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The League of Kitchens

The League of Kitchens teaches you how to cook traditional dishes from around the world in your home. This immersive experience aims to foster cross-cultural connection and understanding while providing employment and training opportunities for immigrants.

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Saturday, July 20th
11am–1:30pm EDT


Sunday, July 21st
4–6:30pm EDT


Sunday, July 28th
4–6:30pm EDT


Saturday, August 3rd
11am–1:30pm EDT


Sunday, August 11th
4–6:30pm EDT


Saturday, August 17th
11am–1:30pm EDT


Sunday, August 25th
4–6:30pm EDT


Saturday, August 31st
4–6:30pm EDT


Provider Description

A new immersive culinary adventure in NYC where immigrants teach intimate cooking workshops in their homes. Each experience will offer opportunities for meaningful connection and social interaction, cultural engagement and exchange, culinary learning and discovery, and exceptional eating and drinking.

Through this experience, we seek to build cross-cultural connection and understanding, increase access to traditional cooking knowledge, and provide meaningful, well-paid employment and training for immigrants.

Reviews of The League of Kitchens

(4.7-star rating across 76 reviews)
  • Lebanese Cooking Online with Jeanette (Summer)

    Reviewed by Rebecca T. on 8/27/2023
    My husband and I did this together. It was great fun. This was the first time I made Lebanese food. The teacher was very good, the assistant made it very easy- keeping track of the group and the flow of the class. They were very attentive to everyone. The very best part..we made delicious food. Now I have a few new recipes that I can easily make again. I’m looking forward to taking more cooking classes.
  • Afghan Cooking with Nawida: Immersion Workshop (Summer)

    Reviewed by Nicole A. on 2/19/2023
    It was great! The house was amazingly clean and the food was flavorful. I learned a lot
  • Mexican Cooking Online with Angie (Spring)

    Anonymous review on 2/26/2022
    Great instructor and terrific Mexican meal.
  • Bangladeshi Cooking Online with Afsari (Vegetarian)

    Reviewed by Amit G. on 1/9/2022
    Excellent preparation and clear presentation. Easy to follow instructions. Knowledgeable presenter!
  • Argentinian Cooking Online #2 with Mirta

    Reviewed by Manya B. on 11/1/2021
    The instructor was lovely, and her knowledge not just of the cooking, but of the regions and wines of Argentina were a delight. She was in her home kitchen, and at the end, her daughter and husband came to share the meal! It felt very relaxed and unintimidating, while the cooking was incredible - a woman who has grown up with these foods, and knows the ins and outs and little tricks and tips for success. These courses also have a person called a supporter, who is indispensable to the quality of the course, ensuring that if people have questions, the chef knows that, and repeating any parts of the recipe that might be confusing. The experience was wonderful from start to finish, and my husband and I both had a great time!
  • Greek Cooking Online with Despina (Spring)

    Reviewed by CAMILLE W. on 6/30/2021
    I really enjoy learning ethnic cuisine from people who are from the actual place. It was lovely to learn authentic Greek cooking from a native of Greece. Loved the recipes and chatting with Despina and her daughter/granddaughter? Would like to take another class from Despina.
  • Persian Cooking Online with Mab (Summer)

    Reviewed by Mary T Z. on 4/18/2021
    Loved the class and the personal story of Mab's. It was also great to have a moderator (Justine) who would type into chat what was happening and with instructions. This way if you missed what was said, you could look at the next step. I have found often with these classes that the written recipe is changed once you are in person and with the noise, even in your own kitchen, you sometimes miss what was said. The food was delicious and everyone in the family enjoyed it. Thanks for offering the virtual classes.
  • Greek Cooking Online with Despina (Spring)

    Anonymous review on 12/28/2020
    The instructor was delightful, sharing some of her own family stories and history of Greek food.
  • Greek Cooking Online with Despina (Spring)

    Reviewed by Melanie D. on 9/21/2020
    I loved cooking with Despina! Delicious recipes that were easy to execute and use everyday, fresh ingredients. Have recommended to all my friends and look forward to taking another course soon!! Perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
  • Japanese Cooking with Aiko: Immersion Workshop

    Anonymous review on 12/8/2019
    Aiko runs a terrific workshop. The meal was delicious!
  • Lebanese Cooking w/ Jeanette: Taste of Workshop

    Anonymous review on 9/16/2019
    Do not expect this to be a hands-on cooking class . You will be watching Jeannette cook and hopefully learn how to do it .
  • Nepali Cooking with Rachana: Immersion Workshop (Spring)

    Reviewed by Cynthia A. on 6/6/2019
    I learned so much in this workshop. Our instructor, Rachana, was absolutely delightful. Everything we prepared was delicious and I would make at home. Thank you Rachana!
  • Afghan Cooking with Nawida: Taste of Workshop (Vegetarian)

    Reviewed by Elissa S. on 4/7/2019
    Wonderful class. The food was delicious, and Nawida made it easy to recreate it at home.
  • Indian Food and Shopping Tour with Smitha

    Anonymous review on 3/11/2019
    Smitha is knowledgeable , kind, and a joy to learn from . Highly recommend for anybody wanting to learn about Indian SPICE!
  • Bangladeshi Cooking with Afsari: Taste of Workshop

    Anonymous review on 2/3/2019
    Pleasant way to while away an afternoon but not a cooking lesson by any means more a demo.
  • Indian Food and Shopping Tour with Smitha

    Reviewed by FRANK P. on 1/21/2019
    The overall experience was fantastic. Smitha was knowledgeable took the time to explain and convey the importance of what we learned. We had a great small group and ended our session with a wonderful authentic meal. I strongly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn more about Indian cooking and related culture.
  • Bengali Cooking w/ Afsari: Immersion Workshop #2

    Reviewed by Nicole A. on 12/10/2018
    Overpriced!!! You have to pay over $100 dollars to take this class and you have to wash your own dishes?? Ridiculous! Plus, you can’t even bring any wine. It’s not worth the money.
  • Greek Cooking w/ Despina: Taste of Workshop #2

    Reviewed by Bryan S. on 12/2/2018
    Despina was a wonderful host, the food was outstanding and we learned so much! We are already making some of the recipes that she taught us! Outstanding in every way and highly recommmended!!!!
  • Japanese Cooking with Aiko: Immersion Workshop

    Anonymous review on 10/8/2017
    Great class
  • Japanese Cooking with Aiko: Immersion Workshop

    Reviewed by Tsui N. on 10/8/2017
    Really enjoyed this class and the food. Aiko was a wonderful host and teacher. The food was delicious. I learned so much and can't wait to try the recipes on my own.
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