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Watercolor Classes San Francisco

Unleash your creativity with vibrant watercolor painting classes in San Francisco. Learn essential techniques, explore various subjects, and create stunning works of art while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of this versatile medium.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in San Francisco have spots left, but 16 classes live online are available.

Online Watercolor 201 - Beginner

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Discover the beauty of watercolor painting with Online Watercolor 201. Learn essential techniques, color mixing, and brushstrokes to create stunning works of art. Perfect for aspiring fine artists, illustrators, and designers.

Saturday, Feb 24th, 11:30am–12:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

Online Watercolor 202 - Intermediate

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Take your watercolor skills to the next level with this intermediate class at Pastimes for a Lifetime. Learn advanced techniques for texture, tone, and color layering, and discover how to create deeper, richer colors in your paintings. Perfect for artists interested in fine art or illustration.

Saturday, Feb 24th, 11:30am–12:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)


BrushCapades @ Online Classroom

Unleash your creativity with a hands-on tutorial that provides all the necessary materials for a 90-minute watercolor experience. Discover the joy of painting with a watercolor fan set, brushes, and high-quality paper, all included in this immersive workshop. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the beautiful world of watercolors!

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7–8:30pm Central Time

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Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

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Beginners Watercolor Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Ignite your inner artist with inspiring watercolor painting classes at NYC's #1-rated art studio. Learn a wide variety of techniques and explore landscape, still life, and abstraction. No experience necessary - this course is perfect for beginners!

Saturday, Feb 24th, 3:45–5pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Watercolor Painting (Beginner/Intermediate)

92nd Street Y

Discover the unique properties of watercolor as you observe still life, figures, or photographs in this engaging art class. Learn techniques of paint application and color formation, while receiving real-time feedback on your progress. Join now to explore the captivating world of watercolor painting.

Wednesday, Apr 3rd, 10am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)

Portrait Painting

92nd Street Y

Unlock the secrets of capturing the essence of a model through anatomy, proportion, and color-mixing. Embrace the challenge of painting different views of the head with live models, as you explore the art of portrait painting. Join us on this artistic journey and bring your portraits to life.

Wednesday, Apr 3rd, 10am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)

Watercolor Painting: Focus on Landscapes

92nd Street Y

Discover the beauty of watercolor landscapes with artist Zach Seeger as he guides you through advanced techniques to create stunning reflections, lush forests, and captivating skies. Enhance your painting skills and explore the rich medium of watercolor in this immersive course.

Monday, Feb 26th, 7–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)

Watercolor Painting: Focus on Interiors

92nd Street Y

Explore the captivating world of domestic interiors as you learn to master light and color in your watercolor paintings. Discover the secrets of perspective and proportion, while infusing your artwork with depth and atmosphere. Join Zach Seeger to unlock your creative potential.

Monday, Apr 1st, 7–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)

Beginning Watercolor: Online

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Unlock your creativity and learn to paint sparkling, luminous watercolors with the Chicago Botanic Garden's virtual botanical art class. Explore brush techniques, color-mixing, and control of washes from the comfort of your own home. No prior experience is needed.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 9:30am–12pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

Painting the Natural World

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Discover the captivating world of watercolor as you learn to create expressive marks and mix colors to depict the beauty of nature in this online course offered by the Chicago Botanic Garden. Explore the art of painting the natural world from the comfort of your own home, and unlock the secrets to achieving sparkling and sensitive effects with watercolor. Previous experience in watercolor or a similar medium is recommended.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 1–3:30pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

Color Mixing

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Discover the secrets to creating stunning and vibrant colors in your artwork with the Color Mixing course at Chicago Botanic Garden. Master the art of accurately blending hues found in flowers, leaves, and shadows, and apply your newfound knowledge to create beautiful paintings. Whether you work with watercolor or other mediums, this course is designed to enhance your color mixing skills and elevate your artistic creations.

Saturday, Mar 23rd, 9am–12pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

Exploratory Watercolor

New York School of the Arts @ Online Classroom

Unleash your creativity with watercolor as you delve into still life and abstraction in this dynamic course at the New York School of the Arts. Discover diverse techniques, master composition, and color, and receive personalized instruction and group critiques. Join us and create unique, individual paintings that truly reflect your artistic vision.

Thursday, Apr 4th, 9:30am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)

Watercolor at Home

New York School of the Arts @ Online Classroom

Experience the beauty of watercolor painting from the comfort of your own home with this course at the prestigious New York School of the Arts. Discover the art of still life, tablescape, and roomscape, while learning about light, transparency, opacity, color, and layering. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this course offers group critiques and individual instruction to help you refine your skills.

