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Makeup Classes San Francisco

Learn the art of creative makeup application in San Francisco with classes ranging from natural beauty techniques to avant-garde editorial looks. Master contouring, highlighting, and color theory to enhance your makeup skills in these hands-on classes.

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Discover the Best Makeup Classes in San Francisco

Your experience with makeup might revolve around kiosks at the mall and beauty influencers on social media. But people have been using makeup for thousands of years, for religious rituals and cultural traditions along with enhancing personal beauty. Both men and women in ancient Egypt used kohl to line their eyes. In ancient Greece, lead-based makeup created a pale complexion – though at the cost of being toxic. Renaissance women used egg whites to create a matte complexion and natural pigments to color their lips and cheeks. Makeup has long reflected the beauty ideals of a culture. 

Now, many people wear makeup to look and feel more beautiful and express their personal style. Products like foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick combine for a look that is unique to you, whether you use multiple products or choose just a few. High-quality, certified makeup is nourishing for your skin and safe for the environment. Plus, it can be easier to apply and give you better-looking results.

Why You Should Learn Makeup in San Francisco

San Francisco has a thriving arts and entertainment community with opportunities for makeup artists in theater productions, film, fashion events, and photography. The city’s diverse population seeks makeup artists with experience in a wide range of beauty styles. There are fashion shows, beauty expos, and industry events where makeup artists can connect with fashion and beauty professionals. There is a growing demand for natural, eco-conscious makeup products and natural-looking makeup styles. 

Fashion Community Week is a San Francisco-based organization that hosts a fashion show and networking events to help emerging designers grow and reach their audience. It’s an opportunity for makeup artists to work behind the scenes with an international cast of fashion designers. San Francisco Meetup lists groups for the fashion industry and fashion influencers. 

Makeup gives you a way to express your creativity and personal style and may help you feel more confident about your appearance. Even if it looks effortless, applying makeup that looks great is an acquired skill. Learning to apply makeup is a fun way to create your own unique look and connect with friends who share your interest. It can even become a new career for you.

Indeed lists 317 jobs in the beauty industry in San Francisco. Theatrical and performance makeup artists earn a median annual wage of $96,000. Join the national organization Professional Beauty Association to connect with students and professionals in the beauty industry. The global cosmetics market is valued at $262 billion and is expected to grow. 

In-Person Makeup Classes in San Francisco

Feeling more confident may start with your appearance but it flows through your actions as well. Assertiveness Training for Women in Business at American Management Association in San Francisco, California addresses the unique challenges women face in business and provides assertiveness techniques that are essential for career advancement. This three-day seminar will help you command respect and handle tough situations. You’ll practice fundamental skills in a supportive and encouraging group of women, assess and refine your leadership style, and practice new techniques in person and on video. American Management Association is a global leader in talent development for individuals and organizations. They offer instructor-led classes, webinars, on-demand courses, webcasts, and research.

Skincare is the first step to beautiful makeup, and what could be better than a fresh, natural clean? In Soap Making at The Black Squirrel in Berkeley, California, you’ll learn to create organic, vegan, palm-oil-free soaps that are gentle and nourishing for your skin. You’ll take home an entire mini loaf of custom soap, recipes, and a reusable soap mold. The Black Squirrel is a craft shop that offers classes in soap making, fiber arts, and other crafts.

In DIY: Organic Soaps of Summer at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco in San Francisco, California, you’ll sprinkle little bits of nature into your own handmade soap. You’ll learn the foundations of soap making and incorporate a wide selection of botanical ingredients to make your creations unique. Jewish Community Center of San Francisco offers educational, social, cultural, and fitness programs to all members of the community.

Virtual Makeup Classes 

When you take an In-person makeup class, you can connect with new friends who share your passion for makeup. You get to see new techniques and ask questions in real-time, and practice your new skills with an on-site instructor to guide you. If there aren’t any makeup classes in your community or you aren’t able to access the classes, online makeup classes are a great alternative. They offer the ultimate convenience and flexibility – you can participate from home and save yourself the time and stress of a commute. Make sure you have a space to join your class where you won’t be interrupted and you have a web-enabled device with a microphone.

Makeup Artistry Certification by Mt. San Antonio College teaches you the professional secrets to beautiful makeup through live demonstrations and hands-on experience. This class covers a variety of looks like beauty makeup, eyes, runway and drama, character makeup, and bridal styles. You will improve your makeup skills and gain confidence in working with clients, or just creating fresh, new looks for yourself. This class is for makeup artists, aspiring professionals, and hobbyists.

Special Effects Makeup: Beginner Level by East Los Angeles College teaches you special effects like burns, zombie makeup, bullet holes, fresh scabs, bruising, and realistic blood. You’ll learn how to create awesome and gruesome facial effects in this horrific hands-on special effects class. 

Private Group Makeup Classes in San Francisco

Are you planning a team-building activity for your business or organization? Maybe you want to organize a special activity for a bridal weekend or gathering of friends. Live online group classes from Coursehorse bring an expert instructor right to you, wherever you are. Makeup classes for private groups in San Francisco will bring you up to speed on the latest makeup trends, how to use tools and products, and techniques for looking your best. 

Start your makeup routine with clean, healthy skin. In Virtual Soap Making Workshop, you’ll learn to use the melt-and-pour method to make unique soaps by hand. The class covers materials, basic techniques, recipes, and the benefits of making your own soap. Participants will receive a soap-making kit with all the materials needed.

Learn to make layered soap and shea butter in Virtual Layered Soap Making. Participants will receive a melt-and-pour soap-making kit that includes all the soap, dye, scent, and accessories to create DIY custom soaps. You can even incorporate household items to make your soap truly one of a kind. You’ll need a microwave for this class. 

If no makeup classes are listed now, don’t worry – Coursehorse will plan a course just for your group. Click on the Contact Us button and let Coursehorse know how they can help you. It’s easy to book a class with Coursehorse. Simply estimate the number in your group, pay the minimum deposit, and schedule your class date. You can finalize the number of class participants up to a week before your event. There are no booking fees, and you’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your reservation. 

CourseHorse recommends using the Zoom platform for your class, but they can accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. Many courses can even come to your office or home space if you’d like.

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