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The Chopping Block Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois
(61 Reviews)

Chicago's largest recreational cooking school and gourmet retail store, offers demonstration and hands-on cooking classes, as well as wine classes, private cooking parties and corporate team building events. Classes at our two locations cover subjects from cooking basics to intensive Boot Camps as well as seasonal, date nights, healthy and kids classes.

Notes: Please note that by purchasing seats for classes at The Chopping Block you are authorizing CourseHorse to charge your card if you order additional drinks and do not pay for them at the time of the class.

Reviews of The Chopping Block Lincoln Square

(61 Reviews)

Andrew D.

Attended: Vegan Desserts

This class was so fun and everything we made was delicious. 3 recipes in 3 hours, and so many leftovers to take home! Expect to sample a lot!! Most of the basic ingredients were already prepared and portioned and the only complaint I have is that because we made so many items I can't remember all of the steps for each. But the recipes were provided for us to take home. Overall really great. Highly recommend!

Alyssa B.

Attended: Knife Skills

This class was awesome! I really enjoyed learning more about knives (like which ones to purchase) and also hear more about how to cut. No idea you were supposed to turn your body sideways. I would really recommend this class - you also get to take home whatever we cut up so it makes for a good stir fry!

Lisa C.

Attended: Dumplings Around the World

Loved *most* of the Dumplings Around the World class. Everything we cooked was delicious and we had tons of leftovers to take home afterwards. The chef running the class as well as the rest of the staff were excellent as well. However I have to give the class 2 stars because I did not get what I paid for. The curriculum was to learn 4 different dumplings - pierogi, samosa, potsticker, empanada. However upon arrival at class we were informed that one of the planned dumplings (pierogi) would no longer be taught in class that day due to management's decision to change the class direction without notice (samples were served when we arrived instead of teaching the recipe). I feel bad for the staff who got stuck with delivering the bad news as they were not responsible for the class change & appreciate that they did their best to make rest of class enjoyable. It would have been so simple for Chopping Block to say "hey, due to time constraints we need to reduce the menu from the planned curriculum. For the inconvenience, here's a discount off your next class or have a glass of wine on us." Instead I got 75% of the class I signed up for and didn't get to make the dumpling I was most excited about learning.


Attended: Knife Skills

Great class! Great instructors! Great lessons!


Attended: Clean Eating : Filling Fats

I thought it was informative and fun! Food was good too!

Paula B.

Attended: Knife Skills

The venue, staff and chef were great!!


Attended: Couples Cooking: Baby, It's Cold Outside

100 Stars!!! Incredible!!

Joanie S.

Attended: Ramen Workshop

The chefs were amazing, extremely knowledgeable and helpful! It was super fun, hope to sign up for more.

Allison L.

Attended: Cupcake Boot Camp: Festive Holiday Menu

This class was amazing. Chef Leia was so patient with us and took the time to answer all our questions. The recipes were great and the staff made us breakfast and lunch. Perfect afternoon for my sister and I to have some girl time.


Attended: Cupcake Boot Camp: Festive Holiday Menu

So fun! Breakfast and lunch was reserved. The recipes were so interesting. The chefs and helpers were always nears by to give advice. So much fun!

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4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois 60625
The Chopping Block Lincoln Square
Lincoln Square
4747 N Lincoln
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Chicago, Illinois 60625