Friday, Apr 5th, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)

Watercolor Still Life

New York School of the Arts @ Online Classroom

Learn to bring everyday objects to life in vibrant watercolor compositions at the New York School of the Arts. Sharpen your observation skills while exploring pigments, layering techniques, and more. All levels of experience are welcome in this experimental and boundary-pushing class.

Friday, Apr 5th, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)

Watercolor 101

Art School of SF Bay @ Virtual Classroom

This workshop covers everything you need to know about watercolor to use it fluently in your projects: how to mix colors, use washes, work from light to dark, use reserve and additives, and even such advanced technique as watercolor underpainting. You will learn the science behind the watercolor fluorescent colors, learn how to lead your work, what to do to prevent and fix watercolor accidents. We will try our hands in both Classical European and...

Thursday, Apr 11th, 6–8pm Pacific Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

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Color and Saturation: Watercolor: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Discover the art of painting with the complex color green in this botanical-inspired watercolor course. Learn to mix and match shades of green while creating detailed renderings of leaves and plants. All levels are welcome!

Thursday, Mar 14th, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

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Watercolor 101

Art School of SF Bay @ 1601 Irving St, San Francisco, CA

Unlock your artistic potential with the Watercolor 101 workshop at the Art School of SF Bay. Learn the techniques, science, and styles behind watercolor painting, from mixing colors to creating stunning landscapes and realistic portraits. Join us online and master the art of watercolor with expert guidance and personalized feedback.

No upcoming schedules

Watercolor Techniques

Richmond Art Center @ 2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond, CA

Explore watercolor painting techniques through a variety of subject matter. Students will investigate still life, landscape, personal subject matter and abstraction.  The course will address composition, color theory, working from observation and abstract painting. Emphasis will be on experimenting with materials and approaches while developing a personal style. Students will develop and expand upon design, drawing and painting skills Required...

No upcoming schedules

Watercolor Painting

Richmond Art Center @ Virtual Classroom

Learn fundamental watercolor skills and understand the medium and materials Emphasis will be on problem solving, skill building and developing a personal style. Specific watercolor techniques will be addressed to help students make decisions and work through to complete paintings. Required supplies for this program: An estimate cost for these supplies is approximately $150. Paint - These are suggested colors to start. You could also get a small...

No upcoming schedules

Black Portraiture in Watercolor

Richmond Art Center @ 2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond, CA

Black figurative artists in the Bay Area will teach life drawing and painting students how to accurately depict Black art models. Celebrating professional Black art models of all sizes, genders, and identities, these 2-3 day workshops will cover topics ranging from portraiture (how to render African phenotypes, Black facial features, and hair textures) to the many shades of Blackness (how to create African skin tones). Students of every ethnicity...

No upcoming schedules
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Watercolor Classes in San Francisco are rated 4.5 stars based on 2,079 verified reviews from purchasers.

Discover the Best Watercolor Classes in San Francisco

California has a rich history of art, including watercolor. Watercolor painting became incredibly popular in the 1920s when a tight-knit group of artists began using the medium to capture the effortless style and movement of California cities and landscapes. The styles and techniques used in watercolor also matched the cultural trends in California, making it the perfect medium for the state. 

San Francisco is a great place to learn watercolor painting. Artists flourish in San Francisco since the city encourages artists by hosting art galleries and holding thousands of artworks in the dozens of museums in the city. 

To help you find the best watercolor class, CourseHorse includes a list of available classes in your area. You’ll be able to find dozens of watercolor and art classes that will teach the skills that you’re interested in learning. 

Why You Should Learn Watercolor in San Francisco

There are numerous advantages to learning watercolor in a lively and bustling city like San Francisco. First and foremost, taking up watercolor as a hobby offers a fulfilling way to relieve stress, unleash your creativity, and make the most of your leisure time. 

Moreover, learning watercolor in San Francisco enables you to become part of a vibrant community of individuals with the same interests. The city boasts a multitude of local watercolor clubs, groups, events, and organizations that are dedicated to the arts. By immersing yourself in these artistic circles, you can connect with watercolor artists, exchange ideas, draw inspiration, and form valuable relationships.

In addition, if you want to pursue a career in the arts, learning watercolor through classes can serve as a solid foundation. Watercolor is highly sought after in fields such as illustration and fine art, offering many career possibilities. Whether working in the publishing industry or establishing an art studio, the skills and techniques learned in watercolor classes can open doors to fulfilling professional opportunities.

In summary, taking watercolor classes in San Francisco is a great idea. From discovering a fulfilling hobby to connecting with a vibrant artistic community and acquiring new skills, the world of watercolor awaits you in this dynamic city by the bay.

