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Couples Cooking Classes Chicago

Discover the joy of couples cooking classes in Chicago. From mastering the art of pasta making to creating romantic French dishes, these classes offer a fun and interactive way to enhance your relationship while learning new skills and indulging in delicious food.

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Wine Making for Two

Beverage Art Inc @ 9030 S Hermitage Ave , Chicago, IL

Discover the secrets of crafting exquisite wines, from Chardonnay to Cabernet, in this immersive two-session class. Learn from expert winemakers as you participate in every step of the process, from fermentation to aging. Unleash your inner vintner and create a collection of personalized wines to savor and share.

for 2 students
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Hands-On Date Night: Gastropub

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Indulge in an evening of culinary exploration with a focus on tantalizing gastropub fare. Elevate your date night experience as you delve into the art of creating gourmet dishes in a hands-on setting. Unleash your inner foodie and savor the delicious results of your culinary endeavors.

Hands On Beer Brewing

Beverage Art Inc @ 9030 S Hermitage Ave , Chicago, IL

Learn the art of brewing your beer in this hands-on class. Discover the secrets of creating different beer styles and take home 48 bottles of your brew. Get ready to impress your friends with your newfound beer-brewing skills.

for 2 students
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Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events
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Hands-On Knife Skills

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Become a culinary pro with our popular Knife Skills class. Learn how to mince, slice, and dice like a chef, and gain valuable knowledge on knife care, sharpening, and selection. Join us at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square for a hands-on chopping session that will take your kitchen skills to the next level.

Couples Venetian Dinner Party

Tutore @ 2755 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Ignite your culinary passion with our Couples Venetian Dinner Party, where you and your partner will immerse yourselves in the flavors of Italy. From crafting traditional cicchetti to mastering fish in parchment and creating the perfect tiramisu, embark on a culinary adventure together. Join us for a memorable evening of teamwork, taste, and romance.

Hands-On Vegetarian Boot Camp

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Broaden your palette and learn new vegetarian cooking techniques at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Join this immersive one-day class to explore flavors, and ingredients, and create plate after plate of meatless deliciousness. Discover a whole new world of vegetarian cuisine!

Hands-On Pie and Tart Boot Camp

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and take your pie and tart skills to the next level at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Join our intensive hands-on class and learn how to create stunning pies and tarts that taste as good as they look. From making and rolling out pie dough to preparing cream cheese pastry and pretzel crusts, our chef will guide you every step of the way.

Flavor Dynamics

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Unleash your culinary creativity as you unlock the secrets of flavor combinations in this immersive demonstration class. Discover the art of tweaking taste and mastering the use of aromatic ingredients to create a tapestry of cuisine inspired by your palate. Perfect for those seeking to elevate their cooking skills and embrace the world of flavors.

Hands-On Steakhouse DIY

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Learn the secrets of a classic steakhouse dinner at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Get hands-on experience preparing grilled beef tenderloin steaks, roasted brussels sprouts, garlic mashed potatoes, and vanilla cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Master the skills of selecting, sautéing, and determining beef doneness in this sizzling culinary class.

Hands-On Pasta Workshop

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Learn to make fresh pasta of all shapes and sizes at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Join our hands-on workshop and discover the secrets behind making delicious seasonal sauces suited to each pasta. Get ready to enhance your culinary skills and indulge in a menu featuring ricotta and spinach tortellini and spinach pappardelle with shrimp.

Hands-On Artisanal Breads Boot Camp

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Discover the secrets of baking artisan bread in this immersive kitchen experience, where you'll learn the techniques and skills needed to create delectable treats like Sourdough Cheddar Scallion Twist and Chocolate Hazelnut Morning Buns. Join us at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square for a day of hands-on bread-making like no other.

Hands-On Neapolitan Pizzeria

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Get a taste of Italy with this hands-on class at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Discover the secrets to creating authentic Neapolitan pizzas and learn essential skills like working with yeast dough, cooking on a pizza stone, and balancing flavors. Join us for a culinary adventure that will transport your taste buds straight to Naples.

Pasta 101

Tutore @ 2755 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Join us in this class and embark on a journey to master the art of creating fresh pasta from scratch. From rolling dough to shaping tortellini, learn essential techniques to craft delectable dishes like Tagliatelle di Caccio Pepe and Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with Cherry Tomato Ragu. Elevate your culinary skills and savor the flavors of authentic Italian cuisine.

Hands-On Asian Boot Camp

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Embark on an immersive culinary adventure in this hands-on Asian cuisine class. Discover the diverse flavors and techniques of China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand while mastering the art of balancing sweet, savory, sour, and spicy. From homemade dumpling wrappers to velvety beef chow fun, take your Asian cooking to the next level at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square.

Culinary Boot Camp 1

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Experience the thrill of culinary school without the commitment or cost at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Discover fundamental cooking techniques, from knife skills to advanced methods, and bring it all together with a final menu created with your classmates. Elevate your cooking skills in just five sessions with this unique culinary foundation course.


