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Coding Classes Boston

Discover a wide range of programming and coding classes in Boston that will take your tech skills to the next level. Learn from industry professionals and gain the practical knowledge needed to excel in the world of technology.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in Boston have spots left, but 15 classes live online are available.

WordPress for Coders

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Take your WordPress skills to the next level with this coding-focused course that teaches you how to customize and enhance your WordPress website. Gain more control over WordPress by learning how to edit code, work with themes, and customize CSS. Expand your knowledge of WordPress and become a more proficient web developer.


JavaScript for Front-End

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master the art of JavaScript and bring your web pages to life with interactivity and stunning functionality. Gain hands-on experience in coding JavaScript and learn to create animations using the industry-standard GreenSock Animation Platform. Pre-requisite: Experience coding webpages and knowledge equivalent to Advanced HTML & CSS.

Monday Jan 29th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

ColdFusion 10 Development (Advanced)

Future Media Concepts

Become an expert in developing highly interactive web applications with ColdFusion 10. This advanced course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to build and maintain effective web applications. Learn advanced techniques such as handling errors, creating custom tags, and leveraging external Java code libraries.

Wednesday Feb 21st, 10am–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Explore Coding Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Coding Private Group Events
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ChatGPT for Developers

Prompt Yes!

Learn how to leverage the power of ChatGPT to generate code, debug, optimize, and simulate databases and APIs in this comprehensive course for developers. Discover hidden features, overcome limitations, and gain valuable tips and tricks to enhance your coding experience. Experiment with alternatives like the GPT-3 Playground and explore the practical applications of ChatGPT in various development scenarios.

Wednesday Dec 13th, 1–4pm Eastern Time

WordPress Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of creating and managing professional websites and blogs without any web design background or coding knowledge with this essential WordPress course. Gain the skills needed to control the layout, appearance, and functionality of WordPress sites using easy-to-use tools, making you a valuable asset in the web development industry.

Tuesday Jan 9th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Flexbox, Grid, & Bootstrap

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

Learn the latest CSS layout techniques that will enable you to create responsive webpages and adapt them to different screen sizes at Practical Programming. Master Flexbox and Grid to effortlessly lay out, align, and reorder content on your webpage. Say goodbye to writing excessive CSS code with the help of Bootstrap.

Thursday Jan 25th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Front-End Web Development Certificate

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master the art of front-end web development with this hands-on certificate program. Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create stunning and responsive websites optimized for any screen size. Unlock endless possibilities in the world of coding and start building new websites today.

Tuesday Jan 9th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (34 sessions)


34 sessions

JavaScript for Front-End

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

Master the art of JavaScript coding and unlock the potential of jQuery with Practical Programming's hands-on course. Learn how to add animation, interactivity, and powerful functionality to your web pages using industry-standard frameworks. Take your front-end development skills to the next level and become a coding pro.

Monday Jan 29th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

React Development Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn how to build robust and dynamic web applications using React, the most popular JavaScript library among developers. Discover how to create reusable components and gain hands-on experience by building multiple web apps in this comprehensive bootcamp.

Wednesday Jan 17th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

Introduction to Programming with Java

Borough of Manhattan Community College @ Live Online

Java is one of the most widely used computer languages in the world. This course is designed to develop the fundamental skills and basic concepts needed to begin writing any code. Students will use the Java platform to create an assortment of programs and especially mobile and web applications. Sign up today! Note: This class is delivered virtually via Zoom

Tuesday May 14th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Python Programming Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the fundamentals of Python programming and gain hands-on experience through practical exercises. Take your coding skills to the next level and build a portfolio of impressive projects to showcase to potential employers.

Tuesday Feb 20th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

JavaScript Development with Node, Express, & MongoDB

Practical Programming - Virtually Online

Learn to build web applications using JavaScript with Node, Express, & MongoDB. Gain the skills to create server-side architecture, manage data flow, and store and manage data in a lightweight manner. Discover the power of JavaScript and its frameworks at Practical Programming.

Monday Dec 11th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (20 sessions)


20 sessions

Introduction to Python Programming

Borough of Manhattan Community College @ Live Online

Learn the easy-to-learn and powerful Python programming language through a hands-on course at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Gain the skills to build non-trivial applications and meet the demand for Python developers in the software development community. Prerequisites include basic computer skills and a foundation in software application design and coding.

Tuesday Jan 23rd, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (14 sessions)


14 sessions

Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL


Learn how to query and manipulate data using Microsoft Transact-SQL in this comprehensive course. Gain the skills necessary to become a Database Administrator, Database Developer, or Business Intelligence professional. Start your journey towards a high-paying career in data management and analysis.

