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Discover a variety of online singing classes that will take your vocal skills to the next level. From beginner to advanced, explore courses that cover vocal technique, performance skills, and help you gain confidence as a singer.

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Let’s Sing with Jocelyn Medina – Online

New York Jazz Workshop @ Virtual Classroom

Unlock your singing potential with Let's Sing, an interactive and enriching online workshop designed for beginners and intermediate singers. Join a positive and communal learning experience led by experienced faculty at the New York Jazz Workshop. Get ready to play and receive weekly assignments tailored to your level and the theme of the workshop.

Thursday, Feb 29th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Broadway and American Standards Sing-In

92nd Street Y

Unleash your inner Broadway star and join our music director Mary Feinsinger for an unforgettable singing experience. Dive into the captivating world of Broadway hits, show tunes, and American standards as you let your voice soar in this lively and inclusive class. No experience necessary, just a love for music and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

Tuesday, Mar 19th, 5–6pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

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Singer`s Workshop

Los Angeles City College

Refine your vocal skills and polish your performance techniques in a dynamic workshop designed for aspiring singers. Elevate your musical prowess under the guidance of industry professionals, and unlock your full potential on stage. Join us for a transformative experience that will empower you to captivate audiences with your voice.

Saturday, Mar 16th, 10am–12pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)

Solo Singing Course - Beginner/Intermediate (Ages 13-15)

Voice Academy NYC

Discover the joy of singing with our Solo Singing Course at Voice Academy NYC, designed for beginners and intermediate-level students aged 13-15. Develop proper vocal techniques, perform songs with backing tracks, and receive individual instruction in a supportive and fun environment. Join us and unlock your singing potential today!

Monday, Feb 26th, 4:30–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

4-Week Solo Singing Group (Open Level)

Voice Academy NYC

Unlock the full potential of your voice in a supportive group setting with expert guidance. Elevate your solo singing skills and confidence in just a few weeks.

Tuesday, Mar 5th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Solo Singing Course - Beginner/Intermediate (Ages 10-12)

Voice Academy NYC

Unlock the potential of young voices with our specialized program designed to build confidence and skill in solo singing. Perfect for aspiring singers aged 10-12.

Tuesday, Mar 12th, 4:30–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

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Contemporary Singing Techniques

Santa Monica College

Whether you want to audition for “The Voice” or just want to learn to sing in tune, here’s a chance to learn all the so-called “fundamentals of contemporary singing.” Breathing, range, intonation, vocal power, blending with registers, gaining confidence, and overcoming performance anxiety are just some of the topics we’ll cover in a safe, fun atmosphere. This unique “Vocal Yoga” method uses techniques ranging from Alexander...

No upcoming schedules

Awakening Your True Voice

New York Open Center @ Virtual Classroom

Awakening Your True Voice: Health and Vitality Through Better Breathing Note: This program will be offered online. Sessions of all our online programs will be recorded and shared with registrants after each is completed for 90 days. There is no greater joy than to use our voices in a way that is powerful, spontaneous and fully expressive. Developing a physical understanding of voice and breath support helps us release inhibiting vocal and...

No upcoming schedules

Signature Songs: Write, Sing & Showcase your Essence

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles @ Live Online

Signature Songs communicate your unique vision, message, and identity as an artist to the world. You need clarity of purpose to craft them memorably. Precision of intent to record them artistically. And an intimate understanding of self, material, and performance to showcase them powerfully. In this eight week Artist Development program, singer, songwriter, and vocal coach Bob Garrett explores all the aspects of how to turn your singer-songwriting...

No upcoming schedules

ATsinging Introduction: Intensive for Voice & Singing

Balance Arts Center @ Live Online

Join us for a deep-dive into how the Alexander Technique can make speaking and singing easier, freer, and more enjoyable all from the comfort of your own home! The Alexander Technique was created to bring ease and freedom to the human voice. In this weekend-long online intensive, you’ll discover the basic principles of the Alexander Technique and a process for applying these principles directly to your practice and performance that has helped...

