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Drink Making Classes Los Angeles

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Discover a world of mixology and become a master of craft cocktails with drink-making classes in Los Angeles. Learn the art of creating delicious concoctions, explore different techniques, and elevate your bartending skills for endless opportunities and unforgettable experiences.

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Make Cocktails Like an Expert

TalkTales Entertainment @ 438 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

Learn the art of mixology and impress your loved ones with your cocktail-making skills. Discover the history behind classic mixed drinks while mastering the use of bar tools and terminology. Join us for a fun-filled class where you'll learn to craft two classic cocktails and one original creation. Cheers to a delightful and educational experience!

(2) All levels 18 and older
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The Very Best Bloody Marys and Guacamole

The Good Food Project @ Virtual Classroom

Learn to create the perfect pairing of guacamole and Bloody Marys in this hands-on class. Master the art of making amazing guacamole and discover how to mix, pour, and garnish the ultimate Bloody Mary. Leave with the knowledge to build an awesome Bloody Mary bar at home.

(57) All levels 16 and older
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Learn Cocktail Making

J. Bespoke @ Online

Unleash your inner mixologist and master the art of cocktail-making from the comfort of your home! Join expert bartenders for a virtual class where you'll learn to craft two specialty cocktails of your choice. With optional DIY cocktail kits delivered to your door, indulge in a fun and informative experience suitable for beginners and perfect for virtual gatherings or team-building events. Cheers to mastering the art of mixology!

All levels 21 and older
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Explore Drink Making Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Drink Making Private Group Events
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Coffees, Teas & Bottled Waters of the World

San Francisco Wine School @ Online

Embark on a global exploration of coffee, tea, and bottled waters. From the origins and cultivation to roasting and drying techniques, delve into the intricate world of these beverages. Gain insights into environmental considerations, flavor profiles, and their impact on wine pairings, while also uncovering industry trends and consumer preferences.

(13) All levels 21 and older
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Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

Los Angeles City College @ 14443 Califa St, Los Angeles, CA

Learn the art of crafting perfect espresso and mastering the techniques that make a great cup of coffee in this beginner-friendly course. Elevate your coffee skills and understand the ins and outs of the barista world at a renowned institution in the heart of Los Angeles. Sign up today and kick-start your journey towards becoming a proficient barista.

(793) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Mixology Essentials

The Institute of Culinary Education LA @ 521 East Green Street, Pasadena

Unlock the secrets of professional bartending with this immersive mixology class. Guided by an experienced ICE professional, you'll master classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Margarita. Learn the art of garnishing, stirring, and shaking while enjoying the cocktails you craft. Must be 21 or older.

(1) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Farmer's Market Summer Drink Series

The Institute of Culinary Education LA @ 521 East Green Street, Pasadena

Join us for a unique mixology experience where we'll visit the South Pasadena Farmer’s Market to gather fresh, seasonal ingredients. From there, we'll craft creative variations of classic cocktails, using our market finds to make syrups, juices, and cordials. Join us for a refreshing journey through the best of summer's bounty!

(1) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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Daytime Delights Brunch Cocktails

The Institute of Culinary Education LA @ 521 East Green Street, Pasadena

Join us for a daytime delight as we explore the art of brunch cocktails! From classic favorites like mimosas and Bloody Marys to intriguing variations and refreshing picks like Aperol Spritz and Paloma, discover the perfect libation for any daytime occasion.

(1) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

The Ultimate Gin & Tonic Experience

The Institute of Culinary Education LA @ 521 East Green Street, Pasadena

Embark on the ultimate gin and tonic journey, tracing its fascinating history and mastering the art of crafting this beloved cocktail. From sampling a variety of tonics to learning the secrets of homemade tonic water, explore the diverse world of gin and its perfect partner. Elevate your cocktail game with expertly paired garnishes and various gin styles for a truly unforgettable experience.

(1) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Tiki Classic Summer Sippers

The Institute of Culinary Education LA @ 521 East Green Street, Pasadena

Step into the vibrant world of Tiki drinks and discover the magic behind these classic summer sippers. From the iconic Mai Tai to the tropical flavors of the Pina Colada and Zombie, delve into the art of mixing with different rums and cordials. Join us for a taste of paradise and learn how to craft these beloved cocktails, with a few exciting twists along the way!

