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QuickBooks Classes Los Angeles

Take control of your business finances with QuickBooks classes in Los Angeles. Learn essential skills like bookkeeping, invoicing, and financial reporting, and gain the confidence to effectively manage your company's finances.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in Los Angeles have spots left, but 7 classes live online are available.

QuickBooks Online for Beginners

Digital Workshop Center

QuickBooks Online Beginners classes will teach you about the essential information you need to track in your business, and how to enter that information into QuickBooks. By the time you complete QuickBooks training, you will build confidence in your accounting software package to save time and organize business finances. QuickBooks Online courses are taught by a bookkeeping expert and each student will work in a sample company file to be able...

Tuesday Dec 19th, 1–4:30pm Mountain Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

QuickBooks Online Part I (Online)

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Online Classroom

This class involves the practical use of QuickBooks Online with a mock company. The students will be introduced to the platform. Practice entering/editing/deleting bills, checks, invoices, and credit card transactions in realistic workflow scenarios. As well as setup Items/Services/Inventory, Purchase Orders, and Sales Tax. We will review basic reports. The students will also work on reconciling credit card and bank statements. Payroll is not included....

Wednesday Oct 11th, 9am–4pm Central Time

QuickBooks Desktop Part II (Online)

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Online Classroom

We will cover the more advanced features of QuickBooks such as payroll, customizing invoices and other forms, job costing features of QuickBooks Pro, progress invoicing, inventory, and sales tax.  Prerequisite: You must take our regular QuickBooks class (or have used QuickBooks for at least three months) before taking this class. Course Outline: Lesson 1 – Memorizing Transactions Lesson 2 – Customizing Forms Lesson 3 – Using Other...

Wednesday Oct 4th, 9am–4pm Central Time

QuickBooks Desktop Part I (Online)

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Online Classroom

QuickBooks is a very popular small business accounting software. You’ll learn how to invoice, receive payments and make deposits. We’ll enter bills, print checks, void checks and do manual checks, do journal entries, enter credit card charges, set up a petty cash account, set up a loan, customize your chart of accounts, and reconcile your checking account. We’ll also customize and filter reports. Course Outline: Lesson 1 – Getting Started...

Tuesday Oct 3rd, 9am–4pm Central Time

Quickbooks (Online)

Discovery Center

Master the number one accounting system for small and medium size businesses. Create a truly portable QuickBooks company accessible over the internet anywhere. In this class we’ll compare the features of the available QuickBooks versions and their costs.  You’ll learn the basic QuickBooks architecture and navigation system and practice using QuickBooks functions. In this class, you’ll process basic business transactions and create financial...

Thursday Oct 19th, 6–8:30pm Central Time

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Bookkeeping Fundamentals

Digital Workshop Center

In the Bookkeeping Fundamentals workshop, students will learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping and best practices for a bookkeeper on the job.  Learning from an expert instructor, students will go through the workflow of bookkeeping practices from creating accounts, debits and credits, and preparing statements. Objectives Upon successful completion of the Bookkeeping Fundamentals​ workshop, students will be able to: Account...

Tuesday Nov 28th, 1–4:30pm Mountain Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Payroll Fundamentals

Digital Workshop Center

In the Payroll Fundamentals workshop, students will learn what it takes to properly record and distribute payroll as a professional bookkeeper. Taught by QuickBooks Pro Advisors, this class will walk students through the various classifications of employees, best practices for taxes, and recording related payroll expenses properly. Payroll involves a lot of variables to record properly and this class will help you with the job-ready skills to be...

Thursday Dec 7th, 1–4:30pm Mountain Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Quickbooks Basic

Out of Bounds Technology @ 3420 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

This training guide is dedicated to providing you with a flexible, high-performance learning system. This dedication has resulted in a unique and progressive training method. Unlike other training methods that focus on theory or high-tech training products that overwhelm you, this training method provides a simple approach to learning computer software. Each guide is written to assume the user has no prior computer skills. If you are using the software...

