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Ballet Classes Online

Discover the beauty and grace of ballet with a variety of online classes. From beginner techniques to advanced choreography, learners can master the art of ballet while gaining strength, flexibility, and poise.

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Virtual Ballet or Zena Rommett Floor-Barre (Private)

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Refine your ballet technique, body placement, and musicality with private lessons tailored to your specific wants and needs. Enhance your dance skills and awareness in a personalized and flexible learning environment.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

Ballet Barre Online

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Improve posture, flexibility, and coordination with Ballet Barre Online. Discover correct body placement, rhythm, and range of motion in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Start your dance journey today!

Thursday, Feb 29th, 11am–12pm Eastern Time

Floor-Barre Align Online

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the transformative power of Floor-Barre®, a holistic approach to body wellness that aligns and strengthens your entire body. Enhance your performance as a dancer, singer, actor, athlete, or even if you have a desk job. Join us for an immersive experience that addresses fundamental physical problems and ailments.

Thursday, Feb 29th, 10–11am Eastern Time

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Ballet (Absolute Beginner)

92nd Street Y

Learn the fundamentals of ballet and get your body moving in a safe encouraging and supportive atmosphere!

No upcoming schedules

Ballet (Intermediate)

92nd Street Y

This is the most advanced level, building on all the material covered in the previous levels. It includes all material from the Advanced Beginner level as well as additional challenging combinations.

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Ballet for Life

92nd Street Y

This modified ballet class is gentler on the joints and will help you to find grace, better flexibility and alignment and a joy of dancing in a welcoming, virtual environment.

No upcoming schedules

Adult Ballet I

Santa Monica College

Learn ballet technique in an active workshop that introduces you to the basics of ballet barre and center exercises and emphasizes the development of correct body alignment and basic core strength. Workshop covers fundamental movement concepts, ballet terminology, and body and foot positions. Please read:   Optional materials fee of $15; Classical Ballet Fundamentals *A Visual Guide*

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Discover the Best Ballet Classes Online

The graceful art of ballet has lasted for centuries and still captures audiences today. Its choreography requires precision, flowing patterns, and good posture to tell a beautifully woven story through music and dance. Overall, ballet is a beautiful form of self-expression that people have sought to perfect for as long as its creation.

Why You Should Learn Ballet Online

There are many reasons for learning how to ballet dance. This dance style is incredibly expressive and allows you to get in touch with your emotional side. Plus, you can practice your storytelling skills within this dance style as many ballet performances are a blend of dance and storytelling. Learning ballet with other individuals who can give you feedback and who you connect with due to your shared interest is always a bonus.

Not only is ballet a wonderful way to tap into your creative side, but it also serves as a fantastic workout. In order to perform many of the intricate dance movements, ballet dancers need to build strength, endurance, and agility. By learning ballet, you’ll practice your form, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your muscles. Some dances are more fast-paced than others, so you will likely get a good amount of cardio into your routine as well.

Virtual Ballet Classes 

If there are limited opportunities for you to take ballet courses in person, consider searching for other options. There are plenty of online ballet classes and related classes available on CourseHorse to choose from so you can get started learning ballet.

With a virtual ballet class, you have multiple course options for varying levels of experience. Additionally, these classes can be taught from anywhere in the country. Learning from the comfort of your home gives you more time to practice ballet and less time driving from place to place.

In online classes, you often provide your own class materials, but your instructor will provide a list of necessary and supplemental materials that you can easily purchase at a local shop or online retailer. You may find that you already have supplies, such as water bottles, yoga mats, or workout clothes. As long as your supplies are readily available by the time your class starts, you can just focus on learning ballet.

Ballet Barre Online is an adult beginner class that focuses on ballet terminology, history, and necessary form. The movements you will learn in this class are designed to improve posture, movement, coordination, and flexibility. Overall, this course aims to inspire you to fulfill your potential as a ballet dancer. Regardless of your experience level, you can expect to enter a welcoming online environment with a helpful instructor and like-minded folks who also want to learn ballet.

The Beginner Ballet online course offered by 92nd Street Y is designed for students with minimal knowledge and experience with ballet. It is best that you have an understanding of basic ballet terms and movements, but this course is also ideal for students who have studied other styles of dance. In Beginner Ballet, you will focus on posture and proper placement to achieve the desired ballet movements. This is a great starter class for those curious about ballet.

