - Virtually Online

Master Microsoft Excel, finance, and stock market investing in this intensive NYC course. Gain an advantage in college and internships with essential business skills. Join top instructors from Wharton Business School and NYU Stern.

Thursday Jun 27th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

SQL Bootcamp

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

Master the fundamentals of SQL and gain the skills to easily clean, manipulate, and analyze data with English-like queries. Take your role in decision-making to the next level in any industry as you become proficient in this in-demand skill. Join us for this comprehensive course that covers everything from basic querying techniques to advanced concepts like subqueries and timestamp functions.

Thursday Dec 14th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Machine Learning

Borough of Manhattan Community College @ Live Online

Machine learning uses interdisciplinary techniques such as statistics, linear algebra, optimization, and computer science to create automated systems that can sift through large volumes of data at high speed to make predictions or decisions without human intervention. This class will familiarize students with a broad cross-section of models and algorithms for machine learning and prepare them for research or industry application of machine learning...

Tuesday Apr 2nd, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (26 sessions)


26 sessions

Excel for Data Analytics

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of organizing and analyzing data on a professional level with this hands-on course. Learn advanced techniques in Excel to sort, filter, group, and visualize data efficiently and effectively. Take your data analytics skills to the next level and boost your career prospects.


FinTech Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Prepare for entry-level positions in data science and financial technology. The FinTech Bootcamp provides valuable programming and data analysis skills to prepare you for a career as a Financial Analyst, Data Scientist, or another role. FinTech accounts for a growing number of businesses within the financial services industry, and the skills associated with this career path are in-demand. Learn In-Demand Data & Finance Skills Begin by learning...

Thursday Dec 14th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (38 sessions)


38 sessions

Computer Science Summer Program (High School)

NextGen Bootcamp @ Live Virtual

In this live online summer certificate, high school students master the fundamentals of programming in both Java and Python. Students get a head start on the AP Computer Science Exam, and learn the fundamentals of data science and machine learning. In this summer certificate program, students will be taken from the basics of programming through more advanced programming and data science using Java and Python. Java and Python are two of the most...

Thursday Jun 27th, 1:30–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (60 sessions)


60 sessions

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Discover the Best Data Science Classes in Los Angeles

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that draws from scientific computing, statistics, machine learning, mathematics, scientific methods, and algorithms to find insights from structured and unstructured data. Data Scientists perform a range of duties, like devising strategies for data analysis, prepping data before it’s analyzed, analyzing and visualizing data, creating data models using programming languages like R and Python, and deploying said models into various applications. This multifaceted profession is currently in-demand across industries. Data Scientists with the training and skills to help their organization make sense of otherwise non-accessible information provide key data insights that decision-makers can then use to improve operations and increase revenue. By studying trends in the data, these professionals ensure that their employer is learning from past patterns and is preparing for any complications that may arise in the future. Data science helps companies provide customers with the best services and products. Because of how prevalent data collection is becoming in most industries, Data Scientists are sought after by many employers to help them make the most of the data they have. These professionals typically receive competitive salaries for their contributions to their organization.

Best Data Science Classes & Schools in Los Angeles

If you’re interested in learning to work with data, you can search for data science classes in Los Angeles to find the one most suited to your learning needs. The following sections will take a closer look at several LA-based data science classes, as well as the curricula and tuition of each program.

UCLA Extension - Relational Database Management 

Relational Database Management is available from UCLA Extension for those looking to learn more about how to work with relational databases. In this hands-on program, students receive instruction on core relational database technology and what makes a good data model. They also learn to code SQL queries in SQL Server, an RDBMS. Instruction is provided on creating tables and entity relationship diagrams from raw data elements. By course completion, those enrolled will be familiar with data normalization, storage management, database integrity, query optimization, and concurrency control.

Tuition is $1,095. It’s available in the live online format as well as in-person in Los Angeles.

General Assembly - Data Science 101

Data Science 101, available from General Assembly, is an introductory-level workshop that covers the basics of data science. Participants work with real-world case studies to learn about the professional responsibilities of Data Scientists and the sorts of problems they tackle. Instruction is provided on the data science workflow and key processes and tools that Data Scientists use for data modeling, analysis, and visualization. This course covers current trends and roles in data science as well. 

This course costs $25. Students should bring a laptop to class and have Anaconda installed before attending. This workshop is taught using Python 2.7. Those who are completing coursework on a laptop should install the Git for Windows Terminal prior to class. Mac users should have Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher, up to 10.11.4. This class is open to learners at all levels who are at least 18. All students are expected to have a basic knowledge of computers and technical aptitude as a prerequisite to study.

NYC Career Centers - Data Science Certificate

Data Science Certificate, which is available from NYC Career Centers, is an introductory-level program that teaches students how to perform data analysis and interact with databases. This course is designed to prepare learners to pursue a career in Python engineering or an entry-level data science role. Python programming basics are covered in this class, such as how to work with its main data science libraries for data analysis. Students also receive instruction on reading and writing database queries, cleaning data for analysis, and using Python to automate repetitive tasks like formatting, aggregating, and updating data. Certificate study also prepares students to create machine learning models and study their performance. All participants create and present data visualizations and dashboards using Python dashboard libraries like Dash Enterprise, Plotly, and Seaborn. They then deploy their projects online through GitHub to showcase their data science expertise to potential employers.