No upcoming schedules

QuickBooks Desktop Introduction

ONLC Training Centers @ 10940 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90024

This Quickbooks Introduction reviews the basic features and functionality of Intuit's desktop software application. This course is designed to help address various challenges faced by students learning to use QuickBooks and will be run on the QuickBooks 2018 software version. Prerequisites: We recommend that individuals taking this class have a basic proficiency in the Windows operating system in addition to a basic understanding of accounting...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

QuickBooks Online QuickStart

ONLC Training Centers @ 10940 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90024

This course will introduce the basics of using Quickbooks Online. It will present the day to day functions for an administrator to work with customer, vendor, employee and banking transactions for a business using the Intuit Quickbooks Online cloud application. This level 1 course will have you create a new company, add customers and vendors, work with your bills and invoicing your customers, entering transactions and working with your bank accounts...

No upcoming schedules


OC Forward @ 4590 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92660

--Benefits of learning Quickbooks:  1. Easy to organize and keep tracks of your business records  2. Learn a widely used accounting application  3. Manage your business finance more efficiently and successfully  4. A valuable skill on your resume  5. Get our course completion certificate for Quickbooks  --Remember to:  1. Bring a laptop  --What is Quickbooks?  Quickbooks is a powerful accounting software...

No upcoming schedules

QuickBooks Fundamentals I

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

QuickBooks is a vital tool for managing the financial side of a business or for someone’s personal finances. Join Aileen Wilson-Aus as she walks you through the fundamentals of QuickBooks, including navigating the software, setting up a company file, entering/paying bills, tracking/paying sales tax, reconciling bank accounts, and much more. This is an 8-hour class with a half-hour break. Advanced topics covered in Level II.

No upcoming schedules

QuickBooks: Reports & Bank Reconciliation

Santa Monica College @ SMC Bundy Campus, Santa Monica, CA 90066

Expand your QuickBooks skills as you learn how to generate reports in QuickBooks, as well as reconcile your accounts with bank statements. Also, find out how to customize forms, export data to Excel, and prepare reports for presentations.  Prerequisite:  QuickBooks Part I & II, or equivalent.

No upcoming schedules

QuickBooks Series for Small Business

PACE Business Development Center @ 1055 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Join us for our QuickBooks for Small Business Series. Whether you are new to QuickBooks Online or need on-going support, these classes are for you. The class teaches QuickBooks fundamentals for beginners and for advanced users in need of a refresher course. The course takes you through all the main screens and transactions and gives you real-time practice in how to make entries. The seminar is designed to show “how to use QuickBooks” and...

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

QuickBooks: The Basics Part I

Santa Monica College @ 1227 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

QuickBooks is a software program designed to improve productivity for small business owners. It helps you manage your accounting and financial tasks easily. In this lecture and hands-on computer class, you will be led through the basic functions of QuickBooks including how to navigate easily and add, edit and delete customers, vendors accounts and items. Learn how to issue invoices, prepare cash receipts and purchase orders, and write checks. Class...

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Discover the Best QuickBooks Classes in Los Angeles

The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, once they came up with the idea for money, developed auditing systems to keep track of their funds. Thus some kinds of accounting practices are almost as old as currency. That said, the title “father of accounting” goes to the Italian Luca Pacioli, who, in 1494, published the best-seller Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalità that described the double-entry system of accounting that prevails to this day.

Pacioli’s system called, of course, for paper ledgers and journals, and accountants for the next five hundred years continued to keep their records in that time-honored scribal fashion. As computers popularized themselves, they were quick to get in on the accounting action, and the spreadsheet was born in 1985. Larger companies were able to implement their own digital accounting systems, but not until 1998 was there a lasting computerized accounting solution for medium- and small-sized businesses. That was Intuit’s QuickBooks.

Today, 80% of small businesses that use accounting software run QuickBooks. Small business owners can therefore take care of their books until their business expands to the point at which an additional pair of bookkeeping hands is required. Thus, in addition to those who would manage their own books, professional bookkeepers (either full-time employees or part-time freelancers) can make an entire career on QuickBooks. Finally, accountants themselves can benefit from knowing how to run the software, as they otherwise don’t stand much chance of understanding the books of their clients who avail themselves of Intuit’s software for day-to-day record keeping.

