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Evanston Art Center

The Evanston Art Center, a non-profit visual arts organization in Evanston, IL, has been a cultural cornerstone for over 80 years. Established in 1929, its mission is to integrate visual arts into community life through education, outreach, and events, fostering a vibrant cultural environment for all ages. EAC's extensive offerings include classes, exhibitions, lectures, and youth outreach, embodying its commitment to nurturing creativity and cultural enrichment.

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Wednesday, July 24th
1–3pm CDT (6 sessions)


Wednesday, July 24th
6:30–8:30pm CDT (6 sessions)


Provider Description

Evanston Art Center is a non-profit (501(c)3) visual arts organization in Evanston, IL. The Evanston Art Center specializes in art education, scholarship programs, community events, public programs, outreach and exhibitions. All exhibitions are free and open to the public.

For more than eighty years the Evanston Art Center has been a major force in bringing together people, art and ideas. One of the oldest and largest visual art centers in Illinois, the Evanston Art Center's mission is to make the visual arts an integral and accessible part of the lives of the diverse audiences in the surrounding communities.

The Art Center fulfills this mission through an extensive offering of visual arts classes, public lectures, changing exhibitions, youth outreach activities, and publications, all of which are designed to engage and enrich the individual and the community.

The Art Center was established in 1929 by a group of civic and cultural leaders from the Evanston community. Alice C. Riley was the guiding light of this group of culturally minded citizens. Under her guidance, the Art Center was established and it thrived. Ms. Riley felt the true worth of a community could not be measured by economic success alone, but also had to take into consideration a rich cultural life.

EAC specializes in education, exhibitions, events, public programs, and community partnerships that involve youth, teens, and adults.

2603 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, IL 60201
Evanston Art Center
Evanston, North Side
2603 Sheridan Rd
At Milburn Park
Evanston, Illinois 60201

Reviews of Evanston Art Center

(4.5-star rating across 84 reviews)
  • Pen & Ink & Watercolor

    Reviewed by Marie V. on 6/2/2024
    Great teacher. The space is also wonderful. Love the brightly lit room and going to class in a building filled with art.
  • Metalsmithing Techniques for Jewelry

    Reviewed by Isza A. on 3/18/2024
    The Instructor Kathy Cunningham was great! She is patient and always willing to help and full of knowledge willing to share all she knows.
  • Bookbinding: Basics & Beyond

    Reviewed by Caterina M. on 3/14/2024
    Jamie is a great teacher. Enjoyed the class and learned a lot.
  • Watercolors: Materials, Composition & Technique

    Reviewed by Marie V. on 2/13/2024
    Couldn’t be happier with this class. Great pace. Great teacher. Love that there is free parking!
  • Introduction to Perspective Drawing

    Reviewed by Matt G. on 12/2/2023
    Duffy is an engaging instructor and the class is thorough and relaxed. Learned what I was hoping to and had a chance to practice it.
  • Screen Printing

    Reviewed by Kitty M. on 11/19/2023
    Duffy O’Connor conducts this screen printing class with an abundance of patience and is an excellent creative resource. I really enjoy this class and find the other students to be a great deal of fun and always willing to provide assistance.
  • Pen & Ink & Watercolor

    Reviewed by Barbara M. on 10/21/2023
    Pen, Ink and Watercolor has proven a wonderful art experience encompassing teaching of technique, skill and medium as well as sharing up to date information on the current art world. Michelle Kogan is a notable teacher and artist, supportive of student growth and experimentation. I have signed on again for another session.
  • Beginning Mosaics

    Anonymous review on 10/21/2023
    I was not really satisfied with instructor. She was a perfectly nice person, but really did little instruction, which I get that more advanced folks don’t need - they are basically doing parallel art time and paying to be in a studio with their supplies. It would have been great to learn more about approaches and intent with using different shapes, styles and colors of glass, but she only showed us some images where we had to crowd around her laptop to see and that was it. There were others more advanced in the class and she could have used their projects as examples to the beginners to talk about approaches and techniques. Felt pretty much on our own and she would make rounds 1-2 in class to check on us. Did not send supply list ahead of class - which I also think should be made clear upon registering that you will have to invest more money in tools and glass. I think the EAC should supply enough tools to share. All to say, I don’t think I will keep up with this art form and if I do, probably won’t go back to EAC or just do this on my own.
  • Make Anything You Want with 3D Printer

