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Discover the secrets to a radiant complexion with online skin care classes. Learn expert techniques and gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

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Makeup Artistry Certification (17+) Online

Mt. San Antonio College @ Virtual Classroom

Do you love makeup and want to pursue a career in making others look and feel more beautiful? Are you already working in the beauty industry and want to improve your confidence and application skills? Or do you just want to do a better job of applying your own makeup?  Through live demonstrations and hands-on experience in this program, you will discover the professional secrets to beautiful makeup applications. You will develop improved skills...

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Fizzy Bath Bombs

El Camino College @ Online Classroom

Settle in for a good soak with the ultimate fizzy bath time treat!  Let your imagination go wild while experimenting with different oils, colors, flowers, and even glitter, for tons of fizzy fun.  

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Virtual Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop

Love & Make @ Virtual Classroom

In this live, virtual workshop, you will learn the basics of melt and pour soap making, general techniques, and even a little history. We'll go through the use and benefits of the ingredients and learn about different recipes that students can use at home or give as gifts. This workshop is suited for our DIY Soap-Making Kit, linked below. After registering for the class, please purchase the soap-making kit and other required materials. Class materials:...

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Cold Process Soap Making from Scratch

East Los Angeles College

Want to know how to use the Cold process soap making method to create soap completely from scratch? Well, this online virtual presentation session will explain you A to Z cold process soap making, so that you can create beautiful handmade soaps right in your kitchen. Oh, and don’t worry about your experience level, it really doesn’t matter.  This class ranges from beginner to advance. So, whether you are a complete novice or a soap making...

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Special Effects Makeup: Intermediate Level

East Los Angeles College

This class is designed to teach you the application and coloration of make up prosthetics. You will learn to work with latex and silicone prosthetics pieces, and will be given the opportunity to design multiple piece models, and learn about advanced special effects lab techniques. At the end of the class you should be able to put together a full face character look of your own design. Required Materials Please request a list of required materials...

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How to Make Fizzy Bath Bombs

East Los Angeles College

These bath bombs make fantastic gifts – they are just dropped into a hot bath & they fizz & dissolve releasing a beautiful fragrance!  Surprisingly easy to make, let your imagination run WILD & experiment with different oils & colors – I also like to add dried rose petals, dried lavender & fine glitter ….  The possibilities are endless! All it takes to make delicately scented tablets is a little mixing, some...

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Soap Making for Beginners

East Los Angeles College

Your bath can become your at-home getaway when you add beautiful and fragrant handmade glycerin soaps. Making these beautiful soaps is easy and enjoyable and expressing your creativity is part of the fun.  In this online course, students will create different types of soaps while learning how to use colors, molds, fragrances, essential oil, extract, herbs, and, also, novelties. There will be a virtual discussion on how to make organic, natural...

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Bath Products (Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath)

East Los Angeles College

In this fun, online virtual presentation participants will discover simple techniques for making one-of-a-kind bath products (shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt & exfoliate). Topics include: Ingredients and equipment Where to obtain supplies Tips for making bath gels Adding herbs, glycerin, extracts Aroma therapeutic effects of oils Why purchase expensive commercial bath products when you can delight in making your own? Note: ...

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How to Make Body Butter (Cream/Lotion)

East Los Angeles College

Don’t you agree that the hurried, stressful pace of your daily life often makes it difficult to find ways to relax?  In this online virtual presentation, like many people, you shall find to create a restful retreat in your home – one in which you can relax and relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Making your own body butter lotion is not any more difficult. It is really a very similar process using the same tools you already...

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Virtual Bath Bomb Making

Love & Make @ Virtual Classroom

In this live, virtual workshop, we will guide you in the sometimes-tricky process of making your very own bath bombs. This workshop is based on the Love & Make Bath Bomb DIY kit, available for order in our online shop. If you will use your own materials, please be sure to have your recipe and tools ready before the workshop begins. Important: This virtual session does not come with supplies. If participants plan to participate together via...

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Discover the Best Skin Care Classes Online

Skin care is a term used for the various practices used to help maintain the condition of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and requires its own special type of care. However, that care varies from person to person, since everyone’s skin is unique. Generally though, for most people, skin care involves cleansing, moisturizing, and the use of sun protection. In addition, lots of people use other things like eye creams, serums, exfoliating products, and serums.

Why You Should Learn Skin Care Online

Learning about skin care will help you understand how to properly care for your skin, treat any issues you are experiencing, prevent future problems, and age gracefully. There are an overwhelming number of skin care products available, and many different types of advice. By educating yourself about skin care, you can better understand your options, and also take an active role in managing the future condition of your skin.