Tuition is $3,995. In addition to 114 hours of live coursework, students are provided with additional one-on-one mentoring outside of class to help with professional development, resumes, and job search. All learners receive a proprietary workbook and earn a verified digital certificate of completion when they graduate from this class. Those enrolled can retake this course for free for up to one year. Flexible payment plans are available.

Grey Campus - Data Science Foundation Training

Data Science Foundation Training is provided by Grey Campus for those interested in learning the basics of data science and Python programming. Participants in this foundational program begin with an overview of the data science landscape. They also receive instruction on Python’s various applications for data science and how to install Python software and work with various Python IDEs. Those enrolled learn fundamental statistical concepts, probability, and how to test hypotheses. Students also work on datasets and perform data analysis. All students complete a project at the end of this class that they publish on GitHub.

Tuition is $200. It takes two days to complete this course. No prerequisites are required for this class. However, it’s helpful for students to have a basic understanding of statistics and math.

UCLA Extension - Data Science Fundamentals

UCLA Extension’s Data Science Fundamentals is available for those who are new to data science and have no prior training in this field. Hands-on instruction is provided through a range of exercises that teach participants how data science is used in an organization’s decision-making process. Those enrolled study entry-level Python programming, basic statistics, and data analytics. They become familiar with tools like Python, Excel, and SPSS.

This course can be completed in approximately 11 weeks. Tuition is $1,095. No prerequisites are required for study.

General Assembly - Data Science Bootcamp

Comprehensive data science training is provided by General Assembly in its Data Science Bootcamp. Participants in this bootcamp learn a range of basic data science concepts by looking at case studies and examples. Those enrolled learn what sorts of problems data science can solve, as well as current trends and roles in this profession. They also learn about commonly used statistical models and the standard data science lifecycle. Instruction is provided on how to model, analyze, and visualize data. By the completion of this class, students will have the skills needed to phrase a problem in terms of data science, search for a solution using a structured approach, and have a firm grasp on how data visualization can be used to illustrate data insights that may not otherwise be apparent.

Tuition is $250. This beginner-level course is open to participants at all skill levels. All participants should have a laptop or computing device with a microphone, webcam, and stable internet connection. This course will be taught using either Slack or Zoom. One day before class starts, instructions will be emailed to all participants.

Los Angeles Industries That Use Data Science

Data science plays an important role in many industries in Los Angeles, such as aerospace, entertainment, tourism, healthcare, and higher education. The following sections will briefly examine the role data science plays in these industries. 


California leads the country for aerospace jobs. More than 10,000 people in this state are employed as Aerospace Engineers. Some of the biggest names in aerospace are located in LA, such as SpaceX, Rocket Lab, Relatively Space, and Honeybee Robotics. In the greater LA area, some of the main aerospace employers are NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. Aerospace engineering draws from a range of data science tools and techniques. It helps Aerospace Engineers gather important aircraft data that spans years, such as information on altitude, speeds, and aircraft stability while in flight. In addition, data analysis also helps these professionals evaluate the growth of any cracks in aircraft during service intervals.


In Southern California, if you refer to “the industry,” locals immediately know you’re referencing this city’s vibrant entertainment industry. Hollywood is currently one of California’s largest industries. In 2020, it accounted for $226 billion in sales. Los Angeles is commonly known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” Every year, more than 17 million tourists flock to LA from around the world to experience the buzz. Since 1910 when the first movie studio was founded in LA, this city has remained a popular location for performers, producers, and filmmakers. Five of the six most prominent film studios are located in this city: Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Disney, and Paramount Pictures. Beyond the screen, LA is a popular spot for music, television, and sporting events. Venues like the Grammy Museum and The Staples Center attract tourists and locals alike. In addition, Los Angeles has a range of job opportunities for creative individuals interested in working in post-production, animation, visual effects, and sound production. 

Because of how close LA is to Silicon Valley and other tech-heavy locations, tech professionals are moving to this city to pursue developments with streaming technology. Streaming providers work with user data to offer their subscribers customized song, movie, and TV show recommendations. With the help of Data Scientists, those who work in the LA entertainment industry can better meet their customers’ needs and offer the most relevant content. By collecting, processing, analyzing, and storing users’ data, streaming providers can reach a wider audience and provide improved service. 


In 2022, tourism to Los Angeles nearly reached record-setting levels. Over 46 million tourists came to the city and spent nearly $35 billion while there. New LA attractions, such as the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, are helping to drive tourism. In addition, the Los Angeles International Airport, one of the world’s largest and most heavily used airports, recently underwent a $15 billion renovation. Los Angeles also has the sixth-largest US hotel market. Its 1,000-plus hotels offer nearly 100,000 rooms for tourists.

