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American Cooking Classes Online

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Discover the flavors of American cooking with a variety of online culinary classes. Learn to create mouthwatering dishes from classic comfort foods to regional specialties, and gain the skills to impress your friends and family with your newfound culinary expertise.

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Virtual Cooking Camp for Kids 10+ (Session B)

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Our virtual cooking camps are designed to offer kids an opportunity to cook independently this summer, guided by two chef-instructors.  CLASS SIZE: Classes will be limited to 12 households, to maintain the intimacy of our regular in-person camps.  INGREDIENTS: Since you will be purchasing the groceries for these camps, there is a lot of flexibility if your child or family is vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, kosher,...

(2035) All levels 10 and older
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4 sessions

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Basic Cooking Techniques

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom, New York, NY

This class will offers you a valuable set of culinary techniques to move you along in your kitchen education. Knife Skills 101 Cooking Meat to Perfection (Pan-Roasted Chicken or Steak) Making Flavorful Pan Sauces (Classic Chicken Gravy or Red-Wine Reduction Sauce) Roasting Vegetables (Roasted Seasonal Vegetables) COOKBOOK COMPANION: Back when we used to teach this class in-person at our school, it used to cover 6 techniques...

(2035) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules

Virtual Private Cooking with Karen Lee

Karen Lee Cooking

Private Cooking Consultant With so many of us spending more time at home cooking, Now is the time for a private cooking consultant. Karen Lee is just the person. Karen Lee reviewed by the NY TIMES as “one of the city’s most renowned instructors. A powerhouse of instruction and tips” This can be done by Zoom, phone or email. You will get cooking advice, Tips, and techniques that will raise the level of your game in the kitchen. All tailor-made...

(65) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events
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Virtual Grilling Cooking Class via Zoom

Karen Lee Cooking @ Live Online via Zoom

Menu: Grilled Whole Fish ( probably local sea bass) Grilled Fish Fillet ( halibut, or salmon) Roasted Pepper Sauce Lemon Dill Sauce Tomato Coulis

(65) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Online Cooking: Herb-Infused Spirits

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Use fresh herbs from your garden, kitchen, or the market to make new and delicious alcoholic beverages. In this online cooking class, you will learn about the history of fermented alcohols, get tips and tricks to create your own curated cocktail cabinet, and learn how to make a delicious, seasonally inspired beverage.  This class will be taught online via Zoom. Registered students will receive login instructions one day in advance.

(129) All levels 18 and older
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Reviews for American Cooking Classes Online

American Cooking Classes Online are rated 4.7 stars based on 2,229 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Basic Cooking Techniques

    Reviewed by Paul O. on 7/13/2021
    So appreciated the personal attention. I learned a lot.
  • Basic Cooking Techniques

    Reviewed by Mandy F. on 2/23/2021
    Really loved how well she explained everything she was doing and how she provided tips. Really appreciated her teaching style and didn't feel like she was going too fast.
  • Basic Cooking Techniques

    Anonymous review on 10/22/2020
    Excellent inputs on knife maintenance, proper roasting and braising. I wasn’t prepared with the ingredients for the course, but still learned plenty. Solid educational experience.
  • Virtual Grilling Cooking Class via Zoom

    Reviewed by adib A. on 6/8/2020
    Karen Lee was fantastic. I learned a lot. She took care of all the details, and when she had some time to spare, she answered questions that the students were interested in. Bravissima! BlueBeard man!

Discover the Best American Cooking Classes Online

American cuisine is as diverse and complex as the country’s population. Known as a melting pot, immigrants from across the globe, enslaved people, and indigenous people have all contributed to the culture and food of the United States. 

American cuisine can also vary by region, making it even more difficult to define. The south is known for its barbecue and has been influenced by France (think New Orleans) and descendants of enslaved people, like the Gullah Geechee. The dishes of the West are often a fusion of Native American, Latin American, and Mexican. Proudly known as the home of meat and potatoes, the Midwest has its large population of European immigrants to thank for its recipes. 

While defining American food can be tricky, there are a few dishes that are commonly associated with the nation’s cuisine: cookout food (hot dogs and hamburgers), southern (barbecue, grits, fried green tomatoes), meat and potatoes, and international recipes that have been “Americanized” (pizza, pasta, Chinese food).

These dishes are all delicious and satisfying when prepared correctly, so learning to cook American cuisine is a worthwhile endeavor. You can master mouth-watering burgers, successfully cook seafood, or prepare a perfect (albeit American) pizza when you enroll in an American cooking class.

Why You Should Learn American Cooking Online

Learning how to cook American dishes has many benefits. Our modern lives are filled with work, relationships, and seemingly never-ending lists of chores. We are constantly connected to technology, from our laptops to our phones to our televisions, which can create stress. Learning to cook American cuisine can help you to slow down, set aside your daily stressors, and focus on cooking techniques and recipes. There are even studies, like the one cited in Southern Living, that claim that people who frequently take on small, creative projects like baking or cooking report feeling more relaxed and happier in their everyday lives.