Best QuickBooks Classes & Schools in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles and your psychic has suggested that you learn QuickBooks, you can get your bearings in the software from a class at Los Angeles Community College, QuickBooks Fundamentals I. In the space of a day, you’ll learn the rudiments of using the software to track bills, calculate sales tax and reconcile bank accounts. Further instruction in more advanced functions of QuickBooks is available from LACC’s QuickBooks Fundamentals II. These classes teach the desktop version of QuickBooks, which should not be confused with the cloud-based QuickBooks Online. The classes are taught as part of LACC’s wide-ranging adult education wing and take place on the school’s campus at Vermont and Santa Monica, in an area someone not from Los Angeles might be tempted to call East Hollywood.

If that location is too easterly, something quite a bit more westerly is to be found just blocks from where Olympic meets the 405. That would be ONLC Training Centers’ QuickBooks Desktop Introduction. In two days (from bright and early in the morning to mid-afternoon), the class will teach you to use the software to record bills, accounts, payments, invoices, and most of everything that goes with them. Note that, for those with no accounting background, a self-paced tutorial introducing basic accounting concepts is available to students who register for the class. Note also that ONLC’s classes are live hands-on affairs that are, however, taught by a remote instructor. If you’re more bent on learning QuickBooks Online, ONLC is at the ready with QuickBooks Online Quickstart, which takes place over the course of a single day (with a traffic-evading 7:00 a.m. start) and offers a preliminary grounding in the intricacies of the cloud-based version of the software. (The prevailing received wisdom is that the desktop version is considerably harder to learn than the online product.)

Los Angeles Industries That Use QuickBooks

According to State of California Employment Development Department third-quarter 2022 figures, the Los Angeles/Long Beach/Glendale metropolitan area (which carves out a large swath of enormous Los Angeles County) is home to more than 415,000 businesses with no more than four employees. Indeed, those 415,000 businesses have only 480,000-odd employees total, indicating that these businesses have, in the majority, much fewer than four employees. Quite a few of them are tiny sole-proprietorships and no doubt include no small number of aspiring (or starving) screenwriters. The ones who aren’t starving and their fellow very-small-business owners have books to keep, and, again, the overwhelming market share to which QuickBooks can lay claim points to the fact that the overwhelming majority of these people with their small businesses are probably running QuickBooks to keep track of them.

QuickBooks’ market penetration and versatility are such that it is used across seemingly every industry and small business – from food trucks to trendy boutiques to the aforementioned screenwriters. The software enables the owners of all these types of businesses to manage their own books without having to use an accountant or even a bookkeeper. As businesses grow, the keeping of QuickBooks can be turned over to a part-time freelance bookkeeper—there’s another small business that can use the software—and, eventually, a full-time bookkeeper on staff. One of the advantages of QuickBooks is that it can be with these businesses every step of the way.

QuickBooks Jobs & Salaries in Los Angeles

Above and beyond the single proprietors with very small businesses who keep their own books, QuickBooks creates jobs for those who can take care of the accounting duties for companies that have grown big enough to need a second pair of hands to track inventory, payments and, now that the business has one, payroll. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures for 2022 reveal that there are more than 65,000 bookkeepers and accounting clerks in the Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim area (as the BLS defines Greater Los Angeles) and that they make an annual mean wage of nearly $53,000.

In addition to bookkeepers and small business owners, the other professionals who make use of QuickBooks are the accountants and auditors who provide their services to businesses that use the software. Intuit makes a special edition of QuickBooks for accountants who engage with the program in this way. The total number of accountants in the BLS’ idea of what constitutes the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is just in excess of 61,000, and their annual mean wage is a highly respectable (even enviable) $92,500. Of course, not all accountants service the types of businesses that employ QuickBooks, some are involved with very large organizations indeed, but the over 244,000 businesses in the County of Los Angeles, most of which are small, require assistance with keeping track of their finances. The odds are that that will include both QuickBooks and an accountant.