5 sessions

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Hands-On Vegetarian Mediterranean

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Enjoy a hands-on vegetarian feast inspired by the bold, fresh and zippy flavors of the Mediterranean. Menu: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Homemade Pita Chips Falafel-Quinoa Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce Roasted Carrot and Fennel Salad with Feta and Harissa Vinaigrette Orange-Saffron Panna Cotta  Skills covered in class:  Getting familiar with Mediterranean ingredients Working with fresh herbs and spices Preparing bean dips ...

Hands-On Winter in Toscana

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Embark on a culinary journey to Tuscany this winter at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square, where you'll learn to create authentic Italian dishes like Tuscan white bean stew and wild boar ragu. Discover the secrets of balancing flavors, perfect knife skills, and more in this immersive hands-on class.

Hands-On Gluten-Free Comfort Food

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Learn how to recreate your favorite southern-inspired comfort foods using gluten substitutes in this engaging hands-on cooking class at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Master Nashville hot fried chicken sandwiches, skillet mac-n-cheese, oven-roasted green beans with toasted pecans, and dark chocolate-toffee brownies while developing essential culinary skills.

Hands-On Vegan Voyage

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Learn to create a vegan feast, including sloppy joes with mushrooms and chickpeas, broccoli and carrot slaw, and chocolate whoopie pies with Irish cream frosting. Discover dairy and egg substitutes and master the skills of soup-making, flavor balancing, knife techniques, and cake batter preparation. Join us for a hands-on experience of plant-based cooking at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square.

Hands-On Ramen Workshop

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Discover the secrets of crafting authentic ramen from scratch at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Unleash your inner chef as you learn to make homemade ramen noodles and create a flavorful miso-soy broth with tender pork, bok choy, and a perfectly cooked egg. Join this hands-on workshop and elevate your ramen game to new heights.

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Reviews for Couples Cooking Classes in Chicago

Couples Cooking Classes in Chicago are rated 4.7 stars based on 285 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Jill R. on 1/21/2024
    Great course, great instructors. Very informative and very fun.
  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Peter L. on 1/14/2024
    Well done. Chef Tony led the class, supported by Chef Lisa and Chef David. It was a helpful, insightful class, even for a seasoned home cook. Lots of focus on technique with personal input from the roaming chefs.
  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Daria K. on 8/14/2023
    The Knife Skills course exceeded our expectations! We learned so much and can't wait to be back for another class, as this one was so informative and fun. We highly recommend the course by Chef Trevor!
  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Marc H. on 8/5/2023
    I learned a great deal in this knife skills class. Our instructor, David, obviously is a very talented chef. He did a great job sharing his encyclopedic knowledge about kitchen knives and demonstrating to the class how to handle the knife and use it appropriately and safely.
  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Biff P. on 6/2/2023
    Great class! The instructors were patient, knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Nina Y. on 3/24/2023
    It was a very useful, practical, fun, and informational class. I loved learning a broad overview of different knives commonly found in a home kitchen. Moreover, the practice of skillfully and safely cutting/dicing/slicing and holding the vegetables, was immensely helpful. Such a great class and a life skill everyone should learn!
  • Hands-On Knife Skills

    Reviewed by Kayla W. on 9/9/2022
    The Knife Skills class was great! The instructor was helpful and personable; his instruction was clear, precise, and based on professional expertise. Good pace. Hands-on. Lots of practice during the class. My husband and I left the class with improved knife skills, baggies full of chopped veggies to be used in a provided recipe, and all 20 of our fingers!
  • Wine Making for Two

    Anonymous review on 1/30/2022
    The instructor, Greg, was amazing! Funny, informative, and helpful. We really enjoyed the class and we’re looking forward to our wine bottling!
  • Hands On Beer Brewing

    Reviewed by Paul B. on 1/16/2022
    Well organized and informative fun discussion.
  • Hands On Beer Brewing

    Reviewed by Jason M. on 10/21/2021
    The class is laid back and hands on. Greg was an awesome teacher with so much knowledge and so welcoming. We can’t wait to go back!

Discover the Best Couples Cooking Classes in Chicago

A cultural and family tradition dating back thousands of years, cooking is the art of transforming ordinary foods into delicious meals that can be savored in both homes and restaurants. Typically, cooking involves mixing multiple ingredients to create unique flavors. In addition, various methods for applying heat enable cooks to control the timing, temperature, and moisture content of their dishes. Because food has incredible power to heighten emotional connections, many couples enjoy cooking meals together, and some even treat it as a date-night activity.

Popularly known as couples cooking, sharing responsibilities in the kitchen can help intimate partners feel more supported in a relationship. In addition, learning how to cook with a partner can also be great fun, as it offers plenty of opportunities to explore new territories together. For those who are worried about making mistakes, learning to cook alongside a supportive partner can make the process less scary. If you’re interested in learning, joining a couples cooking class taught by an experienced chef can get you started. 

