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Art History Classes Los Angeles

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Discover the vibrant world of Art History with a wide range of art history classes in Los Angeles. Explore ancient civilizations, masterpieces of the Renaissance, and contemporary art movements to deepen your understanding and gain a new perspective on the artistic world.

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Furniture Design: Then and Now

Daniella on Design @ Live via Zoom

Explore the evolution of furniture design. This course delves into the history and modern developments of furniture, revealing its connection to political, social, and artistic values. Gain a critical eye for design and understand the narratives and identities expressed through exceptional pieces.

All levels 18 and older

10 sessions

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Alchemical: The Rise of the Fine Art Photography Market

Los Angeles Center of Photography @ *Virtual Classroom

Alchemical: The Rise of the Fine Art Photography Market and What We're Seeing Today In this beautifully illustrated presentation, certified photography appraiser and photo historian Jennifer Stoots, AAA, will provide a succinct review of the evolution of the fine art photography market in the United States. Stoots will start the webinar off with a brief overview of the evolution of the art market in Europe, plus the motivations of invention and...

(42) All levels 18 and older
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Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

Museum Hack @ 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Made for museum lovers and skeptics alike, our Un-Highlights tour of the Getty Center will show you a side of the Getty you’ve never seen before!  Join our renegade tour guides on a high-energy, two-hour group tour through this visual arts mecca with a “tasting menu” approach as you learn the crazy true stories behind a selection of art across the Getty’s collection. This is not your grandma’s museum tour. This tour is perfect for:...

(428) All levels 16 and older
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Explore Art Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Art Private Group Events
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Paul Williams, Architect to the Stars

Santa Monica College @ 1900 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

Often described as the “Architect to the Stars,” Paul Williams--first African-American member and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects--had a prolific career that spanned almost 60 years. He was equally comfortable working with Southern California historical styles and modern design, and became known for designs that were stylized and elegant. His vast body of work stretches from Beverly Hills to New York, and includes such luminary...

(513) All levels 18 and older
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Bass Cave Soundscape

El Camino College

Taking place at the Villa Diodati Frankenstein 200 art installation room, Josh Beckman will transform the space into a bass cave.  Bass cave is an enveloping soundscape exploring the body's capacitive potential and the physicality of sound.  Promising an immersive low frequency experience--the bathing resonance of Bass Cave culminates in a radiant and transcendent aftermath.

(176) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Color Theory Workshop

Faux Masters Studio @ 22941 Savi Ranch Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA

As Artisans and Finishers, the knowledge and understanding of basic color theory is crucial to our ability to choose, create, and lead our clients to the best finishes to suit their desires. Shockingly though, too many of us in this industry have no formal training in this area and are "self-taught". Learning these basic principles will help you build awareness to use color more effectively. Stop guessing and learn the fundamental foundations to...

(1) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Art History for Cocktail Parties

Urban Elective @ 7948 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA

Ever wanted to chat up your host about Van Gogh? Maybe impress your boss with Lichtenstein? Converse with your crush about Picasso? This is the course for you. No prior experience required. Bring an open mind and your curiosity. Lectures will include slide shows and provocative discussions. Materials Fee: N/A

All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

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Reviews for Art History Classes in Los Angeles

Art History Classes in Los Angeles are rated 4.5 stars based on 1,160 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Anonymous review on 1/5/2020
    Guide was great
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Reviewed by Debra H. on 9/30/2019
    Our tourguide, Kris, was personable, funny, energetic, and perceptive. We enjoyed his "curriculum" to the max and appreciate how he devised the un-tour stories and games so that we would playfully interact with the works he chose, and our attention never flagged. We learned gross, saucy, and gruesome details that are un-forgettable. Our afternoon at the Getty was un-surpassed!
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Reviewed by Kathleen H. on 3/31/2019
    Kris was an excellent guide: smart, funny, and he made the 2 hrs full of fun facts! He’s a keeper! Thanks Kris
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Anonymous review on 3/31/2019
    LOVED!! Super fun! Our guide and his colleague were sensational - very friendly and upbeat, professional, well-prepared, very articulate, timely, funny, informative and full of historical and related specifics - a great couple of hours. Our group of five REALLY enjoyed the tour and give a big thumbs up. Would do this again, for sure. So much at the Getty, would never be the same tour twice. Great for small groups.
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Reviewed by Tish B. on 3/17/2019
    It was a great tour. Vic was fantastic & we would do this tour again. We learned a lot of different info & it was great to try something new in LA.
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Anonymous review on 3/4/2019
    Baxter did a great job and was very entertaining.
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Anonymous review on 1/28/2019
    Kris & Baxter gave us a great tour! A lot of fun & interesting information.
  • Getty Center: Un-Highlights Tour

    Reviewed by Marsha P. on 1/4/2018
    This was, by far, the best museum tour I've even been on!! Our guide, Adrian, was incredibly knowledgeable and at the same time, incredibly hilarious! So great to get information about the art and artists with a sense of humor instead of a droll dialogue. We had a wonderfully small group and we all interacted really well. And surprisingly enough, we didn't just walk around and look at and talk about art -- Adrian gave us things to do to make the tour even more fun. Not giving away what we did - everyone else will just have to take a tour to find out. A definite 5 star, thumbs way up kind of tour!

Discover the Best Art History Classes in Los Angeles

Art History is a field of study which seeks to investigate and define aesthetic creations within the contexts of past and contemporary cultures, traditions, and artists that influence, inform, borrow from, and reference one another. Most art historians specialize in a particular period, and usually a particular country or culture within that period—Ancient Egyptian art, for example, or the art of the Florentine Renaissance.

