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SQL Classes Los Angeles

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Discover the power of SQL with database programming and coding classes in Los Angeles. Learn how to manipulate and manage data effectively, gain valuable skills for data analysis, and advance your career in the tech industry.

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SQL Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of turning raw data into actionable insights with SQL queries. This hands-on course will teach you how to filter, group, and join data, as well as use advanced techniques like subqueries and aggregate functions. Gain the skills to excel in any data-driven industry and make more informed decisions.

(376) All levels 18 and older

6 sessions

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SQL Level 1

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Unlock the power of SQL and relational databases with this comprehensive course. Learn how to write SQL queries, filter results, and combine data from multiple tables, all while gaining a strong foundation in database architecture. Master the fundamentals of SQL at Noble Desktop.

(376) Beginner 18 and older

SQL Level 2

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Enhance your SQL skills by mastering Outer Joins, NULL data, grouping, aggregate functions, filtering, and working with dates/times. Extract and analyze specific data from databases, turning raw information into valuable insights. Prerequisite: SQL proficiency equivalent to Noble Desktop's SQL Level 1 course.

(376) Intermediate 18 and older
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SQL Private Training

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Unlock the power of databases with personalized SQL training. Master the art of querying, filtering, and aggregating data using PostgreSQL, gaining essential skills applicable across various database platforms. Transform

(376) All levels 13 and older

SQL Level 3

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Take your SQL skills to the next level with this advanced course at Noble Desktop. Learn how to use subqueries, views, functions, stored procedures, and more to manipulate and analyze data in databases. Gain in-depth techniques that will prepare you for a job in data analysis or data science.

(376) Advanced 18 and older

SQL Bootcamp (PostgreSQL)

NYIM Training - Virtually Online

Discover how to transform raw data into actionable insights using SQL queries in this hands-on PostgreSQL course. Learn to filter, aggregate, and join data to extract the specific information you need. Gain a valuable skill that will give you a larger role in decision-making in any industry.

(742) All levels 18 and older

6 sessions

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SQL Server Level I

NYIM Training

Gain strong foundational skills in SQL and relational databases with this hands-on course. Learn to write SQL queries, filter data, and combine information from multiple tables. Explore the fundamentals of database architecture and apply your skills to various flavors of SQL.

(742) Beginner 18 and older

SQL Server Level I

NYIM Training - Virtually Online

Master the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases in this comprehensive course. Learn how to write SQL queries to extract and analyze information stored in databases, and gain practical skills in database architecture and SQL coding. Join now to enhance your data analysis skills.

(742) Beginner 18 and older

SQL Bootcamp

NYIM Training - Virtually Online

Gain the skills to extract actionable insights from databases and turn raw data into useful information with the SQL Bootcamp at NYIM Training. Learn how to write SQL queries, join tables, aggregate data, and filter results using Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio. Unlock the power of data analysis and decision-making in any industry with this comprehensive hands-on course.

(742) All levels 18 and older

6 sessions

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SQL Bootcamp

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

Master the fundamentals of SQL and gain the skills to easily clean, manipulate, and analyze data with English-like queries. Take your role in decision-making to the next level in any industry as you become proficient in this in-demand skill. Join us for this comprehensive course that covers everything from basic querying techniques to advanced concepts like subqueries and timestamp functions.

(378) Beginner 18 and older

6 sessions

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SQL Server Level II

NYIM Training - Virtually Online

Enhance your SQL skills by learning advanced techniques such as Outer Joins, NULL data analysis, grouping data with aggregate functions, date/time manipulation, and more. Take your data analysis to the next level with this intermediate SQL course.

(742) Intermediate 18 and older

Data Analytics Technologies Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

In this course, students will master Excel, SQL, and Tableau, some of the top data analytics tools. Here, students will gain the skills to organize, analyze, summarize, and visualize data, presenting actionable insights for effective decision-making. Comprehensive classroom training in Midtown Manhattan.

(376) All levels 18 and older

8 sessions

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Interactive SQL Exploration Private (Ages 14-18)

Young Gates @ Interactive Live Online

Embark on a dynamic journey through database exploration! Hone your SQL skills with hands-on projects, from crafting social media and e-commerce databases to developing a comprehensive school management system. Ideal for aspiring data enthusiasts, this course equips students with essential database design and query optimization expertise, paving the way for success in data-driven careers.