Why You Should Learn Couples Cooking in Chicago

If your relationship needs a little kindling, couples cooking is a great way to light a fire and keep it burning. Cooking together means sharing responsibilities in a small space, which will offer plenty of opportunities to improve your communication skills. Additionally, working toward the shared goal will draw upon your unique strengths, giving you a greater appreciation for your partner’s contributions to your relationship. Couples who cook together often discover that their team efforts in the kitchen come in handy when facing life’s other difficulties. 

Along with creating healthier relationships, cooking can also make relationships more fun by adding novelty to the mix. Exploring international foods together can be an exciting adventure that sparks creativity and encourages curiosity about your partner. Getting hands-on in the kitchen can add romance to the air and create positive memory associations triggered by eating certain foods. 

In-Person Couples Cooking Classes & Schools in Chicago

If you love food and want to explore couples cooking with your partner, you can join a class right in Chicago where you’ll learn from a talented chef. While you can learn couples cooking on your own, you’ll learn more quickly with guidance from an expert who can answer questions and give you tips along the way. In a class, you’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with other couples who share your love of food, and who knows—you may just make a friend for life. 

Chicago’s onsite couples cooking classes are generally taught in state-of-the-art cooking facilities that come fully loaded with high-quality ingredients and cooking equipment. If you’re not ready to invest in many cooking supplies yet, these classes are a great way to learn which tools you’ll actually use before you make a purchase. To discover in-person couples cooking classes in Chicago, check out the options available on CourseHorse. 

For the nature lovers and foragers out there, Chicago Botanic Garden has a Demonstration Cooking: Wild Mushrooms Course that will give you expert tricks for cooking wild mushrooms. If you’ve never been brave enough to forage wild mushrooms in the wild, you’ll get the chance to taste some of the delicious species native to Illinois. 

Want to spend a night cooking under the stars? Join The Chopping Block Lincoln Square for a Hands-On Date Night on the Patio. Using a grill, you’ll learn how to make an Italian-inspired banquet that you can enjoy together. This class is perfect for social couples who love to meet new people since you’ll be paired with a small group of other students to share a grill. 

Virtual Couples Cooking Classes & Schools

Does getting out of the house for a date feel like a nearly impossible ordeal after a long day of work? Fortunately, there are plenty of live online couples cooking courses that are just as interactive and enjoyable as an in-person class. With an internet-connected device and a kitchen to work in, you can learn from expert chefs around the globe. 

Particularly when you and your partner are both busy, learning couples cooking online can make it easier to fit date night into your schedules. When you skip commuting, you have more time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company while you explore new foods. 

Before you start cooking, you’ll want to collect any ingredients and cooking gear needed for your class. Typically, you’ll find these on an easy-to-follow list provided by your instructor. Visit CourseHorse to explore online couples cooking classes from around the world. 

For a beginner-friendly look at classic cooking skills, check out Class in the Kitchen’s Date Night: Steak for Two course taught by Italian-born Chef Grazia Hughes. Along with a night of quality time with your significant other, you’ll enjoy learning how to tenderize and season a steak, as well as creating a delicious sauce from wine and mushrooms. Finally, you’ll pan-roast a side of savory potatoes to pair with your romantic dinner. 

Want to learn how to transform boring rice into delicate sushi? In Food Craft’s virtual Sushi Rolling for Two class, you’ll be matched with a skilled chef and given a complimentary sushi-making kit with enough ingredients to make up to ten rolls. With your partner in tow, learn how to make two types of maki sushi that you can enjoy at home anytime you want. 

Private Group Couples Cooking Classes in Chicago

Create a sense of community in your business or organization by incorporating a couples cooking class into your event. These upbeat group courses not only encourage team-building; they also foster curiosity and greater social interaction among team members. Using CourseHorse, you can easily book couples cooking classes for your private group in Chicago

Join your group of up to 255 for a night of dough rolling in CourseHorse Experience’s Virtual Couples Cooking Pizza from Scratch course. While working with high-quality ingredients, you’ll receive beginner-friendly instructions from a chef on how to make a classic Margarita pizza. Each group member will benefit from chef-selected ingredients shipped straight to you. To ensure that everyone can make a pizza that’s uniquely their own, you’ll also be given a gift card and shopping list including popular toppings. 

If none of the cooking classes on CourseHorse are quite what you’re looking for, consider reaching out to them through their online contact form. At your request, CourseHorse can create brand-new classes that are uniquely suited to your group’s interests.

After finding the perfect class, booking with CourseHorse is a smooth process. If you’re unsure how many people will be at your event, don’t stress about it. Just give CourseHorse your best estimate and you’ll have the opportunity to change your group size up until the week before the event. In addition, you won’t need to worry about being charged a booking fee, and you can expect a confirmation within 24 hours. 

When it’s time to start class, you can plan on even more accommodations for your needs. For group members with allergies and dietary restrictions, most instructors are prepared to adapt menus to make sure everyone feels included. In addition, you’ll also be able to choose from a variety of tech platforms. While Zoom is CourseHorse’s preferred platform, they’re also set up to accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. In-person courses can even come right to your home or office space.

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