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Richmond Art Center

The Richmond Art Center is a leading visual arts center in the East Bay, offering diverse arts experiences to people of all ages. They provide hands-on learning, well-equipped studios, traveling art programs, and rotating exhibitions featuring both emerging and established Bay Area artists.

Provider Description

The Richmond Art Center is the largest visual arts center in the East Bay, and we deliver exciting arts experiences to young and old alike who reflect the diverse richness of our community. We do this through hands-on learning, well-equipped studios, traveling Art in the Community programs and contemporary exhibitions in our galleries.

Every year, we serve thousands of students through classes and programs taught by professional artists, both onsite at the Art Center and at sites throughout Richmond. Our four galleries allow us to mount rotating exhibitions that display the works of emerging and established Bay Area artists. Artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Jay DeFeo, Wanxin Zhang, Hung Liu, Ed Rossbach and Peter Voulkos have been showcased here.

The Richmond Art Center originated in 1936, when local artist Hazel Salmi, who worked for the WPA, traversed the streets of Richmond with a suitcase packed with art supplies, eager to teach art to anyone interested. Today, everything we do at the Center continues to breathe life into Salmi’s original vision: That within every person lives an artist.

2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond, CA 94804
Richmond Art Center
2540 Barrett Ave
At 25th St
Richmond, California 94804

Reviews of Richmond Art Center

(4.8-star rating across 13 reviews)
  • Bookbinding

    Reviewed by Laurie P. on 2/24/2023
    Loved the class and the instructor!!
  • Screen Print Skeletons!

    Reviewed by Julian M. on 10/27/2019
    This hands on class is a great introduction to screenprinting. We made a screen from scratch with affordable materials. We could design our own image in a variety of ways, most of them also accessible. And I even exposed my screen using the sun! I loved the ability for students to print their own gifts like cards, shirts, napkins, etc. I would definitely take this course again with a different project in mind.
  • Natural Bundle Dyeing and Eco-Printing

    Reviewed by Julian M. on 10/7/2019
    Lovely afternoon spent with a bunch of plants. Kirsten's workshop approach worked great, as people brought their independent projects and even contributed plants. Kirsten steamed a ton of stuff. My pillowcase looks exquisite! I would definitely take this class again.
  • Stitch-Resist Shibori Workshop

    Reviewed by Maggie G. on 9/30/2019
    We learned 5 different Shibori techniques. The teacher was very organized and everyone came away feeling successful.
  • Ceramic Pots for Plants

    Reviewed by Elliott C. on 8/5/2019
    Fun class with great instruction. I highly recommend it.
  • Intro to Welded Sculpture

    Reviewed by Mandana C. on 3/23/2023
  • Bookbinding

    Reviewed by Karen K. on 3/1/2023
  • Intro to Oil Painting

    Anonymous review on 3/16/2021
  • Beginner Origami

    Anonymous review on 7/31/2020
  • Shibori Dyeing with Indigo

    Reviewed by Angeles T. on 3/8/2020
  • Precious Metal Clay Jewelrymaking

    Anonymous review on 3/4/2019
  • Intro to Colored Pencils

    Anonymous review on 1/28/2019
  • Improv Weaving: Wall Hanging

    Reviewed by Stephanie W. on 11/5/2018

Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students at the Richmond Art Center have positive things to say about their classes. They appreciate the hands-on approach and the opportunity to learn new skills. In a screenprinting class, students were able to design images and create screens using affordable materials. They were also able to print gifts, such as cards, shirts, and napkins. In a plant-related workshop, students brought their independent projects and learned different Shibori techniques. The teacher was praised for being organized and providing clear instruction. Overall, students felt successful and expressed a desire to take the classes again. Direct quotes from reviews: - "We made a screen from scratch with affordable materials... I loved the ability for students to print their own gifts like cards, shirts, napkins, etc." - "Kirsten's workshop approach worked great... My pillowcase looks exquisite! I would definitely take this class again." - "We learned 5 different Shibori techniques... The teacher was very organized and everyone came away feeling successful."

