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LifeLabs has offices in New York and San Francisco and provides training to companies worldwide, in person and virtually. We research the skills that make the biggest difference at work and home and convert them into workshops, events, and experiences.

How It All Started

We were wondering: what if there were a school for adults, but instead of algebra and spelling lessons, you could join courses on the real stuff of life – laboratories for great ideas, practice sessions on the art and science of people skills, a gym for leadership abilities? What if you could transform your workplace into a dojo for developing life’s most useful skills – the ones that transform your biggest challenges into your greatest opportunities?

We noticed:

  • We spend the majority of our time at work, but we rarely take advantage of the opportunities for growth and learning hiding in plain sight at our offices.
  • Great teachers are people who inspire us to try something new and see life from unique angles.
  • Sometimes you can learn one tiny trick that leads to a huge change in your behavior and in the lives of the people around you.
Eventually, we stopped wondering and created the lab format to bring our vision to life.

Reviews of LifeLabs Learning

(6 Reviews)
Manager Lab: Coaching

Katie K.

Attended: Manager Lab: Coaching

Learned a ton in a short period of time. I was a bit skeptical of how interactive it would be as an online class but the teacher did an excellent job facilitating group projects. I walked away with a ton of actionable advice and tools to incorporate into my management and coaching relationships and discussions. Can’t wait to take another class with LifeLabs!

Seeing Lab: People-reading

corinne Gillespie

Attended: Seeing Lab: People-reading

Great class, fun and instructive engaging teacher and material! Facility was a bit hot!

Yapper Lab: The Art of Great Conversation

Alyssa Anzur

Attended: Yapper Lab: The Art of Great Conversation

Super fun class! "Spark questions" were my favorite take away.

Yapper Lab: Master the Art of Small Talk


Attended: Yapper Lab: Master the Art of Small Talk

Fantastic class. Really interesting material (scientific and data-backed, but still super fun and engaging) and the instructor was great at presenting all in a fun manner that really makes you think. I've taken a ton of lessons from this class that I still practice weeks later and it has really helped me focus and improve my conversational skills - both casual and professional.

Yapper Lab: The Art of Great Conversation


Attended: Yapper Lab: The Art of Great Conversation

Class was great!

Manager Lab: Effective 1-1s

Anna H.

Attended: Manager Lab: Effective 1-1s

Anna H. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.