In-Person Watercolor Classes in San Francisco

Watercolor is a forgiving medium that allows you to expand your skills quickly. Its unique and airy style makes it great to learn if you’re interested in capturing nature scenes, still lifes, and other artistic scenes. To learn the skills you need to excel, consider taking an in-person watercolor class in San Francisco

For example, consider taking Watercolor 101 from the Art School of SF Bay. The class includes 10 sessions that span several months to ensure that you’ll fully grasp the essentials of the art style by the end of the course. It’s also a great class for beginners because it helps to establish the basics of the art before moving forward. 

According to the class description, you’ll focus on several aspects of watercolor art, including: 

  • How to mix colors 
  • How to use washes 
  • Techniques to work from light to dark 
  • Using reserves and additives
  • How to use advanced techniques like watercolor underpainting 

You will also learn the science behind the techniques so that you won’t just understand how to use watercolor techniques but you’ll understand why it works. Throughout the class, you’ll complete several art pieces, including a landscape, a blossom tree, koi fish, dragon, cat, flower, a realistic portrait, and more. 

If you enjoy watercolor painting, you can also consider taking Japanese Brush Painting and Calligraphy from the Richmond Art Center. This class includes 6 sessions that each last for two hours. During the class, you’ll learn fundamental brush and ink handling and brush strokes to create original works of art. It’s a great class to take if you’re interested in art. 

The class doesn’t include supplies, so you’ll need to bring several materials to the first day of class. The class material list includes: 

  • Bamboo brushes 
  • Craft felt for placing under the paper 
  • A palette and a medium size porcelain 6-well flower 
  • A small bottle of ink 
  • Two water bowls 
  • Hanshi rice paper and sumi-e and calligraphy 
  • A paperweight 

Taking a watercolor class in San Francisco is a great class option to take if you’re interested in art. It’s a very forgiving medium that encourages creativity, and every art piece you create will be entirely unique, so matter how many times you repaint the same subject. 

Virtual Watercolor Classes 

Often, online watercolor classes are an amazing substitute for in-person classes. If you can’t find an in-person class that teaches the skills that you’re interested in, consider taking a virtual class. Online art classes offer 1-on-1 instruction, live demonstrations, and immediate feedback to help you learn the skills you want to learn. 

CourseHorse lists several great online watercolor classes. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best watercolor classes. 

For example, consider taking Watercolors for Absolute Beginners from 92nd Street Y. The class lasts for two and a half hours and includes six sessions. During the class, you’ll learn the basics of watercolor painting, which includes painting, brush strokes, value and color mixing, washing, wet-in-wet, and wet-over-dry. 

In addition, the class will cover historical and contemporary watercolor techniques and artists to ensure that you fully understand the medium. Throughout the class, you’ll see live demonstrations to help you better understand how to use the medium correctly. 

Another interesting class to consider taking is Watercolors from Family Photos from 92nd Street Y. Throughout three engaging sessions, this class centers around the art of painting beloved family photos. With a focus on capturing the essence of the faces you hold dear, you'll discover how to recompose and reinterpret these treasured memories using the beauty of watercolor.

This class is a perfect opportunity for those who have always dreamt of transforming cherished family photographs into stunning works of art. Alongside honing your watercolor skills, you'll also delve into various techniques, including the art of wet-on-wet and glazing. Embark on this artistic journey and watch as your family memories come to life through the captivating medium of watercolor.

If you have some experience with watercolor painting, consider taking Painting in Watercolor - Level 2 from Santa Monica College. The class includes six sessions that last three hours. In this watercolor class, you’ll improve your watercolor techniques to make your craft feel more personal and creative. The class boasts having a supportive, constructive, and stress-free environment to help you get the most out of the instruction. 

In addition, since this class is for intermediate students, you’ll learn how to enhance your previous painting attempts and learn about effective methods for attaining more satisfying results with new projects.

Private Group Watercolor Classes in San Francisco

Are you searching for an exceptional way to show appreciation to your employees with an enjoyable team-building experience? Look no further than CourseHorse's top-notch private group watercolor classes for San Francisco businesses. Treat your team to a memorable event where they can unwind while participating in a guided watercolor workshop.

Among the stellar options available, the Virtual Watercolor Workshop (Materials Included) stands out. This immersive 90-minute class will empower your group to explore watercolor techniques and create mesmerizing abstract paintings. As you delve into this relaxing and creatively stimulating workshop, you'll discover the art of layering and produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the unique essence of your team.

In addition, all materials required for the class will be conveniently shipped to each group member prior to the session. This ensures that everyone can fully engage in this rejuvenating team event. For additional details on CourseHorse's group classes, be sure to visit their website. Explore the extensive array of classes available and unveil the perfect artistic journey for your team's enrichment.

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