Teachers at Richmond Art Center

  • Hue Yang
  • Abac, Shannon - Burman, Marisa
  • Anne Marie Falge
  • Joyce Shon
  • Young, Tess
  • Airiel Mulvaney
  • Alan Tarbell
  • Alex Martinez
  • Alexa Oliveira
  • Alice Rice
  • Amanda Scheutzow
  • Amy Keefer
  • Anna Kingsley
  • Anna K.
  • Anna Speaker
  • Anna Speaker & Alisha Culver
  • Annie Gwathney
  • Betsy Kendall
  • Betsy S.
  • Brad Holmes & Siew-Chinn Chin
  • Brendon M.
  • Brian Goldberg
  • Bruno Kark
  • Buddy Mast
  • Calvert Crary
  • Caroline Charuk
  • Cass
  • Cathy L.
  • Cayla Casciani, Regina Ginyard, Kadeesha Williams, Ursula Chanse
  • Chanda Beck
  • Charlyn Griffith-oro
  • Chef Mona
  • Chelsea Smith
  • Chris H.
  • Chris Triplett
  • Chris Harper Ttriplett
  • Christine Finch
  • Christopher Castle
  • Claire Siepser
  • Colleen Garland
  • Connie English
  • Cristine B.
  • Crystal Bongers
  • Dance Doyle
  • Dance Doyle
  • Dani Lopez
  • Daniel Camacho
  • Daniela Rivero
  • Danielle Hoffman
  • Danielle L.
  • Dara Lorenzo
  • Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
  • Dean Stuart
  • Don Carlson
  • Don Wollwage
  • Don Farnsworth
  • Donald W.
  • Ed Lay
  • Eden Y.
  • Edward Lay
  • Eli Africa
  • Emily Van Engel
  • Emily Van Engel & Patricia Ludovici
  • English, Connie
  • Erin McCluskey Wheeler
  • Eva-Maria Spampinato
  • Fati Genese Fleming
  • Francine Marquis
  • Francisco Rojas
  • Fumiyo Yoshikawa
  • Grace Rosario Perkins
  • Hadas Tal
  • Heather Deyling
  • Hector M.
  • Hue Yang
  • Ilah J.
  • Ilene Conde
  • Jade Ariana Fair
  • Jamie Mayne
  • Janet Bartlett-Goodman
  • Jason Stern
  • Jason Novak
  • Jason Henry
  • Jennica Peterson
  • Jennifer L.
  • Jennifer Linderman
  • Jennifer Linderman
  • Jessica Solares
  • Jessie Kritt
  • Jiajun Lu
  • Jiajun Lu
  • Jill Perakis
  • Jill Mclennan
  • Jim Bruce
  • Jocelyn V. Jones
  • John B.
  • Joseph Lam
  • Joshua Coffy
  • Joyce Shon
  • Julia LaChica
  • Julia B.
  • Juliana Duncan
  • Julianne Sterling
  • Julie Walker
  • Karen Gallagher-Iverson
  • Karen Kramer
  • Karen Ondracek
  • Kasey Jorgensen
  • Katharine Hayhoe, Josefina Varela, Lúcia Lohmann, Douglas Daly, Eliot Nagele
  • Kay Coffee
  • Keeley McSherry
  • Kelsey Q.
  • Kenya Miles
  • Kieren D.
  • Kimberly Hylton
  • Kristin Arzt
  • Kristin Landowski
  • Kristin Satzman
  • L. Kay Coffee
  • Larissa
  • Larissa Mellor
  • Larry Stefl
  • Lauren Davis
  • Lauren Ari
  • Laurie K.
  • Leah Yael levy
  • Lisa Di Prima
  • Luis
  • Madelaine Hunt
  • Madi H.
  • Maggie B.
  • Marisa Burman
  • Marvin Parra
  • Mary C.
  • Mary Jeys
  • Maxon M.
  • May Lo
  • Maya K.
  • Maya Kosover
  • Medha Kothari & Wesley Graham
  • Micah Sterenberg
  • Minnie Phan
  • Mira White
  • Mort Cohn
  • Najah A.
  • Nancy Roberts
  • Ned Axthelm
  • Olivia Chen
  • Oni-Eseleh, Dawline-Jane
  • Pam Toki
  • Patricia L.
  • Patty Kennedy
  • Patty Kennedy
  • Patty Kennedy
  • Paulina Berczynski & Amanda Walters
  • Rachel B.
  • Rachel Anne Palacio
  • Rajni Kavula
  • Ralph McCaskey
  • Raphael Villet
  • Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez
  • Rebeca G. & Anna K.
  • Rebekah Erev & Elsa Asher
  • Rosa Novak
  • Rose Offner
  • Ryan Martin
  • Saadi Shapiro
  • Sandhya Sridharan
  • Santiago G.
  • Shani R.
  • Shannon Abac
  • Shannon Abac
  • Shawn Vales
  • Sierra Reading
  • Slow Burn Glass Studio
  • Sofie Siegmann
  • Stacy Speyer
  • Steve Ruby
  • Stuart Turner CST
  • Stuart Turner
  • Suzanne Lacke
  • Tallie Medel
  • Tania Pulido
  • Tatiana Ortiz
  • TBK Kitchen1
  • Teaching Artist
  • Tess Young
  • Tosha Stimage
  • Travis Meinolf
  • Trevor Twist
  • Vera Totos
  • Vicki A.
  • Vida Vazquez
  • Vince De Jesus
  • Viviana Martinez Carlos
  • Wendy Jensen-McDermott
  • Yael L.
  • Show More
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