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Film Classes Los Angeles

Discover a world of creativity and expression through a wide range of film classes in Los Angeles. From acting for the camera to screenwriting, learn the art of storytelling and gain the skills to bring your visions to life on the big screen.

6 classes in-person in Los Angeles have spots left, and 14 classes live online are available.

How to Make Your First Short Film

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Learn the art of low-budget to no-budget filmmaking in this 1-day class taught by award-winning Producer/Director/Editor, Andre Campbell. From scripting to editing with Adobe Premiere, you'll gain the skills needed to create your very own short film, regardless of the equipment you have. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the world of filmmaking at Los Angeles City College.

Saturday, May 18th, 9am–1pm Pacific Time

Acting and Filmmaking Summer Camp

Script School @ 10540 Magnolia Blvd, Toluca Lake, CA

Discover the magic of filmmaking and acting at a summer camp that will ignite your creativity! Immerse yourself in workshops, scriptwriting, and hands-on experience with cameras and filming equipment. Unleash your talent and bring your own movie project to life alongside fellow aspiring filmmakers.

Monday, Jun 3rd, 8am–3pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)

ARRI ALEXA 35 Bootcamp

AbelCine Training @ 801 S Main St, Burbank, CA

Gain practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the ARRI ALEXA 35 camera ecosystem in this exclusive workshop at AbelCine Training. Designed for professionals and aspiring filmmakers, you'll learn essential techniques such as wireless lens control and ARRI Master Grips. Elevate your skills and confidently tackle a wide range of projects with the ALEXA 35.

Wednesday, Mar 27th, 10am–5pm Pacific Time

 (2 sessions)

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RG101: Learning to Grade with Resolve and Warren Eagles of the ICA

AbelCine Training @ 801 S Main St, Burbank, CA

Learn the art of grading with Resolve in this comprehensive course that covers everything from basic editing to advanced color correction techniques. Whether you attend in person or virtually, you'll have access to a wealth of resources and expert instruction to help you master the software and achieve professional-looking results. Perfect for editors, DITs, DPs, and photographers looking to enhance their color correction skills.

Thursday, Apr 25th, 10am–5pm Pacific Time

 (2 sessions)

RG201: Advanced Resolve Techniques with Warren Eagles of the ICA

AbelCine Training @ 801 S Main St, Burbank, CA

Take your Resolve color grading skills to the next level with AbelCine's hybrid course. Attend in-person or virtually via Zoom and learn advanced techniques in resolving color grading challenges for feature films, commercials, reality TV, documentaries, and TV dramas. Enhance your knowledge of primary controls, nodes, HDR tools, VFX integration, and more.

Monday, Apr 29th, 10am–5pm Pacific Time

 (2 sessions)

AGITO Academy Standard

AbelCine Training @ 801 S Main St, Burbank, CA

Gain hands-on knowledge and confidence operating the AGITO Modular Dolly System in "Standard Operator Mode" at AGITO Academy. This training program is designed for operators of all abilities, with or without previous radio control system experience. Limited class sizes ensure ample hands-on time with the AGITO.

Wednesday, May 8th, 10am–5pm Pacific Time

Online Film/Television Intensive with Aaron Schoonover

Actors Connection New York @ Online Classroom

Learn from Aaron Schoonover, a Casting Associate at Bess Fifer Casting, who is currently involved in an exciting new series for a major streaming platform and several films. Gain valuable insights and receive feedback on your scene presentation in this exclusive online film/television intensive. Limited spots are available for advanced actors, so don't miss out!

Tuesday, Mar 26th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Allie Silber of DDO

Acting & Voice Studios @ Virtual Classroom

Unlock your potential in the world of voice-over with Allie Silber of DDO, one of the industry's leading agents. Join this live, interactive online class to receive expert feedback and guidance, and get a taste of what it takes to become a star in commercials, promos, trailers, animation, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to develop your voice and launch your career with the future of voice-overs.