(1) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Valentine's Cocktail Mixology

The King's Roost @ 3734 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

In this class, former caterer (and current bad-ass home-chef) Wyatt McDill shows you how to make some amazing cocktails. I can personally attest to his amazing skills in not only preparing fantastic drinks, but I'm always impressed at how they appear in the glass with no apparent work, a critical skill when entertaining!  So get a ticket now before the class fills up, or better yet, grab a date because your "plus 1" is half off for Valenti...

(68) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Cocktail Crafting

Institute of Domestic Technology @ 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

In this artisanal cocktail lover's dream class we'll dig into our apothecaries’ cabinet (bitter herbs, flowers, roots etc), mixing and manifesting the perfect recipe for your imbibing pleasure. We'll go over the history behind bitters making, as well as some common and not so common ingredients that make up traditional and new essences. Upon completion we'll have each created our own unique bitters formula to take home, as well as incorporate them...

(11) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Gin & Tonic 101

Institute of Domestic Technology @ 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

Keep calm and drink Gin and Tonic! Gin Tasting, Homemade Tonic Water from Scratch, Gin & Tonic Cocktail Making, and Clear Ice Made Easy. Gin is in, and there are so many fantastic options out there–if you think you don’t like gin, think again! We’ll begin class with a gin tasting with three of "Dean" Kent's favorites. We’ll then blow your mind with our homemade tonic water: intoxicatingly complex, floral and fruity, perfectly bitter,...

(11) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Classic and Creative Cocktails

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 10740 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Learn simple yet creative mixology techniques so you can celebrate the holidays and drink them too. With these three seasonally inspired recipes guarantee your place as favorite host of the year. This hands-on class will cover recipe building fundamentals, simple methodology to create some of your own ingredients at home, and the opportunity to make and taste three signature drinks with a wintery theme. We use ingredients that are easy to find at...

(1783) Beginner 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Kombucha with Caterina

The King's Roost @ 3734 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Caterina, our in-house expert on Kombucha will teach you how to make this amazing and popular health drink. If you are a kombucha drinker, you don't want to miss this class. Home made kombucha costs pennies to make and you can flavor it any way you want. You will go home with your very own scoby and the knowledge to make all the (practically) free kombucha your heart desires!

(68) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Craft Cocktail Mixers and Infusions (Online)

BLVD. Kitchen @ Virtual Classroom

Chef Darryl's "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" Sessions have been wildly popular since we first went online, and one of the secrets of his outstanding cocktails are the wonderful Fruit Syrups and Botanical infusions he creates.  In this class, you'll learn to do your own market-inspired mix-ins, plus some fun garnishing and other pro tips for your summer drinks! This class will be meeting on Zoom. We'll send you an email with the class handout...

(73) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Fermentation Fest

Institute of Domestic Technology @ 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

A two-hour, hands-on workshop with four class modules, tastings and take-home swag! Learn how to let Mother Nature do your carbonating, sweetening and flavoring--in the name of deliciousness! Homemade Soda Dreams of becoming a soda baron? This is your crash course! Home soda making has been enjoying an electric enthusiasm of late for its simplicity and fantastic flavor. A simple starter called a Ginger Bug, fruit juice and some bottles are all...

(11) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Saving The Season: First Of Spring

Institute of Domestic Technology

In this workshop, student will learn how to preserve, transform and enjoy the bounty of spring. A 1-Day workshop celebrating spring. The day includes morning coffee service, our Toast Bar™, in house-made jams, 4 class sessions and a spring vegetable inspired lunch. This full-day, hands-on workshop will teach you how to prepare pickles and jam from variety of farmers' market spring ingredients. Join Saving the Season author Kevin West and Institute...

(11) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

San Giovanni Day Nocino Festival

Institute of Domestic Technology

A DIY Celebration of Italy's Green Walnut Liqueur Join us for our third annual San Giovanni Day Nocino Festival. Last year was a sold out event--spaces are limited! Nocino is a traditional Italian Walnut Liqueur, made when the nuts, still green on the tree, are picked unripe. We will harvest local green walnuts to make this inky black walnut liqueur, as has been done in Italy for centuries. This hands-on workshop includes making a batch of your...

(11) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Cocktail Hour Hosting

The King's Roost @ 3734 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

The cocktail hour was once a celebrated American art form: a condensed party slash meet-and-greet with drinks, appetizers, and socializing all packed into a limited time-frame. We want to bring it back, and we need your help! In this two hour class we’ll mix (and drink) cocktails, cook (and eat) easy-to-prepare-in-advance appetizers, and explore (in real time) the lost art of time-constrained entertaining, including setting a theme, setting a guest...

