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Metal Working Classes Los Angeles

Discover the art of metalworking with a wide variety of hands-on classes in Los Angeles. From blacksmithing to jewelry making, learn the skills and techniques to create beautiful and unique metal pieces while gaining the satisfaction of mastering a timeless craft.

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Advanced Lead/Foil - Beveled Glass Design

Allen Kenoyer Stained Glass @ 4571 Artesia Blvd, Lawndale, CA

Lisa has agreed to teach this one more time! Learn to design your own leaded or foiled panel to exact size just like the pros. Begin with a concept and learn how to make a scaled drawing, draw it to full size, and complete it.   Glass and bevel cluster supplied by student. Bring your basic set of LEAD or FOIL tools. You must have your dimensions (up to 24x24) and beveled cluster ready prior to first class. Pre-requisite: Beginning...

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5 sessions

Hardground Etching

Valley Art Workshop @ 5210 Collier Place, Woodland Hills, CA

In this class, students will sequentially etch a simple drawing on a small copper plate. This allows us to create different quality of line and value, in order to learn the potential of this truly sculptural method of mark-making. Hardground etching is a form of intaglio printmaking. Traditionally, it involves the use of acid to burn lines and textural details into sealed metal plates, in order to create a printing matrix/surface. Adapted in the...

No upcoming schedules
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Discover the Best Metalworking Classes in Los Angeles

Throughout history, people have developed processes to join metal together in the hopes of creating items, objects, and structures. This came to be known as metalworking. The processes used have evolved, but metalworking has continued to be important in the development and repurposing of various items, like jewelry, electronics, and art. 

The oldest piece of known metalwork dates to 8,800 BCE. Over time, metalworking became a respectable trade as metal objects became increasingly important. Not only have metal objects had practical uses but they’ve also been used to signify high social status when made from precious metals. 

Metalworking processes improved as metalworkers began to understand the properties of metal better and as metal extraction has become more efficient. Welding and soldering are two common ways to join metal pieces together. These processes have been around for thousands of years and are still considered popular joining methods. Although a variety of processes are used in metalworking, they’re more broadly categorized as forming, cutting, and joining processes. 

Metalworking today is used by professionals and hobbyists. Without metalwork, we’d have less jewelry, electronics, and art. Hobbyists make metal objects for their enjoyment, as gifts for others, and to sell. Metalworking has high costs to entry because some of the equipment is expensive, but once you have the most basic tools, you can begin learning how to make metalwork. 

Why You Should Learn Metalworking in Los Angeles

You can learn metalworking by taking in-person classes offered in the Los Angeles area. In-person classes are accessible to anyone who can make the commute to an in-person class. There are several benefits to taking an in-person metalworking class. 

Many metalworking processes involve the use of machinery. If you learn metalworking, you may pick up other handy skills. For example, a drill is necessary for many beginner-level projects. If you’ve never used a hand drill before, you can learn while metalworking. Hand drills are commonly used in other crafts like woodworking, making it a transferable skill. 

Metalworking requires the use of your hands. As you use powerful machinery and work with precision on projects, you’ll improve your hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles in your hands, wrists, and fingers. Metalworking is also a creative activity. When you plan out a project and design the final product, you’re using your imagination while exploring the boundaries of realistic craftsmanship. 

The metalwork that you create can be sold online. Custom crafts are popular among online shoppers who like to purchase art and decor that are hand-made rather than factory-made. Once you have enough experience in metalworking to begin creating custom work, you can sell your pieces as a side job. Custom creations also make great gifts. 

In-Person Metalworking Classes in Los Angeles

In-person metalworking classes are frequently offered at studios, schools, and shops around the Los Angeles area. Expert instructors guide participants through these classes. They ensure that participants are safely using metalworking tools and will explain the fundamentals of metalworking and its processes. Taking an in-person class guarantees that you have access to someone who can answer your questions. 

New and returning in-person metalworking classes in Los Angeles can be found on CourseHorse. Previous classes have focused on different types of welding and soldering. If you’re unsure of whether a class will be returning to a specific school or studio, consider reaching out to them and showing your interest in taking their class. Otherwise, check back regularly to CourseHorse to see what metalworking classes are available in your area. 

Virtual Metalworking Classes 

In-person classes can provide you with in-depth demonstrations by expert instructors. Taking an in-person class can also ensure that you’re safely using metalworking tools because an instructor will be there to supervise you. Additionally, these classes provide you with most if not all the materials and tools you’ll need to take the class. 

However, in-person classes are not always scheduled in your area. If that’s the case, check out the online metalworking classes that are available to you. Virtual classes are taught by experienced instructors with knowledge of metalworking that they can impart to you and other participants remotely. 

Online classes in metalworking acknowledge the potential risk of metalworking from home. Metalworking involves powerful machinery and sharp tools, which is why it’s preferable to learn under direct supervision. You can still take metalworking classes online, but they’ll typically be demonstration or lecture-based. 

If you’re interested in how metalworkers create jewelry, EatMetal Inc. offers a virtual class demonstrating the process of making hammer texture earrings. This private virtual class will teach you everything you need to know about this process, including soldering techniques and the necessary materials for making this type of earring. At the end of the demonstration, you’ll be able to ask your instructor questions. 

Other virtual metalworking classes taught in the past have been lecture-based. For example, the 92nd Street Y has held the class, Studio Jewelry: From Mid-Century to the Present Century. This remote class explores the female jewelers who led metal guilds as they worked to shift jewelry into a recognized “wearable” art form as well as second-generation studio jewelers that carried on the legacy of their predecessors. This class is ideal if you have an interest in history and do well with lecture-based learning. 

Private Group Metalworking Classes in Los Angeles

Are you interested in booking a private group metalworking class? These classes make great team bonding activities. If your business or organization would like its employees to work on their communication, CourseHorse offers private metalworking classes that they can deliver to you remotely. 

You can reach out to CourseHorse through the contact form on their website. From there, they can assist you in choosing the metalworking class that works best for you and your group. They can accommodate a wide range of group sizes. If you’re unsure of your group’s size at the time of booking, they’ll let you book with the minimum group size and update your headcount up to one week before the class. 

CourseHorse does not charge a booking fee. They also allow for free cancellations up to two weeks before the class is scheduled if your group can no longer attend. If you’re interested in a group class that they offer but aren’t sure if it’ll interest your group, you can ask for a 20-minute demo. These demos cost $100 and will give you a significant preview of the class. CourseHorse classes can be taken using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, and WebEx.

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