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The Best NYC Spanish Classes for All Levels - CourseHorse

By Rebekah Yahoves | Published 7/24/2012

Train your tongue and expand your mind at the finest Spanish classes NYC has to offer.

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Learning a new language improves brain function and memory abilities at any age. Spanish lessons NYC can improve your job prospects, increase your cultural awareness, and help your brain function optimally later in life. Even if you are just trying to gear yourself up for a Mediterranean vacation, the long-term benefits of learning a second language will better your mind forever. When it comes to Spanish lessons, New York is second to none. Here are some of our favorites.”


Fluent City

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Fluent City had its humble beginnings in a Brooklyn apartment in 2011. It started as a casual French conversational club. Today, it offers a variety of courses in Spanish, French, and Arabic. Group classes are the most popular option, teaching languages at all levels, from beginner to advanced. For example, Spanish 1 is for those who have never spoken the language, or folks who took a little Spanish in high school. The class is low-stress and a great introduction to Spanish vocabulary. Spanish 2 is a multimedia course that includes Spanish songs and videos on Spanish culture. Fluent City enhances learning through a SoundCloud link, where students can listen to dialogues and refresh their vocabulary. When you are ready to master verb tenses and conjugations, it is time to venture into Spanish 4. After you have completed the course, you may even be able to debate politics in your second language. Your friends will be asking where you went to learn Spanish. NYC will fully immerse you! Teachers at Fluent City have a passion for learning and are always ready to incorporate music, cuisine, and videos into their approaches. Teachers will try different techniques to get you engaged in the language. Students with busy schedules can sign up for private lessons when they are free. The school also offers corporate events as a unique way to build company culture. Some corporations will even pay for you to learn a foreign language. It will benefit you as well as the company.

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Idlewild Books

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York

Idlewild books is a thriving independent bookstore that specializes in travel books and language classes. It is named after the original New York International Airport, which was renamed JFK in 1963. The Manhattan location recently moved to the West Village on 7th Avenue and Perry St. It specializes in guidebooks, and a well-traveled staff is eager to help you make the right selection for your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a rare map of Lison, for example, this is the place to find it! The Cobble Hill location no longer sells books but has a wide variety of world-class language classes available. Teachers are known to be particularly caring, never rushing students through the learning process. You will learn vocabulary and tenses, as well as convenient phrases for casual conversations. The environment is a comfortable, cozy shop in a culture-saturated neighborhood, a great place to learn Spanish. New York has few venues like it. All Spanish classes at Idlewild are taught by Eduardo Pavez from Chile, who has several years of experience with teaching Spanish in New York. Lessons focus on applying grammar to real-life conversations. You may practice ordering food in a Spanish restaurant or meeting up for a movie with a friend, during class. Signing up for Idlewild classes will also give you access to multimedia Spanish-speaking experiences such as movies and podcasts.

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City Speakeasy

Midtown, Manhattan

Classes at City Speakeasy’s Midtown location are just a short walk from Penn Station, Times Square, or Grand Central Station. It is also a hop, skip, and a jump from every major subway line. City Speakeasy’s classes are lively, engaging, and fun. An 8-week course meets on the same day each week from 7-9 pm. It culminates in an “immersion event” that allows you to use your new language in a practical setting. It could be an experience at a Spanish restaurant, a wine tasting, or a Mediterranian cooking class. Practice your dialogue while ordering Paella, sipping on Sangria, or whipping up empanadas for a whole language experience. If you are a fresh new Spanish speaker try taking the Spanish 1 course. You will learn to introduce yourself, ask for directions, and order dinner in a Spanish restaurant. Teachers are relatable and accommodating. They will welcome you and engage you in a grown-up Spanish conversation by the end of class. Rumor has it you are even allowed to bring wine! If you have a basic vocabulary and understanding of Spanish, you are ready for the Intermediate Spanish 2 class. Here, you will learn about tenses and conjugations. The goal is to help you become comfortable conversing about a wide range of topics with Spanish-speaking friends or on vacation. The price of the course includes your textbooks and other learning materials. You will also get a complimentary drink at a post-class happy hour at a local bar. The catch, of course, is that you need to order it in Spanish! Once you have mastered a strong vocabulary and understanding of Spanish grammar, you will be ready to move on to City Speakeasy’s Spanish 4 course. You will learn to converse about a variety of topics and read Spanish books. And yes, that drink is still free!

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ABC Languages

Chelsea, Manhattan

ABC Languages believes that every individual requires a different path and method towards learning a language, and uses that belief to focus on crafting a curriculum which meets a student’s individual needs. They do this via a combination of group and private classes, and focusing on your personal goals and needs in regards to the language(s) you’re looking to learn. All of their group classes make it a point to utilize frequent conversation to get you using the skills you’re being taught in real time, in realistic scenarios. With more than 100 instructors at their disposal, any language can be learned at ABC, but Spanish lessons are far and away some of their most sought after. From total beginner classes to advanced classes, and even intensives which will fast track you through proficiencies, their 6, 8, and 12-week programs offer a large variety of ways to achieve your Spanish speaking goals.

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