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Learn the art of baking delicious pies from the comfort of your own home with online classes. From classic apple pie to decadent chocolate ganache, discover essential techniques and gain the confidence to create beautiful, mouthwatering pies for any occasion.

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Fruit Pie Workshop

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Master the art of pie-making with our Fruit Pie Workshop, a cornerstone skill that embodies culinary love. Learn to create a double-crust apple pie with an all-butter crust, and gain insights on using seasonal fruits like blueberries and peaches for future pies. Join us for a hands-on experience that will leave you confident and inspired in your baking endeavors.

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Virtual Apple Pie & Apple Martini

Eve Bergazyn @ Live Online

In the 2-hour class, we’ll demystify the classic American dessert: apple pie. We’ll make and roll our all-butter pâte brisée for our double crust pie stuffed with your favorite apple variety. We’ll also make a caramel sauce for drizzling, and an apple martini to sip while you wait for your pie to finish baking after class. What we’ll cover: Making pie dough Rolling crust Lining and shaping double crust pies (the instructor will demo...

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Virtual Cooking Demo: Famous Apple Pie

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square

Join us for a virtual cooking class as our Chopping Block chef teaches you how to prepare our legendary apple pie complete with pie dough instructions via a Zoom demonstration. Menu: Perfect Pie Dough Apple Pie with Whipped Cream Skills covered in class: Making and rolling out pie dough Preparing fruit fillings Selecting apples Using flour as a thickener Whipping cream Our Virtual Cooking Demonstrations, via Zoom, are a fun opportunity...

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Turkey Pot Pie

Teaching Table

Most Americans are familiar with the post-Thanksgiving mash up of sliced turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce stuffed between two slices of gravy soaked bread. But, have you explored other more creative ways to re-purpose your Thanksgiving leftovers? This virtual hands-on class will have you digging your Thanksgiving leftovers out of the fridge and transforming them into dishes you can enjoy all week or even freeze for a snowy day. We’ll brainstorm...

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Seasonal Whoopie Pies

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

Depending on where you are or who you ask, these might be called black moons, gobs, BFOs, devil dogs or maybe even something else. A mash-up of cookie sandwich and cake, stuffed with fluffy whipped icing, whoopie pies are the ultimate celebratory time treat. In this class, you’ll bake up 3 cakes and whip 3 icings for a whole range of confectionery variations. We’ll even defy tradition and make Maple Marshmallow Fluff from scratch. Possible Menu:...

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Virtual Cook Along: Pies and Tarts

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Get ready for Pi Day this year by learning how to make homemade hand pies and tarts from scratch from the comfort of your own home. In this intensively interactive 2-hour virtual class, our chef will teach you how to prepare two different types of pastry from scratch along with decadent fillings everyone will love. In addition to learning a multitude of baking and pastry skills in this class, you’ll be ready to celebrate Pi Day with freshly baked...

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Crostata di Marmellata (Italian Tart)

Class in the Kitchen

If you love Italian desserts, you are going to love this Crostata di Marmellata (Italian Tart.)  Chef Grazia will take you step by step through the process of making this absolutely delicious cross between a fruit tart and cookie.  You will first learn how to mix the light, buttery dough from scratch.  She will then show you how to shape it in the tart pan as well as topping the dough with the perfect amount of fruit filling to finish...

(1) Beginner 18 and older
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Reviews for Pie Classes Online

Pie Classes Online are rated 4.7 stars based on 2,787 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Virtual Apple Pie & Apple Martini

    Reviewed by ROGER A. on 11/25/2021
    Awesome way to spend a couple of hours. Really enjoyed it!
  • Virtual Apple Pie & Apple Martini

    Reviewed by Liz A. on 3/23/2021
    Eve is such a great instructor. Great details, great tips and great follow-up. I have also taken her croissant class. I am taking her Pasta class next.
  • Crostata di Marmellata (Italian Tart)

    Anonymous review on 8/11/2020
    I had SO much fun! Thank you Chef Grazia! I have made 3 more crostada’s since my class, 6 days ago! You make a VERY beautiful Italian dessert, VERY approachable! Highly recommend taking this class!

