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Master the essentials of web design with Figma. Learn important concepts and techniques for creating stunning websites and gain the skills needed to launch a successful career in web design.

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Figma Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn how to master Figma and become a pro in UI/UX design with this comprehensive course that covers everything from the basics to advanced features. Craft stunning user interfaces and experiences, design complex prototypes, and collaborate seamlessly with others using Figma's cloud-based platform. Elevate your design skills and create professional-grade designs with ease.

(373) All levels 18 and older

4 sessions

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Figma Private Training

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Elevate your UI/UX design game with comprehensive Figma training. Dive into a modern design environment tailored for web and app designers, mastering everything from creating layouts and components to crafting interactive prototypes with seamless animations.

(373) All levels 13 and older

UX & UI Design Certificate

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of creating user-friendly and visually stunning digital products with the UX & UI Design Certificate program at Noble Desktop. Learn best practices, conduct user research, and design webpages and apps while building a portfolio of your work. Take the first step towards launching a successful career as a UX & UI designer.

(373) Beginner 18 and older

44 sessions

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Figma Masterclass

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn how to master Figma and become a pro in UI/UX design with this comprehensive course that covers everything from the basics to advanced features. Craft stunning user interfaces and experiences, design complex prototypes, and collaborate seamlessly with others using Figma's cloud-based platform. Elevate your design skills and create professional-grade designs with ease.

(373) Advanced 18 and older

6 sessions

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UX & UI Design Certificate

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Immerse yourself in the world of UX & UI design, learning best practices and gaining hands-on experience. Develop a portfolio that showcases your skills and prepare for a career in this in-demand field.

(680) All levels 18 and older

44 sessions

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UX & UI Design Fundamentals in Figma

General Assembly

Immerse yourself in UX and UI design with a Figma workshop at General Assembly. Explore the significance of Figma as the industry's top design tool, mastering frames and shape tools. From crafting mid-fidelity wireframes to enhancing them with imagery, color, and typography, gain practical skills to create interactive prototypes and a strong foundation for advancing your design expertise.

(2637) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Figma Training: Bootcamp

Lumenbrite Training @ Online Classroom

This platform boasts powerful design capabilities that enable users to bring their desired experiences to life.  The Figma Bootcamp training is a three-day course that teaches the basics of creating and prototyping mockups for websites and mobile apps using Figma's online tools and features. The class covers wireframing, design, and interaction creation, with the goal of helping students create an engaging user experience that can be easily...

(2) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

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Figma 1-Day Fundamentals Course

General Assembly

Figma is the leading free and collaborative design tool utilized by today’s designers. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to Photoshop or Sketch, or just looking to try out a new design tool, look no further. You'll learn the ins-and-outs of Figma that allow for easy collaboration with your team. We'll build a simple project together to learn how to use styles, components, prototyping tools, and live preview - all within Figma itself....

(2637) Beginner 18 and older

Intro to Figma Workshop

General Assembly

This workshop introduces Figma, a collaborative interface design tool. You’ll build on your digital design skills and learn how to use styles, components, responsive design features, prototyping tools, and live preview - all within Figma itself. Figma is made for collaboration, so we’ll also learn how to build team libraries that can be shared across documents and team members. Takeaways Confidence in your ability to use Figma as an...

(2637) All levels 18 and older
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Discover the Best Live Online Figma Classes

Today’s employees are increasingly looking to work for businesses that encourage workplace flexibility. Remote work is, in fact, on the rise, according to Forbes, meaning that employees who want to invest in their professional development often need to work with programs that boast digital learning experiences.

This means that professionals who want to take advantage of a tool like Figma and its UX/UI versatility may be looking for online courses to supplement their knowledge of the platform’s many uses. Fortunately, there are several digital and brick-and-mortar institutions that offer live online Figma courses to professionals around the world.

Professionals from all industries can participate in free and paid Figma classes to improve their understanding of modern UX and UI. Those participants can then turn their knowledge of Figma around to compete for higher salaries or to transfer into the field of their dreams.

Best Live Online Figma Classes & Schools

The convenience of a virtual Figma training program ensures that professionals all around the world and with all levels of experience can advance their understanding of this web design tool. Some of the best live online Figma classes and schools to date include the following:

Noble Desktop - UI Design Certificate (Live Online)

When it comes to live online Figma courses, Noble Desktop is one of the biggest names in the game. The UI Design Certificate offered through Noble Desktop highlights the web design functionality not only of Figma but also of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Participants come away from this certificate with a thorough understanding of how to use each tool in a professional setting as well as a portfolio displaying their expertise.

The UI Design Certificate specifically focuses on the process of creating a visually cohesive and engaging digital platform. Students will spend lessons learning about the theory of design as well as breaking down the basics of Figma and its related tools.