No upcoming schedules

Solo Singing Level 1 - Adults/Teens (4-Week Course)

Voice Academy NYC @ Virtual Learning

All styles and levels welcome!  This class focuses on breathing and voice technique to improve your singing skills and develop your musical style. A fun and informative class which focuses on breathing, vocal technique and developing your ability to sing and perform your song. Each class starts with singing scales and warm ups with piano. Exercises  are designed for students to find their natural voice by working on their breath control,...

No upcoming schedules

Traditional Irish Singing II: Intermediate

Irish Arts Center @ Virtual Classroom

Classes will be held online. For students who have completed Traditional Irish Singing I, or for singers with prior experience (in any genre). Participants will continue to build their repertoire of traditional Irish songs in the aural tradition and will practice vocal aspects of traditional singing, including ornamentation and phrasing.

No upcoming schedules

Awakening Your True Voice: Expressing your Passion and Purpose

One Spirit Learning Alliance

Unlock the power of your authentic voice and awaken your true creative potential in this transformative workshop. Discover the connection between breath, body, and expression as you strengthen your voice and relieve tension, opening yourself up to a more spontaneous and joyful way of being. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

No upcoming schedules

Audition Presence Practice for Singers (Online)

Balance Arts Center @ Live Online

Tune yourself up as you get into the saddle of auditioning!  Practice your audition in front of others whether you are online or in person.  Matt Cahill and Ann Rodiger, teachers of the Alexander Technique are skilled in observation and giving cues that improve your performance.  We will address what is most important to you, presence, posture, anxiety and so on and see how the integration of your body/mind can improve your audition....

No upcoming schedules

Breathwork Masterclass

The Vocal Lab and Music School @ Online

In the Breathwork Masterclass, Harrison Heard will touch briefly upon the different types of breathing and how certain breathing techniques are helpful for different areas of the voice. Harrison will work with singers to understand how inhalation and exhalation should feel in their bodies, and how breathing is the fundamental engine for singing.  The class will also touch upon how breath management/support is experienced in the body while...

No upcoming schedules

Jazz Vocal Workshop – Online

New York Jazz Workshop @ Virtual Classroom

This is a Jazz Vocal Workshop for intermediate to advanced singers who would like to improve their vocal skills with a true professional. Participants will have the opportunity to work with a jazz rhythm section every other week—learning how to direct, interact, and groove with an instrumental ensemble! The workshop is led by Michelle Walker. Based in New York City, Michelle Walker is a versatile singer blessed with a beautifully distinctive...

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Singing Lesson (Ala-Carte 30-minute)

Joyful Singing @ Virtual Classroom

Please note that until further notice, all lessons will be held remotely via Zoom or Skype. Requirements: We can meet over Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime depending on what the student has. These can be done from a desktop, laptop, cellphone, or tablet. A good internet connection is required. Ideally, the student will stand need their router for best results. Delivery: One-on-one session to build strong healthy voices. During the first lesson,...

No upcoming schedules

Unlocked Music

Guitar With James @ Interactive Live Online

You will learn guitar and singing techniques. You will also learn how to practice and improve on your own as you learn. My students play with confidence and are able to see life from a new perspective after 6-18 months of practice. I have also had lessons from Ken Tamplin, Brett manning, and Iuri Sanson. I will bring these influences to the table to help with singing in the course. If you are more focused on guitar then we will do an 90 percent...

No upcoming schedules
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Discover the Best Singing Classes Online

Singing is an art that involves the creation of music using one’s breath and mouth movements. Some individuals believe they are bad at singing when the truth is they have never been taught how to do so properly. Your voice is an instrument, and while some are born with a natural talent for using it, others require instruction to realize they are more talented than they realized.