Beginner 14 - 18 years old

5 sessions

+3490 pts
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Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals

ONLC Training Centers @ Online Classroom

Unlock the gateway to Oracle Database mastery with a comprehensive journey through SQL fundamentals, from basic syntax to intermediate query optimization. Explore the nuances of data modeling and relational theory alongside practical insights into database security and performance enhancement. Dive into a rich learning experience designed to propel your skills to the next level.

(7) Beginner 18 and older

5 sessions

+29950 pts
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SQL Server Level III

NYIM Training - Virtually Online

Take your SQL skills to new heights with this advanced course. Learn subqueries, views, functions, stored procedures, and more to become proficient in manipulating data in relational databases.

(742) Advanced 18 and older

Oracle Database: PL/SQL Fundamentals

ONLC Training Centers @ Online Classroom

Master Oracle database programming with PL/SQL fundamentals. Learn syntax, structure, and advanced application design for database development. Elevate your skills in procedures, functions, packages, and database triggers for efficient application development.

(7) Beginner 18 and older

5 sessions

+29950 pts
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SQL Queries Introduction

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Online Classroom

Learn how to retrieve and manipulate data from databases using SQL queries in this comprehensive course. Gain practical skills in executing simple queries, performing conditional searches, working with functions, organizing data, retrieving data from multiple tables, and exporting query results. Join us to enhance your database management capabilities and take your career to new heights.

(21) Beginner 18 and older

2 sessions

+9990 pts
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SQL Bootcamp

General Assembly @ 360 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA

SQL provides powerful but reasonably simple tools for data analysis and handling. This bootcamp will take absolute beginners through the basics of SQL to an ability to write queries with confidence. We will use a combination of lecture and in-class exercises to ensure that students leave with a working grasp of SQL fundamentals. Takeaways Background on SQL Basic SELECT-FROM-WHERE statements LIMIT clauses Math operations and constant expressions...

(2637) Beginner 18 and older

SQL for the Workplace

El Camino College

Learn to utilize the powerful capabilities of SQL programming through this 10-session database architecture and SQL programming class designed for working professionals.  Unlike other programming classes, this course is taught through the lens of industry applications, exploring examples from manufacturing, medical, and logistics industries as well as others.  Students will master basic SQL programming commands and design their own databases...

(176) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

2-Day SQL Bootcamp Series

General Assembly

SQL is a powerful language, and tool, for data analysis and data handling. In this bootcamp, you’ll dive deep into SQL syntax and database structures, while applying your new SQL skills to address business problems. This bootcamp will take absolute beginners through the basics of SQL to an ability to write queries with confidence. General Assembly’s classes, workshops & events are for recreational purposes and are not regulated by the bureau...

(2637) All levels 18 and older

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SQL Classes in Los Angeles are rated 4.4 stars based on 4,337 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

Discover the Best SQL Classes in Los Angeles

SQL, which is short for structured query language, is the cornerstone of most modern business transactions. Because more organizations than ever are gathering data, they require tools to gain insights from this information so they can optimize it. SQL helps professionals across industries manipulate data, understand it, and control it. SQL skills can be transferred to other disciplines and programming languages, such as Java and Python. It also has applications for collaboration since it’s an open-source language with a robust online community. A recent Indeed survey noted that nearly half of all data science job postings asked for those with SQL training, making it the number-one most valued skill for those interested in pursuing a career in data science. 

SQL isn’t only a hugely popular language for those who work with relational database management systems; it also has applications for those who work with other data analysis tools and database systems. SQL and its derivatives are widely supported across non-relational or analytic databases, different BI and data mining tools, data analytics engines, and big data solutions. Those with SQL skills can apply them to most of the software and tools required to analyze large datasets. Not only does SQL knowledge open a range of professional doors, but it can also lead to higher pay and upward career mobility.

Best SQL Classes & Schools in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles and want to learn SQL, a range of coursework is currently available from top educators. The following sections will briefly explore a few course offerings so you can find an SQL study plan most suited to your learning needs.

UCLA Extension - Introduction to SQL

Introduction to SQL, which is available from UCLA Extension, is a beginner-friendly class that teaches students to work with SQL, a standard computing language used to access and manipulate database systems. This hands-on program teaches students basic SQL syntax that can be used to update a database. Participants who are new to working with SQL receive a basic overview of this language. Instruction is provided on how to use SQL statements to access and update database content. Those enrolled learn how to create basic statements using keywords like UPDATE, INSERT, HAVING, WHERE, SELECT, and DELETE. Intermediate-level instruction is also provided on SQL skills like working with subqueries, table joins, stored procedures, aggregate functions, cursors, triggers, and transactional processing.

