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Travel Photography - Street & Landscape

at PhotoManhattan -

Travel Photography - Learn the tricks of Street and Landscape photography. Enhance your Travel Photos with this workshop mix of Landscape, Cityscape and Street Photography, and urban scenery. Capture that scene with confidence and creativity. This course is mostly taken place outdoor and focuses on honing compositional skills specific to landscapes,...

Wednesday Aug 24th, 4:30pm - 7:30pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

Creative Use of Nature's Light

at Princeton Photo Workshop -

Creative Use of Nature's Light in Landscapes & Cityscapes Join acclaimed Argentinian nature photographer, teacher and documentary filmmaker Ossian Lindholm for this immersive 3-part remote learning experience. Learn photographic techniques that will help you achieve dramatic images in a range of nature’s light. An everyday landscape with an...

Tuesday Oct 4th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

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Seminar Street Photography

at PhotoManhattan -

Capture your city and make memories that will last a lifetime!This street photo session is the more basic version of our Travel Photography course. In this class you will learn the tricks and tips on how to shoot quickly and efficiently so to capture street scenes with the best possible lighting, framing, perspecitve and exposure. In person sessions...

Wednesday Aug 24th, 4:30pm - 6:30pm Eastern Time

Photographing in the Social Landscape

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

The photographs of “natural landscapes” with which we’re most familiar—Ansel Adams’ pictures of Yosemite, perhaps, or those National Geographic series on icebergs or rainforests, in fantastic color—all show the world we would encounter if we could travel to those special, faraway places. A pristine view, unsullied by man’s presence, is...

Thursday Sep 29th, 9am - 12pm Pacific Time

  (8 sessions)

8 sessions

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Travel Photography: Your Story of Place

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

Traveling – and travel photography, is about more than just seeing and recording a beautiful view. While social media emphasizes the “instagrammable” moment, at its best, travel photography tells a story about the way a place looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds. This webinar will present strategies and tools for conveying the essence of...

No upcoming schedules

Travel Photography: Preparing for your Journey

at Houston Center for Photography -

Travel and photography have been synonymous since the camera’s inception. Knowing exactly what to photograph and how to accomplish that can be difficult when caught in the moment of travel. Gain the confidence you need to get the best results from your camera every time. Topics including what gear to pack, file management, best practices for file...

No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

Seminar Composition & Framing

at PhotoManhattan -

Improve your imagery with this 2-hour seminar! This 2-hour photography class will cover common tricks and tips for shooting street shots, lighting control techniques, focus, background, perspective, and many more quick techniques that will instantly become handy for your next travel, candid, or city shots. Opened to all levels. Requirements: Basic...

No upcoming schedules

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Photographing Landscapes: The Essence of a Place

at PhotoUno Photography School -

Photographing the landscape and while traveling allows us to examine our relationship with the places in which we visit or in which we live.  It is an active expression of our desire to remember, to revisit, and to tell our personal experiences. It is a great way to respond to how we feel and to what we see in the world around us. In this photography...

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

White Balance: What Is It? Why Does It Matter?

at Washington Photo Safari -

White Balance: What Is It? Why Does It Matter? A Hands-On Workshop on Zoom! Find out why White Balance is Important and how to "get it right" in camera during this Zoomfari! What does “white balance” mean? It means that the color white should actually be white, the color red should be red, and every other color should be in proper balance in...

No upcoming schedules

Self-portraiture and Creative Expression

at Penumbra Foundation

Self-portraiture offers an inexhaustible source of creative expression. It is an especially rich medium to take up during the pandemic when you may not be able to travel freely in search of new connections and/or projects outside of the home.  This online course provides an overview of the history and uses of self-portraiture so that students...

No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

Seminar: Creative Photography Seminar

at PhotoManhattan - Chelsea 51 W14TH ST , New York, New York 10011

Seminar: Creative Photography | Seminar Framing and Composition. Improve your imagery with this 2-hour seminar! This 2-hour photography class will cover common tricks and tips for shooting street shots, lighting control techniques, focus, background, perspective, and many more quick techniques that will instantly become handy for your next...

No upcoming schedules

Photography for Social Change

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

Since its inception photography has been used to educate people about our world and advocate for social change where injustice prevails. Currently, activism does not end with images; they start foundations, fund non-profits and even testify at the UN in order to find solutions for the issues the photographer’s document. While not every photographer...

No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

Road Trips: Photography, Culture, and American Mythos

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research -

Promising freedom in a boundless landscape, the road trip is elemental to how America is seen and how (some) Americans see themselves—and often, what we don’t see: the violence, displacement, and industrial-technological planning that’s made modern interstate travel possible. In this course, we will take the centrality of the road trip to American...

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

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