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Woodworking Classes San Francisco

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Discover the art of woodworking with a wide range of classes in San Francisco. From beginner to advanced, learn the skills and techniques needed to create your own custom wooden pieces while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of this creative craft.

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Guide to Upholstered Furniture

New York School of Interior Design

Discover the art and science behind upholstered furniture with this comprehensive course. From dissecting famous designs to learning about construction and materials, this program is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of this essential element of interior decorating.

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Discover the Best Woodworking Classes in San Francisco

Woodworking is an advanced art that integrates many skills, such as measuring, cutting, drilling, leveling, sanding, and joining wood pieces. Learning woodworking in San Francisco can open you up to many career opportunities and even improve your overall emotional health. Thankfully, multiple woodworking classes are available in the Bay Area, including in-person and online options. Choosing a program that interests you requires a little research into what each offers.

Why You Should Learn Woodworking in San Francisco

Woodworking provides San Francisco residents with a beneficial side hustle that they can use to offset the city’s high living expenses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), woodworkers can earn nearly $18 an hour. However, you can potentially sell art, furniture, and other similar wooden items at one of the many art fairs in the Bay Area

Just as importantly, woodworking provides a great emotional outlet. Living in a big city like San Francisco can be mentally exhausting but working with your hands (such as building bookshelves or furniture) reduces anxiety and makes people feel better about themselves. Furthermore, woodworking is mentally stimulating and taps into your inner creativity.

In-Person Woodworking Classes in San Francisco

San Francisco provides many unique woodworking courses that can help you master this skill more effectively. In-person woodworking classes provide many benefits, including hands-on training with a carpentry professional. Most also include materials and tools, which can reduce your training costs. Even better, you can make new friends and expand your social network. 

The following in-person woodworking classes in San Francisco are the most popular and interesting options available now. They cover many skill levels and carpentry styles to provide personalized learning opportunities that should work well for most people. Research each course carefully to find one or more that interests you the most.

Advanced Woodworking - Joinery 

Advanced Woodworking - Joinery is a TechShop San Francisco course on Howard Street that focuses on teaching joining techniques that produce more advanced wood products. For example, you’ll learn how to create joints for making furniture, as well as master background joining theory. This program accepts all skill levels and is scaled based on your abilities.

Wood Lathe SBU 

Wood Lathe SBU is another TechShop San Francisco class that accepts all skill levels. It teaches woodturning, a crafting method that uses a rapidly spinning lathe. You’ll learn how to set up your wood on this machine and craft items using gouges and other crafting tools. Furthermore, you’ll learn safety techniques that ensure you don’t injure yourself while working. 

Jointer, Planer and Table Router SBU 

Jointer, Planer and Table Router SBU is a Safety and Basic Use (SBU) program provided by TechShop San Francisco on Howard Street. During this class, you’ll learn how to operate jointers, planers, and table-mounted routers to craft square edges and flat surfaces on your wood pieces. These skills help you produce more advanced and attractive items.

Cutting Board Workshop 

Cutting Board Workshop takes place on Howard Street at the TechShop San Francisco facility. This four-hour course teaches you how to make a cutting board for your kitchen. You’ll learn how to measure, cut, glue, and finish wood, as well as select which wood you want to use. Like all TechShop courses, your class fees include material costs. 

Woodburning: Bowl Making 

Woodburning: Bowl Making is a 3-5 hour TechShop San Francisco program that teaches basic bowl making techniques using a lathe. It accepts all skill levels, though some lathe experience is preferred. During this class you’ll learn how to carve a complete bowl out of a square maple board. Covered techniques include mounting, roughing, hogging, and shaping the bowl. 

Woodshop Access 

Woodshop Access is another TechShop San Francisco class on Howard Street that covers basic woodworking techniques. You’ll learn how to use power tools like a table saw, sliding compound miter saw, band saw, drill press, belt sander, and disk sander. Other topics include straight cuts, mitered cuts, curved cuts, and drilled holes.

Virtual Woodworking Classes 

Though San Francisco provides many in-person woodworking courses, online classes may work best for you. These programs include a guided lesson plan with a live professor, and most are adaptable for all experience levels. As a result, there should be beginner, intermediate, and even advanced options available for you, depending on the season. 

Virtual woodworking classes provide many benefits that make them worth considering. For example, you can attend them wherever you have an internet connection. As a result, you can practice at home, while on vacation, or even on a business trip. Just as importantly, you aren’t limited to locations in San Francisco, meaning you can attend courses from across the country.

While virtual woodworking lessons do provide multiple benefits, there are some downsides. First, you’ll have to buy all of the class’ learning materials yourself. Furthermore, you’ll get fewer socialization chances and a less hands-on experience. That said, online courses work well if you don’t want to travel in San Francisco traffic or if you simply prefer learning from home.

Thankfully, you can choose from many online woodworking classes that may appeal to you. These courses integrate a live, online professor who can help you better understand woodworking techniques. Though you’ll have to find a suitable work environment, this training option is a great choice if you can’t find an in-person class that works for you.

Virtual Wood Burning Pyrography for Beginners 

Virtual Wood Burning Pyrography for Beginners is a Jade Scarlett course that teaches you how to use a wood burning tool to create beautiful art. You’ll learn how to draw a design on your wood, select nibs for your burning tool, add lettering to the artwork, and even color the design in for extra texture. This beginner-level course works well for people of all ages. 

Wood Burn a Charcuterie Board 

Wood Burn a Charcuterie Board is a Coastal Design Workshops class that helps up to 20 people craft a useful charcuterie board. Unlike some virtual courses, you receive a woodworking kit in the mail with your class fees. You’ll learn how to design the board itself, as well as various wood burning techniques to make it more attractive.

Private Group Woodworking Classes in San Francisco

Are you a manager or company owner looking for fun teamwork-building exercises for your San Francisco employees? Private group woodworking classes for San Francisco businesses may work well for you. CourseHorse provides a great platform for this service and includes multiple options that your team can try out for themselves.

One option that may appeal to your team is the Virtual Serving Board + Sign Making Workshop. In this one-hour class, your team (up to 200 people) will learn how to make serving boards and signs out of wood. When you finish with this lesson, your team will have attractive decorations that they can take home or hang up around the office. 

Virtual Beer Caddy Making Workshop is exactly what its name says. It’s a class where up to 200 people learn how to craft wooden beer caddies using various woodworking techniques. Your team will not only build attractive and durable beer caddies but can personalize them with their name or funny sayings that make them more fun to show off to others.

Beyond these classes, booking with CourseHorse provides many benefits. For example, they never charge booking fees and let you change your class size up to its start day. That ensures you can save money on your training. Just as importantly, they can set up a learning opportunity for you if none exist in your area. Use their online contact form to learn more.

Furthermore, CourseHorse always carefully vets all of its classes to ensure that they meet your needs. Each course and its teacher is researched carefully to identify any potential problems, such as improper training or techniques. In this way, your lesson plans should provide the hands-on support that you need to learn woodworking properly.

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