Tuition is $1,095. Students can choose whether to complete this class in the in-person learning environment in Los Angeles or do so remotely through live online instruction. Although there are no prerequisites for study, basic knowledge of Windows is recommended. This class takes approximately ten weeks to complete.

Intellipaat - SQL Training in Los Angeles

For those in the Los Angeles area who are interested in comprehensive SQL training, Intellipaat offers SQL Training in Los Angeles. This class offers instruction on core SQL concepts. Students first learn about installing SQL. Participants then learn SQL administration and optimization to perform data querying and clustering. Coursework is taught by a Microsoft-certified trainer. This class is designed to prepare participants with the concepts needed to be a certified Microsoft SQL Server Administrator. 

This course provides 30 hours of instructor-led training, mentor support, 16 hours of on-demand video content, and job assistance. Coursework is available to anyone interested in pursuing a career in SQL development, such as aspiring Database Administrators, Software Developers, and Business Managers. Different price plans are available depending on the instruction type you choose. Live online coursework is available for $264.

All learners receive a certificate upon completing this class.

Academy X - SQL Training Class in Los Angeles

SQL Training Class in Los Angeles is offered through Academy X. Participants in this class learn everything they need to leverage their company’s data to meet specific business goals. Instruction is provided on basic SQL commands like SELECT, as well as on advanced SQL concepts, such as working with triggers, inner joins, stored procedures, and functions. Learners receive instruction on how to work with SQL to interact directly with data. By course completion, participants will be able to create robust programs that use SQL code. Instruction is also offered on core SQL concepts and skills like working with subqueries, using SQL to generate totals and calculation fields, and using action queries to modify databases.

This course is available in person in Los Angeles and can also be taken in the live online format. The cost of study is $995. It takes learners approximately 12 hours to complete this class.

UCLA Extension - Relational Database Management Course

UCLA Extension’s Relational Database Management Course is available for those interested in learning more about relational databases. This comprehensive class teaches students client-relational database design and implementation. Participants learn data modeling, SQL, database technology, data normalization, and how to translate logical designs into physical structures for storage. Those enrolled also receive instruction on storage management, database integrity, indexes, transactions, concurrency control, recovery, query optimization, and client/server relational database management. 

This class is available in the in-person format in Los Angeles, as well as in the live virtual format. Tuition is $1,095. It takes most learners about ten weeks to complete this program.

Sonic Training - SQL Training: Introduction and Intermediate

Those who are interested in learning SQL basics, as well as intermediate-level SQL skills, can enroll in Sonic Training’s SQL Training: Introduction and Intermediate. The main focus of this hands-on course is working with SQL queries to retrieve information from databases. Instruction is offered on basic SQL tasks, such as how to connect to the SQL Server database, execute a basic query, and add a conditional search in a query. Participants also use different functions based on data types to make data calculations and organize query data before it appears on the screen. By course completion, all participants will be able to retrieve information by combining the data contained in multiple tables and format, save, and generate a report on this information. This class costs $695 and takes two days to complete. 

AcademyX - SQL Scripting Fundamentals Training

SQL Scripting Fundamentals Training is available through AcademyX. This class is designed to help professionals like Web Developers, Database Administrators, or Programmers increase their marketability. Those enrolled in this hands-on class learn how to write effective, correct SQL queries designed to retrieve or manipulate the data in a database. Instruction is provided on basic SQL keywords, SQL platforms, and how to plan queries. In addition, students receive training on how to select data. They work with SELECT statements to study database tables. Participants also learn how to use field aliasing and save SQL statements. By course completion, students in this class will know how to use SQL to generate totals, apply criteria to SQL statements, and work with this language to create calculated fields.

As a prerequisite, it is suggested that students have familiarity with a desktop database like Microsoft Access or Filemaker. This course is not intended for those who work with a Mac. Tuition is $995. It takes participants two full days to complete this class.

Los Angeles Industries That Use SQL

In Los Angeles, SQL plays a vital role in industries of all kinds, from healthcare to cybersecurity to marketing. The following sections will take a closer look at how this versatile programming language is used in LA-based industries.


