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Bread Making Classes Boston

Learn the art of making homemade sourdough and artisan breads in Boston's top bread-making classes, where participants will develop essential techniques and skills under the guidance of expert instructors.

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Paratha Workshop (Indian Breads with Filling)

EZCompliments Indian Cooking Classes @ 149 Haggetts Pond Rd, Andover, MA

The versatile, whole-wheat bread of India, parathas are an essential accompaniment to any meal. Pair with meat or vegetables or curry – or just eat them with a refreshing yogurt raita. Gobhi paratha (bread stuffed with spiced cauliflower Dal paratha (with lentils) Cucumber raita (yogurt dipping sauce) Boondi Raita (yogurt sauce with chickpea fritters)

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Breakfast Basket

Breadhitz @ 97 Chestnut St, Rehoboth, MA

If you have a soft spot for the sweeter side of bread, then this workshop is guaranteed to please. From easy muffins and quick breads to the classic brioche and mouth-watering cinnamon buns, you will learn the fundamentals of working with chemically leavened batters and yeasted enriched doughs. The class will emphasize the proper techniques of mixing, shaping, and baking to help ensure your success in the kitchen. This class is suitable for baking...

Sourdough: What's to Know

Breadhitz @ 97 Chestnut St, Rehoboth, MA

Are you curious about sourdough?  Then come with us and take a walk on the wild side (of yeast, that is!) Rather than rely on commercial yeast bought at the store, sourdough breads are naturally leavened breads made with wild yeast spores cultivated in the form of a sourdough starter.  Learn how to build your own sourdough cultures from scratch, maintain them with regular feeding cycles, and utilize them in different breads to control...

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Holiday Breads and Baking

Breadhitz @ 97 Chestnut St, Rehoboth, MA

Tis the season to be jolly….and baking, of course!  Everyone has their own favorites to make around the holidays, but this class will introduce you to some others that you are sure to enjoy. You’ll learn proper mixing techniques for enriched doughs and cookies, while experiencing the aromas and flavors of some European classics.  Products covered during this workshop include: Pumpkin Brioche Stollen Panettone Swiss Festliche...

Half-and-Half Artisan Breads

Breadhitz @ 97 Chestnut St, Rehoboth, MA

The perfect combo class! If you can't decide between Artisan Bread Fundamentals and Sourdough: What's to Know, then here's a class that gives you a taste of both. Half the class is devoted to baking bread with commercial yeast and the other half is dedicated to naturally leavened sourdough breads. Products covered include: Focaccia Artisan French Country Sourdough 100% Rye Sourdough

Quick and Easy Breads

Breadhitz @ 97 Chestnut St, Rehoboth, MA

Here's some good news!  Great tasting bread does not mean giving up an entire day to monitor the fermentation process. If all you have is a few hours, we've got some flavorful formulas to share that are manageable and sure to impress. Mixing, shaping, and baking techniques will be part of the experience. Products covered include Parmesan Cheese Rolls, Bavarian Pretzels, and Bagels.  All levels welcome. Materials fee included...

Turkish Brunch

Turkish Cultural Center Boston @ 1105 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

GOZLEME DAY Gozleme is a traditional savory Turkish flatbread and pastry dish. In this event, there will be a demonstration of making Turkish Flatbread, so that attendees will have a chance to learn how to cook Turkish Traditional Flatbread. Also, Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delight will be served at the end of the event.  Brunch Items: Turkish Flat Bread with Potato Turkish Flat Bread with Cheese Turkish Flat Bread with Spinach Turkish...

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Old Fashioned Bread Baking

Good Life Kitchen @ 433 Washington Street, Boston, MA

The Holidays are here and that calls for festive breads! Menu: Walnut Sour Cream Bread Glazed Lemon Bread Blueberry Cinnamon Bread Zucchini Loaf Bread

Italian Small Plates and Florentine Pizza

Shiso Kitchen @ 374 Washington St, Somerville, MA

When the moon hits your eye.... Learn to make hand stretched pizza dough, and personalized Italian style pizzas with your choice of various toppings. Inspired by  the chef's travels, Italian small plates focus on fresh  ingredients and are made for sharing: Roasted Carrots with Almonds and Parsely Sweet Peas with Pickled Shallots. For the sweet tooth: Roasted Peaches with Vanilla Bean Balsamic Marscapone Cream

Perfect Pizza

Helen's Kitchen Cooking School @ 3 Ingleside Rd, Natick, MA

This class is Cooking 101 and Baking 101 rolled into one most delicious dish — pizza. It's one of the simplest dishes to make, and one of the simplest to mess up. Does your dough refuse to stretch into a thin circle? Does it get soggy under the sauce and toppings? Are you at a loss as to how to produce a perfectly crisp thin crust? In this class you'll make a 5 minute home-made crust that will teach you many baking fundamentals....

Pizza Night

Saltbox Farm @ 40 Westford Rd, Concord, MA

The smells and sounds of a bustling pizza kitchen are some of the more tantalizing in the business. It transports us to our childhoods to when we looked forward to pizza night more than any other. Let us show you how to put that experience into your home kitchen! We'll cover two regions of pizza: New York and Chicago. After this class, you'll be able to create that pizzeria experience right at home.  MENU New York Style Pizza Chicago Style...

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