The act of singing may look simple but is actually rather complex. Singers draw air from deep within their lungs – much deeper than comes naturally (in fact, runners are often taught to breathe similarly). They must also maintain proper posture to allow this deep breathing to occur. They need to be aware of how they release their breath as this affects the sound and power of their voice. Also tied to sound is the positioning of a singer’s lips, tongue, and jaw. The same sustained breath can sound very different depending on the positioning of a singer’s mouth. 

Clearly, there is more to singing than many people realize. And while all the components related to the art may sound complicated, they become second nature to those who practice. While you may not become the next celebrity through attending singing classes, professional instruction will teach you how to find your voice and develop a new, possibly surprising skill. 

Why You Should Learn Singing Online

Singing is an enjoyable activity that can lift one’s mood. Studies have shown that singing releases “feel good” brain chemicals and also increases proteins in the immune system. Singing thus increases feelings of happiness and makes one’s immune system at least temporarily stronger. Singing has been used as therapy to reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase concentration and memory. Singing also generally increases one’s confidence as the act of singing in front of others can be a very vulnerable activity. 

Physically, singing has been shown to improve posture, strengthen the lungs, and increase circulation. This makes singing a great low-level exercise for seniors and other individuals with limited mobility. Singing also strengthens the throat muscles, and studies have found a decrease in snoring and sleep apnea systems. 

Individuals who sign up for singing classes or join a community choir will discover unexpected social benefits. The brain associates the joining of one’s voice with another’s as a bonding activity. Thus, individuals who sing in a group will find themselves forming faster friendships with the members of that group than they would through other social activities. Beginning any new hobby often comes with the discovery of new social circles, and is highly recommended for discovering new friends and decreasing feelings of isolation. 

It’s possible to make money from singing, though it is not recommended to start a new hobby for that reason alone. Those who do well with their voice work may freelance their voice for tv commercials or radio jingles. Others may sell vocal tracks to be used in the production of someone else’s songs. Beginning music artists may release songs on streaming platforms to get their foot in the industry and for some extra cash. Some singers decide to pass on their skills by teaching singing classes themselves. In the end, it’s important to enjoy the hobby you are engaging in, especially as you may decide it isn’t worth monetizing or you don’t become skilled enough to sell your services. 

Virtual Singing Classes 

You can learn just as much from a virtual singing class as from an in-person one. Virtual classes use digital tools to connect students and instructors online. Students can sing and interact with their instructor one-on-one just as they would in a physical classroom. 

A major advantage of virtual singing classes is their availability. They often have flexible schedules, and students may choose to attend them from anywhere in the world. There’s also no commute required, so students don’t have to spend additional money on gas.

The only downside to virtual singing classes lies in possible technical issues. Students must have a quality microphone and/or video camera so their voice can be heard clearly. Any video or audio lag can make vocal harmonizing difficult. An instructor may have difficulty noticing poor posture in a virtual environment than a physical one. However, an instructor experienced in online teaching can get around these possible issues. 

Prospective online singing workshops include Let’s Sing with Jocelyn Medina and Let’s Sing with Olivia Foschi, offered by New York Jazz Workshop. The workshops cover the same content but feature different instructors on different days of the week. The courses are intended for beginners to aid them in discovering their voice in a positive community setting. The class lasts for four sessions and includes additional learning materials and take-home assignments. Students who are unsure about the adequacy of their virtual setup can contact the school or instructor for assistance. Students must be at least 18 years or older. The average class size is 6 people.

Younger students (15 and older) wanting to learn beginning techniques may attend the virtual Singer`s Workshop, provided by Los Angeles City College. The workshop lasts for 5 sessions and teaches students proper breathing, how to work their vocals, and tips for putting on a confident performance. Students will gain experience singing as a group and individually. The average class includes around 12 students. 

Students of all levels looking to improve their skills in preparation for performance are welcome to attend The Voice Lab: Vocal Technique & Performance course. The class includes both in-person and virtual students. Participants learning online receive additional training with the instructor. The course is personalized to your needs but focuses on improving one’s personal style, microphone work, and vocal technique. 