The UI Design Certificate runs for 11 weeks and can be taken from anywhere around the world. Noble Desktop charges $3,995 in course tuition but also offers payment plans and scholarships to students who need help overcoming individual financial burdens.

NextGen Bootcamp - UX & UI Design Summer Program NYC (Live Online)

Today’s burgeoning professionals aren’t the only ones who may need a Figma refresher, and NextGen Bootcamp knows it. That’s why NextGen Bootcamp offers its UX & UI Summer Program NYC - which is, despite the name, an online course and not an NYC staple - to high schoolers interested in a career in design and development. This course is strictly available to students under the age of 18.

Students can participate in this course from the comfort of their homes while benefiting from the expertise of seasoned web design professionals. Students must have a consistent Internet connection so that they can more effectively participate in lectures going over the visual theory and Figma basics that will help them create engaging apps and websites.

UX & UI Design Summer Program NYC is specifically a no-coding bootcamp. Students will complete all of their projects in Figma, thus ensuring that they can expertly use the tool before beginning a new career or going off to college.

The course runs for one month and costs $2,495.

NYC Career Centers - Web Design Certificate (Live Online)

Figma often operates as a moving part in a larger system of web design tools. NYC Career Centers recognizes Figma’s design flexibility and pairs lessons on how it works alongside lessons on other web design tools in its Web Design Certificate. This Web Design Certificate highlights the different ways professionals today can use CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to create engaging digital platforms. Participants also get to learn how to use Figma to create webpage layouts and WordPress to share their content at large.

This course is available remotely to students all around the world and in different industries. The course generally consists of seven students, ensuring that instructors can spend 1-on-1 time helping each participant learn how to use the aforementioned tools in their field of choice. The course runs for six weeks, and tuition comes in at $4,995. Interested students can reach out to NYC Career Centers to learn more about the institution’s financial aid opportunities.

General Assembly - Figma Fundamentals Workshop Series (Live Online)

Not every Figma course on the market today needs to last for weeks at a time. The Figma Fundamentals Workshop Series through General Assembly is available online and lasts for no more than 6 hours. This course still dives deep into the basics of Figma, inspiring collaboration on digital projects while familiarizing students with the tools they need to use Figma in a professional environment.

The course takes place on both Zoom and Slack to encourage interaction between students and their instructors. Students can take this opportunity to set up a free Figma account and learn the principles of design that can better ensure their creations connect with an engaged audience.

General Assembly charges $150 for a course ticket and does not record its Figma Fundamentals Workshop Series lecture. The program does, however, send out the slides from the lecture to attending students seven days after the initial course, meaning that students can refer back to the course’s lessons as they advance their careers.

Industries That Use Figma

It’s a rare industry today that doesn’t take advantage of Figma’s toolkit. Figma makes it easy for businesses to compile the tools they need to keep UX and UI design essentials available to Web Designers around the world. What’s more, Figma simplifies professional collaboration. No matter what timezone or country Web Designers live in, they can use Figma to work together on web page development and updates.

With that said, there’s not an industry operating internationally today that wouldn’t benefit from the expertise of a professional who’s learned how to use Figma. Some of the fastest-growing industries, however - ranging from healthcare to sustainable engineering and peer-to-peer lending platforms - may all have the greatest demand for a Figma-trained employee. As such, professionals looking to make a career change or in want of a position that boasts great opportunities for growth can pursue positions in these fields. An applicant who can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Figma and its interface is more likely to offer businesses in these fields the skills those businesses need to better reach their audiences.

Figma Jobs & Salaries

Professionals interested in pursuing a career after graduating from a Figma course have several web design-oriented positions available to them. Some of the most common positions to take advantage of someone’s comprehensive understanding of Figma include:

  • User Experience Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer

On average, Graphic Designers and Web Designers see the least salary fluctuations of all of these positions. These parties tend to make between $40,000 and $80,000 a year depending on the industry the employee in question works in as well as that employee’s level of experience. Many Graphic Designers and Web Designers hold freelance positions in addition to their 9-to-5 positions, as freelance work can help these parties supplement their incomes.

User Experience Designers specializing in Figma tend to make between $50,000 and $120,000 a year, with fluctuations based on where the UX Designer lives and what industry they work in. It’s Front End Developers, however, that tend to make the most out of this group. Front End Developers with a comprehensive understanding of Figma can make up to $150,000 per year.

None of these salaries come guaranteed with a person’s participation in a Figma course. That said, professionals who want to transition into a more profitable industry or who want to qualify for upcoming promotions can leverage their understanding of Figma to make themselves more employable.

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