Discover the Best Pie Making Classes Online

Pie making is a multi-step process that may seem simple, but it’s not. Making a crust is not as simple as adding liquid to the flour and baking it. If the flour is not cut with other ingredients, the gluten may bind the crust too much, leaving it tough and unpleasant to eat. Too little gluten and the crust doesn’t form a solid structure. Instead, it breaks apart too easily. 

Many crusts blend flour, fats, and different liquids, possibly even sweeteners. The right amount of fat cut into flour adds flakiness, whereas too much fat results in a crust that crumbles.

Once the ideal flour-to-fat-to-liquid ratio is combined and the pie pan is lined, it’s time to add the filling. Some fillings are sweet. These are your classic pies: apple, cherry, and banana creme. Though not as popular as they once were, Savory pies are still classic comfort foods. In the winter, chicken pot pie made from scratch is a must! In the summer, fresh vegetables from the garden make the perfect savory pie, like Swiss chard or savory summer squash pie. 

No season or time of day is the wrong time for pie. It’s versatile, quick, and always welcome at every meal. 

Why You Should Learn Pie Making Online

Home bakers and professionals use many of the same methods to craft pies that have relatives, friends, and customers asking for more. For many years, food manufacturers tried to simplify the at-home pie-making process by providing whole pies or crusts in the freezer section of a grocery store. They’ve also created canned pie filling; home chefs can open and dump into premade pie crusts, bake at 400 degrees, and eat promptly. Freezer pies are great in a pinch. However, purchasing a pre-made crust and pie filling or frozen version simplifies the process, yet this results in a pie that doesn’t taste the same as a from-scratch version. Learning to bake the perfect from-scratch pie is never wasted time or effort. 

Making pies from scratch is a fun hobby that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Once you’ve established yourself as a skilled pie-maker, people will request that you bring your creation to their next potluck or event. 

Pie making can also bring people together in person or over social media. Pie making clubs, drawing members passionate about pies, exist in many locations. Even Facebook and Instagram have pie clubs or experts that you can follow. Pie making is not exclusive to adults; some high schools have sweet treats clubs, sharing pies and other desserts. 

Over time, some amateur pie makers may wish to test their skills against others. Pie making contests are a popular way to vet a personal creation or an original spin on a classic. The Milwaukee competition has several categories that a baker can submit a creation: best pie with Wisconsin ingredients, best classic apple pie, and best chocolate pie. Other cities like New York have their competitions with different categories. Some competitions may award winners with money. Some competitions only give out bragging rights. Either way, designing a custom pie, submitting it to a competition, and winning is a great feeling. 

Virtual Pie Making Classes 

Consider a virtual class if you are ready to learn or improve your pie-making skills. Virtual classes are taught live online, so you get many of the same benefits of an in-person class: getting tailor-made feedback from an instructor and asking questions when unsure of a process. 

Online classes can be easier to attend since you can take them anywhere that works for you. Busy adults learning a new skill need less, not more, commute time. 

Taking an online class will require that you gather the necessary supplies beforehand. Instructors make it easy, giving you a list of essentials before the class. With online retailers, gathering these supplies can be as simple as a few clicks before they appear on your doorstep. The best part about ordering supplies in advance is that you’ll have them for your next pie making endeavor. Find your ideal online pie making class at CourseHorse. 

Nothing says summer like fruit pies. From California with fresh strawberries to Georgia surrounded by peaches, summer fruit is ripening and added to desserts like pie. Home Cooking New York is ready to teach you how to make the perfect just-ripened fruit creation in their Summer Pie Workshop course. This class is designed for following along. Make sure to purchase all necessary items in advance. Besides leaving with a fabulous pie, you’ll also gain a recipe packet to continue to bake delicious pies in the future. 