(68) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Reviews for Drink Making Classes in Los Angeles

Drink Making Classes in Los Angeles are rated 4.5 stars based on 2,801 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • The Very Best Bloody Marys and Guacamole

    Reviewed by Scott A. on 11/13/2023
    Chelly did a great job, entertaining and informative!
  • Make Cocktails Like an Expert

    Reviewed by Megan F. on 10/4/2023
    What a wonderful experience this was. Shanna (hopefully I’m spelling her name correctly) was fabulous! She was lively, personable, passionate, and sweet. I purchased this class for my wife and I for our anniversary. My wife is very interested in mixology, so this was the perfect surprise for her. I would absolutely attend another class, and highly recommend anyone “on the fence” whether or not to book. Thanks, Shanna. We’re mixing cocktails as we speak! (:
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Reviewed by Vera E. on 9/18/2023
    The class was very informative and hands on. Be ready to make an expresó.
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Anonymous review on 4/19/2022
    The class was a really fun learning experience & was easier than I thought. The people who attended were super friendly & the instructor was very helpful. I enjoyed learning how to operate the machines.
  • Craft Cocktail Mixers and Infusions (Online)

    Reviewed by indra c. on 8/8/2020
    OMG. The class was so much fun. Darrell (instructor) was very knowledgeable and so much fun. He answered all my questions and gave helpful suggestions. I already tried 2 things I made (simple syrup and infused gin w/jalapeno pepper). Both are excellent. Class was so much fun I already signed up for another class he offered.
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Reviewed by Steve J. on 6/16/2019
    Class was good, learned how operate equipment, clean, make diff. Drinks do designs in drinks and learned more about coffee.
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Reviewed by Armelee A. on 9/25/2017
    We should introduce each other on our class before we start . Also the teacher, aside from that more fun and educational love it and I learned about coffee!!!
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Reviewed by Samuel R. on 2/6/2017
    Nice fun class... sure learned about coffee
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Reviewed by Jennifer N. on 6/19/2016
    This class was very informative. The instructor was knowledgeable about expresso machines, making expressos, and making coffee in general. The instructor was very patient and open to answering questions. I would recommend this class for people who doesn't know anything about using expresso machines and/or steaming milk.
  • Barista Training for Beginners Part 1

    Anonymous review on 3/13/2016
    It was a great class, I am already signing in for next level

Discover the Best Drink Making Classes in Los Angeles

Drink making refers to the process of preparing beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including mixing cocktails, brewing coffee and tea, crafting mocktails and infusions, fermenting and distilling spirits, brewing beer, and making wine. Drink making involves understanding the characteristics of different ingredients, utilizing appropriate tools and equipment, and following specific recipes and methods to produce beverages that taste unique and delicious. Drink making is a multifaceted practice that celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, and the pleasures of well-made drinks. 

Why You Should Learn Drink Making in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a great place to learn drink making. The city has a long history as a “wine town,” starting when it was colonized by the Spanish, who used wine as a celebrant and in religious ceremonies. Los Angeles also has an often overlooked beer history, with legendary local brands such as Eastside Beer. Finally, Los Angeles has 25 Michelin star restaurants, many of which also serve delicious cocktails alongside their food. It’s undeniably an excellent city for aspiring drink makers to hone their craft. 

By learning drink making in LA, you also gain access to a rich network of talented professionals, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge trends. The city is home to renowned bars, coffee shops, and breweries, providing ample opportunities for hands-on experience, collaboration, and inspiration. Additionally, LA’s cultural diversity and global influences offer a wide range of flavors and ingredients to explore.

In-Person Drink Making Classes in Los Angeles

There are many options for in-person drink making classes in Los Angeles. For example, Makers Mess offers a class called Craft Cocktails from the Kitchen Cabinet. In this class, students will learn how to whip up quality cocktails from everyday ingredients. In two hours, participants will learn the balance of sweet and sour in cocktails, when to shake and when to stir, as well as how to correctly order a drink. Students will make three cocktails in class, and leave with the knowledge to make twenty. 

Makers Mess is a space for artists to collaborate and challenge each other. It offers classes on a multitude of topics, from painting to cooking and mixology. It is located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

The Institute of Domestic Technology offers a class called Home Coffee Roasting. In this class, students will learn how to choose and roast their own coffee beans for delicious drinks at home. Over the course of the class, they’ll learn everything from how to buy fresh “green” beans at a fraction of the cost of pre-roasted ones, identify the stages of roasting, and finally, to roast the beans. Students will then brew their coffee using a French press and grinder. 