Wednesday, Mar 27th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)

Cinematography Essentials Masterclass

Pitch to Screen® Education

Unleash your creativity and master the art of visual storytelling with a 3-hour online masterclass on cinematography. Discover the secrets behind captivating camera techniques, composition, lighting, and more. Level up your filmmaking skills and create stunning visuals that will leave a lasting impact.

Saturday, Apr 27th, 10:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Online 2 Week Comedy & Drama Intensive with Lisa Beach

Acting & Voice Studios @ Virtual Classroom

Master the art of comedy and drama in this exclusive online intensive led by legendary casting director Lisa Beach. Elevate your acting skills through live performances, personalized feedback, and insightful Q&A sessions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take your craft to new heights.

Saturday, Apr 13th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)

Film Producing Essentials Masterclass

Pitch to Screen® Education

Master the essential techniques and concepts of producing in this intensive 3-hour masterclass. Gain hands-on experience in analyzing scripts, budgeting, scheduling shoots, and managing production processes. Perfect for individuals of all levels looking to develop a clear understanding of the producer's role in narrative filmmaking.

Thursday, Feb 29th, 10:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Pitch to Screen® Consultation and Production Support

Pitch to Screen® Education

Unlock the full potential of your film project with expert guidance and customized support from industry professionals at Pitch to Screen® Education. Take your concept from script to screen with tailored feedback and advice on every aspect of the filmmaking process, including production planning, directing, editing, and marketing strategies. Elevate your project with additional production support add-ons and gain access to our extensive festival network and industry connections.

Monday, Feb 26th, 2:30–3:30pm Eastern Time

iPhone Filmmaking Essentials Masterclass

Pitch to Screen® Education

Discover the art of iPhone filmmaking and unleash your creativity as you learn to craft captivating stories, master shot composition, and create seamless edits. Dive into the world of mobile cinematography and explore the potential of your iPhone as a powerful filmmaking tool. Elevate your storytelling skills and showcase your talent as a filmmaker in this comprehensive course.

Sunday, Mar 3rd, 10:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Film Directing Essentials Masterclass

Pitch to Screen® Education

Master the art of directing and enhance your filmmaking skills with this instructor-led masterclass. Dive into key techniques and concepts that will help you prepare your script for filming, from staging scenes to creating shot lists and storyboards. Perfect for aspiring directors looking to develop their communication skills and convey their vision effectively to actors and crew.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 10:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

VFX & Motion Graphics Techniques Masterclass

Pitch to Screen® Education

Learn the secrets of motion graphics and visual effects compositing with our instructor-led masterclass. Gain hands-on experience, master essential techniques, and elevate your skills to the next level. Join us to unlock the world of Adobe After Effects and create outstanding visual content.

Friday, Mar 1st, 10:30am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Premiere Pro Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of professional video editing with Premiere Pro. Learn how to import, organize, and edit footage, enhance audio and video quality, add effects and titles, and much more. Take your video editing skills to the next level with this comprehensive course.

Monday, Mar 4th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Video Editing Certificate

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of video editing, audio editing, and motion graphics at a leading institution. Learn the creative techniques and workflow required to transform concepts into fully edited videos. Elevate your skills and stand out to potential clients or employers with a compelling video editing demo reel.

Monday, Mar 4th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (13 sessions)


13 sessions

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COL 101: An Introduction to Color Grading with Resolve

Manhattan Edit Workshop @ Virtual Class room

Discover the art of color grading in Resolve software at Manhattan Edit Workshop. This intensive workshop covers everything from basic color theory to advanced grading techniques, making it perfect for beginners. Unleash your creativity and learn how to transform ordinary footage into stunning visuals.

Monday, Mar 25th, 10am–6pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Expert-Led VFX & Motion Graphics Techniques | 4-Week Course

Pitch to Screen® Education

Learn the secrets of motion graphics and visual effects compositing with our instructor-led course. Gain hands-on experience, master essential techniques, and elevate your skills to the next level. Join us to unlock the world of Adobe After Effects and create outstanding visual content.

