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Woodworking Classes Los Angeles

Unleash your creativity and master the art of woodworking with a variety of hands-on classes in Los Angeles. Discover the joy of working with wood as you learn essential techniques, create beautiful pieces, and gain practical skills.

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Mushroom Ottoman Workshop

Element Art Center @ 835 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

Cute and functional- make your own upholstered fungi. This beginners' class serves as an introduction to upholstery. Students will learn how to create their own toadstool ottomans with internal storage! No experience necessary and all materials are included!

Friday Dec 29th, 6–9pm Pacific Time

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Woodworking (Beginner)

Mt. San Antonio College @ 1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA

This introductory woodworking course acquaints the student with the essential principles of woodworking.  Topics include wood technology, use of hand tools, portable power tools and basic machinery.   Designed for students with little or no woodworking experience. Emphasis is placed on proper technique, safety and shop policies for the wood working facility.

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14 sessions

Woodworking - Intermediate/Advanced

Mt. San Antonio College @ 1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA

This course increases the student's skill in the use of hand tools, portable power tools, table saw and router, including machine anatomy, set up and fundamental operations.   Elementary joinery, adhesives, simple production techniques and wood finishes will be covered.   Topics covered include:  design, cost analysis, craftsmanship and occupational opportunities in the field. Prerequisite:   VOC WD01 or equivalent experience/intermediate...

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14 sessions

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Custom Table Workshop

Element Art Center @ 835 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

This beginner's class serves as an introduction to the wood shop. Students will learn how to design, cut, paint and finish their own tables featuring a subject matter of their own interest.  This course is a total of two sessions, three hours each No experience necessary and all materials are included! 

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2 sessions

Let's Make Wood Burned Spoons

The Makery Craft Co @ 423 S Brookhurst Ave, Anaheim, CA

Okay, so remember how last holiday season you were racking your brain, trying to figure out what to get so-and-so, and whatshisname? Take this workshop and level-up your gift giving skills. Learn the gorgeous art of pyrography from Southern California artist, Emily Carr of The Blonde Moose. She'll guide you through choosing the best doodles to immortalize on to wood, as well as tips and tricks to improve your illustrations. Don't worry...

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Beginner Calligraphy Wood Signs

Craft Sierra Madre @ 49 W Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA

Learn how to build home decor using sustainable and toxic-free materials! Not only will you learn the basics of woodworking, you will also learn the art of calligraphy. Creativity needs no specific skill level so come and build a custom wooden sign for your home or a friend’s.  This workshop will include insight knowledge from small business owner Becca Stone, all the materials you need, plus more! Materials include Woodblock Toxic-free...

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Joinery Techniques

William Ng School of Woodworking @ 1340 North Dynamics St, Anaheim, CA

Good joinery is key to making fine furniture that will last for generations. Many of us are intimidated by the complexity of these joints. In this class we hope to de-mystify and simplify the joinery process. We will learn western and eastern joinery and their applications, including dovetails, half-blind dovetails, sliding dovetails, mortise-and-tenons, angled mortise-and-tenons, lap joints, bridle joints, miter joints, scarf joints, splice joints,...

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5 sessions

Finishing Techniques

William Ng School of Woodworking @ 1340 North Dynamics St, Anaheim, CA

Finishing Techniques With Brian Miller This class will give every student a thorough understanding of the finishing process. It will cover all aspects of wood finishing: Proper sanding techniques, coloring wood (dyes, stains, chemical and plant dyes), color-matching, membrane finishes (shellac, varnish, lacquer) and understanding solvents and their use in the finishing process. We will also explore hand-rubbed finishes, shading and toning, making...

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2 sessions

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Discover the Best Woodworking Classes in Los Angeles

Woodworking is a career path that includes project design, tool handling, and construction skills while creating products for personal or commercial use. For example, a woodworker may make furniture to sell at craft shows, build homes as a carpenter, or even create wooden sculptures. In this way, woodworking provides Los Angeles residents with a unique range of benefits. Thankfully, you can find multiple training options in the area if you’re interested in this career.

Why You Should Learn Woodworking in Los Angeles

There’s a timelessness to woodworking that other, more modern, arts don’t possess. After all, people have carved wood tools and designs for thousands of years, giving wooden pieces an always stylish feel. As a result, learning woodworking in Los Angeles may help creative people find a new outlet with a relaxing hobby that minimizes their anxiety and stress. 

Furthermore, woodworking has a social element that other arts do not. For example, woodworking clubs and social groups often meet in larger cities to share ideas and discuss career advancement. Even better, you can make money as a woodworker, whether as a full-time job or a part-time side hustle. In these and other ways, woodworking is a great skill to master.

In-Person Woodworking Classes in Los Angeles

Various schools and educational facilities in Los Angeles provide in-person woodworking courses for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you should find a program that easily fits your interests and abilities.