Also offered at the Institute of Domestic Technology is a class called Gin & Tonic 101. In this class, students will learn how to make one of the world’s most popular cocktails—the gin and tonic. The class will begin with a gin tasting, then move onto a workshop on creating tonic water from scratch. Finally, students will learn how to make perfectly clear ice at home. With these tactics, they’ll learn how to make the perfect gin and tonic. 

The Institute of Domestic Technology is located in Altadena, California. Founded in 2011, their mission is to spread their passion for food and drink. They offer classes, tours, workshops, and more. 

The King’s Roost offers a class called Kombucha with Caterina. Caterina, an expert on brewing Kombucha, will guide students through the steps to create their own brew at home. Homemade kombucha can be flavored however students prefer, and costs only pennies to make. Students will leave the class with their very own scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and the knowledge to make kombucha at home. 

Located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, The King’s Roost offers a multitude of classes. Some classes include backyard chicken keeping, grain milling and flaking, candle making, and soap making. The founders of The King’s Roost created it to share their passions with Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. 

CocuSocial hosts a class called Magic Color Changing Cocktails. In this class, students will learn how to create two stunning color-changing cocktails; butterfly pea flower and a sunset margarita. Students will also learn the basics of bartending, including how to set up a bar, mix basic drinks, prepare garnishes, and improvise on the fly. Students will be paired up, meaning that this class has a social element as well. 

CocuSocial is headquartered in New York, but is providing this particular class in Burbank, California. They have classes on making pasta, rolling sushi, cooking dumplings, baking pizza, decorating cakes, and more. All of their classes have a social aspect, so participants will be able to learn new skills and strengthen bonds at the same time. 

Finally, LearnAboutWine / WineLA has a class called Wine Camp - An Introduction to Wine. In this class, participants will learn how wine is made, how to taste wine, how to serve wine, and more. Students will be led through a deep-dive on everything wine, complete with the chance to taste wines themselves. Some of the wines that participants will taste include sauvignon blanc, bourgogne blanc, pinot noir, and zinfandel. 

LearnAboutWine / WineLA was founded by wine expert Ian Blackburn in 1995. Located in the downtown neighborhood of LA, it seeks to educate people around the area about wine, its history, and how to taste it. 

Virtual Drink Making Classes 

Online drink making classes offer convenience and accessibility from anywhere in the world. They provide visual demonstrations, interactive elements, and flexibility for self-paced learning. In-person classes offer face-to-face networking and hands-on experiences. Both have their merits, depending on preferences and learning goals.

There are several options for people interested in online drink making classes. One such class is the Mystery Tea Tasting - Online class offered by the New York Botanical Garden. Led by herbalist Geraldine Lavin, this unique experience begins with each participant receiving a carefully selected mystery herb along with brewing instructions. Discover the art of brewing and savoring the tea as the instructor guides you through the process. At the end of the session, the identity of the mystery herb will be unveiled. As a globally recognized cultural institution, the New York Botanical Garden offers a diverse range of classes, all centered around plants and herbs, making it a premier destination for botanical education and exploration.

The Chicago Botanic Garden, with one of the largest memberships among U.S. botanical gardens, offers a fascinating class called Online Cooking: Herb-Infused Spirits. Enroll in this course to learn the art of using herbs sourced from gardens or markets to create inventive and enticing alcoholic drinks. Gain insight into the history of drink making while mastering the craft of crafting bespoke ingredients for your at-home bar cart or drink cabinet. With a wide range of plant-related classes, the Chicago Botanic Garden serves as a prominent institution for botanical education and exploration.

Private Group Drink Making Classes in Los Angeles

Consider scheduling a drink making class with CourseHorse for a fun team-building event for your business or organization. CourseHorse offers private group drink making classes that can be tailored to your needs and delivered directly to you, whether you're in New York City or elsewhere. Engage your team and foster a sense of camaraderie with these interactive and customized classes. CourseHorse's live online sessions provide the perfect opportunity to bring your team together for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

If you’re interested in drink making classes for private groups in Los Angeles, then contact CourseHorse through the contact form on their website. Booking with CourseHorse for your team-building drink making class offers numerous benefits, including flexible group size adjustments, swift confirmation within 24 hours, no booking fees, and support for multiple platforms. Enjoy the convenience and customization of their private group classes, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your team.

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