Private Online Group Singing Classes

If you’re a business or organization looking to schedule a team building event, singing classes may not cross your mind. However, singing may be one of the best team building activities. The act of singing in a group forms automatic social bonds in our minds. This can help form new connections among team members. Allowing another person to hear your singing voice can also be an anxiety inducing experience. Overcoming this fear within a group environment builds trust among team members and can improve group performance. As singers in a choir learn how to balance their roles with others, teams who attend singing classes can learn how to improve group dynamics. 

Businesses and organizations can register for private group singing classes through CourseHorse. In Virtual Trivia: Holiday Music Karaoke, your team will sing holiday music together. Trivia involves completing lyrics and verses or identifying tunes. Holiday music from various cultures is featured, not just Christmas. Participants will compete over four rounds of trivia and get to test their music knowledge individually and in small groups. Trivia lasts for one hour.

If you aren’t interested in sining holiday music, CourseHorse offers the ability to customize existing courses. They may also be able to create a new course for your team. You may discuss your options with CourseHorse by contacting them through their website.

There are many other reasons to book your event through CourseHorse. There are no booking fees, and you can reschedule or cancel an event at no charge provided enough notice is provided. Group sizes can also be altered after booking and alternate virtual platforms are supported if your team prefers not to use Zoom. Any course materials are included in event prices and are shipped to participants. CourseHorse will send your registration confirmation within 24 hours.

Online vs. In-Person Singing Classes

Students can learn to sing online and in person. Which type of class you should choose to sign up for depends on various factors. For starters, not everyone will be able to find singing lessons near them. In this case, online singing classes can open up a ton of options. Students can attend classes located all over the country, and possibly even the world, without having to leave the comfort of their home. This convenience is also ideal for students who would prefer not to make the commute required by in-person classes or for students who wish to attend classes taught by specific schools or instructors. Scheduling may also be a factor in choosing an online singing class as many virtual courses offer flexible scheduling options. 

Even with virtual tools, some people prefer the personability of in-person classes. Interacting with classmates and forming friends will be easier for some students in a physical environment than online. While students can interact with their instructor through online tools, including asking questions and receiving instructions, technology offers limitations not found in a physical classroom. There can be a lag when information is sent online, so it may be difficult for students to sing in sync with their peers or musical accompaniment. Online, an instructor also can’t view a student’s full posture, so it may be more difficult to correct issues in this area. 

Usually, a student won’t need to purchase equipment for in-person singing classes. However, if their microphone or web video is poor quality, they may need to invest in an upgrade in order for their voice to come through clearly. It’s also common for instructors to record the voice of their students so students can hear what their voice sounds like and make improvements. However, this recording can have quality issues when traveling through a student’s microphone and an instructor’s virtual interface. Some students may wish to record their voice at home with their own equipment. 

It’s worth noting that a good online instructor will understand the technological limitations of learning online and how to work around them. Many students learn how to sing successfully through virtual courses. If you are considering online singing classes, be sure to do some research into the class, school, and instructor to make sure you are receiving a quality course. Feel free to ask the school or instructor any questions you may have regarding the technical setup and how it may affect your learning experience.

Can I Learn Singing for Free Online?

It is possible to learn to sing online for free. This is often done through watching video tutorials. These videos might include breathing exercises, education on pitch, and how to shape your mouth to produce certain sounds. Sing-a-long and harmonizing videos allow students to practice singing with another person. Though it is possible to learn these techniques on your own, it can be very difficult to identify your own mistakes. 

Especially in singing, it’s impossible for an individual to correctly hear their own voice. When we speak, our voice travels through our bones and to our inner ear in a way that is entirely different from how it travels through the air. The fact is, your voice sounds different to you than it does to everyone else. For this reason, self-learning singers need to record their voice to truly identify how it sounds and make corrections. For many people, this can be very uncomfortable as they aren’t used to how their voice sounds to the rest of the world.

A professional instructor can help students deal with their insecurity and offer encouragement. Many people also find they learn and improve faster when taught by a professional instructor.

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