Friday, Mar 1st, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Expert-Led Filmmaking Essentials | 4-Week Course

Pitch to Screen® Education

Enhance your filmmaking skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process in this 4-week instructor-led online program. From scriptwriting to distribution, explore key topics and engage in hands-on exercises, with a specific focus on writing and producing a short film. Join now to bring your creative vision to life!

Tuesday, Mar 5th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

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Film Classes in Los Angeles are rated 4.5 stars based on 1,640 verified reviews from purchasers.

Discover the Best Film Classes in Los Angeles

Film is a medium of visual storytelling that involves capturing and projecting a sequence of moving images. It encompasses the art and craft of cinematography, which involves using cameras, lighting, and composition to create visually appealing and meaningful images. 

Filmmaking is the process of planning, shooting, and editing these images to convey a narrative or explore a concept. Through the combination of visuals, sound, and editing techniques, films engage audiences and evoke emotions, offering a powerful form of artistic expression and entertainment.

Why You Should Learn Film in Los Angeles

Learning film in Los Angeles (or anywhere) offers several advantages and benefits. First and foremost, it cultivates your visual literacy and critical thinking skills. By studying films as an aspiring filmmaker or enthusiast, you’ll develop an understanding of composition, lighting, camera angles, and visual storytelling techniques. This knowledge enables you to analyze and appreciate the artistic choices made by filmmakers, enhancing your ability to create compelling visual narratives.

Secondly, learning film fosters creativity and self-expression. Filmmaking provides you with a platform to bring your ideas and stories to life. By learning the technical aspects of film production, such as cinematography, editing, and sound design, you’ll gain the tools to effectively communicate your vision and evoke emotions in audiences.

Film education also promotes cultural awareness and empathy. Films often reflect diverse perspectives, cultures, and historical events. By engaging with films from various genres, countries, and periods, you’ll develop a broader understanding of different societies, traditions, and human experiences. This exposure to diverse narratives helps you tap into your empathy, encourages dialogue, and contributes to a more inclusive and interconnected world.

Generally speaking, learning film empowers individuals to become proficient visual storytellers, enhances their creative potential, and deepens their understanding of the world through the lens of cinema.

In-Person Film Classes in Los Angeles

Film classes are available across various venues in Los Angeles, which includes educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and community colleges. Higher education schools commonly offer film studies programs. There are also specialized film schools and academies that exclusively focus on providing film education and teach a diverse range of film classes. Many art schools and conservatories also incorporate film classes into their curricula. Additionally, community centers, cultural organizations, and nonprofit institutions frequently organize film classes and workshops to promote film education and appreciation within the community. Sometimes independent filmmakers and production companies may lead film classes or workshops to share their knowledge and expertise.

In 1981, the McCadden Place Theatre was established by Jay Donohue and Joy Rinaldi, both former performers interested in exploring new opportunities in the creative world. They wanted a theater where they could actively participate and act in bigger, better roles. Their vision was to bring diverse plays to Los Angeles, matching the variety of actors available for casting. To make their dream a reality, they embarked on a journey to find a suitable location. They discovered a graffiti-covered furniture warehouse in Hollywood, in need of renovations. With the help of friends, donated materials, hard work, and a few six-packs, they proved that dreams can indeed come true. Today, they offer classes in acting for film and television as well as the stage.

The Essence of Film Acting at McCadden Place Theatre is a workshop suitable for all skill levels, focusing on the question of how effectively an on-camera class translates to actual on-camera performance. The workshop utilizes a two-camera/split-screen setup, allowing scenes to be recorded on USB flash drives for convenient viewing on personal computers. Led by instructor Joy Rinaldi, known as "The Audition Doctor" and boasting extensive experience in TV, film, and Broadway, the class offers both daytime and evening sessions. Through this workshop, you will discover your unique film essence, unlock your talent, build confidence, and tap into your power as a performer.