The Los Angeles healthcare market comprises a vast, geographically diverse population. This industry is responsible for providing healthcare to over 10 million people. In Los Angeles County alone, over 80 general acute care hospitals serve a population ten times greater than Delaware. SQL plays a vital role in LA’s healthcare system and provides professionals with options for clinical research, improved analytics, and better patient care. SQL is also a widely used tool for modifying and analyzing patient data that’s stored in clinical systems. Healthcare professionals use SQL to create dashboards to convey health data and to design patient reports that contain recommendations from medical experts. Because SQL can store large amounts of medical data, and because it allows healthcare professionals to access this information easily, it remains integral to ensuring patients’ needs are addressed and their information is secure.

Healthcare providers manage e-health records using SQL because it allows them to retrieve patient data quickly, update it as necessary, and keep track of prescribed treatment plans. It’s also helpful for tracking patient data, which allows healthcare professionals to identify trends that could indicate larger, more significant health concerns. This programming language also plays a role in clinical research, which is a popular field in Los Angeles. SQL has applications for scanning e-health records and clinical trials to locate insights. When Healthcare Administrators need to organize or find administration information like employee records or financial data, they turn to SQL to help them perform an accurate and fast search.


Los Angeles is considered to be one of the world’s financial capitals. In 2023, this city was listed as the sixth-largest financial center around the globe. Financial institutions throughout the city store financial data in highly secured databases, which ensures it will be kept safe and that it can be retrieved quickly when necessary. Financial professionals in LA use SQL to extract data from relational databases. This information is then analyzed and used by decision-makers to make more sound, data-driven decisions about their organization’s financial prospects.

Financial Analysts use SQL to learn more about historic data, such as sales or revenue patterns. This versatile language provides them with a more robust understanding of important financial KPIs, such as net revenue or expense. They also work with SQL to generate reports that indicate how their organization is doing financially, as well as how it has performed in the past. Additionally, SQL has applications for helping these professionals uncover insights into assets, market trends, or liabilities which can then be used to evaluate a portfolio’s risk. Other financial professionals also use this language. Those employed in risk management in Los Angeles work with SQL to make sure their financial reports reflect regulatory compliance. Then, financial institutions leverage this information to ensure their reports are compliant with requirements and are free of errors.


Because Los Angeles has an economy heavily focused on IT, the cybersecurity industry in the city comprises hundreds of businesses devoted to online security. SQL remains an important tool in cybersecurity because it’s considered the most effective and widely used database language for security tasks. It would be nearly impossible without SQL to safeguard a database from cyber threats. Since SQL is the language of relational databases, it’s used by Developers, Database Administrators, and end users to retrieve, update, add, or delete information from tables. This language also allows attackers to disrupt data stores, access and take sensitive information, and instigate various web-based attacks. Those who have SQL training and expertise can understand attackers’ activity patterns and use this information to prevent database attacks and SQL injection. 

SQL can provide insights into network traffic, which allow cybersecurity professionals to spot possible threats. Additionally, by querying log data, they can locate patterns of activity that could indicate problems. SQL provides insights into the cause of cybersecurity threats, as well as the scope. This language also has applications for monitoring data vulnerabilities and applying remediation efforts as needed. Cybersecurity professionals also work with SQL to examine how malware behaves and monitor any compliance issues with security regulations.

Data Science 

Data Scientists use SQL to retrieve data from relational databases. Once they analyze these data, the insights they discover help them create predictive models with a range of business applications. Those who work in the data sciences also use SQL to query individual data points. This language has applications for data cleaning and preprocessing because it can remove null values, inconsistent data, and duplicates. Because Data Scientists regularly work with large datasets, SQL is a useful tool for them because they can aggregate tasks, such as summing, averaging, or counting numbers. With the help of this language’s capacities for data visualization, Data Scientists make charts and graphs that reflect the information they found by querying databases. Additionally, SQL helps them transform data into the proper format so machine learning algorithms can be used. 


In Los Angeles, aerospace is one of the main industries. The city is home to huge aerospace companies like SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed, and Virgin Galactic. Los Angeles draws from a pool of Aerospace Engineers, robotics specialists, and other space science professionals to run the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA’s research center. Employers like Lockeed Martin Technical Aircraft Systems rely on Engineers who have SQL skills to make improvements to their configuration management system. Those with SQL training also help develop efficient, cost-effective software for existing and soon-to-be-created F-16 aircraft. They used SQL software to do so. SQL allowed Aerospace Engineers to effectively trace any anomalies in the software. In addition, automating the SQL system allowed Engineers at the test station to have instant access to reports and design details, which was a drastic improvement over the slow system they had previously used.

