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at BodyStrongBoston Studio - Weymouth 14 Iron Hill St, East Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system and origin of Chinese Medicine that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, massage, and focused intention for health, harmony, balance, and longevity. Regular practice helps to prevent illness, sickness, and disease, while bringing flexibility and strength to the body. Qi Gong is a series...

No upcoming schedules

Adult Karate

at Esposito’s Karate Fitness Center

Why should you join our Adult Karate Program?  Our adult program is directly taught by Grandmaster Joe Esposito. Though he has assistants, he is directly involved in each of his student’s training. This is not the type of school where you only see the Grandmaster when you attain a certain rank. From white belt to black belt and beyond, you...


14 sessions

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Youth Karate

at Esposito’s Karate Fitness Center - Monantum 230 Adams St, Newton, Massachusetts 02458

Our Kids Karate Program is outstanding! How do we support this claim?  A picture is worth a thousand words, a visit to our class is worth a million. We highly encourage people to see a class in action, that is the best support for our claim.  We offer several different class times for each age group, offering the opportunity to come once...


14 sessions

Tai Chi

at Every Body Balance - Southborough 162 Cordaville Rd, Southborough, Massachusetts 01772

Come learn about the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi! Often referred to as “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi provides an internal mind-body system for improved health, balance, strength and well-being. In addition to integrating mind, body and spirit, the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi contain an inner power that, with continued practice, has...

No upcoming schedules

Tai Chi (Continuing Level)

at Jewish Community Centers of G. Boston - Oakhill 333 Nahanton St, Newton, Massachusetts 02459

The forms and techniques of Wudang Tai Chi incorporate movement with stillness. Internal and external movement work together to help build inner power and energy, develop the structural muscles, improve balance, flexibility and effortless movement. In addition to the physical movements, Tai Chi is a meditative practice which also helps to cultivate...


7 sessions


at MIT Recreation - Cambridgeport 120 Vassar St, Boston, Massachusetts 02139

A cardiovascular workout that uses punches, kicks, and blocks to increase your heart rate. This fun, energizing class offers various levels to meet everyone’s needs. Work on endurance, strength and coordination while burning tons of calories and learning the basics of boxing.

No upcoming schedules


at Back Bay Fit - Arlington 180 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, Massachusetts 02474

Kickboxing is a workout that utilizes your entire body in a fast, repetitive motion. Remarkable training for weight loss, as well as bone density, joint strength, muscle strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Your body image will be transformed into your ideal body you have always wanted. In addition, you will increase your coordination, balance,...

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

Tai Chi

at Newton-Wellesley Hospital - Waban 2014 Washington St, Newton, Massachusetts 02462

Through controlled, slow and rhythmic movements achieve a state of relaxation for your body and mind. Increase circulation, promote joint & muscle flexibility, increase strength and relieve stress. Over time, you will experience a marked improvement in concentration, range of motion and balance.

No upcoming schedules

11 sessions

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Qigong: 18 Immortals

at Yang's Martial Arts Association (YMAA) - Roslindale 5 Basile St , Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131

This class focuses on the internal energy health of an individual. Qigong is the ancient practice of using the mind to naturally develop the body's energy through breathing, movement and meditation. It is used to improve health and to develop power for martial arts. It is an integral part of YMAA Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes.

No upcoming schedules

Intro to Tai Chi

at Yang's Martial Arts Association (YMAA) - Roslindale 5 Basile St , Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131

Practicing Tai Chi enhances flexibility, balance, circulation, body awareness and memory. As opposed to western style exercise, which focuses on major muscle groups, Tai Chi is focused on strengthening the joints, ligaments and tendons, emphasizing softness and whole-body motion. Tai Chi is more than a fitness regime practiced by millions around the...

No upcoming schedules

Adult Limited BJJ

at Ultimate Self Defense & Performance Ctr - South Boston 12 B St, Boston, Massachusetts 02127

Includes 2 classes a week plus one open mat. Students required to pick a set schedule from any of the regularly scheduled BJJ and No-Gi classes. 6 month contract required. Membership valid for single adult and is not transferrable.

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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