    Reviewed by Matthew O. on 3/20/2023
    Great class, excellent instructor
  • 3D Printing from Start to Finish

    Reviewed by Dwayne E. on 11/16/2022
    The Instructer was very helpful I am glad I took the class
  • Screen Printing

    Reviewed by Scott W. on 9/10/2022
    Duffy was very informative, and patient. He was able to answer all my questions and more. Highly recommend this class to any artist trying to learn another way to display there art!
  • Beginning Jewelry

    Anonymous review on 8/23/2022
    While, the instructor was very sweet and offered to help with any projects we the students wanted to create, there was 0 structure to the class. Most of the other students just did there own thing because they've taken classes there before and were basically just using the class to use the facilities. I was hoping for a much more structured environment where every session we had an assignment which taught us how to use different equipment and techniques. Potentially this would create at least a handful of different pieces showcasing different machines and styles. This was sadly not the case. Again, she was a very nice person-very approachable and was willing to work with you on whatever project you chose to do but having no experience I did not know what projects I could of potentially undertaken.
  • Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

    Reviewed by Marc D. S. on 1/31/2022
    Good pace. Easy to understand.
  • Comics & Cartooning (Ages 9-14)

    Reviewed by Mario T. on 9/13/2021
    I truly enjoyed 6 wks learning more & increase my ability. I am hoping to taping into more in drawing . I to thank my grandma for giving me the opportunity & the price was right to. Thank you Mario Townsend Jr
  • Pen & Ink & Watercolor

    Reviewed by paula p. on 7/17/2021
    I just didn't enjoy this class. The teacher was fine but I didn't like the approach. I didn't go to the last 2 classes.
  • Expressive Landscape Painting in Oil or Acrylic

    Reviewed by Evelyn K. on 5/26/2021
    Good teacher and interesting classes covering paints and painting. Fun! And
  • Introduction to the Portrait in Color

    Anonymous review on 3/26/2021
    I really liked the instructor and he was patient with my concerns. However, I took the course expecting some basic instruction on facial construction , and skin tone color mixing suggestions, but there was little. He was more inclined to make suggestions after a student did either a basic paint or drawing. For me, I did not have the skill to do the basics well, so I stopped attending at the class midpoint. I only gave it 2 stars because the course description should have clarified as to what the course contents would and would NOT include.
  • Pen and Ink Illustration

    Anonymous review on 3/23/2021
    Could have been a shorter class. Most techniques were covered by the 4th class.
  • Drawing Into Painting (Online)

    Reviewed by LAURI F. on 2/12/2021
    As a complete beginner, this was an excellent course. Although there were others in the class with far more experience than I, everyone was supportive and provided excellent feedback of previous work. Then there was time to learn and practice new concepts. As we got to watercolor and began practicing those techniques, the time flew by as I worked. I highly recommend this course and Sarah as an instructor. Thank you, Sarah!
  • Easy Bookbinding at Home

    Anonymous review on 2/11/2021
    I learned lots and made lots of books! Great teacher, very knowledgeable.
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students at the Evanston Art Center express satisfaction with the classes and instructors, mentioning that they learned a lot and gained new skills. For example, one student felt that the Pen, Ink, and Watercolor class offered a wonderful art experience, teaching technique, skill, and medium, while also providing up-to-date information on the current art world. Another student appreciated the helpfulness of their instructor and expressed enjoyment in the class. Quotes: 1. "Michelle Kogan is a notable teacher and artist, supportive of student growth and experimentation." 2. "The instructor was very helpful... I am glad I took the class." 3. "Duffy was very informative, and patient. He was able to answer all my questions and more. Highly recommend this class to any artist trying to learn another way to display their art!"

Teachers at Evanston Art Center

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