Making Custom Cabinets

Making Custom Cabinets helps you learn how to craft useful kitchen cabinets for your home. You’ll also learn how to craft vanities, entertainment units, home theaters, and stand-alone cabinets. The class starts by teaching you basic carpentry and woodworking skills before progressing to advanced subjects, like lathing, grooving, and finishing wood to produce a more attractive look.

Woodworking (Beginner)

If you’re new to woodworking and need help mastering the basics, try this Woodworking (Beginner) at Mt. San Antonio College. During the course, you’ll study wood technology, hand tools, and various power equipment. Subjects like proper measurement, safe tool usage, and stylistic design concepts will keep you engaged and improve your woodworking knowledge. 

Woodworking (Intermediate/Advanced)

After finishing the basic course at Mt. San Antonio College in Los Angeles, you can try this more advanced Woodworking (Intermediate/Advanced) course. It covers extensive topics, like lathing, wood finishes, adhesives, design, cost analysis, and craftsmanship. It should help you transition to more advanced woodworking projects and prepare you for a rewarding career or hobby.

Beginner Calligraphy Wood Signs 

If sign-making appeals to you, this course will teach you how to craft attractive wooden signs with gorgeous calligraphy. You’ll not only learn basic woodworking skills but practice carving intricate messages in the wood’s surface. Even better, you’ll learn how to use toxin-free materials and techniques that make this an environmentally safe skill to learn.

Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking 

The Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking, taught at the William Ng School of Woodworking, covers comprehensive woodworking topics. You study fundamentals like design, mock-ups, drawing, tool sharpening, safe hand tool usage, effective power tool handling, and complex mechanical processes. These concepts include lathing, jointing, drilling, and sanding.

Wood Burning

Wood burning uses a small, focused burner that scorches a board’s surface to create dark and gorgeous designs. In this Makers Mess Wood Burning course, you’ll learn how to produce unique wood burning styles and handle multiple tools. This class works best when you’ve already learned general woodworking techniques and combine them with wood burning.

Let’s Make Wood Burned Spoons

The Makery Craft Co. provides this interesting course, in which you’ll learn how to craft Wood-Burned Spoons. You’ll master how to choose designs that fit on spoons and practice wood burning techniques. After finishing, you take home a set of gorgeous spoons you can use at home and techniques adaptable to multiple projects. 

Virtual Woodworking Classes 

While in-person woodworking classes provide an immersive experience that teaches you the ins-and-outs of this art, virtual courses may work just as well. Online programs let you learn woodworking anywhere you want, such as in your home, while on vacation, or even on business trips. As long as you have a computer, you can learn these skills. 

That adaptability is easily the biggest benefit of online courses. You can also work on whatever project you want and adapt techniques to your skill level, minimizing confusion. That said, this option does have a few downsides. You’ll have to find a place to practice your woodworking and must buy all the tools and materials for your course. 

However, the best online woodworking classes still provide many benefits that make them worth your time. If you don’t feel like braving LA’s noxious traffic or just want to practice at home, virtual training can immerse you in woodworking and ensure that you learn its necessary skills. Thankfully, there should be plenty of training options for you to consider.

In-Progress Portfolio Critique 

In-Progress Portfolio Critique  works well for people with a woodworking portfolio they want to improve. It pairs you with a skilled art professional who can teach you about better techniques, including more accurately rendering designs in your wood. Though designed for multiple artistic mediums, this course can help woodworkers better understand their skills and how to use them.

Virtual Wood Burning for Beginners 

If you’re interested in adding more decorative elements to your wood projects, Virtual Wood Burning for Beginners may suit you. It teaches you wood burning basics, such as using tools, creating designs, and integrating them with various wood items. Though you don’t learn skills like cutting or sawing, you can take this course to supplement traditional woodworking skills.

Private Group Woodworking Classes in Los Angeles

Woodworking classes for private groups in Los Angeles can provide your business with a unique team-building experience. Rather than booking your thousandth kayaking or paintballing adventure, you can teach your employees a truly useful skill. Even if you don’t work in carpentry, these woodworking classes can be a lot of fun.

Thankfully, CourseHorse can help you by creating a private workshop that works for your needs. Though they don’t have a course listed now, you can contact them to learn more about options in Los Angeles. They’ll help you identify a unique class option, set up all the billing information, and ensure that your employees have a lot of fun. 

Furthermore, CourseHorse lets you change your group size if people drop out, sends you a confirmation within 24 hours, and never charges booking fees. Those are significant benefits for smaller companies, particularly startups. Rather than spending your entire entertainment budget on one class, CourseHorse can help you find an affordable option.

Even better, CourseHorse supports multiple platforms, including most Windows and Apple operating systems. As a result, your team won’t feel locked out because they have the wrong computer for the class. It even works with many mobile platforms, meaning your crew can set up their phone or tablet in the garage, listen to lectures, and practice their woodworking.

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