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Self Improvement Classes Coming up in Chicago


at Mac & Cheese Productions

A group of people interested in expanding their networks—social, professional, romantic—come to a Roscoe Village location (address sent upon registration) for an evening of low-key, no-pressure connection-making. Coming to a Mingler means you want a unique experience with an interesting and diverse group of people who are all there for the same...

Saturday Apr 29th, 7pm

Art & Renewal: An Open Studio Process Workshop

at Open Studio Project - Evanston
903 Sherman Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60202

Art & Renewal: An Open Studio Process Workshop for Helping Professionals & Educators Art & Renewal is a workshop designed to support social workers, counselors, therapists, educators, medical professionals, body workers, first responders, community organizers--any helping practitioner whose work is high stress, emotionally demanding, and...

Friday Apr 28th, 1pm

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at Discovery Center - Lakeview
2855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657

Savate is a French style of weaponless hand and foot fighting which is related to specialties of the Asian Martial Arts. Degerberg Academy’s Savate Classes will better your kicking techniques, improve your punch-kick combinations and increase your control while and balance you up your cardio. Required materials: Wrestling or boxing shoes Cup...


6 sessions

Wednesday May 24th, 8:15pm

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Summer Express Yourself

at Dovetail Studios - Irving Park
2853 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60618

Join us for a creative movement class designed specifically for students with developmental and cognitive differences. These fun, educational classes will promote confidence, positive social interactions, collaboration, and creative expression! All ages welcome.


11 sessions

Tuesday May 16th, 5pm

Muay Thai Kickboxing

at Discovery Center - Lakeview
2855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657

Action packed and calorie burning workout. Also known as Thai Boxing. Learn various punches, elbows, knees and kicking techniques that wear down and knockout your opponent or attacker. Required equipment: Hand wrap Cup and supporter (for male)


6 sessions

Monday May 22nd, 6:30pm

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Jiu Jitsu

at Discovery Center - Irving Park
4318 N Elston Ave 2nd Fl, Chicago, Illinois 60641

Our BJJ classes develop the ability to convert core power to control and upset balance as well as submit a much larger opponent; effective in both sport and self-defense. BJJ focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting, joint-locks and choke holds.


6 sessions

Monday May 22nd, 8pm

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Kali/Jun Fan

at Discovery Center - Lakeview
2855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657

These classes focus on the Filipino Martial Arts as well as Chinese Jun-Fan. Learn Kali weapon basics and concepts, forms and wooden dummy manipulation, empty hand and pad work from Jun-Fan training. Required equipment: Ratan training sticks


6 sessions

Saturday May 27th, 7:15pm

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Awakening Psychic Strengths

at Infinity Foundation - Riverwoods
1200 Saunders Rd, , Illinois City, Illinois 60015

Discover awe-inspiring tools and techniques to expand and develop your intuition and psychic awareness. Being psychic or intuitive is a natural process once you boost your understanding to tap into it by: Exploring basic, yet profound, simple applications of the hows and whys intuition works. Gaining confidence to access your intuition by using...

Saturday May 20th, 9am


Journeys to the Other Side:Explore Past & Between Lives

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Experience highly interactive guided group journeys to contact your past lives, spirit guides, and loved ones who have crossed over. Michael Newton, author of Memories of the Afterlife, did regression hypnosis research of the spirit world based on more than 6,000 people who remembered the afterlife before incarnating again. Wisehart, a contributing...

Sunday Apr 30th, 10am


Get Organized for a Better Life!

at Discovery Center

Are you overwhelmed by clutter, but unsure how make changes? Have you tried to get organized only to find yourself quickly back in chaos? Do you sense that things could be easier but can’t seem to come up with the solutions that you need? Are you putting important life goals on hold until you can “finally get organized”? If this sounds like...

Wednesday Jun 21st, 6pm

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Black Harvest Film Festival

at Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance - East Garfield Park
300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60624

Best of Black Harvest Film Festival at the Garfield Park Conservatory The Gene Siskel Film Center and the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance invite Chicago residents to experience Black Harvest Film Festival highlights from past years as well as the beauty of the Garfield Park Conservatory with the Best of the Black Harvest Film Festival...


Wednesday May 17th, 6pm

Self Defense “Empty Hand”:Limitless Self Defense

at Discovery Center - Chicago
N Milwaukee St Exact Location - TBD, Chicago, Illinois 00000

8x Grandmaster Fred Degerberg has a lifetime of experience in quickly assessing dangerous situations and solving security issues fast. Empty-hand, or weaponless, self-defense is also limitless self-defense as explained by Fred Degerberg.  He will focus on the options to increase personal awareness and safety in the most stressful and even deadly...

Sunday Jun 4th, 4:30pm


Life of Yes! Sleepaway Camp

at Mac & Cheese Productions - Roscoe Village
Roscoe Village Exact Location - TBD, Chicago, Illinois 60657

Life of Yes℠ (LOY) Sleepaway Camp is designed to equip you with a way of thinking and a community rooted in you getting as much as you can out of your life. A weekend filled with habit-, value-, and courage-development activities, in an environment where you feel at home with people you just met… like summer camp for adults. Unplugged...


3 sessions

Friday Jul 14th, 1:45pm

You got the Job. Now what do you do?

at Vagabond School of the Arts - Lakeview
4001 N Ravenswood Ste 504, Illinois City, Illinois 60613

In this one day workshop, experienced pros Robyn and Michael will help you learn what to expect and understand once you book a role on a television show, film or commercial. They will cover everything from set etiquette, protocol to reading a call sheet, knowing the different the roles of the crew, and filling out paperwork. 

Wednesday Jun 28th, 10am

Tai Chi: Advanced Yang-Style

at Chicago Botanic Garden - Glencoe
1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, Illinois 60022

This course continues with in-depth study of the Yang-style for students who have completed the intermediate class level and feel comfortable advancing. Some qigong exercises, such as the Eight Pieces of Brocade, will also be practiced. In session we will emphasize the ABCs—alignment, breathing, and concentration.


10 sessions

Wednesday Jun 7th, 9:15am