AbelCine serves the film production, broadcast TV, and new media sectors, and since being founded in 1989 by Pete and Rich Abel, the company has consistently prioritized technical expertise and excellent customer service. With a wide range of services, AbelCine supports creative professionals throughout the entire production process. They firmly believe that technology should be guided by creative intent. With that philosophy, AbelCine provides specialized training classes that cater to professionals and aspiring image-makers, encompassing both established and emerging production technologies.

The Steadicam Bronze Workshop, offered by AbelCine in Burbank, is a beginner-level film production class designed to equip you with the necessary skills for using light and medium weight Steadicam systems. By completing this training program, you’ll gain proficiency in assembling the Steadicam, attaching cameras and accessories, understanding the operational principles of the Steadicam (such as achieving proper balance using dynamic balance), and achieving smooth starts and stops while shooting. Additionally, the workshop covers various techniques and skills, including post-pan sled, body pan sled, tracking shots sideways, circling subjects, and many more.

Small to No Crew: Cinematic Video Lighting Workshop at AbelCine in Burbank is a one-day, hands-on workshop for all experience levels. The instructor, Jem Schofield of the C47, will guide you through lighting for documentary, in-house, and corporate-based video projects. This includes taking you through the process of planning and lighting using low-key, cinematic techniques. The class will also feature lighting, lighting control, composition, and camera setups to teach you how to light for a range of projects. There will also be a discussion and demonstration of certain "rules" to help you consistently shoot natural-looking interviews in various shooting environments. The class will be conducted in a conversational style that allows the instructor to work effectively with you while teaching process and craft. It will feel like being on an actual working set.

Established over 100 years ago, Moviola Education Center in Burbank created the first film editing machine. Evolving with the times, they now provide a full-service, non-linear editing rental division with a 24/7 workflow design as well as technical support, camera rentals, and tape and solid-state media sales. Their established training division teaches leading-edge, onsite and online training classes for filmmakers with weekly live webinars, and hosts a vast library of professional, on-demand training materials.

Fundamentals of VR Video Production & Post for Indie at Moviola Education Center is a class for those who want to gain a good understanding of the technology options involved in virtual reality (VR) production and post-production. In this class, you’ll learn rock-solid data management and VR workflow techniques. You’ll also master GoPro camera settings for successful 360 cinematography.

Virtual Film Classes 

Online film classes and in-person film classes have distinct differences in terms of delivery, interaction, and practicality. Online film classes give you the convenience of remote learning, allowing you to access course materials and instruction from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility in scheduling and location is a significant advantage if you have other commitments or are unable to attend in-person classes. However, the interactive nature of online classes may differ as the immediacy and spontaneity of in-person collaboration and hands-on activities can be challenging to replicate virtually.

While online classes often incorporate discussion forums and live video interactions, in-person classes provide you with direct interaction with instructors and fellow students, enabling real-time feedback, group projects, and practical exercises on set or in a dedicated film studio. In-person classes also typically grant you access to professional-grade equipment, editing facilities, and physical film sets, allowing for more immersive and practical learning experiences. On the other hand, online classes may focus more on theoretical concepts, script analysis, and post-production techniques that can be learned and practiced using personal or readily available equipment. 

Actors Connection of New York has been providing access to New York's top agents, casting directors, personal managers, and print agents for over 30 years. With a diverse schedule of over 150 TV and film-related classes, seminars, and special events every month, they offer exceptional opportunities for working actors. Whether you're seeking representation, exploring new aspects of the acting industry, aiming to improve your auditioning skills, or simply looking to network, Actors Connection equips you with the essential tools for success in today's competitive acting market.

The Film Intensive with Donna McKenna, hosted by Actors Connection of New York, is an online acting class focused on film and television suitable for actors of all experience levels. Donna McKenna, an internationally acclaimed casting director and producer with nearly two decades of experience in casting independent feature films, shorts, and web series, will lead the class. The session begins with an informative online Q&A session, followed by your presentation of a scene assigned by the instructor on the same evening, where you'll perform with a reader in a group setting. Be prepared to receive feedback and make adjustments. Everyone participating in this virtual intensive will receive a cold scene. Make sure your headshot and resume are up to date.