SQL Jobs & Salaries in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second-most populated city in the US. Nearly four million people live in Los Angeles and work in its main industries like healthcare, aerospace, research, hospitality, and tourism. Because of the range of tech careers available in LA, SQL training is a valuable skill employers often seek out when looking to fill positions. The following sections will take a brief look at some professions in Los Angeles that use SQL programming skills, as well as the average salaries of professionals employed in the city.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testers are responsible for reviewing new software products to spot any potential issues or defects. They work with gaming systems, web apps, and mobile apps to ensure they run as smoothly as possible. Their professional responsibilities entail performing test scripts, studying and analyzing system specifications, evaluating results, and performing comprehensive reporting and documenting. SQL queries help Quality Assurance Testers retrieve any necessary data pertaining to sales for a specific quarter and compare this information to that which is displayed on the application’s interface. This comparison helps Quality Assurance Testers ensure the data is accurate and is displayed clearly. SQL provides an easy way for them to count rows and make sure columns are appearing as they should.

In the US, the current average pay for a Quality Assurance Tester is $65,000. Those employed in Los Angeles earn a higher base pay rate of $75,000 annually.


Each year, approximately 50 million tourists flock to Los Angeles. The hospitality and tourism industry is the backbone of LA’s economy. Tourists invested over $18 billion alone in 2022 into this city’s economy. The hospitality industry employs a range of individuals, from hoteliers to sous chefs to data professionals, who analyze tourist information to better connect with this demographic. In the hospitality industry, databases allow organizations like hotel chains or restaurants to store and access vast amounts of customer data. Those with a background in SQL can use this language to monitor bookings or reservations, store information on guests, and manage tasks like pricing and keeping track of inventory supply.

In the US, the average pay for a Hotel Manager is $60,000. In Los Angeles, Hospitality Managers make a yearly salary of $70,000.

SQL Server Development

SQL Server Developers in Los Angeles are involved with creating, developing, and monitoring SQL databases. These professionals also are tasked with managing databases and focusing on any arising SQL queries. Server Developers typically have experience working with SQL’s advanced capabilities. Their training with this language ensures they can help their organization easily organize, store, and access any necessary data. They can then provide their organization with insights that can lead to more informed business decisions.

The average salary of an SQL Developer in the US is currently $95,000. SQL Developers living in the Los Angeles area can expect to make more than $100,000 a year.

Software Engineering

One of the professions in which SQL skills are used most is software engineering. Software Engineers design computer programs and applications that can be used to perform various tasks on computing devices like smartphones or laptops. SQL is considered a fundamental skill for creating data-driven applications. This language helps Software Engineers quickly connect to relational databases so they can retrieve data. Although in some large organizations, Database Administrators retrieve relational database information, Software Engineers sometimes write SQL queries to include in their application code to avoid wasting time going back and forth with Database Administrators.

Software Engineers with SQL training are often paid higher than those who lack this skill set. Pay rates vary depending on location but are typically high throughout the US. The average pay rate for US-based Software Engineers is nearly $110,000. Software Engineers employed in Los Angeles make closer to $115,000 annually.

Database Administration

Database Administrators are data professionals whose job entails managing database software. They work to make sure the data kept in databases is stored safely, is organized, and can be easily accessed. Database Administrators generally work with a team of data professionals, such as SQL Developers, to perform core data tasks. SQL is one of the core tools these professionals rely on to examine their organization’s security requirements and data management system. SQL helps them create processes to improve security and make it easier for individuals to access the information that’s held in SQL Server databases. They use SQL queries to keep track of system backups, audits, and data replication, which ensures that the information contained in SQL databases is stable, safe, and accessible.

The average salary in the US for Database Administrators professionals is $85,000. In Los Angeles, they earn over $90,000 a year.

Business Analysis

Business Analysts are hired by organizations to analyze their business data. The findings they uncover help them to provide recommendations designed so their business will be able to provide customers with better services, software, products, or processes. They also seek out changes that can improve productivity and reduce expenses. Business Analysts often work with gap analysis to determine the best approach for their organization to use so it can evolve from its current state into a more competitive and financially sound state in the future. SQL allows Business Analysts to locate gaps in business data pertaining to dates or number sequences. 

In the US, the current average salary for a Business Analyst is $80,000. Business Analysts working in Los Angeles make $85,000 a year.

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