Virtual Skin Care Classes 

Virtual classes started to become a lot more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were trying to avoid gathering in large groups. However, this format has remained popular even after the need for social distancing has diminished, because people love its flexibility. When you enroll in an online class, you’re not limited to options at schools nearby; instead, you can take a class based on the other side of the country–or even in an entirely different country–if you want to. One potential downside is that if you learn virtually, you’ll probably have to supply your own materials, but in the case of skin care, that might not be a huge problem. If you do decide to learn about skin care virtually, you’ll find a number of different virtual skin care class options.

East Los Angeles College is located in the Los Angeles area, and serves about 30,000 students, with both in-person and online classes. It has been operating since 1945. Cold Process Soap Making is one of its virtual options, and costs $39. There is an average class size of 25 people. In this class, students learn the cold process soap-making method. With their new skills, they will be able to make handmade soaps in their own kitchen. This class is appropriate for both beginners who have never made soap, and more advanced students who want to learn something new about soap-making. Students should request a materials list at the time of registration.

Another virtual class option at East Los Angeles College is a class called How to Make Body Butter (Cream/Lotion). This class costs $39. Students are encouraged to relax, and rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul, while making body butter. The instructor covers the techniques and ingredients involved, and students learn to customize their body butters with whatever scent or therapeutic ingredients they want. Students should request a list of required materials when they register.

El Camino College, which is a public community college located in Torrance, about 15 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, offers a class called DIY Body Butters. This class costs $69, and has an average size of about 20 people. It is designed to teach students how to create body butters that they can use to transform dry or uncomfortable skin into smooth, soft, hydrated skin. Students learn to customize their creations by adding their own scents and therapeutic ingredients. 

If you’re interested in self-care and beauty, you might also like the Fashion Psychology Institute’s Beauty: Baked & Naked course. There are ten sessions in total, and tuition is $897. In this course, students learn about what fashion psychology is, and how it is needed. Some of the subjects covered are: “A Solution to the Commonly Felt Adage ‘I Have Nothing to Wear,’” “Pretty and Stylish? The Correlation Between Good Looks and Dressing Well,” and “How to Overcome the Mental Anguish of Choosing a Lip Color?”

Private Online Group Skin Care Classes

If you need to book a group event for the office or a birthday or other special event, and you can’t seem to find anything interesting, a private group skin care class through CourseHorse might be just what you’re looking for. With no booking fees or registration requirements, CourseHorse makes the booking process simple, and within 24 hours they’ll send you a confirmation of your booking. In most cases, you can even make changes up to 72 hours before the event, as long as you meet the minimum group size. 

CourseHorse also offers a variety of other private group classes related to health and fitness. The Virtual Art and Meditation is a popular group class. This workshop is designed to relieve stress, and is 75 minutes long. A professional instructor leads the participants through a breathing meditation, then each person selects a color palette and a mandala page, and the group colors together. This workshop is $80. Coloring materials are shipped to participants ahead of time.

Another option is the Virtual Vision Board Workshop. In this class, each participant tries to make their dreams more tangible and attainable by creating a vision board that represents their vision of their future self. A professional artist instructor leads the class. All participants receive the supplies they need to create a vision board, including a cork board, push pins, and a picture book with inspirational pictures. The class can accommodate up to 100 people. It costs $100 per person, and is an hour long. Virtual group events are usually held via Zoom, however, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx can also be accommodated. Contact CourseHorse for more details about group skin care classes.

Online vs. In-Person Skin Care Classes

When you’re looking at skin care classes, you’re likely to find both online and in-person options. Each format has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In order to choose the best option for you, you’ll need to think about what kind of learner you are, how much flexibility you need, and how the different options will fit into your schedule.

Students who attend in-person skin care classes meet in a classroom, with an instructor and other students, in a face-to-face format. Many people find this format to be the most engaging. It can also be easier to focus on the class material when you’re in a classroom, since it is an environment designed for learning. However, the biggest downside to in-person learning is that you have to travel to the classroom, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Learning in person also means that you’re limited to classes that are in your immediate vicinity.

On the other hand, online classes can be attended from anywhere. All you need to learn online is a computer and an internet connection. Many online classes are virtual, which means you’ll still get real-time interaction with your instructor, and can ask questions and get feedback if needed. With an online class, you get a lot of flexibility because you don’t need to commute, and you can choose from classes based in cities all over the country. However, there are downsides to this format too. You usually have to supply your own materials, unlike with an in-person class. You may also find yourself dealing with technological issues like internet connection problems.

Can I Learn Skin Care for Free Online?

You can definitely learn a lot about skin care for free online. There are hundreds of different websites with free tutorials and articles about skin care. However, one downside to all that free information is that not all of it is reliable. Anyone can post skin care information online, and in addition to helpful free skin care resources, you’ll find a lot of outdated and inaccurate skin care information when you search the internet. For this reason, many people opt for a formal skin care class. With a class, you can get accurate information from an expert, and you’ll probably be able to learn more quickly. Another advantage of learning from an expert is that you might get skin care tips and tricks that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

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