Monday Dec 11th, 8am–4pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Python for Automation

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn how to automate time-consuming tasks and gather valuable data from the web using Python in this practical course. Perfect for programming beginners who use Python for web or software development. Prerequisite: Intro to Python Programming or Python for Data Science.

Tuesday Feb 6th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best Coding Classes in Boston

When a person writes code, they are essentially writing in a language that is specific to a computer. Therefore, written code is produced so that computers can translate the code, process it, and then perform certain functions based on the coded language. While coding is its own language, it is important to know that there are many different types of coding languages available to learn, which all have varying uses and purposes. However, they all share the common theme of giving instructions to a computer in order for the computer to perform a desired task. Many people learn how to code for major companies that are part of a variety of industries or to work as freelance coders. Coding is responsible for many of the important and beneficial tools that are used on a regular basis, such as websites, applications, games, and more.

Best Coding Classes & Schools in Boston

Microsoft .NET Developer Bootcamp: C# Developer Bootcamp – Interactive Online Classroom

The Microsoft .NET Developer Bootcamp: C# is a comprehensive course that teaches students how to create applications with the .NET program using C# coding language. Students learn the basics of this coding language as well as more advanced subject matter, such as Web API and using LINQ for data analysis.

Prerequisites: Prior computer programming experience is required. Specifically, experience with Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms, Advanced .NET, and other applications is useful. In addition, students with zero industrial programming experience are offered the introductory Learning to Program with C# course at no extra cost.

Duration: The 10-course track includes sessions that last 12 hours. The duration depends on the number of enrolled courses.

Cost: $12,000 for all courses. There are course options ranging from five-course to ten-course, which may affect the cost.

Scrum Master Certified – SMC Quality and Productivity Solutions, Inc – 28 Lord Road, Ste 205, at Elm Street, Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752

Scrum is a project management system that is used in software development. The Scrum Master Certified – SMC course ensures that students leave with a general overview of the Scrum system. In addition, students will receive a certificate from Quality and Productivity Solutions upon completion of the course. This course will prepare students for the Scrum Master Exam and is open to anyone interested in learning the Scrum management system.

Prerequisites: Students should have, at minimum, a high school degree or GED. Prior experience with computers is beneficial.

Duration: This course has three sessions. The first is 12 hours in length. The second and third sessions are nine hours in length.

Cost: $1,495

Basic Statistics and SPC Quality and Productivity Solutions, Inc – 28 Lord Road Ste 205, at Elm Street, Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752

Quality and Productivity Solutions also offers a Basic Statistics and SPC course. Students in this course will learn descriptive and inferential statistics. Software for this course will be provided. Moreover, this course will prepare students for the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt, CQE, and CQT Certification Exam. This course focuses on data collection, statistical principles, graphical analysis, and more. 

Prerequisites: This course is designed for those who already have a basic background in statistics, engineering, or computers.

Duration: This course provides two sessions that last nine hours each.

Cost: $1,095

HTML Introduction Computer Training Source, Inc. – Interactive Online Classroom

The HTML Introduction course teaches students how to write in the hypertext markup language (HTML) that is used to create or modify websites. Students will learn how to add tags, hyperlinks, pictures, tables, frames, and more to improve the overall interface. The course consists of six separate units that cover these various subjects.

Prerequisites: There are no specified prerequisites for this course.

Duration: This is a seven-hour course.

Cost: $699

Boston Industries That Use Coding

There are many major industries in Boston that use coding. As a result, there are many employment opportunities in fields like biotechnology, healthcare, and marketing. There are many freelance opportunities as well as remote opportunities for coding professionals in Boston as well.


As the name suggests, biotechnology combines two industries: technology and biology. In particular, biotechnology (BioTech) uses cellular and molecular processes to create technological products that improve the health of those all around the world – including planet Earth itself. BioTech can assist in reducing the rate of deadly diseases and adapt treatment plans for those already suffering from maladies. Boston is considered a hub for BioTech industries and is home to many companies such as Akili Interactive, Emulate, Biofourmis, Pear Therapeutics, and more.


Many healthcare providers and hospitals require employees with coding experience in order to improve patient data management. These employees are called medical coders. A Medical Coder has a few main responsibilities, including research, data analysis, and code writing to maintain documentation of patient encounters. Many medical coding positions are available in places such as Boston Children’s Medical Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and more. In addition, there are many remote or hybrid-remote opportunities for Medical Coders in Massachusetts and across the entire country. 

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