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Best Welding Classes Online

Welding involves hot metal, open flames, and metal-cutting tools. It’s a valuable skill in many industries, including construction and manufacturing. You can also use welding to complete DIY projects, build furniture, and fix items around your home. However, learning to weld can be difficult for those who have no prior experience. 

Because of the dangers of welding in your home, there aren’t many welding classes online. Instead of taking a welding class online, consider taking an in-person welding class. In-person welding classes can teach you how to weld in a safe welding studio. 

Why You Should Learn Welding Online

Although learning welding online can be difficult, you can learn similar skills online. Some similar skills include pottery, jewelry making, wire cutting, ceramics, sculpture, and other hands-on arts. These skills are great to learn online since you’ll get instructions from an expert instructor. 

Learning art skills online can be beneficial because you’ll be able to learn a new skill in your free time. Some reasons to learn online arts include the following: 

  • Learning a new, fun hobby: These crafts are productive hobbies that you can use to fill your free time. 
  • Joining a larger community: When taking an online class, you can join groups, events, and organizations. You can also connect with other art students from across the world. 
  • Starting a small business: Many of these skills help you to create handmade objects. You can create a small business to sell your handmade art pieces. 
  • Making gifts for friends and family: These handmade art pieces make great gifts for friends and family. 

Although you can’t learn welding online, there are tons of other art classes you can learn online. For example, learn to string beads, create wire jewelry, and carve wax in virtual classrooms. 

Virtual Welding Classes 

There are many advantages to taking online classes. First, you can attend online classes from anywhere. In addition, sometimes, online classes offer a wider variety of options since you don’t have to be in a specific area to sign up for the class. You can browse Course Horse’s online welding classes to find the best classes. If you can’t find the classes you’re looking for, contact Course Horse, who will help you find the one you’re looking for. 

Currently, there are no virtual welding classes available online. However, Course Horse offers a wide variety of similar classes. For example, you can take the Hammered Earring (Virtual Private) course. This class meets one time and is a private class from an expert instructor. You will attend a live demonstration of how to make hammered earrings. You will also learn how to forge, solder, and make findings for earrings and finishings. There will also be an open forum for questions and answers. 

You can also take the Virtual Polymer Clay Earrings and Accessories class. The class is available live online, with an average class size of ten students. Although the course doesn’t provide the materials, you’ll find the full list of materials on the course page. You will need polymer clay, a cutting blade, tracing paper, an acrylic roller, jump rings, and more. In addition, the class will teach you to make unique earrings and other accessories with oven-bake clay. 

Another similar class is Studio Jewelry: From Mid-Century to the Present Century from 92nd Street Y. The class discusses the history of metal jewelry, including how young women created metal jewelry to communicate with the world. The class has an average size of 12 people and is a live interactive online classroom. 

The NYC Jewelry Lab by Carolina Iwanow offers a Jewelry Making Wax Addition Technique course. It has an average class size of 15 people. The class will teach how to design, fabricate and build incredible jewelry without having a jewelry studio. You will learn to shape, build, fold, weld, twist, and form wax into rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. 

If you’re interested in learning ceramics, you can take the Women in Ceramics Workshop (Hybrid). The class will teach the history of ceramics and will be held on Zoom. The class will include a lecture with a slideshow of pieces. After the first class, there will be four in-person sessions that focus on hands-on techniques such as wheel throwing and surface design. 

Private Online Group Welding Classes

Businesses and organizations can host private online group classes as team-building events. These classes can help employees and organization members relax and bond. Although Course Horse currently doesn’t offer welding classes for pirate groups online, it does offer several classes with similar skills and experiences. 

For example, you can take the Virtual Clay Hand Building (Materials Included) course and book it for up to 500 people. The class includes all the materials the participants will need, including two pounds of professional-grade, air-drying clay. You will also receive a full set of ceramic clay tools, such as a modeling tool, ribbon tool, wire clay cutter, metal scraper, sponge, and more. 

All of the materials will be shipped to the participants before the start day of the class. In addition, you’ll get full access to a private, interactive workshop led by a professional artist and instructor during the course. 

Another option for group classes is Virtual Polymer Clay Jewelry (Materials Included) class. During the class, your group will learn to create jewelry from polymer clay. You can create simple or complicated art pieces by rolling out slabs or creating beautiful flowers for keychains and brooches. The class will ship the materials beforehand, including 42 vibrant bars of oven-naked molding clay, five sculpting tools, and accessories for making earrings and keychains. 

Online vs. In-Person Welding Classes

There are several things to consider when choosing between online and in-person classes. First, welding classes can be dangerous to take in your home without experience. Because welding uses open flames and hot metal, taking the class in your home without direct professional supervision is unsafe. Because of this, we recommend taking an in-person welding class in your area. Consider taking a similar but safer art class if you want to take an online class. 

Can I Learn Welding for Free Online?

You can learn welding for free online; however, similar to taking online classes, it can expose you to dangerous circumstances. We recommend taking a professional in-person welding class before attempting to learn additional welding techniques from free online courses. It’s important to establish the basic techniques and safety tips before learning on your own.

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