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The Starter League

The Starter League

West Loop, Illinois City, Illinois
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Learn to code, design & ship web apps at the best beginner-focused software school in the world.

We're a founding member of 1871, a hub for Chicago's brightest digital designers, engineers and entrepreneurs. We've got two classrooms, 24/7 access, Intelligentsia and plenty of co-working space. With the success of our Starter School program, we built a new workspace fit for our students' needs. We have 12,000 sq ft over two floors for our students, alumni and base of operations.

What we stand for.

Solving meaningful problems
We believe having the motivation to build something you care about is the best way to learn. Being a starter means you have a penchant to make the world a better place through technology, design and business.

Passion and persistence
This is our primary acceptance criteria for The Starter League. You need to be driven by a problem you want to solve or an idea you want to make real, but also have the tenacity to persist when times get tough.

Diverse collaboration
The Starter League is comprised of mothers, lawyers, MBAs, CEOs, realtors, teachers, engineers, journalists and much more. Our diversity and emphasis on working with others is what makes our program special.

Learning enough to take a step
Practical, applicable, hands-on learning is at the core of our teaching philosophy. You won’t find any fluff in our programs, we’ll teach you what's necessary to take the next step towards actualizing your idea.

Investing in yourself
Rather than begging around town in search of a “maker co-founder”, put yourself through the fire and flames to prototype your ideas. With The Starter League you’ll realize you have what it takes to ship an MVP yourself.

Quality over quantity
Our people and our programs come first. We aren’t looking to scale to 20 cities and pump out cubicle workers. We’re committed to creating the best learning experience you’ve ever had, we won’t compromise that for anything.

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30 N Racine Ave Ste 210, Illinois City, Illinois 60607
The Starter League
West Loop, West Side
30 N Racine Ave Ste 210
Btwn Washington Blvd & Madison St
Illinois City, Illinois 60607

Parking is available on the streets north and south of the building (Washington to the north and Madison to the south). Washington has free street parking and Madison requires that you use the Pay Boxes. There is a parking lot a few blocks away from the building.