The Intermediate Ballet online course, also offered by 92nd Street Y, is the final step in your ballet-learning journey. This course is the most advanced and builds upon all other movements, forms, and material covered in previous course levels. In addition, you will learn challenging new dance moves and combinations. You will feel accomplished as you progress through the various levels of ballet thanks to these online courses.

Barre classes are tangentially related to ballet because both require flexibility, overall body strength, and balance. Floor-Barre Align Online is a course designed for virtually anyone. Those with previous experience in the arts, dance, or sports will find barre especially enjoyable. An experienced ballet teacher brings a blended approach to the class with various styles and movements. You can expect to improve your alignment, flexibility, and strength through this course.

For a more fast-paced approach to fitness, consider the SoulFit Cardio, Conditioning, and Stretch course. Your muscles will feel pumped and pliable after this full-body workout class, which helps keep you ballet ready. Many may forget the amount of running, jumping, and moving ballet dancers do, so incorporating cardio into your ballet workout routine is essential. This class has a live instructor who supplies fun music to get your heart and body moving and feeling great.

The Chicago Botanic Gardens offers a Yoga Unlimited Semester Pass: Online so you can enjoy unlimited access to all online yoga classes offered throughout the semester. Similar to cardio, yoga is also helpful for ballet dancers. Yoga promotes precision and patience, which are needed when performing a ballet routine. In addition, you can improve flexibility and strength in this virtual yoga class.

Private Online Group Ballet Classes

Are you looking for a fun activity for a party? Perhaps you’re interested in finding a team-building event for your business. Private online group classes make learning ballet with your group seamless. CourseHorse offers live online ballet classes for private groups which are customizable and available at any location.

If you work in an office or sit at your chair most of the day, the Virtual Chair Stretching course is perfect for your group. This class combines gyrotonics, yoga, and dance techniques to help your group execute these simple yet effective chair stretches. Your group will see improvements in posture and feel better while sitting in your chair throughout the day. These stretches also help you engage your core, which is necessary for ballet as well as other physical activities. Whether you want to relieve tension or just want a relaxing way to unwind with your group, this course is ideal.

The Virtual Guided Group Meditation is a 30-minute class that focuses on meditation in the form of personal empowerment and manifestation. This class asks each individual in the group to choose an object with great personal symbolism. This meditative practice allows you to invite new awareness to your thoughts and goals, as well as the overall impact they have on your life and within your community. For example, you could meditate with your ballet shoes as they symbolize your ability to face a new challenge and accomplish new goals.

Virtual Group Stretching and Alignment is an event that will help you with flexibility and agility. This class incorporates various moves and techniques that will help expand your range of motion, stretch your muscles, and increase flexibility. This is not only useful for ballet, but everyday life as well. This course is open to individuals of all fitness backgrounds and will incorporate various exercises within the 1-hour workshop, so there is plenty of variety that keeps your group tuned in and feeling refreshed.

Keep in mind that CourseHorse often ships supplies directly to each participant, so everyone can have the same experience. You’ll receive any necessary instructions, materials, and texts that aid in your learning process. For an additional $150 fee, your group can tailor your class to your liking. Reach out to the company via the contact form on the CourseHorse website to learn more.

As long as the minimum group size is booked, you can add or subtract group members up until a week before the event. There are no booking fees for signing up for classes on CourseHorse. Your group will also receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your reservation.

CourseHorse recommends using the Zoom platform for your class but can accommodate other platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, and WebEx. Many courses even have the option for in-person instruction if you’d like.

Online vs. In-Person Ballet Classes

There are many facts to consider when choosing between an online and in-person class. When you have access to an in-person class, it allows you to immerse yourself in the ballet world with others who share your interest in learning the dance style. Having a hands-on ballet class with an instructor also helps you to better understand specific poses. Plus, your instructor is able to give you directions on how to fix your form.

However, some people don’t have access to in-person ballet classes. Although ballet is a common dance style for children and adults alike to learn, perhaps you live far away from the nearest ballet studio. Online classes are the perfect solution to that problem. This course style still has an expert instructor who provides you with feedback and allows you to meet your remote classmates.

When you choose a ballet course, you want to ensure you choose one taught by a skilled ballet instructor. You also want to ask whether course materials are provided for you or if you need to acquire them yourself. Having a strong internet connection is ideal as well. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure ample time and space to incorporate your ballet classes into your schedule.

Can I Learn Ballet for Free Online?

Many free resources like videos, tutorials, and blog posts are available on ballet. These help you get started, but if you want more thorough instruction and clearer answers to your questions, a class with a professional instructor is the best way to learn.

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