The study of Art History is closely linked with other fields such as aesthetics in philosophy, perception in psychology, and anthropology. Depending on the artist in question, Art History may even encompass the study of religion, theology, mathematics, geometry, astronomy, physics, and a number of other disciplines. Anything that might aid the researcher or student in understanding or appreciating a work of art may be included in this capacious and endlessly fascinating subject. 

Why You Should Learn Art History in Los Angeles

The arts community in Los Angeles is thriving, with world class art museums in or near every part of the city, and each offers exhibits and programming where you can learn about art history. The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Broad, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are all excellent resources for art history knowledge and living examples of aesthetic creation. 

The city itself is rich with history, from its pre colonial days, on to the Spanish and Mexican era, and on to the beginnings of cinema as we know it. Learning art history enriches your understanding of the city, its history and aesthetic traditions, and it's a fun and intellectually stimulating hobby. 

Viewing or experiencing art has been proven to have stress-reducing effects, either alone or with a group. If you do choose to begin your own journey through art history, you're likely to find others along the way who also have an interest in the field. Studying art history is a terrific way to take part in community and expand your networks, which could lead to new professional opportunities. 

In-Person Art History Classes in Los Angeles

Begin exploring the history of aesthetic creation through art history classes in the Los Angeles area. Online classes are all the rage, but with the support and feedback of a teacher in a communal, educational setting, you will learn more efficiently as you focus solely on the course content. Course materials are provided for you in most in-person classes, so you won't have to worry about finding a workspace or cleanup after the class has concluded. 

Join a community of art enthusiasts. Find inspiration through the ages studying art history and applying what you learn in hands-on exercises and workshops. 

Art History for Kids, presented by Craft Sierra Madre, is a hands-on multimedia class that teaches kids how to observe and analyze individual works of well-known artists. After the beginning lesson, students will get the chance to create their own works of art informed by the artist for that particular day. This class is held in Pasadena, in the northeast section of greater Los Angeles, and it is open to all ages and experience levels. 

Have you been longing to impress your boss, coworkers, or friends with your labyrinthine knowledge of art history? Art History of Cocktail Parties is here to help you do just that. Presented by Urban Elective, this fun and engaging course will give you the rundown on the luminaries of Modern and Contemporary Art. Classes unfold through slide presentations, lectures, and lively class discussion. No materials are required for this six session course. Most Urban Elective classes take place at breweries or establishments that sell beer, wine, and cocktails. 

The prestigious Los Angeles Center of Photography in Hollywood, LA presents The Self-Portrait, a six session course in which students will investigate the history and theory behind the photographic self-portrait. What is a selfie? Does the selfie qualify as art? What historical precedents exist for the selfie? These questions and more will be discussed in lively and engaging classroom sessions in which students will have the chance to share their own work. 

The Conceptual Nude is a class presented by the Los Angeles Center of Photography, located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Critical perspective and historical case-studies will elucidate the meaning and practice of the "conceptual nude" in photography. The course consists of a one-day workshop in which students will begin with a thematic or conceptual idea that they will then explore through their own photography done in-class. 

Virtual Art History Classes 

You may not live near an art history class, and this is common; Los Angeles is a vast and sprawling city. Thankfully, virtual art history classes open the door to this fascinating field wherever you happen to be. 

Choose from a wide variety of art history classes taught by experienced instructors all over the country. There's no need to commute, and for this kind of class, the only materials you will need are a computer or smart device and a reliable internet connection. 

Abstract Painting Critique and Discussion is an online class presented by the 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side in NYC. It's open to ages 18 and up and those with an intermediate experience of painting. Receive feedback from peers and an expert instructor who will provide you with slides of artists' work that may inform your own and from which you can work. Participants should have a high-speed internet connection to take part in this course. 

Reimagining the Family Photo Album is a class presented by the Houston Center for Photography that teaches you the vocabulary necessary to describe in detail your own family photos and photo albums. Receive critiques and feedback from a professional instructor and photographer to improve your own photographic practice and question the sources of your personal aesthetic. Located in the Montrose section of Houston, the Houston Center for Photography is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the significance of photography. 

How did the ancients conceive of art and aesthetic objects, if at all? What role did art and art making play in their day to day lives? Aesthetic Production in the Ancient World attempts to answer these and other questions through an investigation into the sources of the European artistic tradition. Presented by the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, this virtual course provides a firm foundation in the art history of the Mediterranean and Egyptian cultures. 

Private Group Art History Classes in Los Angeles

Are you interested in scheduling an art history class to team build and grow trust with your group or organization? CourseHorse offers art history classes for private groups in Los Angeles, and they can be delivered directly to you, wherever you are. 

Many fields, industries, and disciplines can benefit from the study of art history. Especially if you're in the arts, conversation, media, communications, or academia, gathering your team together to explore the history of the world's richest cultures and arts traditions can build camaraderie and spur them to new insights and ideas. 

During the summer, the number of art history courses may be fewer, but new courses are being developed all the time. Challenge your coworkers, family, or friends with an intellectually stimulating, inspiring, and unique private group art history class. 

Even if the course you're looking for is not currently available, CourseHorse can work with you to develop or find the one that aligns with your needs and goals. Go to the main CourseHorse page, click the "Contact Us" button, and fill out the simple form. You can detail exactly the course you're looking for, and a CourseHorse representative will reach out to you in no time. 

The benefits of booking private group art history classes with CourseHorse include no-fee sign-up process, quick confirmation, and you can change the size of your group even after you've booked. Confirmation is always sent in 24 or less, and they support whatever platform works best for you and your team. CourseHorse delivers most courses through Zoom, but they also support Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

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