Data science plays an important role in the LA tourism industry. Travel agencies rely on descriptive analytics to improve their brand image and build a brand reputation. They also mine data from various social media platforms to see how customers respond. Data science also helps those in tourism manage dynamic pricing and make adjustments to prices in real-time to reflect supply and demand, as well as the prices offered by competitors.


The Los Angeles healthcare industry is a massive network that handles the care of more than 10 million people. There are over 80 hospitals in Los Angeles County, which is twice the size of Delaware and has ten times its population. In addition to providing care for millions of residents, the LA healthcare system is advanced and provides access to some of the country’s best hospitals. Los Angeles General Medical Center is located in the city and is home to one of the country’s largest medical training centers and public hospitals. 

Data science plays an important role in the LA healthcare industry, which relies heavily on data. Nearly one-third of the world’s data originates from the healthcare sector. Data such as e-health records, disease registries, and clinical trial information are just some examples of the types of data being stored by healthcare providers. To help healthcare professionals get the most out of this information, Data Scientists perform a range of tasks, such as identifying anomalies in patient data, performing predictive testing, and creating wearable devices.

Higher Education

Los Angeles is home to over five dozen colleges and universities, such as Caltech, UCLA, and the University of Southern California. While it may not seem like data science would have an obvious role in higher education, those in academia rely heavily on big data for insights. Data informs many aspects of the academic world; it has applications for managing course and university enrollment, boosting faculty productivity, designing curriculums, establishing course sequences, tutoring, and hiring new faculty. In higher education, large universities often have affiliated labs, hospitals, or research centers. These facilities seek individuals with data analytics and data science skills to collect, manage, analyze, and visualize data.

Data Science Jobs & Salaries in Los Angeles

Now is a great time to pursue a career in data science in Los Angeles. Data Scientists are in demand in a range of careers and professions. LA is one of the country’s hubs for data science and AI because of its diverse economy consisting of a range of technology, media, entertainment, finance, and healthcare industries, each generating a large amount of data that must be analyzed and modeled. Not only are Data Scientists currently in demand in LA, but this field is projected to continue to grow over the next decade. The anticipated growth rate for data science jobs is 36% from 2021 to 2031, which is significantly higher than the national average for other professions. The following sections will take a brief look at the different career opportunities in Los Angeles for those with data science training, as well as the salaries for these roles. 

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers ensure that products satisfy basic engineering principles and requirements. To do so, these professionals evaluate their design. They also create, develop, and test various forms of aircraft, such as satellites, spacecraft, and missiles. Aerospace Engineers in Los Angeles also design and test different prototypes to make sure they function appropriately.

The current average pay for an Aerospace Engineer in the US is $100,000 a year. These professionals make significantly more in Los Angeles and can expect to earn around $115,000 annually.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist’s specific job responsibilities vary depending on their employer and the employment industry. However, these professionals are primarily involved with helping their organization determine which questions are most pressing to answer and finding related data to propose solutions. Organizations employ Data Scientists to source, clean, organize, and analyze large amounts of data. They also create algorithms and write code to find answers to datasets. These professionals draw from a range of skills, such as business training, data skills, and analytical tools to mine and clean data, and to present their findings. 

Because data science is an in-demand career, pay rates for those with data science skills are typically high throughout the US. The average yearly pay rate for Data Scientists in the US is $125,000. Those employed in Los Angeles make slightly over this average of $125,000 a year.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers create predictive models, algorithms, software, and programs that assist machines with spotting patterns and performing independent actions. These professionals design new forms of artificial intelligence and improve on existing models. Machine Learning Engineers seek to help machines improve their learning accuracy and find data based on their learning patterns. The current pay rate for a Machine Learning Engineer in the US is $135,000. In Los Angeles, pay rates are slightly lower and these professionals make approximately $130,000 annually.

Data Storyteller

Data Storytelling is a field that is often confused with data visualization. These two practices have many commonalities but also differ from one another. Data Storytelling requires more than creating visual depictions of data and reporting on data insights; it also involves crafting a narrative that describes the core data findings in an engaging and memorable manner. Data Storytellers must be creative by nature and capable of unearthing a story from numbers. This profession also involves clear communication. Data Storytellers must also have technical training in skills like data analysis because their profession requires that they focus on one specific portion of a larger amount of data. The data story they create helps those who come from a non-technical background understand what the data is communicating.

Data storytelling is a relatively new position and is gaining in popularity. As more organizations begin to see the benefits of creating stories that explain their data, these professionals are expected to be in demand in many industries and fields. The current average pay in the US for a Data Storyteller is $60,000 a year. Those employed in LA can expect a yearly salary of $70,000.

Database Administrator

Database Administrators are involved with ensuring an organization’s database is performing efficiently. They design systems capable of safely storing various types of data, such as customers’ shipping records or financial information. They also ensure authorized users can access database data as necessary. These professionals also create backups and offer support and training to database users. They troubleshoot any issues they encounter, then create and implement any necessary features to address these concerns. Database Administrators are typically well-rounded professionals with skills like business knowledge, technical expertise, and extensive experience handling databases. 

Database Administrators in the US currently make about $85,000 a year. Los Angeles-based Database Administrators earn over $90,000 yearly.

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