Online Feature Film/TV Intensive with Erika, offered by Actors Connection of New York, is an advanced-level class. The instructor, Erika Foss Demeza, has numerous professional credits in film and television, including Netflix, A24, Apple TV, Hulu, and Focus Features. You'll start off this virtual intensive with a Q&A, and then she'll begin working with you (with a reader) on camera in a group format. Be prepared for feedback and to take adjustments on the fly.

For the last 18 years, Randi Feldman has been an instructor for a series of film workshops and lectures at various prestigious institutions, including UCLA, NYFA (New York Film Academy in L.A.), AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, Santa Fe Community College, "F.I.T" Film Industry Training Program presented by S3 Entertainment Group in Detroit, Michigan, and Columbia College in Hollywood. She is also the director of Cinema Workshops, located in Santa Monica, California. Her classes primarily focus on "The Craft of the Script Supervisor" and cater to aspiring directors, producers, and script supervisors in the film and commercial industry. These classes are offered in both private and semi-private workshop formats.

Cinema Workshops offers online classes, including Beginning Script Supervising Part A and Beginning Script Supervising Part B, designed for individuals without prior experience. These entry-level classes provide a comprehensive understanding of the essential principles and techniques required for script supervising in the film and television industry. The workshops cover all the fundamental skills necessary for effectively supervising scripts for dramatic films. Ideally, it is recommended to take Part A and Part B in sequence to maximize learning continuity.

Located in the downtown area, Los Angeles City College is dedicated to empowering students from diverse communities. The institution's mission is to support students in achieving their educational and career aspirations by offering learner-centered pathways to success through transfer programs, career and technical education, and foundational skills programs. Los Angeles City College (LACC) provides a variety of classes, both in-person and online, including those related to TV and film.

The Acting for Film & TV class at LACC is designed for beginners, providing a safe, positive, and supportive environment to explore the foundations of acting. You will learn essential skills such as script analysis and audition preparation. Through the effective use of your imagination, you’ll develop believable characters and bring scenes to life, evoking emotional responses from audiences. The class focuses on working with scene partners on film and television scripts, simulating audition scenarios. It also includes an on-camera component. To join the class, interested individuals can register using a valid email address and receive the Zoom invitation.

Private Group Film Classes in Los Angeles

If you’d like to reserve a private group film class online, CourseHorse provides customized live online classes tailored to your organization or business. A group film class presents an ideal opportunity for team-building, fostering engagement and creativity. If you're interested in booking a private group film class, fill out the contact form to connect with CourseHorse and explore the available options.

Booking a group event with CourseHorse offers numerous advantages. First, it gives you the flexibility to adjust the group size as needed and guarantees a confirmation email within 24 hours. There are no extra booking fees. Additionally, CourseHorse supports a variety of virtual platforms, making it convenient to organize and host your group's online gathering.

A film class serves as an exceptional team-building activity, nurturing collaboration, creativity, and effective communication. The process of filmmaking relies on teamwork, as individuals with diverse skills and roles come together to bring a project to life. Working in groups or production teams, students in a film class learn to depend on one another's expertise and collaborate toward a shared objective. This collaborative environment supports trust, respect, and effective communication skills as participants navigate the complexities of planning, shooting, and editing a film.

Also, film classes provide a platform for individuals to express their creativity and explore their strengths within a supportive setting. Through hands-on activities and creative exercises, team members unleash their imaginations and problem-solving abilities, discovering innovative approaches to challenges. This shared experience of learning and creating together cultivates camaraderie and a sense of belonging within the group. As participants collaborate and witness the collective effort involved in film production, they develop a deeper appreciation for each other's contributions and a better understanding of the value of teamwork.

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