The classic American dessert, the apple pie, is a must to be mastered. By taking Eve Bergazyn’s live online Virtual Apple Pie & Apple Martini course, you can master some delicious fall pie techniques. When apples are ripened to perfection, you will wow your friends and family with the perfect buttery, flaky crust and apple-cinnamon filling. She even teaches how to make a caramel sauce from scratch to drizzle over the pie. Save some for the side scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Ready to branch out to a different type of pie, a Whoopie Pie? These delicious pies are finger food, making them the perfect treat to bring to any party. Some people may know these as black moons or devil dogs. They resemble a sandwich: the bread is a cross between a cookie and a cake, and the filling is similar to whipped cream. Learn how to make these Seasonal Whoopie Pies through the Teaching Table’s virtual course.

Private Online Group Pie Making Classes

Gather your team for a private online group pie-making event to bring people together and build community. Or add pie making to your next house party for an event that will leave attendees talking about it for years. CourseHorse offers live online pie making classes for private groups and businesses

Many amateur bakers haven’t yet mastered the classic American pie–apple–and would welcome an opportunity to do so. Learn this favorite with the private group Virtual Apple Pie Workshop (with optional Appletini) class. This class does not include any materials or ingredients; check out the list of materials needed before the first day of the course to fully participate in the pie-making experience. Participants will make the pie dough from scratch, along with fresh filling, caramel sauce, apple cider whipped cream, and an appletini. As a bonus, this class addresses making a gluten-free version. 

One example of a private online group pie making course is CourseHorse’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crips & Lemonade class. This class–similar to many group experience classes–provides materials. Participants only need to supply perishable ingredients and standard kitchen tools like baking sheets or spoons. This class can accommodate up to 250 people.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? If CourseHorse does not publicly list a class, they will work with your group to create the ideal private course. Reach out through the contact form on CourseHorse’s site to learn about the options available.

Booking with CourseHorse is easy and takes just minutes. Plus, they’re flexible; if needed, group size can be changed after booking. They will confirm your class within 24 hours. No more waiting to hear whether the organization can accommodate your group. The price you see is the price you pay. Unlike many online booking services, CourseHorse does not charge booking fees. Plus, they are flexible with the platform–Zoom is the default– and can accommodate several options, including Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. They work hard to minimize your stress and planning so that you can enjoy the event.

Online vs. In-Person Pie Making Classes

Learning to make pie takes commitment. Whether the learning happens online or in-person is irrelevant. Each type of class is tailored to a particular group of learners. Consider what you need before enrolling in a course.

Online classes are ideal for busy individuals or those who don’t live near an area offering in-person courses. Commuting and finding parking can be time intensive, creating a huge barrier for those who wish to enroll but cannot. An online class, taken from the comfort of your home, allows time-strapped bakers to add new skills with a shorter investment of time. Plus, most people don’t live near locations offering in-person classes. Previously, the only other option was to purchase and follow along in a pie making book. Yet, books cannot offer feedback like an online class can. Plus, you can learn from observing an expert’s techniques. 

Online classes will require you to gather ingredients and supplies before the class starts. Most supplies can be quickly purchased through online retailers, showing up on your doorstep within days. Most supplies can be reused for future pie making endeavors. 

If you’re lucky enough to live near a location that offers pie making classes, you’ll benefit from the presence of an instructor and additional participants. Being surrounded by a community of pie makers can speed up the learning process. Class attendees can ask questions, offer feedback, and assist one another with techniques. Plus, having an instructor present allows for personalized demonstrations. If you’re struggling with a technique, the instructor can model the exact technique needed. An in-person course also reduces distractions that may be present at home. It allows you to focus entirely on the skill at hand. 

Can I Learn Pie Making for Free Online?

Almost any skill can be learned for free online. Hobbyists post instructional videos and tutorials, attempting to teach someone else a skill. While a free online tutorial might provide some information, it can be limiting. First, consider whether the person creating the video is a true expert. Some are, and some are not. Following a non-expert may lead to learning incorrect techniques. Another important consideration is how much time you want to invest. Finding your videos takes time. Formal training from an expert will help most people learn proper methods much faster. Value your time by signing up for an online course run by an expert.

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