A cooking class can also be a great way to meet new friends. You’ll instantly have a shared interest and will have opportunities to work together while you practice various recipes. American cuisine is a combination of many culinary styles and attracts people from all backgrounds, so you can become acquainted with people from cultures different than your own. You can also use your new-found skills to cook delicious meals for your current friends and family, becoming known as the king of the cookout or the expert on steak and whipped mashed potatoes.

Are you a current line cook or chef looking to advance your career? Learning new recipes and techniques in an American cooking class can be a great way to level up your skill set. You can gain a better understanding of the cultural fusion that is central to American cuisine and then infuse your restaurant’s menu with that flare. Maybe someday you’ll even find your restaurant listed alongside these top contenders on Mash’s The Absolute Best American Restaurants in the U.S.

Virtual American Cooking Classes 

Virtual or online classes are a great option if you live in an area lacking in-person classes or work long hours. You can attend an online class from wherever you choose, may have more options to choose from, and won’t have to deal with traffic or parking. While you do typically have to purchase your own materials and equipment, online American cooking classes offer enough flexibility to offset that potential inconvenience. 

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square hosts a Southern brunch course described as an intensively interactive two-hour workshop. Trained chefs will guide students through the steps and techniques to prepare some classic Southern dishes like shrimp and grits, buttermilk biscuits, and spinach and grapefruit salad. Each student will be provided with a recipe packet, equipment list, and class syllabus upon registration to help them prepare.

Originating in the Northeast U.S. from Italian immigrants, chicken parmesan is a prime example of the cross-cultural fusion of American dishes. You can try your hand at cooking this dish in a virtual chicken parmesan class (that also includes a delicious orzo salad with sautéed asparagus, artichokes, and lemon). You’ll be guided on how to select quality chicken that you will then pound, bread, and pan-fry. The class will also teach you to know when your chicken is perfectly cooked, how to saute green vegetables, and work with fresh herbs.

Is there anything more distinctly American than a bagel? Brought to the U.S. by immigrant Polish Jews, bagels are now seen as a staple breakfast food across America (but particularly in New York). You can master the art of making warm, chewy bagels in this virtual bagel workshop where you’ll learn to mix, proof, shape, boil, and bake bagels with classic toppings like sesame and poppy seeds, and fillings like cinnamon and raisins. Plus, you’ll make homemade cream cheese and butter to top off your doughy masterpieces. 

A good, meaty burger is an American staple and this stuffed burgers class will teach you to make a delectable version on either a grill or stovetop grill pan. Participants will make grilled cheese-stuffed burgers and grilled corn on the cob with herb compound butter. You’ll also learn how to cook on a gas grill, select quality ground beef, and determine burger doneness. Not a meat eater? Then try this black bean and mushroom burger class instead.

Peaches are the official state fruit of Georgia and are beloved by most Americans. You can learn all the myriad of ways you can incorporate them into your cooking and baking in this sweet and savory peach cooking class. This two-hour course will cover three elevated yet easy recipes and will guide you through pickling, grilling, and baking peaches. You’ll be given a recipe packet, equipment list, and class syllabus upon registration, and a Zoom moderator will ensure all your classes are answered by your expert instructor.

Private Online Group American Cooking Classes

Do you want to plan a private one-of-a-kind event for your work or organization? CourseHorse offers American cooking classes for private groups that they can deliver to you. 

There are currently several private group classes available that can teach you and your team to make delicious American dishes. This private virtual bagel-making group class will bring a taste of NYC to your group’s kitchen! Your group will make dough, roll bagels into their iconic shape, and bake them to perfection. You’ll also learn to make homemade roasted garlic & chive cream cheese as a delicious topping.

Plus, booking your private group class with CourseHorse is easier than you may think. With zero booking fees, confirmation within 24 hours, and the ability to adjust your group size up to 72 hours before your event, planning is a breeze. Multiple supported platforms add to the accessibility of online classes and you can even request to have your class brought in-person to your office or home.

Online vs. In-Person American Cooking Classes

There are many factors to consider when choosing between virtual and in-person classes. A structured learning environment and face-to-face interactions with your instructor and other students are great advantages for an in-person class. Their traditional learning environment often helps you to learn more and at a faster rate than other options, too.

Online classes offer much more flexibility and will most likely provide you with more options than in-person. Live online courses allow you to interact in real-time with your instructor from the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere you choose. On-demand classes provide even more flexibility as you can stop and start them at your leisure. Virtual classes typically require students to purchase their own supplies, so it’s important to keep that in mind when budgeting.

In-person and online are both great options for learning a new skill or hobby. Your choice will come down to which is better suited to your lifestyle and schedule (and how passionate you are about working in your pajamas).

Can I Learn American Cooking for Free Online?

It is possible to learn American cooking online. Recipe blogs and online video tutorials can be great places to get inspired and decide if a cooking class is the right choice for you. Ultimately though, in-person classes led by trained experts are the best option for in-depth learning that will immerse you in the tools, techniques, and ingredients of American cooking.

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